Sunday, March 10

Will you?

You know how much we love Rene. When she was in town for the birthday party she had a very special and memorable way of asking Blake, Kylie and Aven to be her flower girls!!!!!!! They are so excited, Kylie thinks she is going to be in charge of the whole wedding as well as the "petunias", Blake and Kylie have both been practicing walking down the aisle holding a pillow with a ring on it (they may be a tad confused about their actual duties) while saying "step together. step together." 

First she gave me the sweetest, mushiest card. We just know that God brought us all together and it's the most unique yet wonderful friendship. I couldn't be happier that we have stayed in touch all this time across the big old state of Texas. 

Then there was a knock at the door! A cookie bouquet that says "be my flower girls?" Just precious and sugar cookies are my weakness.

I can not wait to see them all dressed up and I am so thankful that Rene has let them be a part of her big day!


Mom said...

This will be such a special celebration! Can't wait!

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