Friday, April 30


Blake is always, always talking. There is just a constant stream of words coming out of her mouth. A few of my favorite things she has said lately...

(As we are pulling up to Pei Wei), Mommy, we do not pee at pee wei!

(As she is looking down my mom's shirt), Ommy you have boobs! Do you feed Kylie?

(In an alarmed, stressed and frantic tone every time I get onto Kylie and have to tell her no) Mommy!! What are you teaching Kylie!?!?

Wednesday, April 28

Am I a Gym Rat Now?

Remember a while back when I almost vomitted in the gym, fell on the floor and went home and had a protein shake? Well, I said I so was not a protein shake type of girl, but now I so am. With the recommendation of my trainer, I have begun dieting and training in preparation for a figure competition. I always had the desire to do something like this, it just took a tiny little push from the trainer to make me jump on board. It's going to be hard and take lots of hard work and dedication, but I am really excited to have a goal to work toward and something to do just for me. I should probably take a before picture right now and then post some pictures monthly or something along the way. Don't worry, I'm not going to become a manly woman, just a way more fit and toned version of myself. The diet started Friday and so far I have actually really liked preparing and eating the very healthy food. I have to eat every two hours, the diet is very high in protein and veggies, but I can still have some carbs for now. It will get stricter as I get closer to the competition. I will be training 4-5 days a week with my trainer and also doing some cardio on my own. Wish me luck and stay tuned for the pictures along the way.

Monday, April 26

Only in Fort Worth...

Ok, maybe not only in Fort Worth, but rarely do you see cows all lined up staring at your dogs in the backyard. The backyard of a 2 point something million dollar house, mind you. The cows usually come moseying through in the evenings and Merlin and Cricket go crazy! They run up and down the fence barking and wishing they could get to these heifers. You see, Merlin is an Old English Sheepdog, he was born and bred to herd things. He has never been this close to fulfilling his destiny and getting to herd an actual farm animal. Both dogs have regained their fit physique and have enjoyed watching over the property for us. It's funny to think the cow's entertainment is my dogs. I have never seen cows in a straight line staring like this.

Wednesday, April 21

Voo Vonnets

My parent's neighborhood is flooded with bluebonnets in the empty lots, Blake prefers to call them voovonnets. We had a little impromptu picture taking session during one of our mid day strolls. This made me even more excited and antsy about receiving my mother's day camera gift. That is, if I am so lucky to have a family that loves and cares about their mother enough to purchase her that lovely gift.

Monday, April 19

To: Diapers

Dear Diapers,

I thought we said our goodbyes to you, but frankly I am tired of pulling off pee soaked sheets and blankets from Blake's bed almost every morning. Lora Jensen was right about many things, but keeping a 2 and half year old dry all night every night in a crib is not one of them. We gave it our all and have come to terms that night time training will just have to come at a later date. I was not thrilled about putting you back on Blake tonight for the first time in weeks, but I know I will not regret my decision when I can sleep in tomorrow morning without the fear that Blake is peeing in her sleep. I suppose our relationship with size 5s will continue on a bit longer. Thanks for all you have done for us.


Sunday, April 18

A Blast From the Past

Grant and Jimmy! If you were friends with us in high school then you know those two names went together like peanut butter and jelly. You rarely saw one tall dude without the other tall dude. I felt so excited when I got a facebook message from Grant telling me that he was going to be in Fort Worth for the weekend for Jimmy's wedding and wanted to get together. Grant and his absolutely precious, sweet, adorable, wonderful wife Caroline were here from Alabama. And let me tell you Grant's voice has taken on such a deep south accent that it is practically unrecognizable. Perhaps you noticed from the picture that he has also fallen victim to the southern swoop hairstyle. You can't blame him, and it actually looks good on him. I spent a lot of the night talking to Grant, Caroline, Grant's brother Greg, who is way too hilarious by the way, and Allison. Jeff Hiddemen and his wife Natalie Ferrell were there too. It was really cool to see some faces from the past. Grant seems so happy and he and his wife are a perfect couple. She also just so happens to be a Kappa Delta and at one time during the night we felt led to break out in the Kappa Delta song, Always Think of KD, and Jimmy's mom is also a KD so she sang along as well. I had entirely too much fun and stayed up entirely too late. I hate to admit, but I was a little hung over the next morning, could it be that I had one whole apple martini, or could it just be that I stayed up hours and hours later than usual? Not sure, but I would take a hangover any day to get to hang out with old friends and laugh all night!

Grant and Jimmy

Grant and Caroline

Allison, me and Grant

Victory at Christ Chapel!

