Saturday, May 28

It sure is cheery!

I have been writing about painting our house for a while now. The plan is about 95% complete. Last phase: awnings. The guy is coming tuesday to see if they fit and they should be put up shortly after. If you don't remember what the house looked like before, it was off white with green shutters. And even before that there was no covered front porch, the windows were tiny and it was totally unwelcoming and in need of some ramped up curb appeal.

Well here it is now!

We got some adirondack chairs from garden ridge for the front porch. Still to come, some cute b&w polka dot pillows!

Here is a new little area in the dining room. It used to be a hodge podge of too many framed pictures on an entry way table, but it was just temporary. So now........
mirror from Zgallerie, lamps from hobby lobby and buffet table is our own original creation. We bought this hideous buffet on craig's list and it had this big iron baker's rack thing attached to the top. A little sanding, spray paint and anthropologie knobs and now it's just about perfect!

Since a new little family member is coming in January, I will be losing my office. My office is filled with boxes, client orders, trash, junk, trash and junk. I can't wait to purge all this stuff and have it be a tidy little nursery-to-be. When I get it all organized and moved it will fit into this:
I will put a lot of my discs, boxes, bags and printer in the buffet table and my computer will go in the black cabinet. The cabinet also just so happens to be an ugly 90s craig's list find that was a dark ugly stained wood and had bleh hardware. Dayme found it for me and with some hard work and a lot of faith we sanded it, painted it and you guessed it, added anthropologie hardware.
I'm very happy with how things are coming along and should have more fun home updates to post in the next couple of months!

Thursday, May 26

End of week 5

tired. thirsty. frequent peeing. grumpy. on edge. dizzy every time I stand up. bloated. I think that about sums up week 5.

Sunday, May 22

Open Book

My friends know this, I am an open book. I don't hide anything, I don't disguise anything, I don't try to make things appear as they aren't. I tell it how it is when it comes to my life, I tell the truth. So here is a little story for y'all.

I believe it was monday when I was shopping around Target getting some groceries. My tummy felt fat and not like I had just had 25 chips too many at Chuy's, more like a weird bloating. So I went ahead and got 2 packs of pregnancy tests, a cheapie pack and a digital pack. I needed pregnancy tests on hand since we would be trying again of course next month. I also have an appointment made for wednesday with my OB/GYN to see if I can get any help with regulating my cycles. I came home and just had to take a test. I was 3 or 4 days late and had been getting negative tests over and over and over. But you know how hard it is to not take a test when you are late and just want some kind of answer. The test was an accuclear. Perhaps not the world's most reliable brand, it is a + if you are pregnant and a - if you aren't. Easy enough. Right?

Negative. Crap! Of course.

That is until a few minutes pass and a faint positive pops up. It wasn't so faint that I had to tilt it and hold it up to the light or anything crazy. Just not screaming blue positive. So are we pregnant? I decide to just take a test the next day.

Tuesday morning rolls around and I take the test. The digital test. Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Pregnant. Right there in digital letters. No guessing to be made. Hooray!

So as it stands I am 5 weeks pregnant, some would find that entirely too early to tell people and especially too early to write a blog post about it. But as I said, I'm an open book. Assuming all goes well, the baby is healthy and the pregnancy is a go, I will be due about a week before my 30th birthday at the end of January. Therefore I won't be in a Betsy Johnson dress and Jimmy Choos clinking my martini with my friends. Maybe a spa day? Maybe a tame dinner? Not sure how I will celebrate other than nursing.

We did not do anything different to get pregnant, just the same old ovulation predictors. This was just our time. I go to the doctor on June 14, please keep us in your prayers that the new baby is healthy and the pregnancy will be great. This may sound ridiculous, but I already have a pooch. My uterus knows exactly what to do and isn't wasting anytime flopping itself outward. I have been really tired. Not sick yet. I didn't ever get sick with Blake and didn't start feeling terrible with Kylie until I was 7 weeks. I will keep you all updated on how things are coming along.

Monday, May 16

Tootsie 2!

Kylie, Kylie, Kylie. The wonder tot. The dream baby. OK, that being said, she has totally entered her terrible 2s. Although mild, our angelic tootsie definitely has a grumpy and temperamental side. She turned 2 years old on May 13 and we celebrated at my parent's lake house.

We went swimming at the Yacht Club. Well, the polar bears went swimming while I stayed on the dry ground. The first 2 pictures are of Kylie telling me not to take her picture and making an unhappy face.

On her actual birthday we had a very low key party with Andrea and Cole. We had pizza and cupcakes.

Blake singing to Kylie.

Blowing out the candles.

Kylie's birthday sunset.
What does Kylie do at 2?:
anything Blake wants her to, for the most part.
drops off the beginning sound of so many words.
will still sometimes snuggle.
Says, "I'm all better now." after she has calmed down from her fits.
likes to eat.
loves to swing, her birthday gift was a new swingset.
says, "I wake up now" anytime you go to get her up from her crib.
hates hair washing with a crying, shaking, frantic passion.
she is a major repeater. She may say, "are we going to Ommy's house." 25 times in the 2 minutes it takes me to get from here to there.
she loves Barney, Little Einsteins, and Mickey Mouse.
she has itchy ankles with some sort of psoriasis issue and often asks for gel (benadryl gel) which she pronounces with a hard g, like in goat. Then she either says "that tings" for that stings, or "that feels goooood"
she is so independent, "by myself" is a favorite phrase

Kylie is awesome. She is the perfect balance to Blake, they are best friends and get along so well. When I see them together having a blast it makes me so glad that we had them close together. That first year was really rough, but now they entertain themselves and are into the same things and will play for hours. Happy happy birthday to our sweet Kylie Koo!

