Saturday, December 31

Not so bad

My 36 week appointment brought some great news!

1. I hadn't gained a single ounce since last time. And the scale was hopping back and forth between 149.something and 150 so I could even consider it a teeny tiny loss.

2. My doctor did not check me! So relieved. In my opinion, the cervical checks mean nothing, if I was at a 3 I would just go around thinking I would go into labor at any moment which is not necessarily the case and if I was at a 0 I may have been discouraged, again for no reason, because it means nothing. He said he will not check me next week either! Plus, I find those exams so painful, and if I hear the words uttered, "you are so posterior" I may pass out.

3. The girls and Zach came along to hear the baby's heart beat. They loved hearing it. Dr. Z asked if it sounded like a horse or a washing machine was in there. Kylie said, "noooooooooooo" and then on the way out she said, "my mommy did not eat any machines" so literal.

4. He squeezed around on my tummy to verify that the baby is in position, Zach said the squeezing was extreme, it sure felt extreme. He couldn't really tell so I may have to have one last sono to see. This happened with Kylie too. I think he is just having a really hard time feeling through my abs of steel :)

So next up, a 37 week check up on friday, a 38 week check up probably the following friday complete with cervical check, and then possibly an induction sometime in week 39. The home stretch is feeling a little more stretchy than homey, but I can't wait to get that baby home!

Wednesday, December 28

Week 36

Week 36 has begun. I have been having tons of contractions for quite some time now, weeks, maybe months, some are just the tightening uterus feeling, others have me stopping what I'm doing and breathing through them. My hips and lower back are hurting really bad, I did a photo shoot today with Kylie for one of my boutique partners and I had two little attacks where I was wincing in pain. The pictures are adorable though, here are a few favorites. I am really lucky because I get contacted by boutiques and vendors all the time to see if I will photograph their product, the product comes to me for free and I am getting to be really picky about who I work with now. Then I can either use my kids or clients as the models. Just a fun little perk.

And just for the heck of it, here are a few from Blake's shoot I did the other day. I am trying to knock these shoes and bows and hats out before the baby arrives. And the best way I have figured out to do that is in sections of color. So Kylie did some of the pink stuff, Blake did some of the brown and cream stuff.

A few more pregnancy annoyances: I go from not having to pee at all, to power walking to the bathroom bent over because I have to pee so bad. I am extremely itchy, especially on my tummy and chest. My feet are hurting in the strangest spots, and it's my bones that are hurting. I got a pedicure today and it was oh so nice and I am calling tomorrow morning to see if I can get in for a prenatal massage in the next day or two. 3ish weeks seems so close, yet so far away. I'm really hoping I at least make it to the 15th which is my last day of work, if this pregnancy is anything like the last 2 that shouldn't be a problem.
My craving of the day is lemonade! In fact, my incredible husband just arrived with a nice cold lemonade for me from Raising Cane's, it's the best!


Christmas with kids gets more and more fun each year. This was Kylie's first year to really get hyped about opening gifts. She opens a gift, starts shaking with excitement and screams out what it is. It's very fun and entertaining to watch. Blake usually opens a gift and yells, "A _____! Just what I always wanted!" So obviously they are at a precious Christmas time age. Next year baby brother or sister will be messing with all their stuff and probably driving them crazy. The more, the merrier I suppose.

The girls woke up to Santa's gifts and Blake was so cute and so excited. Kylie, on the other hand, wakes up way too slow to get excited right away. Zach went and got her out of bed and she said, "I want some Reese's Puffs" in her groggiest voice. When Zach told her that Santa came, her reply was, "Ok, then I just want a new puppy or somefing" still in the most unenthusiastic sleepy head voice. I laughed so hard at that because she honestly didn't give a dang.

They each got 2 gifts, Blake got 4 Xia-xias which was her #1 thing she wanted and a critter clinic, which is a little veterinarian kit with cages for the animals. Kylie got a baby alive and sorting picnic basket thing. Their big gift had to be shared, they got a big dollhouse and tons of dolls and furniture for it. It's the fisher price loving family one and they have loved playing with it.

Here is the setup before they woke up.

Zach is in charge of the stockings every year and he does such a good job. He filled it with mini lalaloopsy's, zoobles, teeny stuffed animals, candy, a little flower pot that you add water to and grow a flower, cute little stuff like that. What a good girl dad!

This was Blake's gift to us, very symbolic since it is our last Christmas as a family of 4.

And here she comes!

But Kylie, doesn't wake up so easily. A lot of the time I go in to get her up and she will say, "I till sleeping."

But once she woke up, she was having a blast!

Blake opening her Xia-xias.

Yelling, "it's just what I always wanted!"

I love having a calm Christmas morning at home. We open gifts, I make breakfast and the kids play with their new stuff until it's time to get ready to go to my family Christmas in the afternoon.

