Wednesday, March 31

Potty Training Day 2

Day 2 went better than day 1. This morning I heard her stirring around in her bed at about 7:15, I normally don't go get her out of bed until 8:30, but I plugged the old monitor back in so she could tell me if she needed to pee during the night. I went in to get her out of bed and I was about one second too late. She had just started peeing in her early morning confusion. I picked her up and the pee was still very warm and none had gotten in her bed yet. It was about as close a call as you can have without having a huge mess in the bed. We changed her panties and I had her sit on the potty again, but she didn't have to go anymore. Right after I got her up she said, "I peed in my crib!", she wasn't very happy with herself, but I didn't know what to expect. I fully prepared myself to walk into her room and smell a horrible stench and find pee and poop everywhere. Thank goodness that wasn't the case.

The rest of the day she would tell me when she needed to go to the potty by saying "MOMMY" in an urgent tone. No major accidents, a couple of times she told me a drip came out and she had a little wet spot when I checked, but no peeing on the floor or on me like yesterday. So we are still making progress but she still hasn't pooped. I know getting her to poop in the potty that first time is going to be challenging.

I tried some of her leggings on her today and I am loving the no diaper look. Her clothes are going to fit so much better. She has also taken on a whole new persona, she knows she is a big girl now and feels so proud of herself. It's really cute.

Tuesday, March 30

Potty Training Day 1

I am the type of mom who likes to read a lot of parenting materials, ask around and do some research. I have had really good results with discipline, therapy, tantrums, breastfeeding, sleeping and I'm sure some other stuff by reading about it before I start bad habits. I figure, why not learn from all the resources out there, I can learn from other people's mistakes and triumphs instead of figuring it out on my own. I also feel way more confident when I have a research based plan of attack.

I tried potty training a couple of weeks ago without really reading anything or getting a plan together and it was a disaster. I decided right then and there that if I was going to do this right and as quickly as possible, I needed some guidelines and help. So I heard from a couple of friends that Lora Jensen's 3 Day Potty Training was a great program. I purchased the e book, studied up and set aside today, tomorrow and Thursday for our potty training days. It's only been one day, but I can assure you that this is the way to go. It has been so easy, I have been nervous about this for days and it has almost been a seamless transition.

The basic idea is that potty training should be a fun and positive experience, and actually believe it or not, Blake and I have had a great time today working on her potty skills together. It's bonded us in a new way and I am more proud of her than I even imagined I would be. There is no punishment or reprimanding involved, only positive reinforcement and love. You don't ever ask them if they need to go potty, you say "tell Mommy when you need to pee pee", this puts the ball in their court and they are in control, perfect for control freak Blake. You also don't make them try and sit on the potty if they don't need to go, there's really no point. There is much more to it, the e book is 40 pages long, but that is the gist. It's not rocket science, but it sure helps to have the e book to give you the basic dos and donts from someone who knows what they are doing.

Since my parent's house is so huge I had to have two potties and a potty seat for the big potty to make sure we get to the bathroom fast enough. I got tons of Dora and Hello Kitty panties, some Kandoo wipes, some prizes, some sponge bob soap (Blake doesn't even know what Sponge Bob is, but it's still a cute bottle) and made sure she had plenty to drink. Here is how our day went:

8:30 Wake up. The last diaper she will ever wear is dry. She picked out her panties.

2 drinks

11:00 She starts squirming, crying, clinging to me, I could tell she really needed to go. She peed on me and the floor, I ran her to the potty, this totally freaked her out and she started crying and having a fit. I told her it was ok and we went to pick out a new pair of panties to put on.

11:15 She must not have finished peeing because she started doing more squirming and crying. I took her to the potty and tried to find a way to make her relax. I decided I would try and hug her and scratch her back like I do before bed. She relaxed and peed a ton, she filled up so much of the little potty. I praised the heck out of her, she was so proud of herself. I was so relieved the first pee peeing was over with and I let her pick a prize.

2 more drinks

12:20 she starts squirming and says "mommy, what are we going to do?", I take this as my cue to get her to the potty immediately. She peed on the potty with me hugging her again and I let her pick another prize.

1:10 She had a small accident and this is partially my fault. I was playing on my phone and she was playing with her babies, got carried away and peed on the floor. We went and changed her panties again.

1:25 This time I noticed her squirminess and took her to the potty. She peed without needing me to hug her.

1 drink

2:20 She says "mommy, let's run!", by now she is thinking it's kind of fun and is really getting into the running to the potty thing. She peed on the potty again, no hug needed.