We have been attending a new church, Christ Chapel in Fort Worth. We love it. It is a non denominational bible church, everyone has been so friendly and we really like the pastor, Ted Kitchens. This was our third week to go so we decided we would bring Blake and give the nursery a try. I hate to even call it a nursery since she is almost three, but I don't know what else to call it. This was a big decision because last time we took Blake to the nursery at Gateway church she was traumatized and so was I after seeing her face. I prayed about it, took many deep breaths and knew that God would be with her, help her to feel calm, help me and Zach to feel calm and if it all fell apart and was disastrous we would simply get her and go home.

We got her all checked in, walked her to the purple room and we were greeted by the nicest lady. I told her about Blake's anxiety and she assured me she had lots of experience in that department and that her four year old child was the same way. Isn't it cool how God keeps putting people (preschool leader, church teacher) in my path at important times who understand this type of personality? Blake walked right in and started playing with the kitchen. I told her goodbye and that we would be back in a little bit and she seemed a little upset, but didn't cry and went to read a book with one of the teachers.

We were the first parents back to the children's area to pick her up. I didn't want her to see all the other moms and dads coming and think we forgot about her or something. She was playing with the kitchen when the teacher went over to her, picked her up and brought her over to us. She had Blake recite the lesson back to us, that God planted a seed in her heart and then they gave us her little cup with dirt and seeds that she had planted. She said she had a great time and we are so relieved and can't wait to take her back to church next weekend.

Dallas Blooms

Allison has done it again! She continues to blow me away with her photography, she seriously just started dabbling in photography as a hobby about a year ago. She has inspired me to ask for a new camera for mother's day and begin a little hobby of my own. We had a blast with the Gilmores at the arboretum. It was a beautiful day, pretty much perfect weather. The girls were all in good moods for the majority of the time and Blake even used her little potty in the back of the car before we went in. I was a little concerned about her having an accident, but all was well. Enjoy the pictures, she captured the day perfectly.

Funny story: Blake was dressed downstairs and I was walking with Kylie down the stairs in a similar dress. Blake looked up at Kylie and yelled, "we have on sister clothes!"

Blake and Caroline are so cute together.

Wednesday, April 14

Poop Prize

Today was that special day where Blake earned her third sticker on her poop chart resulting in the highly anticipated poop prize. She came up to me and partially holding her breath said, "mommy, I have to poop on the potty." After she was all done she was almost more excited to put the sticker on her chart than she was to go pick out a new toy. I feel that we have conquered pooping on the potty chair and the final steps of this process will be transitioning to the big potty for poops and waking up dry every morning.

I packed up Blake and Kylie and headed for Target. I got them both sanitized, the cart sanitized and began our quest. Don't you just love how Target has the whole hand sanitizing area now? I especially love all the sanitizing wipes that you can clean the ooky cart with. Nice touch Target. Blake kept talking about how she wanted a new bouncy ball, but I was going to let her pick something else too since bouncy balls are like two dollars. As we are strolling up and down the toy rows she tells me she has to go pee pee. Well great. I quickly push the girls toward the restroom and psych myself up for our first public restroom experience. Kylie and I walk in first and Blake follows, I look in every stall to find the least disgusting toilet. I find one that is suitable and we all three squish into the stall. I am holding Kylie because who in their right mind would set a baby on a public restroom floor? I am also holding Blake because she doesn't have the skills to properly balance on the toilet. We are looking more like a Kylie sandwich as I am crouched down with Kylie in my lap and holding Blake up on the potty. She pees, she gets down off the potty and is having a hard time pulling her panties and shorts up. I start trying to help and she falls on the floor and bangs her head on the side of the potty. GROSS! She gets up, we get her dressed and go to wash her hands. Although I realize that I can't lift her up to wash her hands without putting Kylie down somewhere and that just isn't happening. So I opt for a squeeze of hand sanitizer and we turn toward the door. As we were just about to leave a lady closes the stall door and Blake proceeds to bend down, stick her head low to the ground, peep in the lady's stall and say Hiiiiiiiii. We are going to have to work on public restroom etiquette.

We get everyone back in the cart and go back to the toy aisle. Blake is trying to decide between some different toys and makes her selection. She seriously wanted this little stuffed animal bee. Out of all the great toys there, I couldn't believe that would be her choice. I talked her out of it, it was really lame and we already have so many stuffed animals. Blake had the best time with her new game. It's an elephant that shoots butterflies in the air and you try and catch them in your net.

She was squealing and screeching as the butterflies came shooting out, you can see both legs and both arms are in motion.

Tuesday, April 13

11 Months Old

Sweet, sweet, incredibly sweet Kylie is eleven months old now. Would I be absolutely crazy if I said I have a mild case of baby fever starting to kick in again? I got pregnant with Kylie around Blake's first birthday so I'm really not surprised. We will not act on this ludicrous urge of mine. Although I am in love with my life right now, the kids are easy and all is well, we aren't quite ready to make that leap to having three kids yet. Our plan is to wait at least another year before we start trying, we will see how that goes.

