Sunday, March 10

Daddy Milestone

This was a huge day for many reasons.

1. The reason Kylie even got a new bike was because she finally, finally, FI-NUH-LY, pooped in the potty. This has been, I don't know, like a year long struggle. A battle. A power war. An all out pain in the ass, sometimes literally for poor Kylie. She was pee potty trained a long time ago, before Aven was born, but we kept her in pull ups at night so she didn't pee in her bed. This turned in to holding poop until the pull up was on, pooping at night, coming to get us and telling us she pooped, us cleaning it up with the worst attitude ever. repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat times hundreds. When I had just had enough, we did away with pull ups altogether. When it was time to poop, Kylie would panic and hold it for days. Until we would give in for health reasons and give her a pull up. So one day I got even more serious and decided there was no going back, no matter what. So we sat on the potty for 2 hours, and I got very stern and wouldn't let her leave the bathroom until she pooped. She had been holding it and crying, and it was way past time to nip this in the bud. Or butt. After a couple of hours of this I guess she decided she would try it so she didn't have to spend her entire childhood in the restroom. It wasn't that bad and the next time she had to go we had this same scenario, but it only lasted for about ten minutes. After that she was good, and we never looked back. Her reward was this bike. Hootie hoo! 

2. Isn't this such a daddy milestone? Dad's probably think about this day long before it ever goes down. Holding on to the handlebars, giving their baby a push and watching them take off on their first solo bike ride. It was so cute to watch. 

3. This is our first kid to even attempt a big bike. Blake isn't all that interested yet, but Kylie was all about it. 


Jalei & Lane said...

We have been dealing with the EXACT same potty training issues going on a year now! Maybe I'll try your way...

Justin and Allison said...

Cutest pictures!!

Mom said...

I still remember my dad helping me to ride a bike. Love these pictures of such a special moment.

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