Monday, March 26

Going Vertical

Basically I'm just livin the dream. I have a husband that rocks, three awesome kids and a job that I am obsessed with. Call me a bragger, but I am one happy chick! I just keep looking outside and can't believe that my studio is being built. What started as a little idea, bloomed into something incredible. I just booked a session today for AUGUST! It's hard to imagine that I am that much in demand, but I am so thrilled to be. It's a good lesson for me to teach my kids someday, if you love something and want to try it, go for it! If it's meant to be and you work your butt off, you will see more success than you thought possible. If it's not meant to be, at least you tried and have no regrets.

The framers got this thing almost framed today. Just a few interior walls remain on my bathroom, closet and laundry room. Yes, laundry room! As a newborn photographer there is so much poop, pee and spit up laundry after every session. Tomorrow the doors and windows go in and I will try to take pictures along the way to document the progress. I chose really large windows and french doors to let in the most light. So I only have one more glorious day of a borderline elderly shirtless man hammering and nailing boards together in my backyard.

The kids played in there for about an hour, they thought it was so fun. Blake was Grandma Butterfly and Kylie was Baby Butterfly, but they were acting like they were on the show Team Umizoomi, I don't understand their games most of the time.

Aven! Take note that my two month old is wearing a size 6 month outfit. Fats Domino.

Kylie on a mission

Why is it so hard for Blake to follow the two simple directions of 1. look at the camera 2. smile. I mean, she will either look at me with a weird blank face, or look away and smile an unnatural smile. If I happen to catch her both looking and smiling it is shear luck and coincidence. I don't get it.


This weekend we had family in from Illinois. My mom hosted a big shindig at her house and I was asked to bring the desserts. I love to cook and try new recipes. One of the desserts I brought was Paula Deen's banana pudding. OMG. So good. It doesn't help that I'm on weight watchers so every dessert seems awesome, but this was really delicious. You should give this recipe a try! Very easy!

Friday, March 23


You forget about all the struggles of the day when you see your angels sleeping. I snuck into all of their rooms to snap a pic. Kylie was the only one that noticed and her eyes are open in the picture.

Aven always sleeps with her little arms up like this.

Kylie always sleeps off her pillow and sometimes even sleeps sideways.

Blake sleeps normal.

Milking it.

Last night I went out with Andrea for dinner. I go out to dinner with friends all the time, usually once a week, it's my happy place. This week I went out twice, tuesday and then thursday. When I go out, it's for a couple of hours so I have to leave a bottle or two for Zach to feed Aven. Well I've been really lazy about pumping and after returning home on tuesday night, I didn't pump and I was feeling pretty full. I really could never catch up, so I was still feeling full on wednesday. That brings us to last night, Zach texted for me to come home because he had run out of bottles. When I made it back, I fed Aven once and decided to go to bed. Aven sleeps through the night, so she doesn't wake up until 7:30 or 8. However, I woke up at 5:30 and could barely move. I was so engorged that it took some major strategic maneuvering to get up out of bed and get to my pump. It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. Then, once I got to the pump, I couldn't get the suction working because I was that engorged. It wouldn't even latch on there. I think that was one of the worst breastfeeding experiences I have had yet, except for the beginning with Blake of course. I pumped two enormous bottles and am still so, so sore. The things we do for our babies :) case you were wondering, I got the Gwyneth. I'll post pics soon, but I haven't taken any yet. I feel so much better with less hair.

Tuesday, March 20


I overheard Kylie singing a lullaby to Aven yesterday. To the tune of Braham's Lullaby:

Lullaby, lullaby, you are Aven in the sky-y.


Monday, March 19

Time for a Change

My hair is driving me nuts. It's way too long for a mom with a little baby. It's constantly in the way of nursing and Aven gets her little fingers tangled in it and she isn't even grabbing at it on purpose yet. So tomorrow I am taking the plunge and changing it up. I can't wait! Here are some of the haircuts I am considering.

I actually got this haircut last time I changed it up and I really liked it.