Sunday, May 15

Hot Babe Convention

Some of my kappa delta besties joined me on a girl's weekend in Horseshoe bay. What a great time it was!! So much laughing, so many conversations filled with both appropriate and totally inappropriate material. I just loved spending the weekend together reliving old memories and making new ones.

Oh and let me explain the Hot Babe Convention thing, it was not made up by me although I do find it fitting :). One of the managers at the Yacht Club where we were laying out came up and said, "what is this a hot babe convention? Y'all are distracting all my runners!" We all laughed and it took us blondes a minute to realize that runners were waiters and to stop looking around for the marathoners. Seriously.

We aren't a bunch of dummies though, we are all productive members of society :)
The cast of characters, from left to right:

Michelle: I met Michelle in the dorms. Chitwood 8th floor!! She is a small town girl and now lives in Houston with her husband and almost 2 year old daughter. She is a former 1st and 2nd grade teacher.

Shannon: She is recently engaged and is an assistant principal at a high school. She was a pledge sister that I always loved hanging around with. She still owes us all a big helping of juicy gossip on herself :)

Allison: One of my nearest and dearest since 8th grade. She was my roommate in the dorms, pledge sister and we had many a wild night together in the LBK. But now of course she is a calm mother of her almost 3 year old daughter and a 5th and 6th grade teacher.

Dayme: Pledge sister and such a great girl! We have gotten really close over the last few months as she has been helping me with my house. She works for Tech and also does interior design. Fabulous interior design I might add. She has no babies except for Marcus her husband. Just kidding! Marcus is a mature man and a very serious dude. Ha!

Jenny: Pledge sister! Kindergarden teacher! Wife! Avid traveler! You know how couples always say, "we want to travel before we have kids."? Well they have and they do and they have been living it up while the rest of us have been a slave to breastfeeding and sleep schedules.

Me: Ummmm. Do I need to say a little something about myself? Probably not. If you happen to be finding this blog for the first time I am a mom of 2 girls, 2 and 3, I own a photography business, I have the best husband who was created just for me, I'm just a happy lady.

Jeni: Super close friend, pledge sister, serious partner in crime at Tech. Oh dear, the messes we got ourselves into. So hilarious!! A former 5th grade teacher, mommy of 2 kids, 3 years old and 8 months old and a wife to my husband's boss. Funny how life works out. Our husbands graduated together and we have been friends since high school and here we are in the small world all happy together.

Now that you know who everyone is, I can't tell you much more. Most everything we talked about is too juicy or hot for this blog. We did have a blast and are hoping to make it out one more time before the summer is over. Love you all!!!!

Monday, May 2

An Exceptional Easter

We had lots to do for Easter. Let's jump right in shall we?

The Colonial Country Club Easter Egg Hunt. What comes to mind when you hear that sentence? Hoity Toity. Seersucker. Lilly Pulitzer. Pastels-a-plenty. Louis Vuittons every which way (guilty). Smocked outfits, oh the smocked outfits, and not only on the girls. Moms with huge cameras set on automatic. Embroidered Pottery Barn Easter baskets. You get the idea.
It was very cliche and hilarious, but we loved it. There was a pony, a petting zoo, the Easter bunny and hundreds of eggs strewn about the front lawn of the club.

We will probably make this an annual tradition, the girls really loved it and it was fun and free. We invited the Staabs along and we joked that Zach and Neal were the biggest white trash guys there since they weren't decked out in Ralph Lauren pastels and boat shoes.

On to the pictures, I don't take pictures very often since it's more of a job to me, but when I do I take quite a few.

Will you please take a look at what the humidity did to my Kylie's hair?

Mel and Em

Kylie being pulled back by Ommy, she was ready to take off for the eggs


My mom giving the Easter Bunny her friendliest smile

Blake couldn't stop jibber jabbering long enough to smile for a picture. She really felt like she hit the lottery when she saw this bunny.

That's Neal. So very Neal.

Easter Sunday was spent worshipping Jesus Christ at Christ Chapel. It was extra fun because my friend Mindy saved us a seat and we got to sit with her family.

Easter lunch was at my parent's house with the usual suspects. My grandparents, aunt and uncle and cousins.
Aunt Brenda giving Blake her Easter gifts.

Kylie was excited about her new colors. The Easter Bunny brought her that Olivia. Or should I say, "Oleeva!"

The Easter bunny also made a trip to my parents house. That is a lot of goodies!

New Binoculars.

A new ball.


Blake showing Mama C her Polly Pocket.

And Papa C

Playing in the new caterpillar tunnel.

The family egg hunt was brief. They both lost interest after like 3 eggs. Which left a huge mess of plastic eggs to be cleaned up.

Family Pic. Kylie was in a bad mood that day.

Mama C, Mom, Aunt Brenda

And a few sweet ones of my grandparents!

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