Sunday, January 31

New Addition to the Family

My cousin Lucy and her husband Bobby welcomed little baby Kazleigh into the world today. Lucy did great and they are so excited! Now Kylie will have someone to play with at family functions. She is one of the cutest newborns and I am so happy for the Pegues family of three.

Saturday, January 30

My Brrrrrthday

And it was a cold one! I had so much fun though and really enjoyed myself. Dayme's birthday is on the 27th and mine is the 29th so we usually try to get together with some of our Tech KD friends on the 28th to celebrate. We met in Arlington and it was a good meeting place. The weather was hideous. So cold and so rainy, I drove about 50 mph all the way there. After dinner Allison escorted me to my car with her flimsy umbrella, it got even colder and even rainier when it was time to go home. Shannon brought us cupcakes from the cupcakery in Dallas and they were so good.

Shannon, Jenny, Allison

Dayme and me. We are 28!

On my actual birthday morning, I woke up to a couple of roses on the bed. Awwww. Then I went into the bathroom and there was a big note written on the mirror and even more roses! Have I mentioned before that I have the best husband?

I was actually able to meet my husband for lunch! This was such a rare and wonderful thing. He was doing work in Keller and Argyle and drove to meet me at my favorite little sandwich place, McKinley's in University Park Village. I had an egg salad sandwich, I love me some egg salad. Then I got lots of cupcakes and cookies to bring home. After that I went shopping BY MYSELF! You forget how nice it is to wander outside the walls of your home and stroll around shopping without worrying about a thing.

When I got home, Kylie had really missed me so I strapped her in the Bjorn so she could be touching me at all times. She loves to be riding around with me.

Next, it was time to make my birthday wish. We had some of the cupcakes from McKinley's. Blake wasn't feeling good and refused to change out of her PJs all day. Who can blame her?

Is it just me or is Kylie about to pounce on my cupcake and gobble it all up?

Zach got me a wii and wii fit. I am so excited about this gift. I started the wii fit right away. You have to do a fitness test and it told me that I am in the low normal weight range, however it said I have awful balance and asked me if I fall down and trip a lot. Then it told me I have the body of a 39 year old. I didn't realize I was that out of shape. Then I made Zach do the test to see what it said about him. It told him he is overweight, needs to lose 30 lbs, but it did say he had the body of a 32 year old. He's been kind of trying to get healthy and fit for a while now and I think seeing that he had a really high BMI maybe motivated him a little. We were cracking up at it and making fun of each other the rest of the night. We are going to have lots of fun with the new wii.

Don't mind me, I'm just practicing the warrior pose.

Finally, after all the calls, emails, texts, etc. I ended my birthday with a dinner at Joe T's. About half the group bailed so it ended up being a small little party of 4. We had so much fun chatting and stayed there for about three hours. It was such a fun day.
Me, Regina, Allison and Amy

My Dad called or texted about every contact in his phone and I got SO many random phone calls from my dad's friends. This was pretty funny. My phone kept ringing and ringing, it was ridiculous. I didn't recognize a single number, so I kept not answering and finally when I checked all my messages it was tons of his friends. So strange yet fun.

Sunday, January 24

Houses, Poison Control and a Tasty Crayon

Houses: We are having a really hard time finding a house. We were a couple of days away from putting an offer on a foreclosure that just happens to be the same foreclosure that I blogged about hating a couple of months ago. We have to get pre approved and we are having some second thoughts on it. It would need major renovating immediately, we still may put an offer, but we may not. We have been boldly praying for God to shine a light on the path we are supposed to take, show us where we are supposed to live and guide us in the most obvious way He can. We just haven't felt that "this is it" feeling yet.

Poison Control: Well I made my first dreaded call to the old poison control hotline today. Blake loves beauty products more than any toddler should and she got ahold of some eye drops. I found her with the lid off and the eye drops to her mouth. I got a flashback of some movie I had seen a few years ago where they put eye drops in people's drinks to give them mad diarrhea. I figured I should call the hotline just to check. The nice lady told me that they probably tasted gross, but other than that she should have no side effects. I was relieved, for a minute there I imagined cleaning up poo all day long and I already change entirely too many diapers per day as it is.

Tasty Crayon: Kylie is speedy fast and can make it across a room in a flash. Besides crawling (still army crawling), she can almost pull up and can pretty much climb up one step. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that she has been trying really hard to say two words. Hi and yay. She claps her hands and says yay when she is trying to mimic us, and she waves her arm and tries to say hi when we wave at her and say hi. So I may or may not count those two as her first words. It depends if she keeps it up and makes that connection without just mimicking us. She is also putting anything and everything in her mouth. I fished a Dora fruit snack and a small scrap of paper out of her mouth today. I was on the phone with Allison for a brief few minutes and when I walked across the room to make sure Kylie wasn't into something, she had orange crayon all over her face and under her nails. I think I was too late and she ate it. I probably should have mentioned that one to poison control, but that would be so embarrassing to call the hotline and have not one, but two bad parenting moments for two different kids within minutes of each other. "No miss CPS social worker, I promise it only happened that once and I'm not a pitiful mother, I will be much more careful from now on."

