Saturday, March 16

Surgery day {rhinoplasty blog}

My alarm was set for 5 am, I took one good last look at my face as I knew it and was ready to roll. I wasn't too anxious, I knew I was in good hands with Dr. Hackney.
At the surgery center I had to change into a gown, tight compression hose, socks and a hair net. They, weighed me, got my vitals and then I just hung around for a few minutes until Dr. Hackney and the anesthesiologist came in to talk a little bit before the procedure.
At about 8:30 it was go time.
I was given some medicine to relax in my iv and then pushed into the OR. I was looking around at lights and tools and people and then the anesthesiologist gave me the good stuff and that is where my memory stops for a long while.
Next thing I know I am waking up in recovery with Dayme, trying to figure out if I should put my bra and panties on or just skip that step altogether and put on clothes. I think Dayme made the executive decision to just put on my yoga pants and my jacket with no underwear. I remember stumbling to a wheel chair and being pushed out to a teeny car. Dayme usually drives a Yukon, but today she was in a BMW convertible. I was probably the most unlively car ride companion in the world. I kept dozing off, would catch myself snoring, try to look out the window to see where we were and then dozing off again. It felt like a three hour road trip. I was never in pain the entire first day, I just slept a ton. I ate a little bit and was just glad to be home.
Sometime that night I threw up, so I have been taking some anti nausea just in case.
I can't really see much of what my new profile and nose is going to look like, but surely it's an improvement. The surgery took much longer than anticipated, so I wonder what was going on up in that nose of mine.


dayme said...

I did make the executive decision about your underwear because it just looked way to painful to put all that on.

And yes - It was almost a 3 hour car ride - sorry, traffic was awful! As always, you made the nurse laugh and made me laugh several times on the way home. can't wait to see what it's going to look like!

Ashley Bowen said...

Thank you so much for blogging about this and posting realistic photos! I just scheduled my surgery in Chattanooga, TN and although it's exciting to get a new nose it's also a bit scary. Reading your blog and looking at your photos makes me feel SO much better! To hear that the pain isn't that bad and yes, eventually the crazy monster look will go away is comforting. I LOVE your lashes by the way! Did you get them done before surgery? That'd definitely make me feel a bit prettier during the process haha. Thanks again for the post and I hope all is still going well after surgery!

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