Wednesday, November 16

The 30s

I wouldn't have a clue what it feels like to be 30 years old, I am soooo far from being 30. Not really, only 2 short months separate me from finally meeting my mystery child and from entering the 30s. But for now my small victory is entering 30 weeks of pregnancy. 30 weeks of pregnancy sounds pretty darn far along. I could give birth anywhere from 7-10 weeks from now. I have no urge for it to hurry up yet, maybe because I am in the busy season for work, which although my to do lists for clients are out of control, I really love it, I love everything about my job. I know I will get to that antsy ending soon enough. Unless this time I don't feel that way, the last couple of weeks with Kylie were killer. I just wanted to have the baby and was almost crying every time my contractions stopped.

So at 3o weeks I have a little 3ish pounder living in there, and I am up a grand total of 17 pounds. I don't feel very big yet and I think that is helping with not being in a rush to give birth. The picture at the top was taken by my mom on our 7th anniversary. She was having a really hard time trying to figure out what to do, but she did great and we now have a cute picture of us that I love. I also had my maternity pics done with a friend the other day. I will post them on here when I get the disc, but they are pretty risque. But I love them! You may have seen a couple on facebook. I went back and forth if I should tag myself or not, but I loved them, I loved how I looked so I went ahead and tagged.
I start my 2 week appointments now. I just did my glucose screening and found out I don't have diabetes, but I do have anemia. I was starting to think I was losing my eyesight from too much computer work, but now I think it was just me practically falling asleep all the time.
We also have 2 names we like for a boy and 1 we like for a girl. Not sharing though :) I have told a few friends, but I would rather just wait.
That's all for now!

Wednesday, November 2

Strawberry Shortcake and the Ocolopus

Look what my 2 cheese puffs were for Halloween!

Blake as Strawberry Shortcake

Kylie as an octopus, or as she says it "oc-0-lo-pus"

Here is how our Halloween went...

I went up to Blake's school for the Halloween party. I'm always afraid I'm going to be the only mom not there and it turns out every singe time I am one of the only moms who comes. I don't know if most of these people work or what, but the parties are not hoppin with parents. Either way, Blake is always really happy to see me and it's fun to take pictures of her in action with her class. Here they are doing the monster mash. Blake refused to participate and wouldn't stop staring at me, I guess it's super weird to have mom at school.

Miss Wendy mashin it up.

Blake and Miss Tracey

Blake and Miss Wendy

Blake is a highly sensitive child and she was the only one in her class crying because the pizza was too hot. Another boy, who sat next to Blake, who incidentally pinched her face (in an aggressive way) during circle time, seems to have some highly sensitive problems of his own. He hysterically screams and cries during the pre lunch prayer every single day. If you think your child might be highly sensitive, read The Highly Sensitive Child, it's a great book and really helps you to understand how their brains work.

After school Ommy came over and we did some fun Halloween activities starting with oreo spiders.
don't mind the six legs.

Next, was Halloween cookie decorating and eating.

After that we took a bunch of painting supplies into the front yard and painted pumpkins. Kylie was having the best time and kept saying, "mine is the best punkin ever!" Blake was so sweet and kept telling Kylie she was so proud of her.

I may have jazzed up a little pumpkin of my own.

Then comes the moment we've all been waiting for, trick or treating time! Our neighborhood is really busy on Halloween and besides there being a lot of kids that live here, there are a lot of people that drop off kids by the suburban load here. This was our first year to trick or treat in our neighborhood because last year Zach and I had the stomach bug and were laid out on the couch. We went around with our neighbors and Blake and Kylie enjoyed themselves, but weren't overly enthusiastic. Blake's first time to trick or treat when she was 2 was far more exciting, she was skipping and singing and squealing her way from house to house. This time they both seemed to just take it all in, ride in the wagon and get out and casually get candy from strangers like they do it every week or something. At one house, Blake went up and got her candy, the person complimented her on her costume and she screamed out in her most theatrical tone, "It worked, it worked!!! Everyone loves my costume!!!"

So here they are

Kylie's costume was awesome and she actually left the octopus head on the entire time. Blake said her wig was too itchy and opted for just the hat.
Last Halloween as a family of 4.

Blake and her best pal Ellie.

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