Big Fun at the Little Gym

Sophie and Olivia Mixon had a big birthday party last night at The Little Gym. Sophie turned 3 and Olivia turned 1. The party was in Fort Worth, so we knew that if Blake was miserable we would just leave and only have to drive 5 minutes home. Lucky for us, Blake did pretty well. She didn't cry, she did get scared a few times, ok like 25 times, but Zach or I were always with her so she felt pretty comfortable. That was a perfect place for a little kid party, we will probably consider doing the exact same thing for Blake and Kylie's birthday this summer.

There's a bubble on yo head girl!

This depicts Blake's personality really well...all the kids are laying on the bouncy thing waiting for it to blow up with air, Blake kind of wants to be a part of it, but would rather keep her distance.
Again, all the kids jumping and Blake jumping by herself on the wedge mat. She does ok if she is away from the main action.

Kylie and Ashton, Khiandra's son
Serious mugs.

Olivia and Kylie

Wendy, Christy and I
Wendy and Christy used to be my cheerleading coaches and it has been so great keeping up with them over the years.

Kylie was so overtired

Blake sat and ate dinner and cake with the other kids with no problem. She really surprised us, I was very proud of her.

Happy birthday Sweet Sophie!


I shove as much fruit as I can into Kylie's mesh feeder and she stays busy for quite some time. She really likes when I put watermelon in there.

Thursday, January 21

Therapy Update

As we all know, I have been majorly stressed about Blake's temperament and social anxiety. It's beyond a problem. I called the play therapist and she didn't get back to me. So I called her again today, she sounded really old on the phone and not very personable and not very with it. She said she got my message and was going to get around to calling me back. I'm not ageist or anything, but Blake relates and does way better with people closer to my age, especially cute women. Yes, these are strange characteristics to look for in a therapist and that leads me to my next thought. Jenny, the child therapist that I met through our good friend Natalie, has been in contact with me. In all of the training she has been through, she strongly suggests not sending a child that is 2 or 3 years old to therapy. It can be too much for them, especially if their anxiety is partially brought on by strangers. It seems kind of counter productive, plus it's really expensive. I don't want to shell out thousands of dollars and have Blake not even get much out of it because she can't relax around the therapist. So, Jenny is starting a class to teach parents about filial therapy in early February. This really sounds perfect for Blake. This piece of an article explains it really well.

"Filial therapy is an approach used by play therapists to train parents to be therapeutic agents with their own children. Parents are taught basic child-centered play therapy principles and skills, including reflective listening, recognizing and responding to children's feelings, therapeutic limit setting, building children's self-esteem, and structuring required weekly play sessions with their children using selected toys. The therapist typically utilizes didactic instruction, demonstration play sessions, videotapes, and supervision in a warm, nonjudgemental, unconditionally accepting, genuine, and understanding environment in which their child feels safe to explore the parent-child relationship and themselves, including fears, desires, feelings, and struggles."

Now, I'm no therapist, but this stuff is right up my alley. I got a Human Development and Family Studies degree from Texas Tech, took a year of early childhood education classes from SMU to get my teacher certification and taught first grade for two years. I am really interested about learning how to do filial therapy and help Blake to grow. It is a ten week program with classes once a week. If she is still having problems in a year or so, I will definitely take her to an actual therapist. I feel like this is a great place to start and I hope those close to me and Blake agree. I feel like it all just came together perfectly, and that is when you know you are on the right track. The day I took Blake to the pediatrician to discuss fears and anxieties, I ended up seeing Jenny that night and talking with her about Blake. She then recommended the filial therapy and gave me the names of several therapists who teach this to parents. When we started emailing to find out a possible treatment plan, it just so happens that she is starting a new filial group session on February 8. Boom, boom, boom, everything is in place and I didn't even have to try and figure it out, it all seemed laid out in front of me. As I have said before, parenting is my career and I can't wait to learn some new techniques and strengthen my bag of tricks.

Dora to the Rescue

We have been playing outside a lot due to the absolutely beautiful weather lately. Blake loves playing hide and seek and looking for things so we created a game based on her favorite character, Dora. I would have her close her eyes and I would go around hiding little people animals all around the yard. I would give Blake clues while calling her Dora and she would look around and find them, much like an egg hunt. She had so much fun and kept yelling "arriba", yes she watches too much Dora. She got so excited when she would save an animal, she would hug it and comfort it and say, "it's OK little sheep, I saved you."

