Monday, May 31

We Celebrated Memorial Day By...

watching fireworks with the Pogues and listening to Gavin Degraw play at a festival in McKinney.

dressing in our red, white and blue.

trying to take a ride to the community pool in the golf cart, only to find out we were either too heavy or it was out of batteries.

playing in the community pool.
A pool that we felt certain would not be infested by snakes, had a beach entry and kid area and we were the only ones there.

spending time with our best friends.

eating the most delicious meal followed by Paula Dean's Strawberry cake. Best strawberry cake this non strawberry lover has ever had!

Saturday, May 29

2 New Things I Love

Thing 1: Our new backsplash

I have been waiting for this day for quite some time now. Backsplash installation day! Most of the tiles are up, still no grout, but I love how it is coming together.

Above this design is where the vent hood thing goes. It's stainless steel.
A closeup of the fancy tiles.

Thing 2: Yucatan Taco Stand

I have heard about this place but haven't tried it until tonight. I LOVE it! The food reminded me a lot of Cuba Libre in Dallas, which I love. I am so happy that this place is only a couple of minutes from our new house. Score! I think we will become regulars.
I was trying to take a picture of Zach at dinner to show him how green his eyes looked in the sunlight, but it didn't really show up that green in the picture. Either way, I love this picture of my cutie pie.

Jake's Pool Party

We had such a fun time at Jake's 1st birthday party today! It was my first time to swim this summer and my pale body was happy to see the sun. Blake and Kylie both love to swim so we will likely be spending many hours of quality family time in the water this summer.

Regina and baby Arden in the belly

Michael and Kelly

Andrew and Cru

Caroline and Allison

Blake and Daddy

Amy and Kristen

Kristen, me, Kylie

This was Kylie's first time to really swim, she had so much fun!

Kinsley and Blake inspecting a star fish

Kristen, Chris and Jake

Isaiah couldn't wait to get his own piece of cake!

Kylie was completely worn out and practically non responsive on the way home.

Friday, May 28

Cool Cuts 4 Kids

It was time for Blake's long and somewhat stringy hair to get a trim. I wanted to take her to Sweet & Sassy again, but the later in the day it got, the less I wanted to get out in traffic to go to Northeast Mall. So we decided to try out Cool Cuts 4 Kids. It was ok, not nearly as cute, fun, clean and good as Sweet & Sassy though. I won't be in a hurry to get back there, it wasn't terrible, just nothing fabulous. The lady that cut Blake's hair did a good job, it looks very healthy now. She was telling me how nice it was to have a kid that actually talks to her and that most kids just sit there silently. Blake is very talkative and seemed to like the experience. I don't think she has had her hair cut since she was like 18 months or something.

A Few More House Updates

We have been loving renovating this old house. In fact, we have even discussed me getting my real estate license and flipping some more houses in the future. Zach would coordinate, give me to do lists and I would try to run the jobs and then at the end list the house and save the 3% that we would give a realtor. Just an idea. We are always trying to dream up money making opportunities. Who knows if they will ever pan out. I at least need to get the kids both in part time school before I try and take on any big projects like that.

There is so much charm in an old home, the huge trees, the wood floors, the architecture, the doors, the windows, etc. In our house we have the original wood floors, the original bathroom tile, the original windows and doorknobs. Pretty cool. Even our mailbox is a tiny little door that lifts up and the mail comes flying into the office.

Kitchen tile has been put down. It looks tan in the pictures, but it's gray with tiny little stripes in it, it's called Linen and it looks like linen.

Here is a built in bench in our casual dining area. It will be painted white and we are having a marble table made for it so it will be kind of like a booth at a restaurant.

The basement/playroom.
This is a funky Ralph Lauren Metallic paint. It is such a fun color for a playroom.

Kylie's room.
Same purple as before. Her room will look much like her old room did, I want to have Susan come back and paint that really cool tree again.

Blake's room.
I am copying a cute room out of the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. There will be pink curtains on all of her windows, her quilt has cute flowers on it and we got her a big rug that goes with it. She will have a big girl bed, but I will also have the crib in there for a while so we can work on the transition after we move in.

Wednesday, May 26

Outdoor Fun and a 1981 Beauty

We have been trying to get to the park to play some before it gets excruciatingly hot. Kylie would ride around in her stroller all day and they both love the swings so it's a good way to kill some time. Today was so hot when we tried to play outside that if there wasn't a colony of snakes living in the pool I would have dove right in. I have a good feeling that breezy spring days have come to a screeching halt. That's ok, I actually like the summer heat, you just have to choose your activities with more care or misery ensues. So here are some pictures of my ladies playing at the neighborhood park which we will miss.

This jalopy, er, I mean family heirloom has now been passed down to a new generation. My grandfather, Papa C, has had this old 1981 El Camino for quite some time. Cal took it over, went and had it worked on and now he says it is suitable for street cruising, but doesn't necessarily trust it on the highway. If you know my brother, this car fits him very well. Of course, what car would be complete without a name? This car was once dubbed "Brownie", but Cal affectionately refers to her as "Loretta." His normal car is a long bed, white truck that he uses for work and that car he calls "Whitey Long Bed."

Cru is 2!

Lately the Little Gym has been the place to be. We celebrated Cru's 2nd birthday there and as usual, everyone had a great time!

Beautiful Kinsley!

Michael and Regina

Attempting the rings

Arrington, Liz and Andrea

Garrett and Jackson

I'm 2!

Amy's brother ran over and stuck a piece of tape on Cru's shirt and now it says
2 Live Cru

Cru and Amy

Amy and I

Kelly was stoked about his basketball skills

me, Regina, Amy

Cru saying the mommies on the bus say "sh, sh, sh"

Caroline's rendition of the itsy bitsy spider.

Ty and Sarah

Blake kept asking Allison to cut up her food into little bites.
Thanks Alli!

Cru blowing out his candles!
The cake was great, but it left big, sloppy brown messes on all the kid's faces.

Stella and Blake

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