Wednesday, March 20

Day 7 {rhinoplasty blog}

Today is the day I've been waiting for. The big reveal. But more importantly, the day I got those splints out of my nose. Do you see how big these things are? And they are like 3 or 4 inches long. Can you see why mouth breathing was my only option? I could get a little whistle-y breath of air through them, but sometimes even that was impossible. 

I had Lauren (my assistant) pick me up this morning and drive me to my doctor appointment in Dallas. I took a pain pill just in case it hurt removing the cast and splints. 
I nervously went into the exam room and got on the little chair eyeing the cups of liquid, large tweezers, gauze, a sucking machine and other frightful looking tools laid out on the counter for my appointment. 
Dana, the precious nurse came in and got immediately to work clipping out my stitches. No pain there. They said as long as I kept them clean they would come out easy, and I did, and they did. 
Next up, the cast, that also peeled right off and it felt awesome! 
I did a sneaky little glance at myself in the side mirror to see if I looked awesome and I looked pretty much the same. Which was good because I knew I didn't get a Latoya Jackson nose, but was bad because I wanted to be blown away by the first look. 
My mind was still focused on the upcoming scary task, splint removal. Dana got the sucker machine out, it was similar to the sucking tools they use at the dentist. She stuck it up my nose to get anything that may have been dripping, got the tweezers, and pulled the splints out with NO PAIN! Whew. I had read mixed reviews on the removal of those and was pretty freaked out. It was nothing to be nervous about. They came right out and I took the best breath of my life. I can not even tell you how much better my nose functions, which wasn't even the reason I wanted nose surgery. But what a nice added bonus to looking good. 
Then she taped it up for me and taught me how to tape it, which I will have to do for another month and she showed me a little massaging exercise and Doctor Hackney came in.
He was so pleased with how straight he was able to get my nose. He had told me over and over that cartilage doesn't like to change shapes, like when you bend your ear and it flops right back into place. And since noses are mostly cartilage there was a good chance it would never be completely straight. I was totally fine with that, but am so happy that he got it all the way straight. He examined my nose and we looked at in the mirror and he let me know there was still a lot of swelling. My official after pictures aren't for another three weeks. I can't wait to see what it looks like then with all these nasty bruising and swelling gone. 

So here is the new nose from the front (which looks very similar to the old nose from the front, just straighter and a tad smaller)

And the new nose from the side. I love my profile now, I never thought I would ever utter those words.

And a side by side profile comparison of old and new nose. I am so pleased and so very glad I did that. Best money I've ever spent on myself. I feel pretty and feminine and just cute. 


Mix and Match Mama said...

The new chin and nose makes your cheek bones pop (like a freakin' super model!). Who knew that a new chin could effect someone's cheek bones so much? You looked great before but you look really, really great now. I'm impressed Paige!

Meredith Hughes Matthews said...

You look GREAT! (I mean, you always did though.) When I first read on that you were going through with this I wondered why you would mess with such a pretty face. I had never noticed your nose or chin. But, this looks great! I love how you still look like you, too. I also love how you've documented the whole procedure in such a transparent way.

The Q. Family said...

You look like a million bucks Paige!

sophie said...

Indeed nose jobs can have a significant effect on patients. They frequently feel better about themselves.

Your Cosmetic Surgery said...

Kudos for letting others know about what it feels like to get a nose job and what the rhinoplasty recovery process is all about. Your results are very nice! Congratulations!

Rhinoplasty Recovery

smita sharma said...

I love my new nose. Before my Rhinoplasty surgery my nose was completely out of proportion with the rest of my face. The doctor both reduced the size and rounded out the tip and it looks so natural! Do your research and find a great doctor and you will be happy you went through with it!

Denis Mcavoy said...

“Best money I've ever spent on myself.” - Some thought these plastic surgeries can be a way to waste money. However, it's nice to hear from patients that they're satisfied with the amount that they're spending. If you really want to improve yourself, spending some dollars shouldn't be the issue. After all, your happiness is priceless, right? Anyway, you're looking awesome! :)

Denis Mcavoy @

Emily Ross said...

It’s nice to know that you’re satisfied with your rhinoplasty, Paige! I can only imagine how hard it was to breathe through your mouth while all those splints were in your nose. A year has passed already. How are you now? Any updates? :)


Martin Smith said...

Its good to know that you're satisfied with the result. I still regret the decision i made. My Rhinoplasty was a nightmare.

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Marlene Gomez said...

Cosmetic surgery especially Nose Surgery is getting more prevalent either because people are more affluent or because the procedures are more affordable.

Jacob said...

From long time I considering rhinoplasty to make my nose reshaped again as I want but due to some bad stories about unsuccessful surgery. but after reading your story I think I can go with it.

Soniya Mishra said...

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