Tuesday, April 19

Hellllloooo After!

Here at the Walker house we are always trying to upgrade and update. The latest projects have been plantation shutters and the redecorating of my built in cabinet in the breakfast area.
Upcoming projects:
Total redo of dining which is already underway with major help from my decorator
repainting the entire exterior of the house and adding awnings
adding shades and a cushion to the breakfast area, again with decorator's help
reorganization of studio, laundry room and master closet with Simplify Your Space, a fantastic little professional organizing company.

These before shots are a little nasty and after seeing the end result you realize what a tacky situation you had.

Here is the breakfast cabinet before, in my defense this was a year ago and I just had a bunch of junk up there. It didn't look a whole lot different after I organized it but at least there wasn't a pile of smoke detectors and batteries.

And the glorious After! Thank you to my design team Dayme and Ashley! Watching you work was so fun! Much improved, very loved!

Ok now here we are moving on to the before and afters of the windows. Again, keep in mind this had been a rental property for years before we bought it and these warped, broken blinds had seen their better days. And sorry to keep apologizing for stuff that no one cares about, but since Dayme and Ashley redecorated my cabinet, there are a lot of misplaced decorative items strewn about the area around the TV. I guess I should add that to the project list.





This is the freakin' worst! Now I would not post this if I was the embarrassed type, I have no shame so here is our buck nasty master bathroom window coverings, made of paper mind you, that have been up for about a year. I know the neighborhood will miss seeing me and Zach's sexy silhouettes after the shower through that high class paper shade.

Our master still has mass amounts of work to be done, but this made a huge improvement!!!

and this is what will eventually be the baby room and is now my office/room o junk. But no baby, so no need to worry about that now!

Friday, April 15

Taking a Break

It's that time again! I have taken a pregnancy test the last two mornings and have started my day looking at a single pink line. Meaning, of course, that I am likely not pregnant again. There is still a teeny weeny chance because my cycle doesn't start over until Wednesday.

So here I am again, 5 tries and still no baby. I am heavily considering taking about six months off and starting to try again around September when we had originally thought we wanted to try. My concern with that, is say we continued trying every month until then and still hadn't gotten pregnant, we could go see a doctor to figure out if there is something keeping us from getting pregnant and get it fixed and get the show on the road. I would also really like to enjoy my summer, without feeling queasy, having some drinks here and there, having lots of energy to play and swim with my precious girls.

What am I to do?

Pray. In my Beth Moore Bible study this morning I came across a great little passage.

Submit the issue to God. James 4:7 exhorts, "submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." A very important part of giving anything to God is taking everything from Satan. Perhaps you'll allow me to say it this way: Surrender the situation totally to God and ask Him to get the devil out of it!

I have already given this issue to God, after about 2 months of trying and frustration. It freed me of any and all anxiety, disappointment and stress. It's truly amazing that I don't feel any of those things, it really kind of freaks me out because I am typically an anxious person. But this morning, right there at my dining room table while Blake was playing with Easter window clings, I submitted my issue again, this time focusing more on asking Him to keep the devil out of it. Now I don't necessarily think the devil is keeping me from getting pregnant, although it may be true, I was thinking more along the lines of the devil gripping me with anxiety, depression, sadness, frustration, doubt, all of those horrid emotions that drive us farther from God. So my faith is in Him, my prayer is that He will send the perfect baby for our family at the perfect time. Whether it's a boy, a girl, twins, whatever! And I also pray that the devil will stay out of the situation and I can remain faithful in His master plan and not obsess about becoming pregnant. Praise God that I have been calm and patient!

Wednesday, April 13

Party Bow

Kylie did some modeling for me today with some bows from Paisley and Posies. We refer to them as party bows. They are wild and almost Seuss-like. She loves putting on the pettirompers which she calls swimming suits and is finally to the point where she will wear a bow and not pull it off 20 seconds after it's been put on. I need to get her 2 year pictures all planned out, she will be 2 in one short month!

Flashback to 1996

I actually have no idea if it was 1996, but close enough. So I have braces. Adult braces. Do I feel sexy? Um to be honest I barely even notice, nor do I care about these braces. It's not embarrassing, it's really not even very different. So if you are about my age (21) :) and are considering going for round 2 of braces, do it! It's no biggie. Embrace the brace.

Next step on my treatment plan: 2 tooth extractions. This will make me look very billy (as in hill) ask me after I have 2 gaping holes in my mouth if I still think braces are no big deal. I hope my orthodontist can close the holes up quick resulting in minimal wal mart mouth.

Oh and both my girls think I look fantastic and are begging for braces of their own.

So here is the before, just moments before leaving for Dr. Hildebrand's office

And the after. This after pic is pretty weird, but it's as good as I could do by myself with a long 24 70 lens. My arm only reaches out so far.

Vegetables in a bucket

Blake and Zach planted a veggie garden (plus strawberries) in some buckets in the backyard. This was a very exciting project for my young master gardener. Blake will have to have you over for tomato, okra and jalapenos when all of her plants grow.

Want to come have a play date? This is the best little playground area all fenced off, away from the colossal mounds of dog poop. We are going to get one more big climber for Kylie for her bday.

Saturday, April 2

Words to Live By

Blake to Kylie:

"Kylie! NEVER snatch a bunny! OKAAAAAAAY!"
"Kylie, don't shave yourself until you're older."
"Don't ever touch a collection!"
"Only buy beads at a bead store."
"Kylie, are we friends again?" (after a 2 second argument)
"Is your bad owie on your head or on your foot? Let me kiss it better." (as if those are the only 2 areas that could possibly be injured)
"Never, never, never sleep in your crib."
"After your turn comes my turn, we take turns, remember Kylie? (wait half a second) Is it my turn yet?"
"I can't smell a stinky poo while I'm reading!" (commenting to a stinky Kylie as she is trying to get close to Blake to share a book)
"Kylie, I don't want to be called anything but Blake!!" This is a comment made as Kylie is spouting off random words not in any way directed at Blake. I was starting to crack up in the car listening to their banter.
Kylie: Color.
Blake: Kylie, do NOT call me color, my name is Blake, I do not want to be called anything but Blake!"
Kylie: sunglasses
Blake: No need to type it out, you know exactly what her response was.

The other day I told Blake I would be lost without her.
Blake's reply: Mommy, I don't want you to get lost, I would just come find you.

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