Sunday, October 31

Wanna Hear Something Scary?

Zach and I have been puking this Halloween since last night. We can't decide if it's food poisoning or what. The fact that I am even up and on this computer is nothing short of a miracle. We had to call in my mom to come get the girls this morning because neither one of us could take care of them. I am just now able to take a sip of water without running to the potty. Looks like we wont be attending our fun neighborhood party. Although, I am definitely going to take Blake up and down the street if I can swing it. It's so weird and quiet around the house without our pumpkins. It reminds me of when we didn't have kids and it is not so fun. I am ready for them to come back home, I just talked to Blake on the phone and she said she probably missed me and asked if I was feeling better. Just hearing her voice is a pick me up. I think now that I can actually stand up and take a few steps I need to get to sanitizing in case it isn't food poisoning. Blah, blah, yuck and blah!

Saturday, October 30

Terrible Kylie?

Kylie entered the terrible twos a couple of days ago. That's about right, 18 months is when it struck our oldest daughter as well. It really isn't that bad, but still she is having a couple of tantrums a day (mild compared to Blake's) and says no all the time. When Kylie is having a full out tantrum she throws things and slaps things. She has one yesterday where she started throwing her fruit snacks because they were on a plate instead of in the baggie. Then she had one around bath time and she started slapping the clothes on the ground. This morning she was acting a little bit grumpy and screamed that she wanted her ni-night (her favorite blanket). Blake said, "mommy, can you stop Kylie from the bad 2s?" I wish I had that power.

Thursday, October 28

School Halloween Party (not so good)

Blake's school Halloween party was today. Even though she goes to school at a church, they still go all out for Halloween. The kids wore their costumes, they went trick or treating from room to room, they did Halloween crafts, stuff like that. I could tell Blake wasn't feeling so hot this morning, but it definitely escalated as the day went on. When I went to go to her party she saw me, started crying and only wanted to sit in my lap. She felt hot and didn't even want a cookie, I knew we had a problem at that moment. When Blake doesn't want some type of dessert something is terribly wrong. Miss Tracy told me she had an "off day" and Blake kept telling me she was ready to go home. Blake's favorite place in the world is laying on the couch with a blanket watching a show, preferably with some type of yummy beverage and popcorn. I knew she was ready to get to her favorite place and get out of the classroom. I made her stay for a little while, but we got out of there about 30 minutes early. Poor baby bat.

Blake with her pumpkin light necklace party favor.

Blake crying at the table, clearly enjoying her party.

Blake and Miss Tracy.

Still feeling pretty good before school started and spreading her bat wings!

Sunday, October 24

A Serious Moment

Blake has said hilarious things since she could put 2 and 3 words together. Oh which totally reminds me that Kylie said her first 3 word sentence tonight, "up my daddy." Melted our hearts, I stood there with my mouth wide open as if she had said some scholarly thing. So Blake will come up to me when she wants some extra attention/reassurance and she will usually say, "I'm not very special." or "I'm not special to anyone" or some sad, sad tale like that. I, of course, scoop her up and tell her how special and how great she is and go completely over the top and then she gets a big smile and runs off back to lining things up, or putting stickers on the ottoman or shredding little pieces of cotton off the q-tips or whatever 3 year old activity she is partaking in at the time. Tonight she came up to me with the most serious and solemn of faces and with a very concerned tone uttered, "I'm not feeling very Blakeish." I wasn't really sure what to say to that.

Saturday, October 23

Tree Time

It's arbor day at the Walker house today! Since we fried all of our landscaping that we tried to do this summer we made a decision to wait until it was cooler to plant our tree. Our neighborhood is filled with huge beautiful trees and we don't have a single one in our front yard. We have a couple in our side yard and one big one in our back yard. So now we have a teeny tree out by the street.

