Thursday, September 22

Let's Chat

Well hello! How is everyone? Is anyone still out there? I hope so!

Here is the latest with me-
22 weeks pregnant and in full out maternity clothes. I am still trying to do the bella band with my old jeans, but it's not nearly as comfortable. At 23 weeks the baby is moving a ton, it seems that there are definite periods of awake crazy moving around time and very still sleepy time. I'm back to feeling like my normal self with a hint of exhaustion. I am cooking, doing laundry, not moping around in pajamas every day and it feels great! I know Zach is loving having me back to normal and having yummy dinners again instead of whatever he could scrounge together. We are also loving not knowing what baby is. Not finding out is way more fun than it sounds, so much anticipation building up. I'm already having some serious cramping/possible Braxton Hicks.

We are glad to be back in a school routine. Blake loves it and would rather be there than home most of the time and Kylie asks me every time if she gets to stay wif mommy, she does not want to be dropped off at school. She will start preschool next year when she is 3. That seems to be the magic year for my kids, when they are ready to spread their wings and not be glued to mommy.

Blake had her 4 year checkup and boy is that a sad one. We had explained to Blake going in that she would be getting shots and yes they would hurt. She loved the actual check up part, the eye test, the hearing test, getting weighed and measured and other parts of the exam, but the vaccinations were just brutal. She didn't so much cry, but straight up screamed at each needle poke. AAAAAAAAAAh! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh! AAAAAAAAAAAAH! One of the nurses even stepped back from the shear volume of Blake's squeals. She weighs 38.25, putting her in the 70th percentile, she is 41.75 inches tall, 83rd percentile and her vision is 20/25. We decided to switch pediatricians since we moved and it has been a good thing. We live right in the medical district of Fort Worth so it seemed ridiculous to drive almost an hour to Southlake.

Bottom braces are on. So much worse than the top. If anyone that reads this has any orthodontic knowledge, I have bite turbos and 2 buttons making my mouth miserable. The bite turbos make me not be able to chew because the only teeth that come together and touch in my entire mouth are my top 2 and bottom 2. I have been practically swallowing things whole or just sticking to soup and peanut butter on a spoon. I know I will get used to it all, but it is just a lot going on in there. However, I am loving the way my mouth and smile are looking and how great the results are going to be, I can see the light, it may be 2 years away still, but I can see it!

My faith has really been stretched lately. My friend that I cheered on Trojans with, went to high school with, went to Texas Tech with, and was sorority sisters with, went to her wedding and baby showers, passed away from complications with pneumonia and ARDS. It is so hard to understand with our earthly minds why something like this would happen. One day she is healthy, 2 weeks later she is dead. Although my faith is stretched, I find all of my comfort in Christ and feel closer to Him than I have in a long time. Through this tragedy I have been praying very often, reading the Bible and just really reevaluating the important things. Of course family and friends are at the top of that list, but #1 is my relationship with Jesus Christ. Zach and I visited her husband Gabe tonight and his faith is rock solid and super inspiring. He has great things coming his way, but is no doubt in the darkest period of his life.

Monday, September 12

Sono Day!

Today was the big day. I honestly struggled a little with the "to find out or not to find out" question. I so want to know what is living inside me, but I also very much want that fun grand finale surprise after labor. We did not find out who he or she is. What we did find out is that the baby is very healthy and everything looks great. That's all I really need to know right now anyway.
I'm up to 131, so I think that puts me up 9 lbs since the beginning. Which I am pleased with. Now if I can only stick to gaining about 20 more I will be really happy. I tend to gain quite a bit with my pregnancies. With Blake I gained 60 (gag) and with Kylie I gained about 35 (not so bad at all.)
It totally takes the pressure off figuring out what to do with the nursery and I have no reason to buy anything for the baby really since I have no idea the sex. However, I cringe at the thought of bringing a baby boy home from the hospital to no clothes and not a blue baby item in the entire house. Actually, since I've gotten rid of so many of my girl baby things I don't have any clothes for the baby so that will have to be purchased by my mom or a friend at Target or something so the baby can at least have some gender appropriate onesies and a blanket when we leave the hospital.
So on to the sono pics, I typed on them in photoshop, but the size is so small you can't really read it.


Precious profile

Face. Looks like a ghoul. Kylie saw it and said, "why is he so sad?"

Wednesday, September 7


We've had a few firsts here lately.
Blake's first day of school was today. She is repeating the 3s class since she was the youngest last year. This year she is the oldest which is going to be so much better for her. She has one of the same teachers from last year and one new one, and this year she goes 3 days a week to her regular preschool and 1 day a week to zoo school at the zoo. Today she was furious with me when I picked her up for not packing a chocolate pudding in her lunch. How dare I?! and she was also complaining that one of the boys was trying to trick her. Not sure what she meant there, but it won't be the last time a boy tries to trick her. She also calls her classmates "caterpillar friends", she told me today that she just looked at her caterpillar friends and they looked at her, but no one talked. I guess they are all just checking each other out. Excuse the panties in the first day pic, it was the best one I got in a hurry.

And for another first, Kylie's first haircut. I took her to the girl who does my hair because Blake has had more botched haircuts than good ones over the last couple of years. Kylie thought Whitney was really pretty and enjoyed the experience. She still talks about it everyday and tells me how pretty her haircut is. With that bouncy, curly hair, she may not need another haircut for a really long time, but at least it is all evened up now.

Thursday, September 1

A Little Catching Up

All the girl's in house, minus Cricket the dog, have been sick the past few days. Kylie got hit the hardest with a pretty nasty cold. Blake managed to just have a few sniffles and not even really notice. I had one rough night and to all the mouth breathers out there, that is a very unpleasant way to sleep! I woke up tons of times with the most dry mouth and reapplied chapstick as often as I could get my hands on it. Since that one night I have taken a sudafed before bed to avoid another mouth breathing night. I also keep waking up about 4 hours after I fall asleep and just want to get up and work, or watch tv or poke around on facebook or pinterest. At first I thought it was because of my cold, but now I am concerned I am experiencing some form of pregnant lady insomnia.

Today is an exciting day because I will be getting my nance appliance removed from my braces. I doubt any of you even know what that is, but it's basically a big retainer-like thing permanently affixed to the roof of my mouth and connected to my molars. This was the biggest adjustment with getting the braces on, so I can only imagine the relief and happiness I will experience to have the roof of my mouth naked again.

Pregnancy is chugging right along, the other night in one of my late night insomnia spells I could feel baby on the outside of my tummy. Zach hasn't gotten to feel it yet, but hopefully soon. I am 19 weeks, I think my belly popped out, or so I have been told, and I haven't had a headache in about a week.

Dayme (my decorator) and I have been busy getting my house looking cute and ready for Allison's baby shower this weekend. It is kind of nice to have a date that you want things looking good for so you get your butt in gear and paint that patch on the wall that has been needing paint for over a year, or hang curtains up in the bathroom so people can't peek in. Not that they were peeking in, but who wants to use the bathroom right next to a wide open bare window. Sadly, I got used to it, but that is no reason to leave it like that. It's looking good and we have had a lot of fun working on it!

That's all for now, I think.

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