2:30 She went down for a "nap" this has turned into a quiet reading time or resting time, she never falls asleep anymore. I went and got her up an hour later instead of the usual two hours, just in case. She was dry.

1 drink

Many false alarms, she kept saying she would have to pee, pretend she peed so she could flush the potty or get a prize. This happened four of five times in a row.

4:15 Peed on potty and asked for hug to feel relaxed.

1 drink

5:00 peed on potty

5:10 She asked for a diaper, this made me think she needed to poop, but nothing really came of it and she didn't ask again so who knows?

5:40 peed in potty

6:30 bath, she probably peed in the tub, but there's really no telling and I don't care either way.

8:00 peed on potty one more time before bed, I put her to bed in panties, this potty training program requires that you do not use pull ups or diapers at all.

It went so well and I am so pleased. If you are dreading potty training, don't. Just make sure your kid is old enough, Blake is at a great potty training age right now, she can communicate well, she has great bladder control and she understands the process. Surely she will poop tomorrow and that will be interesting, but I imagine it's nothing a little hug and a back scratch can't fix. If not, the book has tons of recommendations on how to have them poop without freaking out about it. So far so good!

Yay! I did it!

Dora panties!
This is the upstairs potty, Blake doesn't like it as much as the other one.
Blake LOVES this potty! It's cheaper too.

Monday, March 29

Kylie's 9 month well check at 10.5 months

The look on her face says it all.

I'm scared. I don't like you. Mommy help me. Why am I naked on a machine? This can't be happening.

It's true what they say, you are more laid back with your second child. I don't mean to be, but two kids is like living on a different planet compared to only having one kid. People with two kids know what I'm talking about, one kid seems so easy and you wonder why you were ever so worried about silly things. It doesn't seem easy to be a parent of one at the time, but looking back you don't realize how nice you had it until you have another bundle of joy doubling the feedings, nap times, baths, diaper changes, books, playtimes, loading in the car, doubling the difficulty of outings, you get the point. That being said, Kylie's 9th month came and went without us getting her to the doctor for her well check due to all the busy stuff going on. I finally got her in there today at ten and a half months. Oops.

She didn't enjoy it at all, she was grabbing onto my shirt, clinging to me and wanting nothing to do with any doctor or nurse. She wouldn't have had to get a shot, but I forgot to take her one month after her flu shot for her second flu shot booster. Oops again. So she had to get that booster today.

Weight-19.7 lbs (48%)
Height-29 inches (77%)
Head circumference-17.5 inches (50%)

She is tall with a medium sized body and head. Sounds good to me.

Black Eyed B

Swelling is gone, bruising is everywhere. It has even gone under her eye now. She still looks bad, I am hoping it is all healed up by Easter because she has a gorgeous Easter dress (I got it for $16 at Target, by the way:))

Emery's 1st Birthday

Cute little Emery Nicole just had her first birthday party at Gymboree! Such a great place for a little kid party. It was really fun and interesting for me to see how far Blake has come since her birthday party there almost a year ago. She is so much more daring and the anxiety ridden exterior of my darling Blake is undoubtedly melting away revealing the girl I always saw to the rest of the world. She's honestly gone from one of the most shy and uncomfortable kids to one of the most outgoing and fun loving (most the time, don't get me wrong, she still throws major fits and doesn't like to be around people all the time, and still shows signs of her old ways, but huge strides are being made all the time).


They are best friends, they just don't know it yet. It's one of those arranged best friendships.

Hey Mom, why don't you sign me up for some gymboree classes?

In case you haven't taken note, the denim jacket from babygap is an absolute staple in Blake's spring wardrobe. It looks great with so many of her dresses, skirts and cute little pants.

Kylie holds her mouth like that of a beaver more often than not.

Mel and Em

A year ago Blake would have NEVER attempted this daring maneuver.

Kate saying cheese with a wrinkly nose for my camera.

Blake was pleased to participate in all group activities, again, this is a huge thing.

The lonely world of breastfeeding.
I had to leave the party to go into this supply room to feed Kylie. I always feel so lonely and like time is ticking by so slowly when I have to leave a social event to nurse. You can see me and Kylie in the mirror.

Blake and her buddy Kate.
Blake was biting the head off of each peep and putting the body back in the centerpiece.

Happy birthday to Emery!
God heard our prayers and here you are!

