Wednesday, January 30

Sweet Dreams

Whatever you do, never stop dreaming.
Darren L. Johnson

Sunday, January 27

Christmas Eve

OMG. I am still blogging Christmas festivities?! Sheesh. So from what I can remember Christmas Eve was a chill little eve. 

We exchanged some family gifts. The girls actually shopped for each other this year, which they loved. 

Blake got the Zinkies she specifically asked Kylie for with detailed description.

Blake picked out perfume for Kylie. They like to spray it on their tummies.

Littlest Pet Shops

Oh and Blake picked out Um Num boxers for Daddy. He could not have been more thrilled.

 A fuzzy leopard hat for Kylie

And a Minnie Mouse lovey for Avey.

 We went to my parent's house that day to celebrate with my dad's side of the family. Ho Ho Ho!

Monday, January 14

Gaylord Experience

And no Christmas break is complete without the annual trip to the Gaylord hotel. It's fairly entertaining. Nice decorations and some fun attractions. Fun for some people, I suppose. Maybe not so fun for nervous Blake and Kylie. 

Uncle Cal and his love, Emily.

After we walked around and looked at the free stuff. We ventured into the highly overpriced not free area.

Blake and Uncle Cal bought tickets to go snow tubing.
Blake and Uncle Cal carried their tube excitedly to the top of the hill.
I waited to get the perfect shot of Blake and Uncle Cal flying down the hill having the time of their lives.
Blake and Uncle Cal came walking down the stairs in the middle of the hill.
Blake and Uncle Cal had good intentions, but Blake just didn't have the guts to go for it.

 On to plan B. We asked for a refund and used that to get us all tickets to Ice. My mom and I had been to Ice before, I knew what to expect, but I wanted the girls to check it out. The theme was Madagascar or maybe Merry Madagascar.

Blake was in ice sculpture heaven.

Ommy, Kylie and Aven were in ice sculpture hell.

This was the most excited and daring I had seen Blake in a long time. She loved the ice slide. She would still be walking up the stairs and sliding down if we didn't make her leave. It's January now.

Kylie did nothing but look around and shiver, so she, Ommy and Aven booked it out of there. Money well spent.

Blake running up to go again!! Excuse my crazy exposure, I had to use an on camera flash which I hate.

 Blake and Uncle Cal finally enjoying some sliding together.

Afterward we went and ate at the Rainforest Cafe, which all three of my kids hated. You win some, you lose some. Loud screeching monkeys, trumpeting elephants, obnoxious thunder and flashes of light aren't really fun for my kids. Not sure why I thought it would be.

Much like the Polar Express, I'm glad we went out to the Gaylord, but I'm thinking it will also get vetoed next Christmas season.

Saturday, January 12

Gingie Village

When Uncle Cal and Emily are in town, we do just about every activity we can think of. So obviously we made gingerbread houses. I bought three kits, three small houses, a large house and then a ton of extra frosting and candy. It was a smorgasbord. We sort of teamed up, but the girls just ended up doing whatever they wanted on them. Emily, however, got a very creative streak, got in the zone and made an awesome house. I'm highly irked that I didn't get a picture of hers. It would win an award. 

Tuesday, January 8


This is the second year in a row that Blake has performed in the Christmas program, her first year of preschool she was sick that day. And this is the second year that Blake has had stage fright. She gets very nervous and tells her teachers she can't do the show. Last year she just did it anyway. This year she bargained with Mrs. Patrice and said she would only do one song. Ok. She got up there and did great, did all the little hand moves and sang all the words and then after the first song, she said, "now I'm going to sit with my mommy and daddy" and she walked down the steps and sat with us and watched the rest of the show. 

As much as I wanted her to stay up there and keep on trucking, it was awesome to have her sitting with us because she still sang along and we could hear all the sweet little songs up close and personal. And she was so excited to watch Kylie perform. She was very proud of her and thought she was so cute. 

I was trying to knock out two birds, so I had Kylie perform the same day as Blake, but with another class with kids she doesn't know. She said she was ok with it. I just really didn't want to go back up there the next day to watch the same program if I could watch them both together. By the time the 3 year olds came in, Blake was already sitting with us so I didn't get to see them sing together, but it was still so adorable.

Kylie had some killer moves and did great for her first performance in front of a big group.

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