Monday, August 30

Take a Look

Ok, not to bore my blog audience with more photography mumbo jumbo, but these I just MUST share! Jeni is my best friend, well Allison is my best friend, but Jeni is my best friend too. We talk on the phone almost every day, but we don't see each other that often because she lives about an hour away. Today I got to go meet precious and I mean puh-recious baby Presley and got to do her newborn shoot. This was a lot of hard work and since it was my first one, it was F-R-E-E! I just got done editing all the pictures and I am about to look into some birth announcement options for her. We had so much fun working together on cute ideas to show off Presley and play up the girly side. Presley is 10 days old and I almost ran out the door with her in the brown bucket, put her in the car and drove off so I could keep her. She's that cute! Enjoy these pictures, a lot of time, hard work, creativity and love went into these. Thank you Jeni for trusting me to do her pictures, I hope you love them as much as I do!!

Sunday, August 29

Baby Maris

I can't sleep, so I thought I'd upload some of my latest pictures on the blog. This blog has turned into an all things photography blog lately, but really there hasn't been much else to write about. I am so excited about this new business venture, it's hard to know when I should actually go get my dba at the courthouse, buy a website and make it official. I have told myself that I will figure out packages and pricing, start messing with tax stuff and book keeping and all the businessy side of things when I have enough in my portfolio to have a really nice website that shows my style and what I can do. Not sure when that may be. I still have to set up a bunch more sessions. One thing I have heard from several photographers is to never give away a disk of your work for free. Not to anyone. The problem with doing that is, it's hard to know where to draw the line. If you did it for one friend, do you have to do it for every single friend? And then are you still doing all your work for free several years down the road? Of course I will give edited discs with all the pictures from parties, but portrait sessions will be different. I have been advised to do free sessions with two free gift prints at the beginning. That way if there is more than two pictures that someone likes, they can order them. I feel like that is very reasonable. The quality of the prints from the lab I will be ordering from is very high. Also, you don't spend all that time editing each image to look so beautiful to have them printed out at the walgreens photo stand. I would rather give friends a big discount on professional prints, canvases, books, all the fun stuff.

Megan, Jason and Maris came over today, it was the first time for Blake and Kylie to meet their cousin. She was a sweet little model and my first baby to practice on. I found that my outdoor photography skills are much stronger than indoor. Any backdrop I set up from now on, I will do in the garage with the door open so there is lots of natural light. I get to take more pictures of a newborn tomorrow.

This was an indoor shot, but it was right by a window so the light was pretty good.

Twinkly eyes!

Saturday, August 28

Astyn's Baby Shower

My college friend and fellow kappa delta, Astyn, had a baby shower today for her baby boy, Bennett. She asked me to photograph the shower and I had a lot of fun with it. As soon as I left the shower I went straight to Fort Worth Camera and spent the money that I made. I needed some supplies for upcoming newborn shoots! Not that anyone probably cares, but I got a flash diffuser and some background paper. Actually, I know that Michelle Graham cares and perhaps Allison, but other than that, I don't have many other camera enthusiast friends.

There was lots of yummy food there that I couldn't eat. I had a big pile of spinach salad and a few berries. Speaking of diets, I am feeling really discouraged and I am not so sure I want to continue with this whole figure competition thing. I love being healthy and working out, but this is beginning to be so much to handle. I should probably finish what I started, but I feel like I could throw in the proverbial towel at any minute. Tiffany is taking my measurements next week and if I have way too much work to do, I may postpone this goal.

Me and Andrea
Again, no one probably cares, but I am trying to grow out my bangs and right now they are just a big plop of hair in my face.

8 months pregnant and still rockin the stilettos.

Andrea, Astyn, Leigh
KD friends

Astyn and the hostesses

I didn't get to try these, but I'm sure they were delish. Actually I had about a one mm by one mm pinch of Andrea's and it was delish.

Andrea made the diaper cake!

Friday, August 27

Impromtu Getaway

Zach was going to be extremely busy with work, my parents were heading to the lakehouse to escape the paint fumes from their freshly glazed cabinets and my babysitter, Rene, went to Austin to celebrate her 21st birthday, I was not about to be stranded here with no one to help in case I needed it. So, the best option was to hop in the car and drive to the lakehouse to hang out with my parents for a couple of days. I had one of the most fun days with the girls at the beach followed by one of the worst days filled with a screaming baby most of the drive back, a ten minute dining experience at On the Border due to screaming tot, changing a diaper in the car and realizing Kylie had a huge diaper rash which resulted in all of this screaming, coming home to a house that had been used as my dog's own personal pet hotel. Somewhere there must have been a communication error, because our dogs are not total inside dogs, they sleep in here at night and come in if the weather is not nice, but that's it. This lady would let them in all day to roam and do as they wish, which included lounging on the furniture and peeing and pooping all over Kylie's shag leopard rug. I guess they thought it felt like grass to their feet. I was in tears, it was such a hard day. Anyway, back to the happy stuff. The girls loved the mini vacation, minus the car ride and we are all happy to be back home. Here is what we did:




Enjoyed the view

Made some connections-
Blake came running in and said, "Mommy! There are cow antennas!!"



Had some beach time

Saw and chased ducks
Ducks are Kylie's favorite animal, so this was extra exciting.

Here she is pointing at the ducks while repeatedly yelling "QUACK!"
Blake was really excited too!

A ladybug landed on Ky's head.

Blake conquered hopping from rock to rock

All the cacti are starting to bloom!
I feel silly saying cacti, but I'm pretty sure that's the correct word.

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