My brother was in town from Santa Barbara for Christmas so that was really fun. The kids couldn't wait to open gifts and they got some really great stuff.

My mom's side of the fam.

Monday, December 26

Belly Comparison

I've been wanting to find some pictures of me with my last pregnancies and see if my belly looks the same or different. I wasn't able to find pictures at the exact same point in the pregnancy, but close enough. So here we go. And keep the giggling to a minimum with my Blake picture.

The first picture is me pregnant with baby #3 who I really think is a boy most of the time and we have decided on a name for either sex and I am sharing it here. Right now. If baby is a boy he will be Lennox Zachary, Kylie has a strong argument for Lennox Lemonade, but I just don't think it has the same ring to it. Where did Lennox come from? Zach has liked it since we were pregnant with Blake, it is always on our boy name list. Although Blake would have been Hudson and Kylie would have been Lincoln had they been boys, it was still always in our top few.

If baby is a girl she will be Aven Hartley. Aven is a really cute and funky name I saw in an Us weekly magazine and loved immediately and Hartley is my mom's maiden name.

So there you have it. And on to the pics, here I am preg with baby 3 at 35 weeks. Love handle and back flab is definitely letting itself be known but the front part of the belly is a little pointy.

Here I am at 37 weeks with Kylie. Looking at this picture makes me feel like it was my cutest pregnancy. My belly doesn't even look that big and I don't feel like I was puffy anywhere else. My belly looks pointy here too. So maybe a 3rd girl is on the way???

Oh dear. For those of you who honestly don't believe I was a hippo whilst pregnant with Blake, the proof is below. The belly looks a little more round than it did with Kylie and 3, but who knows if that was even the actual shape of my belly with all that blubber. I can not get over my arms and my chubby chub face. Anyway, this is me at 39 weeks with Blake.
So what do you think? 99% of the people who have a guess have said boy. Only a few more weeks until we know!!

Friday, December 23

35 week check up

Today I had an appointment with Dr. Z. I had mentally prepared myself for the group B strep test even though I had no idea if I would get it this time or next time. I got called back pretty quick since I was the only soul in the waiting room on Christmas Eve Eve. First up: Weigh in. Normally I am pleased with my weight, but this time I was not. I am up to 150. I just can not control my weight at the end of pregnancy, it comes flying on. When I take off my shoes and jeans my legs and feet are so puffy that I have lines and creases all over the place. My face is starting to get pretty puffy too. It's just not a good feeling even though you know most of it is baby and water weight.

Next part: pee sample. I went in to do my pee sample just like I do every time and all was normal until I went to wash my hands. I turned on the water and it was freezing, so I opted for hand sanitizer. I pumped it down and there was a goopy part covering most of the pump, so I got a large amount of gel squirted all in my hair and on my face.

Last part: doctor check up. I went into the exam room, where I did end up having to do the group B strep test this time. Ick. I need to get used to the examining stuff though because I think they start checking my cervix starting next week since my appointments are now weekly. I discussed my Baylor vs. Harris issue with Dr. Z. He is going to talk to some people with the billing department and see why it is so much more expensive and if there is any way they would price match, so there is still hope for Baylor.

Goals before baby arrives:
Finish Kylie's room (curtains, reupholster and paint chair, mirror, paint chandelier, stuff for walls, paint bookshelf, rug, eek that's a lot)
finishing painting baby's room doors
paint baby's room floor (sounds weird, but it will look cool, Dayme the decorator's idea)
make baby's closet (we have to make a closet out of this built in shelf thing since the room isn't technically a bedroom)
get a baby boy coming home from hospital outfit (I already have a girl one)
find carseat and get that all cleaned and installed and hope that it isn't totally worn out and nasty after all these years

That's about it, I think.

Wednesday, December 21

No Luxury After All

I got a call the other day from the Baylor hospital wanting to collect their $10,000 for my labor and delivery. I've already paid my doctor thousands (again, thank God for my business) and will still owe an anesthesiologist and whatever other bills come flowing in when the baby is born. But the nice people at Baylor would only make me pay around $7,000 if I pay cash before delivery. Which is all fine and good and totally understandable, but I remember Harris only being like $4,500 or $5,000. We gave Harris a call and yes, they are way cheaper. So baby 3 will be born at the same place baby 1 and 2 were born, which I loved and had no problem with, but I was really excited about delivering at the new, fancy, beautiful Baylor that I have heard so many great things about.

I don't like to stay at the hospital long anyway, so I have my doctor release me as soon as they are allowed to, which is 24 hours after delivery. So if all goes well, I will be back home too soon to really care about the hospital stay part anyway.

All of you people with good insurance out there, specifically maternity, be so glad, this gets soooo expensive!!!!

