Wednesday, September 29

Oh, I Forgot...

Blake is dead set on being a friendly bat for Halloween, she also really wants Kylie to be a pumpkin, me to be a grasshopper and poor Zach, she wants him to be a sock. I tried to sway her decision to see how serious she is and she is very serious about her costume choice. Thankfully, I found a pretty cute friendly bat costume at Pottery Barn. It's so funny when they form their own opinion and you can no longer make them be a princess or whatever you had envisioned them being.

Pieces of Information

I went to pick Blake up from preschool yesterday and she was sitting very close to the cutest boy in her class, Carter, he had his hand on her and she was pretending to feed him a leaf. Early flirting, very funny. At least she picked the cutest one.

Blake has been acting out her school day in her play. She will often tell Kylie to "stay in her seat!" she pretends she is at circle time and when she is playing alone with her animals and toys it always has something to do with school.

Kylie shocked me yesterday and can kind of count to six. You have to help her a little, but either way I had no idea she was capable of that. Sesame street is doing Kylie some good.

Now that the weather is cooler, the girls have not a lot to wear. This happens to me every season change and somehow I never manage to stay on top of things. Blake's 2T pants are embarrassing dorky highwaters and Kylie's pants are all very spring-like from Blake's hand me downs. Looks like it's time for a shopping spree to baby gap. Just when I thought I was going to be able to spend some of my earnings on the house or Heaven forbid, myself!

I got my business cards in the mail yesterday so please don't be surprised if the next time I see you, I hand you a stack to give to anyone who may be looking for a photographer. Remember, I put a 15% discount on the total purchase on the back of the card. Just don't recommend me to do weddings, that is not my cup of tea.

That's all for now.

Monday, September 27

I Need Your Opinion

All the money I have made thus far has gone right back into the business. It's supposed to be that way for a while I think. So the next big order I get, I am going to buy some new backdrops. The last big order I got, I bought a new light, light stand and soft lighter to take with me to newborn and indoor shoots. I want to be prepared for the cold months when all I can do is indoor stuff. So please take a look at Drop It Modern and tell me your favorite backdrops. I love them all, but I should probably just start with 1 or 2. I would love to hear your opinion!

Update from Busy Paige

Please excuse my lack of blogging. I am usually working off and on all day and late at night on editing photos and other stuff for my company and the last thing I want to do when I finally get finished is do more computer stuff.

I photographed a wedding this weekend. I don't like doing weddings. The whole point of me going back to work was to do something I love so it wouldn't really feel like working. I L-O-V-E portrait work. I get giddy about it, I love delivering beautiful images to my clients and hearing how much they love them. But, I also want to try some of everything so that I don't overlook an area of photography that I could potentially love. Today I am doing corporate head shots, may be terrible, may be my favorite thing ever. You just never know until you try.

I've been working on a couple of new packages for clients, one is the "I Do!" portrait collection and the other is the Baby Love portrait collection. Check out my website if you are interested in the deets. I have also been trying to become a vendor for two totally awesome products. I just got the good news yesterday that I got selected for The Dream Albums! And I am still waiting to hear back from Firefly Frames.

Blake has had a touch of insomnia lately. Last night I put her to bed at 7:30. At 9:00 she came out of her room asking for some milk. At 10:20 when Zach and I were already in bed, she came tip toeing in with a half-eaten granola bar wrapped back up in the package and asked me to open it for her so that she could eat it and go to sleep. Then she asked me to come lay in her bed with her, tickle her back and sing songs. Goodness.

Kylie is talking all the time, she can repeat almost anything and she loves to say "NUH!" which translates to the toddler all time favorite word, NO! A few of my other favs are "luv ya" and "snassss" for fruit snacks. Fruit snacks are baby crack. She also loves to say "SI" for outside. Thankfully the weather is gorgeous so going si isn't so miserable.

Wednesday, September 22

I May be FINALLY finished

Some people were telling me that my photo blog was running really slow. I had to totally redo the entire blog anyway because of a hosting issue. BLAH! Or should I say BLAHG! I saved the pictures as much smaller files before I posted them so if it was taking forever on your computer, try it again. The blog link on my website actually works and aside from some cosmetic changes I will be making to the blog everything is working. Could it be the end of this website bs? Let's hope, seriously, seriously hope. Oh and I added some of my special events work (Jeni's shower, Astyn's shower, Jackson's bday party) the only thing I have left to add are these gorgeous bridal portraits, but I can't post until after the wedding.