Back to Kylie, honestly if all babies were this easy and cool parenting would be a cinch. She has been an angel since day one and has just been a dream baby. Her personality is awesome and she is very smiley however, she is becoming more cautious and aware of strangers and situations she is unsure of. When she is feeling nervous she starts shaking a little and grabs my shirt like a little monkey. I love when she does this.

The tables have turned and now Blake loves to love on Kylie and Kylie isn't sure what to think about it. Blake gets mad if Kylie won't hug her back, and Kylie doesn't want to and gets overwhelmed by Blake bombarding her. She enjoys the sister attention most of the time, but I can see it in her face when she needs rescuing from her chatterbox big sis.

Kylie is doing so well with speaking. She says, Mama, Dada, Sis, Up, No, G (for G-Dad), sh, (for She-She, sometimes Zach calls her She She and she loves to be called that). Ok, she has actually only said up and no once each, but she used the words in the correct context. She was reaching up for me and said upf, yes with an f on the end, and she shook her head no and said, no, no, no, and it was pretty clear for a ten month old baby.

She can clap, wave, she still loves to dance and sway to music. For example, if my phone rings I will look over at Kylie and she will be swaying back and forth enjoying the tune of my ringtone. She cruises all over the place but still has not stood alone or taken any unassisted steps. She loves to be where the action is and will crawl as fast as she can to get to it, whether it's Blake playing or Daddy getting home, if she wants to get there she can book it!

Her hair is to die for! Those light brown curls are the cutest things ever. She also has long beautiful eyelashes, we have two gorgeous girls on our hands.

I still nurse her, but in between feedings she loves to stuff her face with anything we put in front of her. That was the case up until about a week ago. Now she either shovels it in or puts it in her mouth, and pushes it back out with her tongue creating a sloppy mess.

I don't even know what else to write about her, but just sitting here thinking about her makes my heart so happy. Being a parent changes everything. You can actually physically feel the love you have for them, it's like a warm feeling in your chest. I said this before on my old blog, but after you have a baby it's like there is a string connected from your heart to theirs, you can feel it and it's a great feeling, a sometimes scary feeling and the most precious gift that God has given me.

One month left until I have a one year old and a two year old.

Monday, April 12

Poop Chart

Potty training is an ongoing process. She pees in the potty with no problem, every time, no accidents, no issues. She has even graduated to using the big adult potty, it is so much nicer to not have to rinse out and clean the kid potty every time she pees. Even better, she wakes up dry almost every morning.....unless.......she has to poop. When she has to poop she holds it until she gets in her crib alone and at some point during the night or in the morning she has been peeing and pooping in her bed. It's not a pleasant thing to find your child wet and poopy first thing in the morning. If it weren't for this little hang up, potty training would have just been too easy, and come on, nothing is ever that easy.

My solution to the poop problem is this handy dandy little homemade poop chart. Every time she poops on the potty she gets a sticker on her chart, after three stickers we go shopping and she gets to pick out a new toy. She doesn't really have to go #2 all that often, maybe two or three times a week. Since the beginning of training she has gone three times in the potty and two times in her bed. Now that we have introduced the chart she has only gone once, but at least she went on the potty and it seemed to be no big deal. I think she just needed a little bribe to push her. Even with this issue, I still can not believe how smooth potty training has gone and how well she has taken to it. I love having her trained, I love never messing with big size 5 diapers, I love that she wakes up dry in the morning (mostly), and I love how proud of herself she is.

She can read every last word and number on this chart and likes to go over it many times a day with whoever will listen.

Friday, April 9

Kid Conversations

Blake and Kinsley had a playdate yesterday. Here is some of their dialogue. Keep in mind Kinsley is a year older than Blake.

Kinsley: Hey Blake, want to go golf coursing!?
Blake: Ok

Kinsley: Blake do you want to put on some of my pajamas?!
Blake: No

Kinsley: Hey Blake, which panties do you want to wear? (holding three pairs of panties)
Blake: Silence
Amy (Kinsley's mom): Kinsley, we don't share panties.

Kinsley: Why do you cry so much?
Blake (she was overtired, but frankly she does cry a lot): Ok

Kinsley: How do you spell your name?
Blake: I spell Blake.

Blake is sitting on her pink potty that I brought because she hasn't mastered the big potty yet, Kinsley wants to sit on it really bad.
Amy: Kinsley, we don't share potties and we don't share panties!

Kinsley: Blake, do you want to play hippity hop scotch? (Kinsley jumps perfectly and quite athletically on the side walk chalk hopscotch)
Blake: Ok! (Blake jumps with her legs alternating forward and backward like she is doing a cheerleading chant and skips all over the hopscotch with no rhyme or reason.)

