Tuesday, September 25

Hey Out There

Let's just ignore the fact that I haven't blogged in like three months.

We had a kick ass family vacation in August and you can see pics of that trip here. http://www.paigewalkerphotography.com/blog/lifes-a-beach-fort-worth-family-photographer/

Aven is 8 months now and so flippin adorable.

 She crawls and is in to all sorts of trouble. She pulls up in her crib. She still doesn't like food, only milk. She did take a few bites of greek yogurt the other day, so a small victory there. She is joyful, she loves her mommy, she is starting to clap and wave bye bye.

Kylie and Blake started preschool.

They both love their school, teachers and friends.
Blake came home today and I was reading an email from her teacher about what they did at school. They have been talking about the letter F and they painted their family portraits on an easel. I asked Blake to tell me about the picture she painted today.
"I painted Aven with the sparkly eyes, and I painted Kylie and Daddy and me"
"Aw Blake, that's so great!"
"I didn't paint you."
"Why would you not paint me?"
"It's not because I don't like you, I love you. I paint what I paint and we don't get upset."

Fair enough.

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