Business Card Ordered

Andrew finished my business cards and I love them. They are 4x6 postcard size with rounded corners. I am digging the color scheme. They are also a coupon!

Here is the back

And here is the front....please no prank calls ;)

Tuesday, September 21

2nd Day of School

Yes, that's right, today was Blake's second day of school. The first day was like three weeks ago. The following thursday there was an insane amount of rainfall and her school basement flooded. The tuesday and thursday after that she was sick. So finally she is back in school. I forgot to mention that after her first day when I went to pick her up she came running at me screaming and crying and saying, "I don't like preschool!" aw, sad. But as soon as we made it to the car she was all smiles and talking about the fun things she had done that day.

Today she walked right in and got started at the dinosaur table. She loves her some prehistoric creatures. And you know who really loves Blake being at school? Princess Kylie. She is living it up being the only baby at home, and I can tell she can't get enough of the one on one attention. This is exactly what she needs. I'm about to go pick Blake up and I am hoping she doesn't run at me screaming that she doesn't like preschool again. I mean, it's kind of awkward when your kid is yelling that right near the teacher who is trying their best to make it a fun environment. I'm also hoping she doesn't pick up some germy germs again. At least not right away.

Monday, September 20

Thank You

Starting a business is ridiculous hard work. It's hours upon hours upon hours of tasks. I am in huge debt for the first time in my life. I am confident that I will be out of debt fairly soon and finally making money. I am motivated, focused and as much as I hate to admit it, I think I have a mild to moderate case of workaholism. There is just so much to be done, how could I not be working all the time? Unless something got messed up, my website should be live tomorrow. I have worked so hard on it and you probably won't even be able to tell. It's still kind of plain.

There have been 2 people that have helped me more than they know.

1. Michelle Graham. She has been one of my besties since college. We met in the dorms at Tech, spent countless nights up hysterically laughing, we were sorority sisters, roommates, bridesmaids in each other's weddings, and have remained very close all of these years. She has pretty much been my #1 fan and supporter. I am on the phone with her almost every day explaining my latest ideas and asking for advice. Michelle is a photographer and has very strong technical skills. She is also a website genius. I am a website imbecile. She has helped me with every single step of setting my website up. THIS WAS NOT EVEN KIND OF EASY! I have a wedding this weekend that I don't need a second photographer for, but next wedding I book, I am flying her in and paying her to be my second photographer so we can have some fun with photography together. Michelle, seriously, thank you doesn't even begin to cut it. You are such a supportive and awesome friend. I love you.

2. Andrew Nelson! This is Kelly Evans Nelson's hubby. What a nice and talented guy. He not only designed my logo, but he has given me so many pointers on website stuff and now he is gong to design my business card. Could he be any cooler? He doesn't even know me and he is treating me like a best friend. Thank you so much Andrew, you have been overly helpful and I can't even believe how rad you are.

I think I am almost through the annoying set up stage. The tax stuff, the website stuff, the blog stuff, the buying overly expensive equipment stuff, the other business paperwork stuff, I am looking forward to getting to do what I love and putting most of my focus on the photography itself.

Again, thank you to anyone who has set up a session with me, it is really helping me to jumpstart my business. I know this is what I am supposed to be doing and it feels great to have so many people behind me!

Sunday, September 19

Photography Session Bloopers

Let me start out by saying I haven't had many bloopers in my photography career thus far. Yesterday was a different story. I had a couple session set up in McKinney at this beautiful development called Adriatica. The couple wanted to do some Christmas card pictures and they had come up with all these wonderful ideas. The first part of our session was going to be the couple popping those new year poppers that streamers fly out of. I thought it would really pop on a solid backdrop. I got it out and started to get set up in a fully shaded area on the side of a building. A gust of wind blew, my photo paper unrolled and went flying and crinkling in the breeze. The stand fell over and it was just a huge disaster. Point to remember: backdrops can not be used outdoors.

