Wednesday, December 29

Pregnancy Test Results

After the migraine, I had lingering thoughts of what if? Zach and I even took it as far as who would switch rooms and how it would all work out in our house. For a minute there we talked about maybe going ahead and trying if I'm not pregnant. I went back and forth, weighed the pros and the cons and still don't really know how I feel about it.

I am not one to get acne, not even in puberty. I had a few random pimples pop up on my face in the last couple of days which made me think even I? Then today, just to put my mind at ease, I started looking in my cabinet for a pregnancy test. All I found was ovulation predictors, and if you remember from long ago when I was pregnant with Kylie, the way I found out was that I kept having positive tests every time I took one. Come to find out, those predictors can also detect a hormone that you have when you are pregnant and that is why it told me I was ovulating everyday. I was already pregnant. So I took the ovulation predictor test just to see. Low and behold, positive. I am now 3 for 3, migraine, pimples, positive ovulation predictor. Oh lordy, what have I gotten myself into?

So I sent the hubs to CVS for an actual pregnancy test, and that my friends, was negative. I can breathe a sigh of relief and be able to drink all the margaritas and pina coladas I want to on the beach in Mexico in February. Baby number 3 will have to wait a little bit longer.

Holly Jolly

What a joyous and fun Christmas we had this year! It all started with opening Santa gifts. I thought Blake would be one of those kids up at 4:45 asking if she could open her presents, but lucky for us, she slept until after 8:00. Kylie was happy to see some new toys, but really didn't care too much about the whole thing. I expected that.

Santa must consume millions upon millions of sugar cookies as he is making his rounds. He probably has a serious case of diabetes.

This is kind of a fuzzy picture, but I love that you can see Blake's sheer happiness as she is coming out to see if Santa came. She was a little concerned that Santa would bring her reindeer poop and sticks, but she was a good enough girl to get presents.

New trike! She is learning to multi task, peddle, steer and ring the bell continuously.

Kylie playing with her zany zoo that she barely likes. You just never know what kids are going to take to.

Blake took a break to draw with her new markers.

Taking care of babies in the new baby crib. Kylie calls it a crip.

Crash course on tricycling.

Next on the agenda: Christmas with my mom's side of the family at my parent's new place.
Bro in laws.

I have been waiting for the girls to wear their cute Kelly's Kids Christmas outfits. Kind of expensive for a one time wear. If anyone wants one of these let me know...One is monogrammed with a B (3T) and the other a K (18months)

Blake held Kylie like this with her eyes closed for so long. LOVE!

New umbrella, hat and scarf!

Buckley Boo! Ok moms, if your kids like to buckle and unbuckle over and over again please get them this Buckley Boo toy. I read about it in Parents magazine and I asked my aunt to get it for Kylie. She is obsessed with it and so is Caroline. When she came to play it was all she wanted to do.

I hope everyone else had a lovely Christmas!

Friday, December 24

Too Excited to Sleep

It's Christmas Eve and this is the first one that Blake is so full of excitement that she can't sleep. I can remember it so well when I had that feeling on Christmas Eve trying to at least get a few hours of sleep before rushing out in the morning to see all my loot. She has been in and out of her room now for about an hour, asking questions, snooping around to see if Santa has been here yet and basically just prolonging the inevitable. It is so very fun, Zach and I keep exchanging smiley glances, it's probably almost as exciting for the parents as it is the kids.

For every Christmas Eve as far back as I can remember I have spent the day with my dad's side of the family. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, lots of gifts and lots of food. This year was different, my Dad has bronchitis and he is contagious, Blake and Kylie have both had runny noses and a fever, one of my cousins has just moved with her husband and baby to California, another cousin who lives in Granbury has a new baby who doesn't need to be exposed to all the germs, plus no one likes to travel with babies anyway, and my Uncle was working at church all day. Zach and I just had my mom and brother over, we had fajitas, opened some gifts and didn't do much. It was a nice rainy and lazy day.

Uncle Cal "reading" 'Twas the night before Christmas to Kylie. I say "reading" because my mother in law's voice is recorded reading the story and all Cal was doing was turning the pages at the appropriate times.

Finally some gifts under that bare tree.

My dad came over to watch the girls open their presents, he stayed for literally 5 minutes and wore a surgical mask the entire time.

This could have been one of the most exciting moments in Kylie's life. Her favorite animal is a frog and she got a new big stuffed build a bear frog from Ommy and G Dad. She screamed FROG!!! and then just stared at it for a minute, grabbed it and hugged and patted it's back.

Blake got a build a bear peacock.

And some water art stuff.

Blake in her new butterfly towel and Uncle Cal in Kylie's frog towel.

Mommy's gift. Time to retire the old Tassimo, which really isn't even that old, but I am still so excited about the Keurig!


Not twins.

Santa: Don't forget the sweets! It's Christmas and calories don't count!

Tuesday, December 21


I have gotten so used to wordpress that I forgot blogger uploads the pictures all backwards. So these are in reverse order.

Natalie had her son Mac today and I went up there to meet him. Her first l&d story was a nightmare and this one was so much easier for her and far less stressful. I had a good feeling that would happen. They were so cute all laying in the bed together staring at the newest Wilcox. Kate was singing lullabies to him and said, "I LOVE my baby!" Awww! I can only hope and pray that my next baby is welcomed that warmly by his/her sisters. If you remember, it took Blake months to warm up to Kylie, to even be within a 2 foot radius of her was next to impossible.

I didn't eat breakfast this morning because I was in a hurry to get up there before she had him. By the time it was all said and done and I was on my way home it was around 1:00 and I still hadn't eaten. As I was almost to my exit I started swerving and driving horrible and couldn't feel my right arm. I kept waving it around and was almost confused if it was my arm or not. Weirdest thing ever, I know. Who gets confused if their own limb belongs to their body or not? I got some kind of tunnel vision and just kept thinking it was because I hadn't eaten. I had my mom go get me McDonalds and then I threw up right after. I stayed in my bed all day with an ice pack on my head in excruciating pain. When my mom had to leave I had to call Zach home from work to come take care of all of us because I couldn't even stand up. Now let me just say that the times I have gotten migraines in the past have meant one thing and one thing only......pregnancy. I really think there is a 0% chance that I am pregnant, and although that may not be the worst news in the world, I am also not ready to start down that road just yet. So I still feel light headed and woozy and I am hoping I am back to normal tomorrow.

So back to Natalie, Ty, Kate and Mac, the whole reason for this post.

What a special Christmas gift!!

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