Wednesday, July 27

Blake's 4 year pictures

Business could not be going better! I am booking new appointments every day (2 yesterday, 3 today, hopefully more tomorrow), I only have 2 saturdays left that aren't booked for the entire 2011 and I am having a blast with it! I have tons of newborns on the calendar into late November. I may not do the best job of documenting my family's day to day life because I am documenting so many other family's memories, but I sure am glad to be able to take awesome portraits of my kids when I want to...for free! Most of my clients spend between $600 and $1200 and it is just so nice to be able to not have to shell out major dough for awesome photography. However, I did have to book a family portrait session and maternity session this year since I obviously can't be running the camera or photo shoot, and I am really looking forward to getting in front of the camera for once! My FAVORITE time to shoot is in those beautiful golden hours about 1.5 to 2 hours before sunset. The lighting is so pretty! Some people would rather shoot earlier because of kid's bedtimes, which is ok, it just makes such a difference if it's in the evening.

I love this one! Cowboy hat, hay in the mouth, light streaming in, very country girl.

Sometimes a big dead, overgrown field can look really beautiful.

This one I let in a lot of light so it has that dreamy kind of look.

I can't believe my Babes is 4! Geez!!

Party and Gift Review

Blake and Kylie's birthday party was great! It was the easiest birthday party I have ever done. We had it at Howard Moore Play Pool in Arlington, which is a shallow pool with sprayers and slides. Very toddler/preschooler friendly. We had a great turnout with lots of friends and family there, we got some unbelievably cool gifts and the girls had a great time. Well, once Blake realized she had a new Polly Pocket set all she really wanted to do was go home and start playing, but I guess that is understandable. I love the idea of combining their parties, it's cheaper and easier for mom and dad and then the girls get new stuff at the same time. Sharing can be a big issue in our house and when there is that much new stuff all at once, it's just big fun. Baby 3 will probably have to have his/her own birthday parties with a winter birthday since we didn't get all summer babies (not for lack of trying).
I got a picture of most of the kids that were there, some are highly unflattering, but I was just trying to document the crowd as best I could.

A birthday hug before cake time.

Cookie cakes from the mall. A frog on Kylie's cake and butterflies and caterpillars on Blake's.

Lindsay and Jack.
OMG I LOVE Lindsay, we met through CC5, a charity group I belong to and we were basically separated at birth. She is due with another little boy in the fall.

the dreaded wait

but so worth it

Jordan! Her dad worked with Zach at Pogue and we got to be great friends.

My sister in law, Megan and niece, Maris.

My cousin's baby, Julianne.

Brett and Karley Butler's son, Caden.

My nephew, Spencer.

Blake's favorite playmate, Ellie, they play almost every day because they live next door.

Kamdyn, looking less than thrilled.

Kate, Blake's birthday twin!



Cru wanted nothing to do with me. I'm not sure what freaked him out more, me or my 10 foot lens.


Caroline in the play area

Kinsley T about to slide.

Ellie is going for it!

My niece, Sophia.
Oh and we thought for some reason that those little ice cream cups had little wooden spoons in them. They didn't. And I failed to bring any other spoons, so there was lots of messy ice cream diving.

As I said earlier, Blake and Kylie got some wonderful gifts. I definitely didn't get pictures of all the stuff, but I followed them around for a while the morning after the party and snapped some pics.
Pix-os. These are so cool! Blake loves crafts so this was right up her alley. You put the little balls on this plastic grid thing that has a picture underneath, then you spray them with water and they stick together and make the picture. Blake has made a fish so far.

Zoobles! Blake and Kylie both love them some zoobles. We have been collecting them for a while now, but this was their first big zooble set. Lots of fun, highly recommend. The little animals start out as a ball and then when they hit a magnetic thing they pop up into a cute little animal.

Kylie playing with her fish puzzle complete with a fishing pole. She really likes this. Carli and Benton got her this and they also got Tangled for the girls and they have watched it every single day without fail since I opened it up. Very good kid movie.

Oooh, these are fun. This is the color wonder paints. I am in love with this because the paints are like a gel and can't spill and they can only paint on color wonder paper. Genius.

Big ballerina doll, very fun. Blake is striking a ballerina pose off to the side.

Kylie got a little Olivia dress up set and she is totally into it.

This is Blake's beloved Polly Pocket ice cream pool. Many hours have been spent making Polly and her friends, slide, swim and flop in the pool.

Kylie got 2 little minnie mouse dress up sets. One was a birthday one and one was a swimming one. They are the perfect size for 2 year olds, she can actually change the clothes, hair bows and shoes all by herself.

We are so blessed to have such awesome friends and family and are so very thankful to everyone who came and for all the cool presents. Now if my photography stuff would slow down (not that I even want it to) I could get to those thank you notes :)

Tuesday, July 19

Find that Heartbeat!!

I had an appointment today with Dr. Z. I have gained 2 lbs total since the beginning, which is both shocking and confusing considering I eat fast food at least once a day for the past entire trimester. But I haven't been overeating at all, so maybe I'm not taking in as many calories as I thought.

Today was the first day I would get to hear the heartbeat on the doppler. After a 1o minute conversation with me laying on the table about my business and the direction Dr. Z's business model is going, it was time to hear that sweet sound. He smooshed and smashed on my belly for a while and just couldn't get a heartbeat. I have lots of pregnancy symptoms, but of course the "oh crap, I probably miscarried" thought entered my head, followed by a quick prayer as we walked to the sono room. As soon as the sonogram thing hit my belly, I swore I didn't see a baby in there for a second and then a big ole kicking and wiggling baby popped up on the screen. Legs flopping everywhere and a big baby head and of course a strong heartbeat. It was fun to get an extra little peek in there and very cool to see how much the baby has changed over the past 4 weeks. So all is well in the womb, I will be 13 weeks tomorrow and the baby is the size of a peach!

Friday, July 15


Here are a few subtle clues that perhaps young children may dwell in our home. It could possibly be mistaken as an odd decorating style, but probably not. I am sad to admit that this is the day our housekeeper came, so for, say 7-8 minutes, this place was spic and span. It's impossible to have a picked up house with 2 little kids unless all you do is pick up. And I don't do that at all. On to the clues.

Exhibit A: floral lei hanging from decorative candle holder.

Exhibit B: cozy baby doll in potpourri bowl.

Exhibit C: fake flower in sippy cup placed on living room table.

Exhibit D: Stickers on any and every loose piece of paper around the house.

Exhibit E: Makeshift nativity

Exhibit F: Nativity is part of this larger "set" as Blake calls it of all sorts of people and animals having dining experiences.

Exhibit G and H: Care a lot bear and Lots o Heart Elephant occupying 2 of my dining chairs.

Exhibit I: Bows in Kylie's potty.

Exhibit J: Stool placed on fireplace, used in this instance for climbing to get a tea that was left on the mantle earlier.

Exhibit K: Kitchen mat and bathtub mat removed from their normal spots to be used as nap mats.

Exhibit L: Toy keys in the keyhole of Blake's door.

Exhibit M: A snack left behind.

Exhibit N: A nasty smashed grape in a very visible area.

Exhibit O and P: 2 sweet little girls in their beds who will wake up and do it all again tomorrow.

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