We finished the popper part of the session and I spotted this great door that I wanted to photograph them by. I packed up my bag and we started moving that direction. I don't know how this happened, but my camera dropped out of my bag and fell on a stone pathway. No big deal, I'm thinking. I have heard these cameras are tough and virtually indestructable. This was my first big drop. I turn it back on, screen is black and all that is happening is a repetitive beeping sound. I pretty much knew right then and there that my camera was kaput. I went ahead and got on the phone with Nikon person to make sure. He told me that if I take the battery out and put it back in and it's still beeping that we have a major problem. We did indeed have a problem. I had to reschedule the session and call it quits after just a few minutes and only about ten pictures. They were so nice about it, thankfully.

To make matters worse, a couple of hours later I check out my facebook and see that the girl I was photographing has updated her status to say that she is engaged. Come to find out, her boyfriend was going to propose during the photo session and have me capture the moment. I had no idea. I just can't believe all of it. So today I went and bought a new camera because it takes at least a month for the repair and I am so booked up through mid November. The good news is, I upgraded the body to a Nikon D90, the bad news is I spent about $2000. I guess that's just part of business.

My First Fall

Blake and Kylie were running around in the neighbor's front yard yesterday playing with the leaves. We have huge trees in our neighborhood and there are already quite a few leaves that have fallen. Blake was so excited and yelling that it was her first fall!

Thursday, September 16

Am I Boring you?

You may be tired of my business posts, but that is what is taking up most of my time these days and therefore what I feel inspired to share with my blog readers.

While talking to a friend today on the phone we got on the subject of my logo, how it's nice and fine, but it's just not me. Not only is it not me, I don't feel like I am in love with it. A logo is pretty darn important, it says a lot about your style and your business and mine just isn't cutting it. As I was designing my business cards today, I really started to wonder if I should maybe get a new logo. Yes, I have only had this logo for like a week and yes, I paid for it, but I don't care. If it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit. And, lucky for me my friend Kelly's husband is going to make me a new one. He is very talented and I can't wait to see what he comes up with. So my blog will go through yet another major makeover in a few days. And hopefully this time it will stick. I really need to get my business cards made. Do you want to hear a little bit about my business cards? No? Ok, well just humor me and listen. I am getting big postcard size business cards made and I am going to include some type of promotion or coupon on them so my clients can come back for a deal.

I did a lot of tax paperwork today. Blah. That's all for now. I'm just highly excited about my new logo. Yipee!

What Have We Been Doing?

Blake has been sick and still has not made it back to preschool. She has only gone on the first day. Surely she can go next week. She is coughing and has a stuffy nose. I can tell she feels terrible, by her terrible grumpy attitude. I'm just trying to keep her happy and calm, and that is no easy task.

I have been working, working, working. If I'm not taking or editing photos, I'm working on the business side of things. Thankfully, I work from home, which means a lot of late nights once the kids are in bed. I have five photo shoots this weekend, so keep checking my photography blog to see my favorites. I photographed some super cute twins yesterday!

Zach has been working a lot and has started running and working out again. YAY! He does his exercising while I am working at night.

Kylie is still the happiest 16 month old. She talks all the time and is hilarious whether she is trying to be or not.

Monday, September 13


My photo blog got a face lift. Website, you're next. I decided on my logo and it was sent to me today. I still have a few things I want to add, I need to have Zach or Allison take a picture of me so I can put it on my bio. I actually got a client who contacted me through the "contact" tab on my blog and wants to set up a session. So cool to see it all coming together. I recruited my bff Allison for some family photos tomorrow since I had a client reschedule, so hopefully I can get some great shots of Justin, Allison and Caroline. If not, I know we will have fun trying.


We made a weekend trip to Lubbock, well Love-ock if you're Blake, to visit Zach's parents. The girls did great on the plane on the way there, on the way home they were tired and grumpy and didn't do so good, but I was kind of expecting that.

Friday we arrived and I had a photo shoot, the pictures are great check it out here! Then we had a yummy dinner at Blue Sky burgers. Blake and Kylie loved all the toys at Gran and Pappy's house and especially loved their beautiful back yard! Later Friday night Zach and I went over to Chris, Abby and Sophia Scioli's house and had a blast. We would hang out with them all the time if we lived near each other. They are awesome!