Thursday, October 21

The Bat is Back

I went to Zoe and Jack today looking for a big red pettiskirt for Blake to wear with her costume (she was going to be a ladybug) when I came across a friendly bat costume! It's just perfect and she loves it and is so happy. Too bad the ladybug costume that was advertised as a size 2T-4T has a leotard that you could practically bring your newborn home from the hospital in. Not exactly 4T in my opinion. It looked terrible on Blake so I was going to improvise. I can't wait to post pictures of Blake and Kylie in their costumes! I really need to get them to a pumpkin patch and get some shots.

On a totally different note, I have started doing the carpool line at preschool. I used to walk Blake in everyday and go pick her up, just so she would have some time to get adjusted to everything. Then I started doing carpool at pick up time. You drive up, hold up the sign with your kid's name and the teacher delivers your child to your car and buckles them in their seat and off you go. So today for the first time I did carpool drop off and pick up and it made it so much easier on me. And when Mrs. Terry was putting Blake in the car after school today I could tell that she and Blake really love each other. Mrs. Terry was telling me how sweet Blake is and how much they enjoy her. That is such a relief to hear because she can be a rotten tomato at home, like I'm sure most 3 year olds can. When Mrs. Terry was leaving, Blake said, "I'm going to miss you!" I am just so happy that she loves school and loves her teachers so much. They learned about bats and spiders this week (2 of Blake's favs) and they are learning about kitty cats next week (another fav). It's such a great school, aside from the regular preschool stuff they have soccer class and chapel. I love that place and hope Kylie gets Blake's same teacher when she is 3.

Tuesday, October 19

Isn't God cool?

I love when God works in my life in super obvious ways. I have been really feeling the urge to join a small group to get more involved in our church. I was just about to get on the computer to apply for the mom's group. This would actually be my second time to apply, a long time ago when we lived at my parent's house I applied to be in a mom's group and never heard a word. Until this morning. I got the nicest email from the group leader telling me that she was the most unorganized person ever and inviting me to her group that is just starting if I was still interested. Even though a lot of time has past since I signed up, the timing is absolutely perfect. There are about 5 moms in the group and all of them have kids close to Blake and Kylie's age. This is exactly what I wanted! I can't wait to get started, it's just so cool how God knows exactly what we need when we need it.

Slumber Babies

One of Kylie's favorite places to be is in Blake's bed. Blake has this little stool by her bed so she can get in and Kylie climbs right up and relaxes in Blake's big bed. Sometimes I hear laughing squealing and I go in and find Kylie just sitting or laying on the bed having the time of her life. Last night the girls were both in the bed and Blake kept saying, "mommy, we're slumber babies!" Pretty cute!

Thursday, October 14


Blake: Mommy I have a wedding ring just like you.

Me: Oh, it's pretty, do you know who mommy is married to?
Blake: Ya, Daddy!
Me: Your right! Who are you married to?
Blake: I'm married to Daddy to!
Me: Oh, ok.
Blake: Actually I'm married to the church.
Me. Oh. Is Kylie married?
Blake: Yes, she is married to Daddy.

Just thought I'd share our marriage conversation while I am multitasking. I am having an online chat with some tech person from bluehost who is teaching me about name servers and why my site gets jacked up every few days. Website stuff is SO annoying to me!

Wednesday, October 13

Quick Update

I have been doing shoot after shoot after glorious shoot, so that explains the lack of blogging. If you want to take a peek at some of my latest work look at I have a shoot tonight, a newborn in the morning (SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT ONE!!) Can you tell I love newborn shoots? and a family tomorrow evening, another family friday, kids and a maternity/family shoot on saturday and then ending up the week with one more family shoot. I don't even want to look at my calendar yet for next week, because I'm pretty sure it's just more of the same. I love being so busy and I love how happy this job makes me!

Lately Blake has been calling this overgrown corner of our yard/driveway area California. Like it's so normal. "Hey Mom, will you come with me to California?!" Sure, Blake. She also says many times a day, "I'm sorry for acting at you." and "Are you happy at me?" Sometimes I'm happy at her, but she has really been testing my patience with fits and attitude, but really what's new?