Sunday, March 18

2 Months

My two month old baby is great! She is sleeping through the night or waking up once. If she wakes up it's usually between the hours of 4 and 6. I have some clogged duct issues right now because she slept too long last night. OUCH!! She smiles, oh that is just the best! And she coos. But she doesn't give away those smiles and coos too easily right now, you really have to work for them. We are in that stage where you need to spend as much time at home as you can. She is just sleeping all the time and it is no fun to be out somewhere, even at my mom's house, where we don't have all her stuff. She loves her crib and her swing and her house and just doesn't do so well outside of this place. Which can make me very stir crazy, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I don't know what she weighs yet, we will be going to the doctor next week. Some of her 0-3 month outfits are starting to get snug. Does anyone want her hand-me-downs? I already have a big box started with her newborn stuff and would be glad to pass it on to another baby since it's all new stuff.


Look at these sweet big sisters doting on that baby sis! There is nothing better than 3 precious daughters!

Wednesday, March 14

The Dreaded Call

I got the call every parent dreads the other day.

"Hi, Paige. This is Jessica from the preschool. Blake is having a problem and she's really upset. She has a bead stuck up her nose and legally we can't get it out. Could you please come here as soon as you can, she is very, very upset?"

I called my mom and she was on her way immediately to watch Kylie and Aven while I sped up to the school expecting the worse.

When I got there Blake was sitting on a teacher's lap and crying. Not frantic, but not at all ok with her situation. I looked up her nose and was really freaked out myself that I would push the bead all the way up there and we would be headed to the ER. The teachers and I decided on paper clip surgery with me as the surgeon. We crafted a hook out of a paperclip and I got to work. I had to give Blake a pep talk-"this is not going to hurt you, I am going to get the bead out. BUT, you have to be very still, very calm and do not freak out." Somehow, she sat up on the counter as calm as can be as I poked around trying to dig the bead out. After a few tries, I got the hole hooked on the paper clip and all was well. At first she blamed it on Jack, the class bully, but I didn't think that was the truth. Why in the world would she let someone stick something up her nose? She later admitted she had done it in hopes that she would look like a snowman. It was a white round bead, so I guess somehow that made sense to her. I'm hoping she learned her lesson with sticking foreign objects in her nose.

Monday, March 12

Happy Words

I made this for Aven's room last night. I ordered it from my photo lab and got one of those white chunky ornate frames for it. I can't wait to post pictures of her room, it's coming along so well, but still so far to go. I am holding out until it is finished to show it.

Saturday, March 10

Smilestones and Sleepstones

This morning Aven did her first real social smile. I was doing all sorts of cheesy baby talk and she smiled right back at me. Not knowing if it was real or not, I went about my day and she was asleep most of the day. When she woke up and was good and alert, I tried again and low and behold, lots of smiles and even some coos in there! Absolutely wonderful!! Such a fun milestone. Here are our best attempts at capturing the smiles on camera, we did an ok job, but didn't get any majorly big ones.

And wouldn't you know on the eve of her first smile was her first time to sleep all the way through the night. I believe I put her to bed for the final time at around 11pm and she did not rise and shine until after 8am. Blissful rest. That sleepless night stage sure went fast, it seems less and less painful with each baby girl. I'm not counting on this being an ever night thing, but at least I know it will be happening some.

Toddler Chi

What better to do on a rainy cold Saturday but flat iron your 2 year old's hair?

She said she looked like Blake and she felt like a poodle. Interesting, seeing as her normal hair is far more poodley than the flat ironed version.

Why Does This Always Happen?

My older two kids are going crazy over the new baby items in the house. They love bottles, pacifiers, my hooter hider, all the blankets, the bouncy seat, the swing, anything baby related. The other day I found Kylie chillin' so hard in the bouncy seat that I have repeatedly told her is not for big kids. Typical Kylie, she doesn't care what I say. At all. Ever. I never thought of Aven as the low rider type, but after a few more sneaky sister lounges in the bouncy seat, she just may be low ridin' it the rest of her bouncy seat days.

