Thursday, July 29

Photography Fun

Clearly I am having entirely too much fun with taking and editing photos. I recruited my little model for a front yard photo session. I wanted to practice taking outdoor pictures and experimenting with light. I have a hard time getting this little model to look directly into the camera lens, so I don't get many shots of her eyes. And, if I do happen to get one of her eyes, she is squinting. Kylie does that too, I think they squint and wait for a flash.

Wednesday, July 28

Auntie Paige

I just finally got over to meet my 5 week old baby niece, Maris, in McKinney. We kept having scheduling conflicts and tonight we were both free so I went and hung out for a couple of hours with my adorable sister in law, Megan and precious Maris. Oh and Jason too :).

I think I am already her favorite aunt. She slept on me and we bonded. I love that sweet baby!

Tuesday, July 27

Mission: Completion

I have successfully completed 14 months of nursing. Kylie and I shared our last session two nights ago. It wasn't necessary, but I just wanted to do it one last time and enjoy it and know that after that, I was saying goodbye to something that has taken up so much of my time for so long. It's kind of an emotional time for a mommy. Part of me is so happy to be free from that responsibility and part of me is sad knowing that baby Kylie will not be needing me in that way.

For me, nursing is one of the toughest parts of having a baby. It doesn't come easy to me. I struggled with it really bad with Blake, I kept wanting to quit and then my male cheerleader, Zach would encourage me and remind me that it is the right thing to do and what's best for our baby. Easy for him to say. I made it through 2 weeks of excruciating pain. I know lactation consultants tell you it shouldn't hurt, but come on, if something is being forcefully sucked on over and over and over all day, then it's gonna hurt some. When Blake would latch on, tears would well up in my eyes. I somehow pushed through the bad part and it got much better, I was able to nurse her for 13 months.

So when Kylie was born I thought, this should be no biggie, I know what I'm doing. Wrong. Same problems. It hurt so bad again. Almost immediately. I'm talkin' blood and scabs. EW GROSS, I KNOW!! I kept on keeping on and it only hurt really bad for a week this time. It was far more enjoyable with Kylie after I got past the major pain. For one, I had over a year of experience under my belt and for two, she was much faster at getting the job done.

I have such an interest in nursing, I have even considered becoming a part-time lactation consultant one day. Not sure what you have to do to be one, but something to look into. I know how hard it can be and I know what a sense of accomplishment and bonding it can be as well.

My breastfeeding days are far from over, Zach and I still want another baby one day. But for now, for the first time in 4ish years, my body belongs solely to me.

Sunday, July 25

Blake's 3rd Birthday Weekend

We were busy little bees this weekend celebrating Blake's 3rd birthday. Blake turned 3 on Saturday and even though her party was the previous weekend, we still partied on!

I got up early Saturday morning to get ready for Jeni's shower, Zach got up too and went and got the birthday princess donuts. She requested vanilla with sprinkles.

After the shower we were off to Kate's 3rd birthday party. It was a cute Minnie Mouse theme. Natalie and Ty have a beautiful new home in Southlake with a great pool and big backyard. Blake enjoyed playing with her birthday twin and swimming.

Blake and Kate are 3!


The Staabs. Emery is always pointing. Melissa tells me that she wakes up in the morning and immediately starts pointing at stuff. Ha.

After the party, we got home, got changed and went to the Noon's new house in Roanoake.
Dana is a wonderful baker and she had a big cake waiting for us. The Noon's are good friends of our family. It's kind of strange because originally they were my parent's friends, but since they are our age we really hit it off with them as well. It's fun to all get together, Dana and I have a ton in common.

Blake working on her 3.

Playing her new piano from Ommy and G Dad

Richard and Dana's two year old, Delaney. She is such a sweet girl, but Dana told me she keeps beating up the baby. It's so bad that Dana can not leave the baby anywhere that Delaney can get to or he is in danger. She can't leave the room for a second or disaster strikes. She sure is cute for such a little stinker. Other than that, she is so well behaved. We had the complete opposite problem, I couldn't even get Blake to go anywhere near Kylie. I could hardly even get a picture with them both in it for like six months.

Baby Pierce, 2 months old.

me, Dana, Mom

Dad, Zach, Richard

To continue the birthday fun, we took Blake to see her first movie today. We saw Animalopolis at the Onmi Theatre. She LOVED it! It was a great first movie because it was only 33 minutes long. She chowed down on popcorn and asked to watch it again when it was over.

Since we were already at the museum, we decided to go into the actual exhibit area and we saw this 4D movie about the Barnett Shale. Had it not been in 4D, this would have been a complete bore. Blake and I sported the Buddy Holly glasses nicely.

Doing a little grocery shopping in the children's area.

After the museum, we took her to lunch at McKinley's. They have great food and lots of yummy desserts on display, Blake likes to look through the glass and pick her dessert out. Some of the cookies were named after Fort Worth neighborhoods. They had Westovers, Tanglewoods, Berkeleys, and Mistletoe Heights! I had to get a picture of the Misteletoe Heights cookies.
It was a fantastic birthday weekend and Blake brings us so much joy! She is very funny, very outgoing, a great singer, she is outrageously smart, she is kind, she can throw a royal fit, but she can also give the best hugs and snuggles. She is my first baby and in my eyes, she is everything I ever dreamed a daughter could be. She exceeds my every expectation, challenges and all, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you more than all the butterflies in the sky babes!

Celebrating Jeni and Presley

One of my very best friends, Jeni, had a baby shower yesterday and I was one of the hostesses. I was honored when Jeni asked me to snap some pictures of her special day. These are just a few of my favorites, I took way more than this and I am still in the process of editing them.

It was great to see some old friends and have some girl talk while eating a delicious brunch. Presley was showered with so many wonderful gifts and so much love. Jeni kept saying, "girl stuff is so much more fun than boy stuff!" So true! The house was covered in pink fluff from top to bottom. God bless baby girls!

Jeni's sister in law, Emily, said a beautiful prayer for Jeni and Presley.


Me and my Jeni!

Sarah, Jeni, Me

Jeni with all of her loot. Could this adorable mama be in a magazine or what?

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