Tuesday, February 22


As you all know, we are trying to get pregnant with baby 3.

Month 1- half way attempt and no baby.
Month 2- serious attempt with ovulation predictors and no baby.
Month 3-serious attempt, no ovulation predictor and ???? a BIG FAT question mark!

What exactly does this mean? Well I don't really know, but here is what has been happening:
I am approximately 1 week late. For someone that has 24ish day cycles, that is pretty darn late.
I am having some pregnancy symptoms, the main ones being very sleepy and some cramping.
Here is the most annoying thing in the world, I have gotten at least 5 or 6 negative pregnancy tests and not a single positive. I buy the sensitive tests that are supposed to detect the faintest amount of hcg at potentially 6 days before a missed period. So I quite possibly could have gotten a positive pregnancy test 13 days ago. Can you see how this would drag on like no other? Not to mention be super confusing and irritating.

If I'm pregnant, why am I not getting a positive test? If I'm not pregnant where the heck is my period? I have never just skipped one and my cycles have been very predictable since I finished nursing Kylie.

Glimmer of hope:
Of course I have internet researched this situation and it's not super uncommon to not get a positive test (even the expensive kind) when you are pregnant until a couple of weeks or even months after your missed period. So I'm holding on to a teeny bit of hope, but not really, but kind of. Get it?

Has this happened to anyone else? If I still have no answers in a couple of weeks I am going to call the doctor and see what they think.

Monday, February 21


I have fallen into the second child gets the short end of the stick routine. She has a baby book somewhere, I just don't know where and I have no idea what I actually wrote in there. I always figured I could just go back and reference the blog and fill in her book later. So here are a few things I want to remember about Kylie Kookachoo.

She is recognizing lots of letters. She came and got me earlier, took me over to my shopping bag and pointed out the R in Victoria's Secret. "Look mommy, R!" She shocked me the first time I figured out she knew a bunch of letters. She just kept pointing to magnetic letters on their easel and getting them correct.
She can sing the entire song of Twinkle Twinkle and You Are My Sunshine.
She says prayers. They go like this about every night- "Dear God, Thank you for G Dad, thank you for flowers, thank you for ni-night (her blanket). Ament! Of course I have to guide her along and keep her on track but that is the general prayer.
She can put most of her shoes on by herself. This is something that Blake still has a hard time with.
When asking for a specific food or beverage item she says, "I want to find milk." or "I want to find goldfish." Like she is just going to get lucky and find some hanging around the house and sadly sometimes she probably does.
She just started climbing up the big ladder and going down the slide on the play set thing in our backyard.
She really loves Elmo and frogs.
She and Blake have the most hilarious conversations. I will have to write one down as it's happening soon and put it on here.
So that is Kylie in a 21 month nutshell.

Saturday, February 19

Questions for Kylie

Kylie is so funny. She is very animated and loves to joke around. Since she has been speaking so much lately I wanted to do a little interview with her like I did with Blake when she was close to Kylie's age. It went like this:

Me: What is your favorite color?
Kylie: Crayons
Me: What is your favorite food?
Kylie: French Fries!!!
Me: What is your favorite drink?
Kylie: French fries!!!!
Me: No, not food, what is your favorite drink?
Kylie: Milk (typically pronounced nilk or meelk)
Me: Who is your favorite sister?
Kylie: Kylie!

That is about as far as we got. I will try some more later and see if I can get a little more of a window into Kylie's thoughts.

Wednesday, February 16

Things That Suck & Things That Don't Suck

Things that Suck

1. Trying to conceive and the 2 week wait. The 2 week wait about makes me mental. The fact that we have now possibly tried 3 times with no results is not so good. I just read yesterday that the average 30 year old woman takes 9 months to conceive. I'm 29. This could be a long and emotional process. This just really makes me glad I started getting pregnant at 24, had my kids at 25 and 27 and not just now getting started. I mean, you just never know how long things are going to take and the older you get the harder it is to get pregnant. We only want one more child, we have plenty of time, but that doesn't make it any less emotional and disappointing when we fail.

2. Ok, well that's all I can think of that sucks right now.

Things that Don't Suck
1. My photography business, the friends and partners I am gaining from it, my new studio, doing what I love, finding my niche, having a blast! Not many people can say they are obsessed with their job and would rather work than many other things. January and February are supposed to be slow and terrible for photographers and I have luckily breezed right through with plenty of work. I'm so blessed I can't even wrap my brain around it sometimes.