As for Blake, she has taken a liking to this tiny blanket lovey that she affectionately calls "Savenger Hunt." Nope, not sCavenger with a C, just Savenger. Who knows? So if you've given us a baby gift, it's being put to good use, if not by Aven, then one of the other two.

Wednesday, March 7

Mommy and Me

My photographer friend Melissa called and needed a baby girl model for a cocoon that one of her vendors had sent her. She offered to take some mommy and me shots of Aven and I if I brought her over to model the product. Yes, duh! I love being in pictures even if I don't love my weight, braces, etc. It's just so special to look back on times of your life and have great images to remember them by. And I'm always glad I did it when I see the final product.

Aven started off strong and modeled the pink thing with ease. However things quickly took a turn to the overtired state when it was the mommy and me time.

But, I still adore the photos nonetheless.

Tubby Time

Zach gives the girls their bath almost every night since that is the only time he really gets to spend with them. Plus after trying to get through my work to do list and house work to do list I am usually frazzled and ready for a few quiet moments to myself. In fact, last night I was so frazzled I called my mom and said, "I have GOT to get out of here!" She came and picked me up and we went to dinner where I had a huge glass of chardonnay. That cured my frazzles and I came back as happy as a buzzed mommy.
I give Aven her bath though. I love how much hair she has, but it gets so greasy so fast. She does well in the bath and hers goes really fast so it doesn't take away too much from my end of the day chill time.

Sesame Street Live

We went to this a year or two ago when it was in town and when my mom suggested we go again I jumped on the opportunity. We don't watch Sesame Street all that much at home, but I knew the girls would love going to see the live show. And they did. When we walked in to the theatre they had all these areas set up for picture taking. Luckily I brought my camera and we got there early enough to take pictures at all of the set ups.

We had great seats and the girls sat there really calm and watched the whole show. I was so glad, I knew Blake would sit through the whole thing, but I thought Kylie might get a little antsy, but she didn't.

Kylie and Blake danced and sang through a lot of the show and really loved it.

And we ended by getting 2 $5 cotton candies that 3 whole bites were taken out of.


This baby makes me swoon and coincidentally that is also the name of the action I used to process this image.

Aven's first...


This is Amanda, she is one of our 3 very wonderful and sweet babysitters. This was the first time I left Aven with someone other than family. I went to go to pilates and they both did great!

Speaking of pilates, I am at a standstill with my weight loss. So irritating! I joined weight watchers online about 3 weeks ago hoping to drop the last 10-12 lbs pretty fast and it just isn't happening. The first week I lost 2.2 lbs, the second week only .2, I basically do not even consider that a loss. So I lowered my points and I weighed myself a few hours ago and still no loss. I know it will happen eventually, I was just hoping to speed up the process with ww. I'll keep you posted.

Kylie and Aven

Mommy: What do you like to do with Aven?

Kylie: Hug her and kiss her, but I like to carry her. I like to carry her like this!

Mommy: What does Aven like to do?
Kylie: Aven likes to play after she gets bigger. She likes to play with my froggy, but I don't want Aven to play with my froggy, I love my froggy. And I will go run run and get that froggy and go "Aven give back my froggy, hey! give me back that froggy!"

Mommy: What does Aven look like?
Kylie: A biscuit baby

Mommy: Does Aven like having a sister?
Kylie: Yeah, I'm Hello Kitty her sister and Blake is Hello Kitty her sister.

Mommy: Where does Aven like to go?
Kylie: She likes to go to the market, to the Target. (just fyi, I never say market so I have no idea where that came from)

Mommy: What do you do when Aven cries?
Kylie: I will feed her some milk in her bottle.

Mommy: What makes Aven happy?
Kylie: I do, Hello Kitty.

Mommy: What does Aven's hair look like?
Kylie: It looks like Wangury's (Wangury is this frog like creature on Noonbory and the Super 7, a weird show I found on demand that I doubt any of you have heard of.)


No smiles yet. Dang it. However, I did write in her baby book that she already had her first smile. I was duped. She seemed to be smiling so big and looking right at me, her whole face lit up and she smiled for like 5 full seconds. But it hasn't happened since, so it was just a fluke I suppose.

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