Bunny Stalker

The Montserrat neighborhood had a big Easter party in the park, there was a big Easter egg hunt and the Easter bunny was there too. Many kids scream and run away traumatized by the sight of the big high school mascot Easter bunny. Not Blake, she stalked it. She is probably in the background in nearly everyone's Easter bunny picture. I couldn't get her away from him. She would walk by him and say "hop, hop, hoppity hop" and want him to hop, which he didn't. After the egg hunt and the train ride she wanted to see the Easter bunny juuuuust.....ooooonnne....moooore.....tiiiiimme (imagine a breathy, drawn out, dramatic toddler voice). We were able to get her back to the car with just a few tears. Kylie cried tears of fear when I made the bunny hold her for a picture.

The egg hunt went well, if only she didn't want to stop after she picked up each egg and examine/devour it's contents. She is a true chocaholic.

The train ride was really cute and she enjoyed that as well.

If it's not mommy or daddy, she's not really interested in being held, especially not by this creepy creature.

Pure bliss

examining the innards of her egg.

A tearful goodbye. She also told the bunny, "I had a really good time."

She would have absolutely left with the Easter Bunny, drove away with him in his easter bunny car and lived with him at his easter bunny house forever and ever.

Getting ready for the train ride in the gail force winds. My hair clumped together in yarn-like strands.

Blake and her new acquaintance, Sloan.

Choo choo

Friday, March 26

Bad Owie day 2

When I went to get Blake out of her crib this morning her eye was so much worse! She couldn't even open it and it was even more swollen and extremely purple. It doesn't seem to be bothering her at all though. It has also been slowly getting less swollen all day.

Thursday, March 25

A Really Bad Owie

GASP! Blake got her first REALLY bad owie today. She tripped and banged her eye on my parent's stone table. It swelled up so, so, so big. I didn't want her to see it in the mirror and panic so I kept trying to avoid mirrors. I almost forgot when she was brushing her teeth and I had to strategically place my hand in front of her eye like it was normal. I could tell she was wondering what on earth I was doing. Then the book she picked had mirrors in it. Geez! I read those pages quickly. Poor thing, her beautiful face is busted.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

I just found these other pics and added them. We are playing with tops and Kylie and I are playing in the water.

My mom and I have been trying to take Blake and Kylie on lots of little field trips lately, everything from a quick dinner to the museum. They are so much easier to take out and we are taking full advantage. We were trying to decide between the zoo and the museum and the weather kind of decided for us. It was a little too cold for my likings for an outdoor day.

This was my first time to be back to the museum since the renovation and it is perfect for kids!! Blake had the time of her life there, she loved it so much that we bought a membership and will be going back often. There were a few sections of the museum that we didn't get to see because we were ready to go. I didn't get any pictures of the outdoor water area, but it was one of Blake and Kylie's favorite parts. There is a huge long water table and a water squirty gun area. The entire museum is hands on. We also didn't get to do the supermarket part and I know Blake really wanted to, but they shut it down for a five minute cleaning period and we didn't want to hang around any longer.

Oh and about that outdoor area....I decided to do a quick breastfeeding session with Kylie. I didn't have my hooter hider, so I just used my mom's jacket. I had to sit in a very conspicuous area on a bench. I was sitting by myself, just kind of awkwardly looking around, it's so weird because everyone knows what you are doing, it's not wrong and shouldn't be weird, but it is. Toward the end of the rushed feeding (I kept trying to pull Kylie off, because I just wanted her to be done), she started flapping her arms and I was exposed! I don't think it was just side boob either. It was almost too embarrassing to even be embarrassed. Odd moment.

Anyway, if you are in the FW area, totally take your kids to the museum, very worth it!

Blake dancing in a rhythmic gymnastic style. There is an area with music and streamers and flashing lights, Blake loved it and Kylie loved watching.

Blake would pick up a shape and say, "this is one of my FAVORITE shapes!", she was so excited to be at the museum.

You can control the speed of this sand wheel and make art on it with brushes, sticks, shovels etc.

Kylie working the tangrams.

Blake loves ladybugs, caterpillars and butterflies. We went into the dinosaur section and she was yelling about a beautiful butterfly. After glancing around and seeing zero butterflies, I figured out she was talking about the dinosaur's chest bones that are in a butterfly shape.

Blake sitting in a dinosaur foot print fossil.

The idea was to take a cute picture in front of the big alligator, but you can't even tell what we are in front of.

Kylie had fun observing and clapping her hands.

Pushing the button to make bubbles

Fun little obstacle course


We couldn't pass the dancing spot again without doing some more dancing.

Working the late shift on the Ambulance like Uncle Jason used to!

There was a nursery section set up where the kids could take care of babies, there were shots, diapers a sink a baby scale, hospital nursery cribs, very fun.

If you stand under the giraffe he tells you how tall you are. I am 5'5", but the giraffe gave me an extra inch.

Yee Hawing on a pony in the gift shop

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