Monday, June 25

Baby Aven's Room

Baby rooms are kind of a big deal. You think about them, plan them and want them to be just right for your little one. Ours was a little more difficult since we didn't find out the sex of the baby. Decorator Dayme had two plans for us that I posted on this blog. She comes up with the best ideas and seeing the nursery come to life was so fun. 

This rocker was recovered and is probably my favorite thing in the room. 

I got an organic bloom frame for one of Aven's newborn pictures. It's really big and super cute! 

Here is the view from the living room. 

Aven's crib is Blake's old white crib, a little sanding and spray paint and we've got ourselves a pink crib fit for a princess 3. 

Here is the closet corner of the room. The closet was shelves that Zach had doors made for. 

This was that thing I made and found this cute frame on etsy. Which I later found for like half the price at Hobby Lobby, oh well. 


Changing area. I switch from this polka dotted changing pad cover and a solid white one.

Not the light fixture we had originally planned, but I still love it. The original one was about 8 times too large.

Happy Campers

Living in Fort Worth is just the greatest!! I love everything about it and I'm never leaving. It is a great city that is really family friendly and there is so much for kids to do. This summer my two big girls are going to Zoo camp and Museum camp. Their first week of Zoo camp was last week. The theme was conservation quest. They learned about endangered species. Blake kept talking about how terrible it is that they make Cheetahs into carpets. Kylie really liked learning about the "Baldy Eagle." This was Kylie's first time to go to a school setting and be left there with no parents. It was a great transition though because Blake and Kylie were both in the Pre K class. They really liked going and I liked getting time at home with just Aven. How weird it is to be at home with one, lone easy baby. How in the heck did I ever think taking care of 1 child was challenging. Hilarious how things change. I still feel like that was some of the most difficult times in parenting. I would way rather be where I am now with three kids than be back with my first newborn again. It was a nice glimpse into next year when both the big girls are at school. That will be lovely!

Sunday, June 24

Where Have I Been?

I apologize to my readers, which seems to be at least 101 of you according to my blog followers. My posting has reached an all time low. I swore I'd never get here, but here I got. I thought about a few blogs I could write, I took pictures of funny ways the girls played and was going to post about their feminine way of play, I even started taking notes on hilarious things Blake and Kylie had been saying to post about that. But both ideas fizzled away as life flew by. One thing I do remember Blake told me was that she had owieitis. An owie is what we call an injury, a boo boo if you will, and itis, you know just normal old itis. She's flippin hysterical, I need to really stick to my note taking and crank out a funny one. Maybe it's having three kids that has kept me from posting, but I really think I just wasn't making it a priority, that and I got a cold and a stomach bug in the month of June. Here are a few other quick stories I considered blogging about but never got around to.

1. I kept feeling my heart race. Sort of like skipping a beat. I immediately linked it to my lexapro and looked it up online and realized that yes, it is a side effect. And it is under the dangerous side effects that you should call your doctor for category. I was on the phone with Dr. Z's nurse a few minutes later. She told me to not take the medicine that night and see how it went. No lexapro=no racing heart. Problem solved. So I went in the next day to get a new prescription for my post partum anxiety, which even on meds I still have a little bit of it. He recommended zoloft. I about had a party when I found out that Zoloft is only $6 a month compared to Lexapro which is around $120. Heck yes! I about had an afterparty when I found out the main side effect I am experiencing with Zoloft is appetite loss. I mean, it doesn't get much better than that! I can lose my anxiety and weight. Sign this worried mama up! So far so good. Win-win.

2. Did I ever mention the studio is done? I haven't taken pictures of it yet because "done" doesn't really mean done. We ran out of money and the bathroom isn't in yet, but I have been working in there for about a month and am loving my big space! I am just a few big sales away from a finished bathroom for my fantastic clients.

3. This kind of goes back to the zoloft thing. The first few days I was on it, I was a nauseous and didn't want to eat anything. I really started thinking I could be pregnant. Now I think it was just the adjusting to a new medicine, but on Father's day I took a pregnancy test just to be sure. Zach said, "This will be the best and worst Father's day ever." Emphasis on worst. I was so happy to see a negative pregnancy test and it really made me think about a more permanent form of birth control. 3 kids is just right and the true test is that Zach says even if he knew it would be a boy he does not want any more kids. Me too! So glad he isn't one of those guys who is going to make us keep trying for a boy. Plus, I am just kind of starting to feel like my body is returning to normal and I am really liking that feeling. A family of 5 is plenty! Plenty of love, plenty of people and exactly enough rooms in our house.

Not Quite Ready

I think Aven would prefer to stick to milk for a while longer. Sorry Avy, it was worth a shot. 

Happy Birthday B and K!

Blake and Kylie had their Hello Kitty swimming party last week. Blake is going to be 5 years old in about a month and Kylie Koo just turned 3 in May. I am hoping to be able to have their party together for at least another couple of years and would also love to keep having it at this pool. Easiest party ever.  Seriously. You don't have to clean your house, you barely have anything to set up, the kids love it, the parents love it, just bring some food and drinks and that's it. My kind of entertaining. 

Here they are in their Hello Kitty dresses before the party. 

Blake and her great friend and next door neighbor, Ellie! Ellie, Blake and Kylie spend a lot of time playing together. Almost every day.

Blake and Kylie were the only ones there for a few minutes and got the whole pool to themselves.

Allison and Carter. I want to gobble Carter up every time I see him, what a cutie pot pie!

 Blake and Kylie's Aunt Meg and cousin Maris

Elliott is so sweet!

Jonathan and Erin

Michael wrangling 2 of his 3 kiddies. Arden was not in the mood for a snapshot. Ha!
 Regina and baby Van

Christy, Sophie and Olivia

Another one of our neighbor friends, Olivia

Ommy and G Dad

Amy getting some Van love

Justin and Caroline

Blake and Sophie

OMG Hello Kitty came to the party!!

 Hello Kitty had quite the fan club.

 Kylie was so excited about Hello Kitty coming, but when she got there Kylie freaked out and hid.

Natalie and Mac


Me, Jenny, Hello Kitty and Allison



The annual "birthday twin" picture. Love these girls!
 "We're fiiiiiiiive!" Are they really?!?!?! GASP!
 Jonathan and Cru who changed into his comfy PJs.
We had such a fun time and I love celebrating with friends and family. It means so much to have loved ones around to enjoy the birthday fun. What a great day!


This was Blake's idea to have a watermelon smile.

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