Wednesday, March 20

Day 6 {rhinoplasty blog}

Day six turned out to be far better than my depressing day five. I kept reading that there is a small window of depression that you go through after plastic surgery. Mine was quick and over with, but I was very annoyed during that little time.
When I removed all the chin tape and got a good look at my chin, it looked like one side was bulging out in a weird way and it hurt so bad to touch it. This was the first actual pain I had experienced during the process. Now I am not one to call doctors unless I am damn sure there is a pressing issue. My kids have only been to the pediatrician for well checks and I think I called Dr. Zwernemann's office one lone time in all three pregnancies before I took some cold medicine when I was teaching. My mom and I both decided I should call and we thought, you know since we are basically like plastic surgeons after all this internet research, that my chin implant must have moved out of position and was shooting out making a big lump. So I called Dr. Hackney, they said to go ahead and come in at lunch, drove an hour over to his office, saw him and he was all, "oh yeah, that's just a little swollen spot." I felt like an idiot for doubting his expertise and thinking he would do some botched chin implant and for even calling. But I signed some waiver saying that 1 in 50 chin implants move out of position requiring further surgery and thought, well darn, I'm that chosen 1. Thank goodness, I was not. I got peace of mind and got my appointment for the big reveal moved up to wednesday instead of thursday. That means just one last night of sleep with splints and mouth breathing. I can do this.


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