Monday, February 27

It happened.

Could the worst be over? Although Aven hasn't made it to six weeks yet, the fussies seem to really be tapering off. Last night she was o-u-t, so much so that I tried to get her to eat at around 11 pm before I went to sleep in hopes that it would satisfy her long enough for me to get a couple of hours of sleep, and she would barely wake up for it. The only reason she even took a few drinks was because milk was spraying directly at her mouth and she lazily drank a little. The exciting part is that she only wake up at around 4:30, I fed her and then she woke up at 7, I fed her again and she is still asleep and it's 9:15. What a great night! This is my first 5 hour stretch of sleep since January 18. Coincidentally, I start back to work tomorrow so I will hopefully be well rested and on my a game to make some memories for a special client.

Sunday, February 26

The Club

First, just for fun, these are a couple of shots I took of Aven modeling a gift that she got from one of my boutique owner friends. I loved the colors!

Ok, now on to the normal post. Today was Aven's first trip to Colonial for breakfast. Blake and Kylie love to go because they get their fill of waffles, muffins, biscuits, syrup and jelly. No low carb lifestyle here.

Here they are all dressed for the Country Club.
We are trying to make this a Sunday tradition and I think that sounds like a great plan!

Friday, February 24

What's up?

Hello and here is the latest on our family.

Let's get started with our house. We are closing on our refinance today, we switched to a 15 year mortgage and to our delight our house appraised for $72,000 more than we paid for it. Not bad! The people even appraised it twice because they were certain that was a mistake. On a bad note, there was a big rain the other day and the roof leaked all in Kylie's room and made a big bubble in her purple paint. So we are getting a new roof any day now and we will be starting continuing the major construction on my studio also any day now.

Blake has been on a mischievous streak. For the last 3 days she has stolen Oreos from the pantry and eaten them in her room. She then proceeds to come up to me with a chocolatey mustache and tell me, "I did not eat any cookies." Oh, of course not. Then at night when we are saying our prayers she asks God to forgive her for stealing the Oreos and repeats the whole process the following day. I moved the Oreos way up high because she obviously is making pretty bad choices. Then, last night I kept hearing her get one glass of water after another. This was an immediate red flag. I asked her if she was drinking all that water and she replied with a very unconvincing yes. After the 4th or 5th glass I was almost certain she was filling up her Polly Pocket pool, so I went into her room just to double check. You won't believe what she had come up with. She had poured every single full glass of water in different spots on the floor around her room so that she and Kylie could jump in the puddles. I'm not sure why she would think that was a good idea.

Kylie has been her usual funny self, but she is driving me crazy with not wanting to poop in the potty. We put a pull up on her at night before bed so she won't pee in the bed and most nights she comes out with a poop diaper and wants to be changed. Blake didn't do this, so I am hoping she will stop soon enough, she just seems so freaked out to poop on the potty.

I am wanting to get started on Kylie's and Aven's baby books soon. Yes, Kylie's. I haven't done a thing, but I think I can look back at all my blogs and get enough info together to fill it out.

Oh and a big change for Aven...she moved into her room. I was so ready to get the big pack and play out of our bedroom that we went ahead and moved her out. It wasn't a thought out decision, she was just asleep in her crib and I decided we should just leave her in there for the whole night for a trial run and it went great so we went ahead with the permanent move. So now the pressure is really on to get that room in good shape. Other than moving out of our room, she is fed on demand and sleeps whenever she needs sleep. I'm not a schedule fan until they work it out on their own, which doesn't even really take that long. As for now, she eats when she's hungry and sleeps when she's tired, and stays awake when she feels like staying awake. She's a happy and very content baby and it won't be long until I am a slave to her sleeping schedule so I am enjoying the go with the flow ways.

Monday, February 20

Birth announcement

Here is Aven's announcement. It was actually a Christmas card design to begin with, but I loved the scalloped edge (which you can't see here) and the chevron pattern. It turned out really cute, and even though she was not very easy to photograph, I am so happy with how her pictures turned out. Check some of them out on my photography blog if you haven't seen them yet.

One Month

I've been on cloud 9 since having this angel baby. I am so filled with joy and gratitude, I love my family so much and this baby has my heart busting at the seams. The first month isn't necessarily the most exciting. She doesn't really do anything. She just kind of looks around and lets out the occasional cry for milk. She likes to swing and sleep and nurse most of all. One thing that isn't so fun is the period of time that can range anywhere from 10:30 to after 1:00, where she is just a big ball of discontent. She doesn't cry that much, but her arms and legs are going, she fights sleep, makes grunting sounds, has a hard time nursing, just blah. Blake and Kylie did this too and I know it peaks at 6 weeks and then goes away, but it is still highly irritating since it is conveniently during the time frame when I would love to be dozing off to sleep. It doesn't happen every night so I'll be thankful for that.

I am geting extremely excited about Aven's room. I am slowly able to buy a few things here and there which is hard when I'm not working that much, but my mom and dad bought us a dresser/changing table which helped a ton. It is going to be the perfect little room for her, emphasis on little, it's practically a hallway.
I'm looking forward to coos, smiles and some social interaction but I am soaking up every minute, the good, the bad and the ugly, as I know this is my last baby. It's really hard to say that and know that chapter of my life is closing, but just thinking about being a normal size again, not being pregnant or breastfeeding and really getting to move on from the constant bloating and shrinking of my body that I have been enduring since I was 24 is a nice thought. I love being a mom and would love to have a newborn again, but enough is enough and you have to draw the line somewhere. For us, it's 3 precious princesses and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Newborn Pictures

Some of the cute newborn pics of Aven are posted on my business blog. click on blog

Thursday, February 2

2 Weeks

Only 2 short weeks have passed since Aven came into this world, but a lot has changed. She was back up to her birth weight at a check up we had a few days after she was born. Those breast fed babies sure do plump up quickly. Or at least mine do. She also had her two week check up today and weighed 8 pounds and is 21.25 inches long. And sadly, her little newborn size Zutano outfit she wore today needs to be retired. It's becoming a tummy shirt, which even on a baby is just not flattering.

Poor little Aven also has a cold. It couldn't possibly be because Kylie has been coughing all over her. So Aven snorts and sniffles all night long. She is still waking up about every 2 hours to nurse, 3 if I'm lucky. I am also still keeping her all night long so Zach can get plenty of rest for work.

I'm back in my regular jeans. It didn't take long, but my waist is easily mistaken for a muffin. I think I have about ten pounds left, I'm not really sure because I haven't weighed myself in a while.

Her room hasn't come along very far. I thought I would start on it the second I got home, but Zach threatened me to not spend a penny on her room until we pay for all my medical bills which have started rolling in. However, he has painted her crib pink and it looks so cute! We haven't used much baby stuff and I figured we wouldn't, but I did break down and buy a bouncy seat today so I can have somewhere else to put her besides the swing. We had a bouncy seat at some point, but there is no telling where it is.

I have nothing but great things to say about having three kids. By far the easiest transition and she is the most mellow baby. I love it and feel so happy all the time. I'm very blessed.

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