Wednesday, August 24

Birth Order

Since I am pregnant with my third child, I have been looking at birth order characteristics. I think it is all very interesting.

According to the oldest is: responsible, conservative, doesn't make waves, follows parents' wishes, emotionally intense, authoritarian, perfectionist, driven, leader.
I am the oldest and I am pretty much all of these things. I'm pretty sure I don't fall into the perfectionist category, but everything else is just about right. I can't stand confrontation, I have only had a couple of confrontations in my lifetime and was left traumatized. I am very driven, I like being in a leadership role and although I don't cry often, when I do, it is usually intense. I can also see lots of these traits in Blake already.
Middle: Peacemaker, negotiator, highly attuned to needs of others, doesn't like to follow authority, creative, independent, peer-focused, chameleon.
This will be Kylie.
Youngest: Comical/entertaining, highly social, laid back, dependent, creative, unconventional, few expectations of self.
This will be baby #3.

I have characteristics from all three, so I'm sure most people probably do too, but it's still fun to read this kind of stuff and see how it applies to your family.

Wednesday, August 17

17 weeks

17 weeks today! I went to the doctor yesterday and was pleased to see I have only gained 5 lbs this pregnancy, I am up to 127 and think I started somewhere near 122. I hope I can keep it up, the end is the worst for me for packing on the major lbs though.

He was able to find the baby's heart beat really fast this time. I had the option to come in and get a sono next week or just wait a month until my next check up. I decided to wait since we aren't finding out the sex, so I will get that fun sonogram at about 20 or 21 weeks.
I think most of you know this, but since Zach and I are both self employed we don't have maternity coverage on our insurance plan. It costs way more than we want to pay and would rather just self pay as we go. So, I get the joy of paying $660 every time I go to the doctor. Thank goodness for my job or we would be struggling! I only have 2 more big payments to the doctor, then we have to work out a deal with our hospital and then after it's all said and done quite a few more bills will come rolling in like the anesthesiologist and other random things from the hospital. It's so hard to spend that much, but we really have no other option. Blake is the only baby I had while having great insurance since I was still teaching, so Kylie and this baby have put a financial strain for sure.
I also did some blood test yesterday for birth defects. I have to deny all the good tests because they are expensive, but this one was like $50 so I went ahead and said yes. I'm anxious to hear the results and I am super excited to see the baby in 4 short weeks!!

Tuesday, August 16


The insanely hot summer has made it hard to get outside and play much. But one random rainy day changed that. Rain boots, rain jackets and pjs!

Wednesday, August 10

one to the six

16 weeks! I have a bump and I am choosing to do a closed mouth smile because I just look so weird with braces. I had a teeny headache today, but I haven't had a bad one in 2 days, so maybe just maybe I am in the feel good second trimester. Baby is the size of a gerbil and kicking and squirming. Actually, I don't really feel it any more often than I was, just a little stronger. I just read in my pregnancy book that I should no longer be sleeping on my back. As much as I want to sleep how I feel comfortable, now that bit of information will be in the back of my mind all night making me aware of the exact position I am in every time I wake up. No idea how much weight I've gained, I suppose that will be determined at my next appointment sometime next week. I have all my maternity clothes down, but I still don't want to wear them, just rubber banding it. We are also still in the process of clearing out my old office for the baby room. It's coming along but there is still much to be done. One major thing it needs sometime in the next couple of months is doors. It's an odd room with no closet, but will have to do until we move out of here in a few years. It's crazy for me to think that I could find out the sex of my baby at any time. I hope it isn't too hard to tell the sonographer not to tell us what it is. I'm sure it will be tempting, but I know I will regret it if I cave and find out. Keeping my eye on the prize of that exciting day when Zach and I have no idea what I'm pushing out until it's out!

Monday, August 8

Austin Weekend

Shannon's bachelorette party was this past weekend in Austin. There were 5 of us from our pledge class and 3 girls from the pledge class of '01. So I was glad to know everyone there. Friday night was the big bachelorette night, luckily I had my fellow pregnant partner in crime, Allison there with me so we were the sober ones of the night. We did the whole lingerie shower, girl talk and drinking followed by the Austin bar scene. I really enjoyed being out, but those sort of situations just make me so thankful I am not single and looking for love. We started out at the W and then went to some bar that played basically every song we loved to dance to at Marley's freshman and sophomore year at Tech. That is when Allison and I headed back to the hotel and slept for about an hour until we were awoken by the hilarious return of Dayme, Jenny and Shannon from the bars.

Saturday we went to the pool. We were all pretty shocked by the amount of bachelor and bachelorette parties at our hotel. Not that Austin isn't a rad place, but we met people from LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston and Chicago, I just had no idea Austin was such a popular destination. After the pool we went to get pedicures and go shopping. We basically only went shopping because I grossly underpacked and had no cute dress to wear out to dinner that night. That problem was solved after about 20 minutes of shopping and we were off to get ready. We had dinner at Eddie V's and it was so good. We had to walk to the restaurant from our hotel and so I wore my flip flops to walk and then changed into Jenny's stripper heels before going into the restaurant. They were so tall and so hard to walk in, I walked in to Eddie V's about a minute and a half after everyone else, I just couldn't keep up. I looked cute though! There was still some hangover suffering so we ended the night pretty early and went to sleep at a pretty normal time.
Sunday we woke up and headed out. When I got home Blake screamed "happy birthday!!!!!", I guess that is the most exciting and nicest thing she could think to say to me. Kylie would not have anything to do with me for like an hour. She kept saying, "no, I want my daddy" and "I'm shy" I think she was mad at me for leaving her for so long. It was such a great weekend with great friends!

Wednesday, August 3

Why is the 2nd Trimester sucking?

That glorious second trimester that is supposed to be your burst of energy and fill you with that pregnancy glow is a little fashionably late. I am 15 weeks and have had these horrible headaches for the past 2 weeks. I am popping Tylenol all the time and it barely even takes the pain away. Much like my nausea, the headaches usually start in the evening so at least I have the first part of my day to be somewhat productive. Zach keeps accusing me of not eating and drinking water, but I so am. I don't have a huge appetite like I did in the first tri, but I have been drinking lots of water in hopes that it will help the headaches.

When I was pregnant with Blake I had like no symptoms, when I was pregnant with Kylie I was so much sicker than I have been with this baby and it didn't really ease up until about 20 weeks. I may just be in for another month or so of fatigue and headaches. Thank the dear Lord for the timing of Zach's new job, he is home every night at around 5 or 5:30 and that is the biggest blessing ever. I didn't truly realize how sad it is to have no family time for 2 years and now that we have him back it is such a relief for all of us. This is so helpful when I am feeling rough, he comes home and takes over and I can't even express how awesome he is.
I'm really hoping to be feeling better soon, but it's just still dragging along. My apple-sized baby is making me crazy, I just want to feel like me again.

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