Saturday we went to our favorite store, Red Raider Outfitters and cruised around campus AND snuck into the stadium and ran around on the field. Not sure how legal or allowed that was, but it was cool and fun for sure. We had a great time with Zach's Nana and some of Milynda's friends and then Zach and I had a date at Orlando's. I crave Orlando's since it's only in Lubbock. It's genius. Spicy Italian food. Zach and I went there on our first date, we went there on our one year dating anniversary, we went there on Valentine's day, we went there to celebrate our engagement and we went there about once a week in between all of those special occasions. It's our spot. Allison, I know you are salivating right now whilst dreaming of down and dirty tortellini. I heavily considered bringing you our leftovers on Sunday, but we gave them to Tom.
We watched Tech clobber New Mexico Saturday night.

Sunday we packed up early and headed out. It was a great visit! Thanks Tom and Milynda for making it such a nice weekend. We love you!!

Milynda has a green thumb, it's probably more like a green hand because she has SUCH beautiful plants everywhere. We have recruited her to come help us with our sad, sad flowerbeds this fall. Milynda, get ready for some hard work, it is embarrassing. Blake and Kylie had loads of fun feeding the fish and watching them dart around the pond. Blake named one of the fish Follard.

These next pictures are of Jones Stadium. People that graduated around when I did, the campus and surrounding areas have changed so much. It's unrecognizable in a great way.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! That is supposed to sound like angels singing.

Remember the Tech Ghetto? Well now its all these super cute shops, restaurants, and apartments. Such a huge upgrade.

Here is a nice hotel right across from the stadium.

Blake needs to work on her guns up.

Get her Defense!

Crabtree mosaic, the guys were there grouting them.

Welker mosaic.

Nana and Kylie

Lisa. She is an honorary member of the family. Milynda met her long ago at the state school and she has been part of the family ever since. She is hilarious and we always end up chatting a ton. She is so strong in her faith and such an inspiration. She was teaching Blake some important life lessons like not being stingy.

Zach and Mom

Nana, Ky, Carla

Nana and her great grandbabies!

Nana and her chicken purse!

Rose, Ky, Milynda, Carla

Zach is such a jeep guy, my father in law has a great jeep that we got to cruise around in.

Life is definitely good.

But Tech, Tech my friends, is great! :)

8310 Detroit. My house all through college. Now inhabited by a herd of cowboys.

No caption needed.

Friday, September 10

It Works

New blog is up, it's not as fancy as I eventually want to make it, but at least it's hooked up to the right address now. It's I added a newborn/kid session from yesterday. People can at least get a good idea of how my style is even though the blog isn't very cute yet. I love color! I also love pictures with a vintage look. Kind of on opposite sides of the spectrum, but that's what I like!

I picked my logo and I am very excited about it. It's very simple and cool. It's hot pink. Does anyone have any recommendations on where I should order business cards from?

Website: Still very much under construction.

Thursday, September 9

New Blog

My new blog is up, sort of. It's under the wrong address right now, but you can still take a peek. It doesn't have my logo and it doesn't have much of anything yet, but it's a small start. Right now will take you to my blog, it is supposed to take you to my website, so that will be tomorrow's lovely task. Later you can just go to my website and click on my blog link, or go to, but who knows when?

Wednesday, September 8

Latest Faves

I have 23 sessions on the books for the next few weeks. I am going to be a busy bee and I am SO happy about it! I still have some people who haven't gotten back to me on their date or time so there will be even more. My photo blog is so close to being done. I have found out how not computer savvy I am through all of this website mania. I will be extremely relieved when I can just go in and update what I want to on the blog and website and not worry about the junk I am currently sorting through. It makes me realize how easy blogger is. Tomorrow I get to photograph a newborn baby girl and I get to try out some of my new props. I may not be able to sleep tonight, it's that exciting for me. I will be blogging about every session on my photography blog and posting my favorite pics. I may do sneak peeks on there too.

Here are some of my favorites from the last two sessions.

I edited two of these and in one the baby is smiling, but I uploaded the wrong one, either way, you get the idea.

Oh and this is just Blakey Pie tonight before bed time.

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