Sunday, November 28

Ky's 18 month pics

This was the miniest mini session in all the land. Like 3 minutes, maybe 4. Kylie is such a stinker right now. Everything I want her to do she looks at me and yells, "UH-UUUUUH!" I think she learned it from her older sister who clearly has model behavior.

Saturday, November 27

Thanksgiving Squared

Like many of you probably do, we got to have two Thanksgiving celebrations on Turkey Day. First stop: Dallas with Zach's mom's side of the fam.

Corinne and Becki loving on the girls.

Colin, Matt, Zach
I loved talking with Colin, he is a photography enthusiast.

Matt and Ky snuggled up.

Kylie loves being the center of attention.

Kids table.

Nobody get in their way!

Next stop: Arlington for Thanksgiving 2. I had family in from Houston and Alabama. Although we were already full, we went ahead and chose to be gluttonous and had another plate of food followed by pies. Not pie. Pies.
Aunt Brenda and Blake in deep discussion.

Brendan and Aidan

Mom and Kylie who is still stuffing that little pie hole.


Kylie playing with the buckles.

Blake and Brendan.

And Brendan again, he was a popular subject for me that day :)

Wednesday, November 24

Boys and Girls

Zach and his brother Jason with all their princesses. Blake and Kylie love their baby cousin, Blake asked about 15 times where baby Maris went and why she had to leave after their departure. Quite a different attitude then she had a year and a half ago when Kylie came into our lives. Blake told me she wanted another baby sister and that she would play with her. But she really doesn't know what she is talking about. This is coming from the same kid who just yesterday told me she had two little sisters that she loved very much, Kylie and Little Gug.

Sunday, November 21

Stylin with my Stylist

I am about to say something that some may find ridiculous, even over the top, but I want to share. I have hired a stylist! No, I do not think I'm a celebrity, I just don't have any time to go shopping for important events and need some help knowing what the latest trends are and how to pull it off. Here is how it has worked so far.

I took a quiz so that Stephanie could get a feel for my personal style, so far she has nailed it. We then talked about the Christmas party that I need help with and she has put together a few looks for me to choose from in my budget. My next step is to go try on one or two of the looks and buy it. This should take no time at all since I wont have to be searching through the racks. She told me what jewelry, what shoes, how to wear my hair, everything.

She lives in Florida but her family is in the DFW area so we have set up a meeting in a few weeks. She will come to my house and show me 1o more looks that I can use for my everyday life. She is going to look through my closet and give me some tips and pointers.

This has been so easy and so helpful for a busy bee like myself.

Stay tuned for pictures of my completed look from the Christmas party!

Thursday, November 18

Baby Talk

Bwake has been talking wike a baby fow a while now.

Her speech has always been very clear and I get a little annoyed by her fake speech impediment. I think she tries to copy Ming Ming the duck from Wonderpets most of the time by making her rs into ws. But sometimes she just straight talks in an irritating baby voice. Did any of your kids go through this? I don't even acknowledge it, it's not like I'm punishing her or telling her to stop or anything, I'm just hoping it runs its course.

Kylie is a great communicator. Today she was playing with a book that has a stuffed Elmo attached to it and his hands come through these little holes and she came up to me all frustrated and said, "Elmo. Stuck. Help!" It's the little sentences like this that are really getting us through the tantrum stage. She just stays so calm.

When she is hungry which is like every hour, she will walk up to you, look you dead in the eyes with the most serious of expressions and repeat the food she wants until you act on it.
Affle. Affle. Affle. Affle. Ogurt. Ogurt. Ogurt. Ogurt. Ilk. Ilk. Ilk.
She always goes through those three foods in the morning. And yes, she has a tendency to drop the first letter of words. She would never lose a staring contest.

Wednesday, November 17


Blake will finally go into the bathroom by herself and use the potty. This has been, I don't know, six months in the works. It's so funny to hear a little tinkle coming from the bathroom. I love having her potty trained, but it was still such a pain to go in there and assist with every single part of the potty process many times a day. She also stopped wearing pull ups to bed a couple of months ago. After she woke up with around 20 dry pull ups in a row I decided to stop wasting our money on those things and just go for it. It's very nice to just have one kid in diapers. Kylie will surely be out of diapers before we add another little munchkin to our brood one day.

Sunday, November 14

6 Years Strong

Zach and I just celebrated our 6 year anniversary on Saturday. 6 year anniversary gift is iron so we went to an antique mall over by our house to look for a big decorative iron thing to hang on our front porch. Instead we left with 3 props for my photos. We went to pier 1 afterward and found a cool iron piece right away. There is no way I would have ever thought we would go antiquing on our anniversary but we both loved it.

Next on the agenda, dinner. I have never seen downtown so crazy crowded as it was on Saturday. I haven't ever been to New York city, but it reminded me of the traffic there. We would sit through each light changing like 6 times before we could get through and it made us about an hour late for our reservations at Simply Fondue. At one point Zach got frustrated he starting zooming past a fire truck, illegally turned left out of the far right lane, zipped along through the bus lane and cut off about ten cars. It wasn't but about 30 seconds later that we hear a rat-tat-tat on our window and wonder what the heck is that? Well it was a bike cop who was none too thrilled with Zach's reckless driving. To reiterate how bad the traffic was, the cop pulled us over, talked to us for a few minutes, went back to his bicycle for a few minutes, came back and explained the ticket for a few minutes and traffic hadn't moved one inch.

