Sunday, February 28

Don't You Take it Away!


Blake and I singing a duet of You Are My Sunshine

Also, Kylie loves to shake her head no, she is doing so in this video.

Arlington Flip

The landscaping went in this weekend. We still have shutters to put up that will make it even cuter, but it has come a long long way.

Before. Yuck.

In other Walker real estate news, the Arlington flip house is on the market as of today! What a huge relief. This project has really dragged on because Zach is so busy with work and my brother lives in California. My hope is that someone will love this house very much. It was my Grandparent's first home.


We ended up putting an offer on the house in Mistletoe! We should hear something back tomorrow. My fingers are crossed because I am in love with the location and layout of the house. It is just too perfect for us and Zach and I have redesigned the whole thing in our heads and can't wait to get in there and renovate. However, we asked to close on or before March 26 meaning that we would have the 4 TCU tenants for two months. Their lease is up in May. That is annoying because we will have to wait to actually move in or start work in there until June. That is not annoying because they will pay us 2000 a month to live there.

A Lion and 2 Ladies

Kylie pulls up all the time and I got her a new pushing toy that looks like a lion. When she is holding on to the handle Blake feels comfortable enough to come up to Kylie and hug her and "take care of her". To Blake, taking care of someone means patting their arms repeatedly. Its always so strange to me when Blake interacts with Kylie since I am not used to it at all. Kylie is still too unpredictable and makes too many squealy sounds for Blake's liking.

Friday, February 26

Mistletoe Heights House

I somehow forgot to add this picture, it is the living area when you first walk in, I would like to do a new fireplace surround because it looks pretty rough when you get up close to it.

Zach and I looked at about 12 houses over the past two days and we have our front runner! It is in Mistletoe Heights, such a great location. There are 4 TCU girls renting it right now and it has been a college rental property for a long time. It needs lots of spiffing up, but it's already in pretty good condition. There is a carport shed thing in the back that just needs to be bulldozed, also there is a deck in the back that needs to be redone. The fence isn't very good either. We looked at this one first and every house after it we didn't like as much. Even the ones that were way more expensive. We like the idea of renovating it together and choosing our own finishes. It has plenty of space and loads of potential. Even though it needs work, it is a good price and there is so much we love about it. I am really hoping we get it, the girls that live there are so sweet and cute and they told us all about the neighbors and the neighborhood and how safe they feel and how much they love it.

Here is the front, we are planning on repainting it a different color and doing lots of landscaping to help the curb appeal. It has a nice circle drive which is good. The patio is slate and we may get a new front door, or at least paint the existing one. There are quite a few really cute houses on the street that have been redone and look great, there are also some that aren't as cute, but that is what happens when you are looking in these old areas.

This is the master bath, we would redo the countertops, but that's about it.

Lots and lots of slate. I wouldn't have picked this, but it doesn't look bad, just LOTS of slate.

This is the master bedroom, it needs new doors because it has french doors on it right now that you can see right through. This picture is terrible, I wasn't really doing the best job taking pics.

formal dining, it is up at the front of the house and also has a slate floor.
We may use this for an office, not sure though.

Kitchen. This is one of the only houses we looked at that had a pantry and the kitchen is a nice size. We would change the cabinets or at least the cabinet doors, the countertops, backsplash and sink. The floor is fine.

This is a little casual living area, we may use it for a dining room because there is another living area connected to it, if we use the front room for an office.

This is the way down to the basement.

One of the bedrooms. The bedrooms are very big, the closets are pretty good and they all have wood floors and crown molding.

The bathroom that the girls would use. This needs a new bathtub, all the maroon tile taken off the walls, new countertops, new cuter mirrors, a new light fixture and probably a new floor.

The other big bedroom.

Basement bathroom.

This is the basement which would be the playroom. I love that there is a basement, somewhere to go for bad weather and a place to keep all the toys out of the main areas of the house. I do have to say the stairs are treacherous. We will have our contractor look at them and see if he can re do them and make them not so steep. It needs a new floor down there, but the bathroom is in good shape.
The laundry room is down in the basement.

Tuesday, February 23

More Casino Party Pictures

No lie, I have been uploading pictures off and on for three entire days. Please enjoy the rest of the pictures from Zach's big bash.

Candy cigarettes!

Realizing what his gift is, I love the look of "are you serious right now?"

Proud Breitling owner


The candy table

Mom and I
Zach and I, and no I didn't move a muscle in my pose.



Megan and Jason


Michelle and Clay

My parents and Elvis

My dad and my cousin Allison, she came up with the drink menu and bartended.
The drink menu was
Zach-Maker's Mark and Coke
Poker Face-Tequila, Triple Sec, pineapple juice, lime
Mandalay Bay Breeze-Malibu Rum, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, orange wedge
Lady Luck-Gin, Blue Curacao, orange juice
Ritz Fizz-Amaretto, Blue Curacao, champagne, lime juice

College roommate, sorority sister, one of my best friends, Michelle and I

Becki and Colin

Garrett and Andrea

Jenny and Josh

Aunt Brenda and Uncle Ron

Judy the caterer

Terry (long time friend of my parent's and Judy the caterer's husband)

Corinne and Matt

Tom and Milynda (Zach's mom and stepdad)

Justin and Allison with Elvis

I love my Al!

Jenny, Andrea, Amy

Elvis and his groupies.

Elvis serenading Zach with an Elvis style hapy birthday song.

Thanks Elvis!

Uncle Ron and my dad

Chris enjoying some rather tasty fondue.

Uncle Ron, my dad, Terry and AC

Black Jack

Tom, Zach, My dad Roy

Michelle and Clay Graham, Karley and Brett Butler
Michelle and Karley were Kappa Deltas with me, and Clay and Brett were FIJIs with Zach.
A lot of our married couple friends are KDs and FIJIs. It works.

AC, Aaron, Cal, Chris

AC and Aaron playing craps

Michael and Zach

Zach loved his cake, he was really surprised by all the thought and details that went into the party. He kept saying, I can't believe you did all that, you are so sweet, etc. :)

Garrett, Michael, Zach, Andrew

Me, Benjamin and Josh

Regina and her winnings

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