Monday, March 28

Thoughts and Facts

This may be my last day to not have braces for 30 months. I think I get them tomorrow. I will at least get some unpleasant mouth device because I have these seriously uncomfortable blue rubber bands squeezed between my back teeth that were referred to as spacers making space for something. Chip eating has lost its joy, even a tortilla has been a little more difficult to chew up. I'm in for a looong 2 and half years.

A few things about Kylie. She is in the peak of her terrible 2s. It's really not that bad, but still she says "no!" about 2-3 times a minute and also throws out quite a few I don't want tos. She's pushing the limits, but it will never compare to Blake's tornadic 2s so I barely even notice her fits. Kylie is constantly chatting at home and repeats a lot of what we say still. She has also gotten quick and sneaky. She goes up and down stairs by herself and we stopped watching her for 5 seconds earlier today and found her downstairs in my studio. Another thing she says often is "I need to find insert food or beverage here." That is interesting to me that she think she just find this stuff. She is pretty awesome.

Since I've kept a running commentary of our conception chronicles I suppose I will continue with that. The more weeks that pass by, the less I care. I forget we are trying, have almost completely lost interest and after I finish these digital ovulation monitors over the next 2 cycles just to make sure I am indeed ovulating, we will no longer seriously try if I'm not already pregnant. I thought I would become increasingly upset by us not getting pregnant, but it's just the opposite. Thank you God for taking that disappointment from me :)

That's all for now. Good night.

Tuesday, March 22

Adult Braces

No one really wants braces as an adult. It seems cool and almost like a rite of passage when you get braces as an adolescent. I am typing this with pain coming from my back teeth from my new bright blue spacers. I will get my second set of braces on next week. They will be on me for 30 months. THIRTY MONTHS!!!!!!! Dang that's going to be a long and dorky looking time in my life.

Dr. Hildebrand is a friend so it was kind of fun to go see him today and get my consultation. We both went in thinking it was going to be a quick fix, move a few teeth and voila- beautiful smile. Upon further examination, I have a lot of issues. My jaw being a major one. It severely pops every time I open my mouth on both sides and he compared it to a football player with a bad knee, eventually something is going to have to be done, so I am fine with taking action right away. One thing that got me totally freaked out and wanting to change my mind altogether, was the phrase "flatten your face". Ummmmmmm. That is not ok. I have to have 2 teeth pulled to make room and since there will be less teeth, my upper lip area may be a little (like milimeters) flatter. I still felt a wave of panic when I head those words and imagined my face looking like a dinner plate. Either way, my smile will be prettier, my jaw will be fixed and it beats the heck out of plan B which is $20,000 jaw surgery. Stay tuned for a brace face picture and please let me know if I have any spinach hanging from my brackets.

Monday, March 21

The TTC Continues

TTC- Trying to conceive for all you non wannabe moms out there.

It's odd to think that we are going on try 5 of baby trying. It does not seem like we have been trying nearly that long. I think I have come to some kind of a conclusion as to why this just isn't working. My cycle goes like this- 24 days, 31 days, 24 days. An AB pattern. A little first grade teacher term for you there. It's just hard to tell when you're ovulating when your cycle is so weird. At least I think I see a pattern, unless this month is a different number. With every passing month I hear more people are pregnant and I want so badly to be in that club again. I have no doubt I will be, and it will be worth the wait.

I gave it to God a long time ago. And because of that I feel no sadness and really barely any major disappointment. Just a simple desire in my heart to be a mother again. Even though it's in God's hands and always was, I still have to do my part to get the baby. And my new little plan consists of a digital ovulation tester. It tells you the 2 best days to conceive, hopefully this will take the guess work out of when to try since it's so difficult for me to pinpoint ovulation with a whack cycle. This conception business really lets me see how much Blake and Kylie were meant to be here. I did an ovulation predictor with Blake and got pregnant on try one and for Kylie we weren't even trying and were surprised that I was pregnant. Sometimes I get worried that since I was 24 when I got pregnant with Blake and I'm 29 now that my fertility is just not as fantastic as it once was. But really what I think is that the right baby just isn't ready yet.

Tuesday, March 15

Ladybugs and Gentlemen

Blake has been the ring master in many a circus lately. She starts out her show with (in her best "let's get ready to ruuummmmmmblllle!" voice) Ladybugs and gentlemen, and then she goes on to say something like this- the ladybug is about to roll all the way to the blanket! Then she plops on the ground and does the trick, stands up and takes a bow. She loves entertaining people. Kylie always follows her lead, they are best, best friends. Today I lost total control and Ky couldn't even lay down for a nap because Kylie would scream from her crib in her room with her door closed, "Daddy!", who knows why because Zach wasn't even here, and Blake would yell back "Kylie!" from the kitchen and they would die laughing. After about fifteen minutes of this, I just went in and grabbed Kylie out, there was no hope. AND Blake kept yelling to Kylie, "I'm going to save you from your criiiiiiiiib!"

We have also been playing a lot of animal charades with the girls. I highly recommend playing this game with your little ones. We pick an animal, whisper it in their ear and they act it out while the other adult(s) guess what they are. This is super funny and it really gets their little brains working. And of course this is right up Blake's alley since she likes to perform so much. Crazy kids! Now if we could just get one more. On that note, I was not pregnant last time, just late. Well either late or my cycle just changed to longer, or I just had a weird short one in there that threw me off. Either way, no baby yet. I will probably know in a week or 2 if it worked this time.

