Thursday, May 24

4 months

It really does go by so fast. I just went into Aven's room, picked her up from a heavy sleep and rocked her. I just wanted to stare at that baby face that is changing so quickly. Then she woke up so I had to nurse her. I love how one little hand touches my chest or my shirt and the other little hand touches the side of me. I love how when she thinks she is done nursing and pulls off, her tiny mouth continues with a few more sucking movements. The second she hits the bed her thumb is in her mouth and she rolls over to her tummy. Every time. She still has not mastered the tummy to back roll, so that is where she stays all night long until the morning when I hear her little baby sounds and go in to find her with her head popped straight up or lazily sucking her thumb. She laughs now, which all mom's know is the best sound on earth. And the girl can strike up a major conversation. Those sounds are absolutely precious and I can't help but turn into goofy baby talk lady. She still loves her naps and is consistently taking 3 a day and then she is out for the night sometime between 5 and 6:30. Such a good little sleeper. She enjoys hanging out in the bouncy seat and jumperoo, but prefers being held and talked to, of course. Her sisters are already asking for another baby, they must be as smitten as I am. Love you so much our biscuit baby!

Wednesday, May 23

A Whale of a Time

Sea World is a great spot for a family vacation. We drove from Horseshoe bay and it was only about an hour and twenty minutes, not too bad. The girls loved it, the weather was nice and Aven just slept the day away in her stroller. These pictures are all out of order.

 Here they are at the aquarium. I was having fun with my camera playing around with the low light and glow of the aquarium.

 We were lucky enough to be there for feeding time. I would about have a heart attack to do this woman's job.

Before we went in to the park, it sure was bright!

In the Sesame Street Bay of Play we got to see some of our Sesame Street favorites. However, Kylie clammed up and became really shy. Blake loved running up and hugging on these furry characters. 

 This ride was full of kids and dads. I guess all the mom's volunteered their husbands to ride this very slow and almost torturous ride. It basically loaded everyone up which took forever, went around a time or two and then took forever to unload. Far from thrilling. 

Shamu show!! Even though the trainers don't ride around on Shamu and shoot through the air on his nose anymore, it's still a pretty cool show. I remember when I was little everyone wanted to have this career when they grew up. How many people said they wanted to be a dolphin or whale trainer after visiting Sea World? The job doesn't really appeal to me as an adult though. 

Sweet little babies in the chick corral. So hilarious that they are all in that labeled box. They were cute and fluffy though. 

The Stingray touch tank was a miniature anxiety attack for Blake and I. We would wait for the stingrays to swim up and then they would and we would freak out and back up. I finally got up the nerve to touch one and it was a wet a marshmallow. 

And the highlight, feeding our dolphin friends! This was such a great experience for my ocean animal loving girls. The dolphins swim right up to you and you get to toss fish in their mouths. 

The Walker family most definitely recommends Sea World for a little family getaway, it was an easy and fun outing!

Friday, May 18

Kylie Kookachoo

A couple of cute shots from a short shoot I did with Kylie for her three year pics. I am going to take more in the new studio once it's organized. Precious sweet girl! At three years old she has the squeakiest voice I have ever heard. She uses the word "is" a lot, for example, "Is I is 3?, Is Ommy is here?, Is Blake is mad?" She loves to play with Blake, they are soul mate sisters, they spend every minute they have together with few fights. Kylie likes to paint and play with princesses, both of which only last about 5 minutes until she is on to the next activity. She is shy, but also showing her independence. She is ready for school and talks about it with a lot of excitement. She is a sweet big sister and likes to kiss Aven and tell her goodnight before naps and bedtime and she bounces Aven so softly when Aven is in the jumperoo. She likes to talk about how long her hair is getting and how long her arms are getting. At least once a day I hear, "Look how long my arm is!" while she is reaching out showing me her long pudgy arm. She likes to pick her own outfits out and pick out her food and anything else I will allow. When I give her two choices, she  picks a third option that was not one of the choices. Happens every time.

Some 3 year old Favs
Favorite Color: purple
Favorite Food: avacado, cheesy noodles
Favorite Restaurant: Joe T's
Favorite Show: The Shamu Show at Seaworld
Favorite Toy: Hippo with the blanket
Favorite Drink: Cherry Limeade and Lemon Tea
Favorite Outfit: Lemon Juicy dress
Favorite Animal: Unicorn
Favorite Princess: Princess Celestia
Favorite Place to Go: Joe T's
Favorite Friend: Ellie
Favorite Book: Knuffle Bunny
Favorite Dessert: Ice cream and Pie

Wednesday, May 16

I caved.

I know I said I didn't want baby contraptions taking over my tiny house, but it happened. I now have a swing, bouncy seat and jumperoo taking up the remaining few square feet I had in the living room and dining room. Drat. I just really needed something to put Aven in while working, which is at least half the day every day on the computer. And are you wondering what that pink clam like thing is in her seat? It's called the hugga-bebe deluxe and it makes babies that are too little for things like this be able to fit. And her head will still make a fast flop every now and then and at least I know it will just flop into the pink squish. 


A few months ago, before Kylie mastered the word "sprinkler" she was saying "pinkler"  This is what they want to do when Blake gets home from school. They fill up cups, run around and play with umbrellas. The poor man's pool. 

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