Monday, March 18

Day 4 {rhinoplasty blog}

Hello Day 4! Swelling was down, bruising is turning into a nice yellow to match my house and shirt. I actually went to my mom's yesterday to get out for a bit. I also ripped off the foamy piece of tape that was on my chin. It was only about half way on and I was so sick of it.
I would do this again in a heart beat, but the worst part so far has been the mouth breathing. O to the MG. I wake up with my tongue feeling like a cactus and my whole mouth feeling like sandpaper. It's just beyond anything I've ever experienced as far as dry mouth goes. I can not wait for thursday when I finally get to take a deep breath into my new straightened nostrils. I had slept like crap the past two nights, I guess a combo of the mouth breathing and not being as drowsy since I stopped the pain and nausea meds.
The kids don't think I look like a monster anymore, which is encouraging. I have a tiny numb spot in the middle of my bottom lip.
I'm super tired today and my mom is here helping with Avey, so I'm hoping to get a nap and get through some work.


Mix and Match Mama said...

You are such a trooper! I'm seriously impressed!

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