She was adamant that I take a picture of this worm, I don't think it was even alive.

Dora rescued a tiger!

Meanwhile, Kylie wouldn't stop munching on the leaves. I had to run over and grab a leaf out of her mouth every few minutes.

Wednesday, January 20

Curly Q

What do you think, does it look like the Koo Bear will have curly hair? I'm thinking it will at least be wavy like Blake's.

Pack N Play

Since Kylie is movin and groovin we had to bust out the pack n play so that I have some where to safely put her if I have to leave the room. But, Blake always wants to be in there instead.

Hey little piggy!

Tuesday, January 19

Birthday Girls

I went out with some friends for a fun birthday dinner. It was my first time at Fireside Pies. It was such a great restaurant. Happy birthday Natalie, Gail and Melissa!!

Birthday Chicas

You Did Not Offend Us!

The people who have made irritating comments and suggestions are people who don't visit the Walker World blog. If you are a beloved blog reader thank you for your support and encouragement and thank you for listening to my occasional rant. If you thought, Oh crap! I must have offended them, you didn't. We promise. I have had some comments from Gymboree people, and some other people I know with kids Blake's age that are just acquaintances. Just wanted to clear that up :)

Toddler Anxiety

Blake has been noticeably anxious and cautious since she was about 18 or 20 months. I always knew she was a pretty tricky kid and didn't enjoy doing some of the things that easy going kids liked. It has been a really hard road with her, but I feel like Zach and I are a perfect match for her and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have dealt with comments, some hurtful, about what people think are their great ideas, or what they think they would do if they were in my shoes. Put her in preschool, drop her off for a few hours for a playdate, push her, the more she is exposed to uncomfortable situations the better she will get, take her to a specialist, blah, blah, blah. I mean, everything anyone has said to me I have already thought about and thought about, trust me. All I really need is support and not advice unless you have a kid so similar to Blake, I honestly don't think you have any idea of what we have been through. This has taken over our lives, we stress about large gatherings because we know Blake doesn't want to be there, she shakes, her heart races, she cries, she screams, she is terrified. That is why we have shied away from big parties and get togethers. We would love to go, but you have to decided what is more important, showing up somewhere just to say you showed up or putting your child's needs first. To me it's a no brainer, and thankfully almost all of our friends and family have been nothing but understanding. Come on, we don't want to be hermits, but it is what it is right now. Blake needs a calm stable environment to feel confident and happy. She is so easy going, filled with laughter and joy and just a normal kid when she is at home and feels comfortable. I decided that 6 months had passed since her two year check up and we needed to go back to the doctor to talk more about her anxiety. She was excited about looking at the fish in the waiting room, however this wild little boy was running around screaming and that really upset her. When it was time to get weighed and examined, she did so well. WAY better than her two year check up, so there is some progress right there. She sat on the table and ate her sucker while Dr. Z and I talked about what makes her anxious and her behaviors. For some reason when Dr. Z went to examine her, after the nurse already had with no problems, Blake got really scared and shot like a magnet to Zach. I was glad she showed the doctor that side of her so she could see what the nervous behavior looks like. We discussed a plan of action. Step 1: Try play therapy. I am pretty excited about this, it will be one on one with a therapist and I really hope this helps and translates into our normal life. Step 2: If play therapy doesn't show signs of improving the behaviors we will talk about medication. I REALLY don't want to medicate my child and I won't go to this drastic step until she is way older if she still needs it. She is still so young. I was talking to my child psychiatrist PhD friend last night at a birthday dinner and she told me that what I was describing is actually very common and she usually doesn't recommend therapy until they are at least three years old. I may be jumping the gun a little with Blake, but I don't think it will hurt anything having her see a therapist. I really wanted her to start at Montessori preschool when she was three years old, but she may not be ready still. The last thing I want to do is torture her and she has plenty of time to do preschool, she won't be starting kinder until she is 6 because she has a later summer birthday. So as I've said before, I think the best treatment for her situation is patience and time, but maybe play therapy will speed it up a little bit. If she doesn't start preschool until she is 3 and a half or 4, I have no problem with that. She will absolutely get through this and I will do everything in my power to help her, even if that means being hermits for another year, or even longer. Thank you for your prayers, support, and kind words, it is so helpful to know we have an incredible support system who tried their hardest to understand our gift from above, Blake Elizabeth.

Sunday, January 17

Golfing Buddies

My Dad was talking to Kylie about how they will go golfing one day and ride around in the cart. She kept grabbing at his hat so he adjusted it to the smallest setting and put it on her tiny head.

At first she was rockin it Parnevik style.

And in case you aren't golf savvy, here is a picture of Jesper Parnevik.

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