Tuesday, December 20

Growing Up Fast

It's all happening so fast! And I love it! Kylie in a big girl bed and being fully potty trained all within a couple of weeks of each other. All without me even trying or necessarily wanting these changes quite yet. She's just growing up and wanting to be independent and it makes my life a little better. I have 4 or 5 whole weeks of having no kids in diapers! That isn't much, but I was expecting to have 2 in diapers again for a couple of months. Kylie is very proud of herself, as she should be. Blake still gives her big hugs when she goes on the potty and they like to ask for candy to celebrate. That was ok for the first few days, but now, weeks later, is not at all necessary. But I guess they like to ask anyway.

There was 1

There was one, there were two,

There were three little angels
There were four, there were five,
There were six little angels
There were seven, there were eight
There were nine little angels
Ten little angels in the band.

Oh, wasn't that a band, Christmas morning
Christmas morning, Christmas morning,
Wasn't that a band, Christmas morning
Ten little angels in the band

This was one of the 3 or 4 songs Blake sang at her Christmas program at school. This was her favorite and the only one she really participated in. She told her teachers that she would rather watch, but she overcame her stage fright and stood up there like a champ. She made me proud, as she usually does and of course she was the prettiest girl in the whole school :)

Monday, December 19

The Nesting Continues

My nesting is getting really intense. At least for me. I am normally one who doesn't mind an unswept floor or laundry overflowing out of the hamper. It's just not in me to care about all things neat, tidy and organized. As much as I love it when it is that way, and as much as it stresses me out sometimes when my house is a mess, I am not one of those people that cares enough to prioritize that over other things like work, doing fun things, hanging out with the kids, or even watching reality TV or something lame like that. So it's easy for me to tell a difference in normal Paige and nesting Paige. Nesting Paige is constantly looking for something to organize, get rid of, or make better. I am the anti pack rat, always getting rid of things I don't feel like we need, but this is going to a whole new level. Frantically cleaning out toy boxes, organizing closets and drawers, redecorating entire rooms, it's noticeable. As soon as I opened the big box of Kylie's new bedding that was delivered today, I knew I couldn't wait much longer to get it all set up. After Zach got home, I sent him straight over to my parent's to pick up the bed frame and mattress they said we could have and we got to work. The crib was disassembled and moved to the baby's room, which actually has Blake's old pottery barn crib in it also, we have 2 choices for a crib now. The new bed was set up and Kylie was ecstatic to get in her big girl bed. Squeals, screams and total joy were radiating out of this kid. She did get a little territorial and wouldn't let Blake up there at first, which made Blake really upset and she went and hid in this little corner of her room between the bookshelf and the wall while she waited it out. Kylie caved and eventually said, "you can come up and snuggle wif me." So Blake got up, sat there for like 4 seconds and was ready to get down, I guess it wasn't as fun as she expected, or the battle was won so she didn't care anymore. Kylie asked us to leave and turn out her light so she could go to sleep, so we did and she is snoozing in her big bed just as precious as can be.

Here are a few pictures of her enjoying the first few moments in her big and puffy bed. Sweet dreams baby girl!


We went and saw all the Christmas decorations at the Gaylord the other day. As I sit here running a card rescue recovery program on my memory cards trying to figure out where my other Gaylord pics are, I will post these. I am so used to formatting my memory card for sessions that sometimes (this has happened 3 times now) I format out of habit and then later realize I deleted pictures that I wasn't done with yet. So I run a little free card rescue program and it finds all sorts of stuff and is such a pain, but at least I can recover them.

So this is Blake's first time with Santa.

She was a little nervous to get started, but was chatting away as soon as she got up there. He was so nice and not at all threatening for a sensitive child. However, the photographer was ridiculous. Of course I would be picky about children photographers, but she was banging this crazy loud hand clapper to get the kids to look at the camera and it just wasn't working too well, not a technique I would use. Babies were crying, kids were looking, but not with happy faces, just a bad plan. She did only have about half of her teeth and obviously wasn't trying to make a career out of it though, she was just trying to get a decent shot and hurry along.

Blake asked Santa for Xia-xias which is this toy she saw on a commercial a few weeks ago and has talked about over and over ever since. I know those commercials can be annoying, but they sure are helpful around Christmas time, I was able to make a huge list for Blake and Kylie by just watching their reactions and listening to them talk during commercial breaks. Kylie started stressing out and possibly regretting her decision to not sit on Santa's knee when she realized she was unable to tell him exactly what she wanted for Christmas. She had two things to tell him, a teddy bear and a present. A present? How generic. I'm sure we can pass on the message to St. Nick.

Thursday, December 15

Kylie's Room

Kylie's room is coming along. All I have done is order her bedding and a new headboard, I still have to get some furniture, a rug, stuff for the walls, pretty much everything besides the bed.
Here is a picture of her bedding that I fell in love with even though it costs way too much money. Who cares. I love cute stuff.

