Monday, August 26

My Saint

The summer has finally come to a close, school uniforms have been purchased, school supplies have been ordered, teachers have been assigned, and it was time for kindergarden matriculation. 

What's that? 

Honestly, I'm not sure I still know what it is. This rich people private school thing is all new to the Walker fam. Even though Zach and I have no idea what we are doing, the school is beyond. Just beyond. We fell in love on our first visit and never looked back. They start every morning with chapel, they have a Godly play class for K-2 where they learn about the Bible and faith through play. All Saints has it all and I am so overwhelmed with happiness that our children will get to be a part of this loving Christian community as they grow up. 

Ok, so back to matriculation. The kids sit through a sermon type thing, we sing some hymns, repeat some stuff about supporting them and the school and then they go sign their name and they are added to a big book of All Saints. And in true All Saints fashion, there is a party afterward. 

Here are Blake and her best friend Berkeley working on their best penmanship. Blake and Berkeley are so cute together and went to the same preschool for three years. They were none too pleased when they realized they didn't get the same teacher.  

Blake after the ceremony in her dress uniform. I could just eat her up in these uniforms. Plus getting ready for school is a no brainer. It makes our mornings very smooth.

Fast forward a few days and here she is on the first day of kindergarten. 

And with her awesome teacher, Ms. Roderick. What a blessing she has already been.

I posted one of Blake's first day pics on facebook and got a lot of happy comments, but the first day was actually a disaster. As well as the second. Blake isn't your average kiddo, which is mostly just plain fantastic and freakin hilarious, but it can also have it's challenges. Blake struggles with Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD, she doesn't have all the symptoms, but the main one is her insane frustration and any moderate disappointment which can result in hysterical tears. She has come so far, so so so so so far, but with a new environment, new kids, a new teacher and a fast paced day, she was off to a rough start. There were a lot of meltdowns, they lost her at lunch (she wandered off and sat with her sixth grade buddy) she was just having an overall hard time. And not normal first day stuff, the teacher called me day one and day two to discuss everything. I immediately jumped into action, was on the phone with her psychiatrist and got her enrolled in occupational therapy which she starts tomorrow. Appropriate reactions don't come naturally to her, which is where the OT will come in handy, it's just something she is going to have to practice and learn. Thank God that friday and monday have been great! I know she will be so successful, we just may have to put a little extra effort in to get her all adjusted.

This will be a great year! I am so proud of my kindergarden sweetheart!


Mom said...

Blake is the most fortunate child to have you and Zach for parents. You understand her and seek the best situation for her. She is going to bloom and blossom at All Saints! That uniform is precious and she rocks it!!

The Q. Family said...

She does look so adorable in her uniform! Sorry the first couple of days were challenging, but it sounds like you addressed the concerns immediately. #superMom!!


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