Thursday, March 10

Live Theatre

Sesame Street Live was worth every penny. All 20,000 of them! Yes, I splurged and spent $200 to sit on the second row at Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie. Zach had a work thing come up, so I invited our beloved Rene to come with me. It's honestly like having another me around when she is with us. The girls love her so much and she knows exactly what to do without me ever having to ask or tell her. I've said this before and this probably won't be the last time I say it. When she graduated, tears will be shed.

So being on the second row meant that we could practically touch Elmo's furry feet, the girls were in musical theatre heaven. Blake did all the crowd participation stuff and sang and danced the whole time. Kylie flapped her arms like a baby bird during every song. Blake was so irritated when it was intermission. We will definitely go again if the Sesame Street Crew graces us with their presence again.

Sunday, March 6

Culture Shock

Canton. Wow. Have you ever gone to first monday? It is a different world. It has it's own culture, such an interesting way of life.

Allison and I ventured out there on Thursday in search for home stuff for Allison's huge and beautiful home and stuff for my studio. We both had success but not without some sore muscles from dragging stuff that weighed half of our body weight for miles.

First off, let me just say that shopping with my dog does not sound the least bit enjoyable or even feasible, I could not believe the amount of shoppers that were escorted by their furry friends.

Next, the scooters. Never in my life has it not only been accepted but practically encouraged for able bodied people to zip around on Little Rascal scooters for their shopping convenience. I couldn't get over it, they were everywhere and it was so normal. I especially noticed the women on scooters with their lap dogs in tow. I can't say it's a bad idea, just odd. Next time we go I told Allison we are renting those scooters and doing it right. When in Canton.....

Saturday, March 5


Mexico was a blast, an absolute blast. A few minor hiccups, but it was a very much needed vacation.

Let's start back before the trip. Zach and I were headed home from grocery shopping at Target when Zach got a very somber and serious phone call from him Mom. Milynda is usually so upbeat so I noticed a different tone in her voice immediately even from a few feet away from the phone. She had horrible and completely unexpected news for us. Zach's favorite cousin Brett had passed away from an unknown heart condition on the golf course about an hour before we got the call. It took my breath away and made me really think about the fragility of life. Playing golf with buddies one minute, dead the next. Not fair. Brett was the nicest guy, a groomsmen in our wedding, a Red Raider enthusiast, an engineer in Austin and only 30 years old.

We had plans to leave for our trip on Thursday, but the funeral was on Thursday so we had to rethink our travel plans. We flew in to Lubbock that morning, attended the heart breaking funeral and flew out that evening after many flight delays. We were exhausted from traveling, exhausted from crying and still hadn't even packed.

Friday morning the alarm goes off at like 4 am and we get moving. It had been about 5 years since I had stepped foot on a beach and I was getting so excited! The flight was easy and uneventful except for this one shady character on the plane. I wouldn't have even noticed this guy if I hadn't have had to take a bathroom break. He reeked of B.O., had on a tank top that hung way too low on his armpit region and was in the biggest hurry to get off the plane and start his Cancun vacay. On my way back to the bathroom, I noticed people holding their noses and then tank top guy was posted up in the middle of the aisle giving me the stare down. When I got right in front of him, he said, "where are you trying to go?" like all annoyed. I told him and he breathed a sigh of irritation and let me by. He was traveling alone and just a total weirdo.

We stayed at the Iberostar Grand in Paraiso. It was super nice, especially for an all inclusive hotel. The pool area was gorgeous, we had an ocean view from our room. Most of the food was good, the service was awesome, spa was nice and I would recommend going there.

The first day we hung out at the pool and then had a nice dinner at the steakhouse with the whole company. I totally failed to mention that this was an all expense paid company trip. That means we got to hang out with Ben and Jeni and other friends from the company, get to know everyone a little better and it was really fun having such a big group there with us.

The next day we spent a lot of time on the beach.

Being silly, having fun, soaking up the rays.

Ben hired me to take beach portraits of all the couples, so I did lots of those and so far they are coming out so good! I will post a few on my recent work blog when I get some more of them done.

We all went to the Japanese restaurant that night and had more great conversation. After dinner, we decided on some karaoke. It turned out to be quite the hilarious affair.

So tell me what you want what you really really want!

I'll tell you what I want what I really really want!

But surprisingly enough, the one who got into the song the most was my main squeeze!

Ben and Zach sang together and they did a great job!

Ben had to pick the perfect tune.

So here is the view from our room.
And the little swing on our patio.

A group shot of some of the girls.

The 3 Amigos, CEO, CFO and CZACHO

Aw! I love my friend!!

At the shopping center.

At dinner the last night I felt really sick. I ate like 5 bites of my Mexican buffet and went to bed pretty early. I was awoken at about 2:30 am and then every hour after that with burbles in my belly. Montezuma got a hold of me and her revenge was sweet. I don't want to even think about it, but it was a very rough night followed by a very rough day of traveling with such a condition. Not a pleasant way to end a fantastic trip.

Going to the beach is something I need to do more often, I am such a beach person and love being outside just taking in one of God's most beautiful creations. Surely it won't be another 5 years before we plan another beach trip.

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