Monday, March 18

day 5 {rhinoplasty blog}

I'm not going to beat around the bush on this one, today sucked.
Here's why:
1. I think I'm really getting tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a freak show. I mean, the UPS guy was knocking on the door and I let him drive away with a package I had to sign for because I was too ashamed. I actually get embarrassed too sometimes. Plus, I practically know this guy since I get client deliveries most days so I didn't want to have to explain myself.
2. The adhesive on the chin tape was pulling at all my little face hairs and starting to irritate my skin. I had to pull it off which was alarmingly painful.
3. Upon pulling of chin tape, I noticed a big swollen weird lump in the right side of my chin implant. I don't know if this is normal healing process, but to me it feels like the implant is all off. Definitely something to ask Dr. Hackney on Thursday.
4. My lower lip and entire lower chin has that novocain wearing off feeling, like when you leave the dentist.
5. My smile is grossly off center and ridiculous looking. I'll post a picture of that tomorrow...all just part of the healing process, but still.
6. I'm queasy and light headed.
7. I'm exhausted from night after night of horrible sleep.

On the bright side, pain is still at a 1. Bruising and swelling is slowly going away. Countdown is on to the big day on thursday! I can not even imagine how great it's going to feel to get this off my face. And to just hear the doctor's (hopefully) reassuring words about healing nicely and looking wonderful.

Still glad I did it, just a little annoyed. Thanks to my saint mother, saint husband and saint assistant who are going out of their way to be awesome.


Hollie Jones said...

You are tough Paige! Cant wait to see the results!

BTW...Chloe asks to see these pictures everyday!!!

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