They gave each other the CUTEST hug and kiss when the playdate was over. It was a serious two armed embrace.

All the way home Blake talked about how much fun she had. She said: "Thank you Kinsley for the play doh", "Kinsley gave me a hug, a kiss and a flower!", "Amy is very special", she also ran through a list of everything they did and some things that they didn't even do. She said "we played kitchen, we saw fish, we played on the swings, we read books (no they didn't). It was pretty cute.

Wednesday, April 7

Bathtime Improvement

The Easter Bunny brought Blake this awesome bath toy! She plays with it the entire time she is in the bath and it has quickly become her favorite bath time companion. It squirts water up through the middle like a fountain and has a flashing light. I think the Easter Bunny may have gotten it at Target. Go get one, it's too fun!

Tuesday, April 6

Furniture Shopping

Last night Zach and I decided to go browse some furniture at Ashley. We really had no intention of buying anything just yet, but you know how that can change in about half a second. You know how the sales people at furniture places are kind of irritating? You just want to walk around and every few minutes they pop out of nowhere like sales ninjas and get all in your business. Our sales ninja turned out to be pretty cool actually. He kept trying to wheel and deal with us and ended up giving us his employee discount, free shipping and a free warranty. Once he told us he would do all that we starting adding stuff to our sales ticket. We found some really cool bedroom furniture, living room furniture and a dining room table. All for less than $4000, we thought that was great! We had our floor plan with us and a tape measure so we could measure all the furniture and make sure it would fit in our awkward floorplan house. We ended up getting a contemporary white leather, armless sectional and a really dark wood square coffee table for the living room. We are pretty sure the couch will fit, but if not, it's a sectional so we can just take one of the sections out and stick it somewhere else in the house. For our bedroom we got one of those poster beds that has canopy board things that connect the posts at the top. It's also pretty contemporary and it's also really dark wood. We had to get two of the same dressers because that is all that would fit in our bedroom. Again, it's an awkward room with not much wall space. We couldn't even get nightstands, we will have to be on the lookout for tiny tables to put by our bed. The dining room table is so very similar to the one we got at Z Gallerie before we got married and recently sold on craig's list. It is either black wood or almost black wood, it's a rectangle, has six chairs and the cushion part of the chair is black leather. I can't wait to dress up the dining room with some funky curtains and stuff since the table is so plain. Decorating this house is going to be SO SO SO fun! I am so anxious to get started so I can share pictures with all my blog readers!!

Sunday, April 4


Easter didn't go quite as planned this year, but it was still a great day. Zach and I had plans to go to either the Good Friday service or the Saturday night Easter service at a new church we've been attending, Christ Chapel. Well, the girls came down with random fevers and felt terrible, so we decided not to leave them with my parents and go to church. Then I got out my Toddlerific book that has Bible lessons and activities in it for kids, I was going to do the Easter activity with Blake. I wasn't really digging the activities, so we just talked about how Jesus died and now Jesus is alive. That should be simple enough. Then we sang a song that I found in the book. It is to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb-

Easter is a happy day, happy day, happy day
Easter is a happy day
Jesus is alive!

Blake likes to talk about how Jesus takes care of us and loves us very much. She really liked the Easter song and wanted me to sing it with her many, many, many times.

When we got up this morning I told Blake that the Easter Bunny came and she was really excited about it. She started jumping in front of her basket. She ate about 250 bites of candy and nothing else the whole day except for maybe a goldfish and a veggie chip or two. Probably her least healthy eating day to date.

My mom's whole side of the family came over and we had a great lunch, I love deviled eggs and always eat at least 10. I am a really bad overeater and I always justify it with "Oh, it's a holiday" or "Live a little, it's the weekend." I usually regret it later, but that will definitely not stop me from doing it again the following weekend or ever a couple of days later. What can I say, I love to eat!

Aside from stuffing deviled eggs, cakes and candies into my mouth, I have been personally celebrating Easter by reading and meditating on the book of Matthew.

Disclaimer: Blake says cheese when we are taking her picture, this results in half open eyes and a weird face that somehow looks like a smile and a frown all in one.

Peeps for breakfast anyone?

The Easter Bunny brought Kylie and Blake ducks.

Blake also got a Dora paint book in her basket.

Hunting for eggs, she lost interest after about two minutes.

Don't leave your food unattended, Kylie will flip your plate and gobble up what she can get.

Pretty Blake in her Easter dress

My beautiful honey bunnies!

We are best buds!

Blake can't get enough of her daddy on the weekends. She always asks for him to "snug and watch a show" and of course he'll do about anything she asks him to.

In the world of family pics, this is about as good as it gets.

Ommy, Blake, G Dad
Kylie is not pictured due to her intense desire to be plastered onto her mommy's body at all times.

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