I told Zach I was just going to bail out of the car and go sit in the bar and have a drink by myself while he found a parking space in that mayhem. Reasons for the mayhem
1. Elton John Concert
2. Some other concert at 8.0s of someone I had never heard of but is apparently a big deal
3. Bars hosting fight parties for that big fight
4. Cirque de Soleil show at Bass

We just wanted to go have a nice, long romantic dinner and it started off on a bad note. As soon as we got seated we had the best time. I love fondue places because it forces you to take your time and talk, and the food is so yummy too. Plus, it's an expensive place and we normally stick to chick fil a. Dinner and drinks combined with Zach's citation made for a pricey evening. Either way, we had a great time, we love each other so much and have such a happy marriage and couldn't be more thankful for that!

Thursday, November 11

A 4-worder

Kylie said her first 4 word sentence today. Guh owsi buh buhbuh! That is Kylie for "go outside blow bubbles!" So of course we headed out the door immediately to buh some buhbuhs. Kylie melts me into a puddle of mush many times a day with her cute ways. What a sweetie!

Kylie would walk up and down the sidewalks in our neighborhood for miles and miles.

A very common sight from my point of view.

Tuesday, November 9

How Bad do I suck?

Oh goodness, I mean I don't even have a real excuse for not ever blogging anymore. If I did have an excuse I would say I work all the time, but so do other people that blog. I do have kind of weird hours though, and I do spend a lot of time on the computer making sure all my clients look like they belong in a magazine. But I am going to have to put that aside and get back to this virtual scrapbook that I once was so dedicated to.

This is the part where I peer back into my calendar and see if anything sparks a fire and makes me want to write something interesting. Please hold while I scan.

CC5! I have joined a wonderful women's charity group called Charitably Chic 5. It's a bunch of girls around my age, most used to be or still are elementary school teachers. We have an even every six weeks where we get together and socialize and bring an item to donate to charity. We also have several events during the year where we actually go work with the kids of the charity we support. I say we, I haven't done anything other than the social stuff yet, but I will. We are open to new members and most meetings are around Dallas, so if you are interested in making some new friends and having a great time let me know and I will give you some more details. It only started two years ago so it is still a new group. I have already made some friends that I totally adore!

I already shared the misfortune of our Halloween barfy night.

Ooh! This was fun! My best friend in high school was Megan. We had a lot of fun and did a lot of stupid stuff. After we went to our separate colleges, me Tech and her OU we drifted apart. Not that we weren't still great friends, we just weren't spending every day together. I love Megan to pieces and we just don't see each other enough. So we coordinated a dinner with Megan and her BFF Cara, who also went to high school with us and me and my BFF Allison, who, yes, also went to high school with us. We had so many laughs and great conversation, you know ladies, those conversations where nothing is off limits, it was one of those:). We shut the place down. You know when your irritated waiter comes by asking you to hand him the "caddy" (I had no idea it was even called that or that they even removed the caddy from the tables) that you should probably start wrapping it up. Seriously, so much fun, must do it again soon. And if you went to Martin and are wondering it was Megan Fergesen, Cara Kelly, Allison Spencer and I. Some maiden names for you.

That brings me to this week. I wish I could say I have been doing more than shooting, editing and working on Christmas cards, but I really haven't.

Kid update:
Blake was using a play stethoscope tonight and asking me if she could listen to my "heart beep."

Kylie and Blake fight over me all the time. Blake will say "mommy!", Kylie will give her a go to hell look and scream "mama!" and it goes on like, "no, my mommy!", "mama!", "that's my mommy!", "MAMA!" and so on and so on. Kind of annoying yet flattering all at the same time.

Oh how could I forget? Andrea Hinson Ferrata and her sweet son Cole came and stayed with me. We went to the zoo, took all three kids out to eat by ourselves, took a walk, did lots of talking, very fun visit. Blake and Cole really hit it off at first, then she became irritated by him and then by the next morning she loved him again. Typical girl. Kylie would shy away and would only say Cole's name in the privacy of our car. When I dropped Blake off at school this morning she told her teacher that she had been playing outer space with her good friend Cole and then Kylie practiced saying Cole's name all the way home, but she never worked up the nerve to play with him.

Well if that's not the most random blog post, I don't know what is.

Friday, November 5

Blake's Mini Shoot

I got out my stuff to take some 18 month pics of Kylie, however she threw a fit, got tired and had big old tears and a snot nose so I switched gears. Blake (not a ham) tolerated me taking pictures of her for about 5 or 1o minutes and I sure am glad I did. Seriously cute!

Halloween on Nov. 5

It is indeed Friday, November 5 and my kids are in their Halloween costumes today since Halloween was stolen by that Grinch of a stomach virus. Thank goodness they weren't quite old enough to care. When given the choice of trick or treating or taking a bath, Blake chose the latter. As much as I would love to be snacking on Halloween candy until December (let's get real it probably would have lasted me like 5 days with my candy binging ways), there was no way Zach or I could muster up the strength to take on the Halloween duties. I guess we will just have to wait until next year to see what all Mistletoe Heights has to offer for Halloween. I hear it's really great!

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