I really loved all the texture and couldn't find anything else like it for cheaper. So then yesterday I emailed my decorator and asked her opinion if I should get an iron headboard or an upholstered one. I never heard back and I just couldn't wait so upholstered it is.

I would totally just forgo the rug, but we have wood floors and the girls are always playing on their rugs, so I have to get one. I guess the shaggy leopard one that everyone loves will be moved into the new studio.

Has anyone seen any cute stuff for little girl's walls lately that would look good with this? I think I want to do a dresser and a funky mirror on one wall, and get some curtains made for the window wall, but that still leaves the wall her bed is on and a big space on the door wall. I guess I need my decorator to come to the rescue.

Monday, December 12

Where I Am

This is where I am right now. The pregnancy is seriously so uncomfortable, I feel like the baby is huge. I feel movement up in my ribs and practically all the way to the top of my thighs. Last night he/she almost kicked the ipad right off my tummy. The belly is not keeping me from sleeping, but pregnancy insomnia is. I play around on my phone or the ipad into the wee hours and then wake up at like 5:30 and have a hard time falling back to sleep. Right now most of my ipad and phone web searches are centered around Kylie's big girl room. She is potty trained now and really excited about getting a big girl bed. She tells me she is too big for her crib and is ready to make that transition. All of these transitions, (potty training, big girl room) were supposed to wait until after the baby was born, but Kylie can be a woman on a mission and she decided to take charge of her own potty training and speed up the room process.

We have been going on lots of family dates, as we like to call them. Just running errands, going to dinner, hanging out. The girls love it and they have gotten so easy to take places that me and Zach love having them out and about with us. The family dates will have to take a brief hiatus after the baby gets here though.

So basically, I'm just in that end blah stage of pregnancy. I am wearing Zach's shirt right now because even my maternity shirts are barely covering my belly and there is no point in buying anything new. I can not even fathom being 40 pounds heavier than I am right now. I don't know how I survived being pregnant with Blake. I also am having a hard time wrapping my brain around being pregnant for 6ish more weeks. I'm not even going to get my self all excited about delivering even a few days early, because I tortured myself thinking Kylie would be a little early since Blake was. Each day was like a week and it was very difficult. At least I will have Kylie's room redecorating to keep me doing something fun.

Tuesday, December 6


Weeks pregnant: 33
Interesting happenings as of late: baby got hiccups for the first time last night and has had them off and on since. I am finally getting uncomfortable. I am up 20 lbs from my start weight. Last doctor visit I was only up 14 due to a nasty stomach bug that had me eating 1 cracker per day. I think I have one more 2 week appointment, then we move to once a week.
Feelings on baby's gender: I'm thinking boy. Here are the reasons, my stomach seems more out in front and pointy instead of spread out all over, I do not have the linea nigra this time like I had with both girls. That's really all I have for clues, if you even want to call them that. The girls have both decided after obsessing over having a baby sister that they would actually, in fact, prefer a baby brother. So it sounds like they will be happy either way and we won't have to look into disappointed little faces if it is a boy.
Maternity portraits: I had some pictures done with a fellow photographer friend. She is actually a competitor but I adore her and there is enough work for both of us, trust me. We had so much fun trying out poses and lighting and just doing something sort of different. They are a little risque, but if you know me, I'm not modest at all so it was a perfect way to document my 3rd pregnancy.

Those are just a few favs, they are all great and once I get all these holiday orders filled and can close that door, I will make a cute little album and maybe get a big one for my master bathroom.
Paige Walker Photography: Oh geez, I took on way too much for the holidays, but I stayed on top of it, worked mostly 12-16 hour days and did the best I could as a one woman show. I try and get the edited images for the client to choose from in under a week and as soon as they pay their invoice the order goes straight to the lab so it's a really quick turn around. That is important to me. In other business news, construction on the new studio started today. There are electricians and demolition guys all over the yard. The back house that was old and nasty is being knocked down and a big beautiful studio is being built in it's place. This is going to take my business to the next level and it will help us not to feel so squished in this house with the basement back for an extra living area.
Baby's room: No, I haven't really started, because what can I really do? Gender neutral rooms can be awesome, but I am really wanting an all boy or all girl room. So at least I picked color schemes. For a boy I like cobalt blue, black and white. Very chic and modern and not foo foo baby at all. The baby's room is right off the living room in plain site and I want it to look really great. If it's another sweet baby girl, her room will be aqua, pink and white. I found bedding I like for both and will need to post a picture, but we all know how my blogging has been.

I'm getting really excited for this new addition to the family, and although it feels strange not having a single outfit or baby item, nursery or crib, I really like not knowing what it is and feel like it will be no problem to deal with it all in february. I took the whole month off anyway.

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