Tuesday, July 31

5 is a Magic Number

Miss Blake turned five on July 24. It was a busy and action packed day. She opened up her Strawberry Shortcake cash register first thing in the morning. Big hit! Next on the agenda, zoo camp! After lunch Ommy came over to pick up the big girls and take them shopping at Barnes and Noble, they love that place. She opened up a few more gifts throughout the day. Hungry, Hungry Hippos was another favorite. 

Zach came home early and we loaded up and went to Chuck E. Cheese, it was Blake and Kylie's first time. Blake was in a state of bliss the entire time. She rode every ride and played most of the games and then purchased a laffy taffy with her tickets. Kylie wasn't so sure about the strange rides, but she still had fun.
Blake always says that Joe T's is her favorite restaurant, she really only likes the chips and queso and the fun atmosphere. G Dad picked up dinner from Esparanza's so she could have her Joe T's queso.
We had a tiny little family celebration and she was so happy that the birthday song was sung just to her. It irked her that at their birthday party at the pool everyone said, "happy birthday Blake and Kylie, happy birthday to you." The white cake and strawberry shortcake she requested was scarfed. And her birthday wish...that Mommy will always be her friend. Sweet girl!

5 seems to be a magic number so far. The crying and whining drastically dropped off around five, she is finally wiping and doesn't need any bathroom help and can brush her teeth alone. She gets up and gets her own breakfast and brings me the remote so I can turn on the TV from my bed if I am too tired to get up yet. She is growing up so much and I can't wait to see how much she learns and grows this year in school. I'm still extremely glad we made the call to not send her to kinder. She's just not there yet. I think one more year at her current school is going to do wonders.

5 year old favorites

food: peanut butter and jelly sandwich
restaurant: joe ts chips and queso
dessert: oreos, I used to steal those
toy: Little Gug (stuffed ladybug), she's my favorite thing in the whole wide world
place: lake house
friend: Elise
teacher: Miss Tracy
clothes: hello kitty dress
drink: lemonade
snack: cherries
game: ladybug and spider shooting game at chuck e cheese
animal: chicks, they are so cuddly
school activity: playing with polly pockets, dressing up them
movie: born to be wild
song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
book: Yertle the Turtle because it's very, very long
thing to do with mommy: go out on dates, like taking our pictures (the last thing we did just she and I together was taking her five year pictures and then we went and got a big ice cream cone after)

And here they are...

Wednesday, July 25

6 Months and NO MORE

Six month olds are the best! Whenever I get a client wanting six month old pics, I am so excited! The age is just oozing with smiles, giggles, squishy rolls, happiness and they can't move around yet.

I am behind on getting her in for her well checks. I will have to post weight and all that later. Or maybe I will just write it in her baby book which I am surprisingly kicking butt at keeping up with. I can proudly say all three girls baby books are completely full, the only thing Kylie's is missing is pictures, but I have a file on my computer with the ones I want to use ready to be printed. I did have to reference the blog and fill in a good portion of Kylie's about two years after I should have, but it's full and accurate and that's all that matters. Filling out Aven's is fun for me because I am cherishing every "last" thing with my "last" baby. And I KNOW I want it to be our last baby.

Listen to this wild story:

So I went to my yearly appointment with Dr. Z, which I don't really mind since we've gotten to be such good buddies after having all these babies. We are talking for a while, making sure my medicine is keeping me from thinking everyone is dying all the time (crazy post partum anxiety), getting plastic surgery recommendations (can not wait for that day), making small talk about the photography biz, etc. At the end of my appointment I go to get my blood work and they tell me I will get my results in the mail in a week or two.

Fast forward a week or two.

I open my results, read through, giving myself props on my excellent cholesterol levels despite my hideous diet choices most days and then I get to the end of the paper.

Pregnant: Positive


At the time I am reading these results, I am also having a text conversation with my lifelong bestie, Leah, who also just so happens to be a brilliant physician's assistant. The conversation quickly goes from maternity photo ideas for her upcoming session to I have an emergency and am calling you right now. I tell her what the paper says and she says, "you better go get a pregnancy test to make sure."

Freaking great.

I'm sweating and panicking and breathing heavy. I call Jeni, she doesn't answer. I call Allison, she answers! I tell her my predicament and she asks me to text her a picture of the results so she can try and make sense of it. As I go to text her the results, I see that by the HCG category it says negative. I start to relax. Zach is already on the way to Target to pick up a pack of pregnancy tests. The most misleading document of all time, says pregnancy: positive as a guide to show you that if you are in fact pregnant it will say positive by the HCG category. Holy confuseballs. I wonder how many other poor victims have experienced the same shock and disappointment upon reading the word positive next to the word pregnant.

This is yet another sign that our family is complete. We don't want any more kids, we can't afford anymore kids (hello private school tuition and no maternity insurance), we are simply done and thankful, so so so so thankful for the precious three we have.

Hip hip hooray, I'm not pregnant and never will be again! Insert huge sigh of relief. AHHHHHHHHHH.

Back to squishy wishy, adorable, beyond flippin awesome Avey.
She is babbling, babababab, googoo, stuff like that.
She has two bottom teeth. And I haven't been bitten yet. Score!
She sleeps great, always has. Score again!
She laughs, puts her feet in her mouth all the time, rolls from back to tummy and occasionally tummy to back.
She is drooly and always has to have something in her mouth, her fingers are red sometimes from being chewed on too much.
She is starting to not like being left alone, like if I leave the room she squeals.
She rotates all day between being held for a few minutes, going in the jumperoo for a little while, going in the swing, the bouncy seat, the bumbo, the play mat. I can't hold her all day with my job and my other kids so she is pretty content to just be a casual observer to the daily Walker house action.
She is the sweetest and we are so happy to have her happy lovable self to love on every day.

Sunday, July 15

Museum School

Y'all know I love me some Fort Worth, Texas. I am especially impressed with the museum preschool. I always heard it was great so I got online really early to try and register them for some classes. You have to mail in your request with your credit card number and then you anxiously await to see if you got in. When I got the envelope in the mail I was stoked! They got in to two of the three sessions I requested. Not bad! 

Last week they got to go for Native American week and they loved it. It's only two hours, which is good because they didn't feel like they were there too long and weren't burned out. But was not so good because I literally dropped them off, drove five minutes home, edited like ten pictures, picked up a little, got back in the car to go pick them up. Two hours isn't much to make a dent in this mama's work load. 

The teachers are so friendly and the school is so, so nice. There is this huge glass room filled with all sorts of museum artifacts, a nasa space suit, taxidermy animals, stuff like that. Kylie only cried the first day and Blake cried when she found out that she and Kylie wouldn't be in the same classroom like they were at the zoo preschool. Little soul mates, can't stand to be apart for two minutes. It's good for them though. 

Here they are modeling their Native American necklaces. It's toooooooooooooo briiiiiiiiight. Insert whiny voice with screechy undertones. 

Ok, that's better!

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