2. I'm going on a much needed vacation! Zach and I will be traveling with some of our besties, Jeni and Ben and many other co workers to Mexico. I have my bikinis ready and can't wait to enjoy some time at the beach. It's been too long. And beware there will be obnoxious amounts of pictures to come.

3. Blake got a great review from her teacher at the parent conferences. We decided since she is so young to go ahead and hold her back and she will do the 3s class again next year. We will never have to worry about holding her back again and this is a great time to do it. She is doing great academically, she is just so young. There are kids that turned 4 in her class before she was even 3. And strangely enough there are a lot of may babies being held back, so maybe Kylie will be as well. We will just have to assess the situation as it comes. Blake can recognize all her letters except for Y and she can recognize all numbers except for 6 and 9 she gets mixed up. There were so many other things on her review, but all of them were checked so she is spot on. And observing her at her V day party yesterday, she is so well adjusted socially and it really blows my mind how far she has come so quickly. Thank you God!

4. Kylie is the easiest kid ever. At Kylie's age Blake was in the midst of tantrum city and Kylie hasn't ever even had one. And if she has it is so minor that I don't even notice. She is the most perfect addition to our family and is so freakin cool. She talks so much, she speaks in sentences (usually around 4 or 5 words). Sometimes if I don't know exactly what she is saying, Blake will translate for me. They are precious together and attached at the hip. A mother's dream!

5. Zach got his bonus, and although he is making us save pretty much all of it, we at least get to get plantation shutters, our bathtub refinished and pay off my surgery. Our blinds are falling apart and our bathtub in the peacock bathroom is so gross and chipped up that no one can use it. And I am such a bath person and can't wait to have a bath that I can get in, the girl's tub downstairs barely goes to my bellybutton. Also my friend Dayme and her partner are going to come do an interior design consultation here, I'm not sure when I can afford to buy the stuff they suggest, but it's fun either way.

Sometimes when something sucks, if you make a list of things that don't suck, you can really see how awesome things are going and helps to put it in perspective. No, not everyone does it publicly on a blog but I do. I can only think of one thing that sucks right now and there are many more things I could write about that are beyond great. Have a fantastic day and please pray for peace for us as we are trying to chill out about getting pregnant. Thanks!!!

Wednesday, February 9

Latest Happenings (including but not limited to Superbowl and a rat)

Cool Steelers fact. Since I live close to TCU where the Steelers were practicing, I could hear their police escort and bus brigade several times a day going to and from practice. It was neat.

First things first. My surgery was no biggie. My dad dropped me off, I sat in my hospital bed reading Us weekly. The anesthesiologist came in and told me she was going to give me some margarita and about 2 seconds later I can recall nothing. It really wasn't that painful and although I was slightly shocked by the incision size, it is healing quickly. It is nice to have lots of unwanted moles and such removed. And I'm sure most of you know what "and such" entails. Not explaining that one again.

Next thing on the important blogworthy story agenda: the mouse and rat that coexist. Did I ever blog about our rodent issue? I don't remember. Here is a quick synopsis-we were finding lots of little holes in clothes and some little poops. When a mouse went blatantly running down the stairs into the basement where Zach was watching TV we knew we had to take action. Terminix came and set some traps. The sticky traps didn't work. How do I know? Because there would be like a mouse print and mouse hair in the sticky and no mouse. Ew. The springy traps caught the first mouse, but we still kept finding poops. And these were bigger poops. So the other night Zach went snooping around under the house and found that a big rat trap had done it's job and caught a big rat. This was weird to use because the first trap caught a mouse and this one caught a rat. They were living together in harmony.

Superbowl. I live in Fort Worth, like 1 minute from downtown so we went out there the day before the Superbowl to check out the madness. And madness it was. It was Melissa, Emery, Kylie, Blake, Zach and I all hanging out amongst the rowdy beer-drinking crows with our strollers and sippy cups. We cruised around for about an hour and then decided we had had enough.

Em and Ky before we left.

WTH? I don't know.

Thrilled I'm sure.

And Saturday night we went back out into the crowds for Zach's 31st bday celebration. We were with the Gilmores of course and went to eat at Simply Fondue and then had a drink afterward and walked around with all the goobers.
Local celeb sighting. Dale Hanson!

News peeps, I believe that's John McCaa

I wonder how many Hellians they converted?

Pete Delkus

Crazed Pack fan

Justin gettin his guns up on the news like a good red raider should.

Dale Hanson and Pete Delkus in their tent

And Babe Laufenberg in there.

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