Kylie is still the easiest kid that ever lived, she talks a lot and loves life. She is quickly becoming a dessert addict like her big sis. And her mom. And I think her grandmothers.

The girls like to play outside in the front yard and pretend the house next door is their house. The house is for sale and no one is there that often. There is a really cool front porch with an iron gate on it. They go in and out and in and out and love being outside in the beautiful fall weather. I try to take them out twice a day in between editing photos, working on orders and coordinating with and booking clients.

Oh, I can't forget this important news....I totally dropped the ball on the friendly bat costume. Pottery Barn sold out of those things really fast. So, after a short conference and looking at some various costume websites she enthusiastically changed her mind to being a....well you will just have to wait for the Halloween post to find out :) Kylie picked her costume too and it kind of coordinates with Blake, she is stoked about it, or at least about the picture she saw online. That's it for now!

Friday, October 8


Blake does anything to stall going to bed. She will come running out of her room to "check on daddy" she will come tearing through the house looking for a specific "pet" aka stuffed animal. Lately she will call one of us in there and ask us to lay in bed with her and talk to her. Who can resist that? The hot conversation topic these days is what Zach and I liked to do when we were her age. "Mommy, tell me about when you were a little girl." So sweet. She gets so excited to hear about what I liked to eat and play with when I was young.

Kylie's chatting has gone from one word to two word sentences. Most of her two worders start with more, like "muh keykeys" which is Kylie for more cookies. She was so thoroughly enjoying her cookie last night that after every. single. bite. she would say "mmmmmmm goo!" Zach and I were talking last night about how different life would have been if Ky came first. I'm not so sure I would have had my nose buried in the parenting books for years. She is just such a breeze. If Blake is more challenging to parent and Kylie is so laid back, then what will that mean for baby 3 someday? Probably somewhere in the middle. Oh and I used to want a boy so bad and now I am kind of wanting all girls. God will give me what is perfect for our family, but it's fun to dream about the different ways it could go.

Monday, October 4


I have run into a small issue. Blake takes dance class on monday evenings. She likes it, but I usually have photo sessions in the evenings and she has missed two classes and has only gone to one. I am going to take her out and wait until the spring to maybe sign her up again. With preschool and work we are just too busy. BUT... that isn't the only reason I want to take her out of dance. This may seem ridiculous, but it is a huge contributing factor to me not wanting to continue on with dance class this semester. The moms are SO snobby. What in the world?!?! There is this group of private school moms who seem to be at least five years older than me who are not so fun to be around. They love to talk about all the lavish things they do and drop many a hint that they are plenty wealthy. I tried to talk to one of the girls and she was fake nice and really short with me and her friend gave me a snobby smile and looked away. HOW RUDE! I have to sit at the class for 45 minutes and wait for Blake to get done and I don't want to spend 45 minutes surrounded by these women every monday for months and months. Not all Fort Worth moms act this way, when Blake was in her summer dance session the other moms were so cool and we would all sit around and talk about mom stuff, there were no cliques and no snobs. I miss that group. Snobs really need to get a grip.

Sunday, October 3

Tweet it out!

Hey, hey, hey! I just set up a twitter account! So go to my photography blog to find out why in the world I decided to do such a nutso thing. Allison, I will now need a quick tutorial on who to follow and why. Oh and let me know if you have a twitter so I can add you, which I'm not even sure how to do yet.

Rose Garden

The weather is delightful! Now that we live so close to the botanic gardens we went over there for a walk this morning. What a gorgeous place!

Kylie isn't feeling the love

This is a very typical Blake facial expression, Zach always says it reminds him of the cartoon Cathy.

Pogue Picnic

Blake and Zach had a date yesterday and went to Zach's company picnic out in McKinney. Zach told me she was scared of the big slide and her balloon animal popped which resulted in her throwing a fit. But other than that, it was a great time on a beautiful day.

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