Tuesday, December 29

A Sign From Above

Things have been stressful in our lives for a while. It all started when Zach lost his job, we stressed, cried, prayed and freaked out. Then he got a new job with Pogue Construction, but that by no means alleviated all of our concerns. The commute is bad enough to make us put our house on the market and move closer to McKinney. Some days we feel like we are doing the right thing and some days we feel so lost and not sure we are on the right path. We have been doing tons of soul searching and lots of journaling and prayer time. We are in a phase of our life where we are questioning everything because of our kids and our strong desire to get settled and make a great living. Yesterday I broke down and bawled because I feel like a lost puppy. We can't afford much of anything in Coppell, in case you don't know about Coppell real estate, it's not cheap. I am going to have a hard time spending 300,000 on an ugly house that needs a complete re do. I don't want a huge mortgage where we feel like we can't do anything but pay our house payment and have no money for fun stuff. We love Fort Worth and always saw ourselves here, but it will never work out if Zach has a long career in McKinney. We are sick and tired of being broke. Period. Zach is so driven and motivated to be successful and we have a lot of unanswered questions and uncertainties. Doors seem to keep slamming in our face and that likely means we should go another direction. We are very open to living anywhere from McKinney to Fort Worth and anywhere (with a good school district) in between. It's just such a big darn decision to make. Lucky for us my parents said we can stay as long as we need to make our final decision. Thank God for awesome parents. So back to the crying yesterday, I feel like we can't afford anything, I want the best for my kids, what even does that mean?, I don't know, I am so ready to be on what feels like the right track, what does that even feel like?, I don't know, etc. My parents are also struggling because they have to relocate for the third time in a year and a half in July. They are searching all over Fort Worth for the perfect or even good enough house. We just want to be settled, all of us. Is that too much to ask? Apparently yes. So we've all been wondering what in the heck to do. That brings me to last night. Blake was hugging this statue that mom has that looks like Jesus and a bunch of animals. She kept saying "He takes care, He takes care of Mommy, He takes care of girls and boys and Mommys, He takes care of Daddy, He takes care of bunnies, He takes care of squirrels, etc." My dad asks, "who is that?", Blake looks at him and says "sGod, sGod" (translation- It's God). She has a little stuffed lamb on the ground and then she said "He takes care of the sheep." In that moment, my dad said he felt like God was talking to him and that a lightning bolt hit him in the chest. He was crying, like really crying harder than I've seen him cry in years. It was really what he needed to hear, and truthfully what all of us needed to hear...He takes care of the sheep, He is in charge, Let go and just be taken care of. And that was a sign from above.

Saturday, December 26


Zach had a wild idea that he wanted Blake to wake up to a huge snowman on Christmas morning so he asked Cal if he would help him make one. We went out in the frigid conditions and didn't think making a snowman would be so hard. There was inches and inches of snow but it wasn't sticking together very well to make the big snowballs. Zach just had to settle for a little four or five inch snow baby that he made on a table.

Zach and Cal all bundled up for the snow man making. Cal borrowed my dad's boots and looked about as skinny as Jack the Pumpkin King from Nightmare before Christmas.

Waking up to my first white Christmas. It is so special that Ky's first Christmas was snowy!

Blake was so happy that Santa brought her a Dora Kitchen and then so sad when she realized that the other big toy was for Kylie. Typical two year old.

Kylie was nice and shared with Blake.

Blake loves touching, hugging and feeding her big Dora.

The little house was a huge hit.

My dad got Blake and Kylie matching Ella Moss outfits.

My mom's side of the family all came over for lunch and Blake enjoyed opening more gifts. She got her cleaning set and some other fun stuff.

This step stool was a great gift from the Klines. Blake loved jumping off into Daddy's arms. See she's getting braver and braver all the time.

Trying to take a pic with my daughter since we were in matching colors.

Aunt Brenda got cupcake pjs for Ommy and Blake and they put them on when everyone left. Then we realized Kylie had on cupcakes too so she got in the next picture.

Thursday, December 24

Christmas Eve

Man, who would have thought that we would ever experience a white Christmas around here? I was just in awe of the beautiful snowfall today, that just kept coming and coming. Our poor dogs. I don't even want to get into what a hideous dog owner I have been since Blake became old enough to know she was scared of dogs. Merlin literally had icicles and a weed hanging off of his face today. His body looked like a flocked Christmas tree. Cricket had a pretty good coating of snow on her as well. The dogs aren't supposed to come in the house because my parents are leasing it, we have to be out by July because the owner got a full price cash offer, but that's a different post entirely. We brought the dogs in and set a gate up in a tiled area and they are now warm and cozy and sleeping soundly out of the arctic elements. We always spend Christmas Eve with my Dad's side of the family. We don't see them as much as we see my Mom's side so we usually have a lot of talking and catching up to do. We also don't make gift giving a huge priority with this side of the family. I like it that way, it takes so much of the pressure out of the holiday season and you can spend more time enjoying your family rather than running to Target for the fifteenth time two days before Christmas. However, my grandparents did give me a massage envy gift card and I will be booking my appointment asap.

I didn't anticipate the snow lasting all day long so my brother and I rushed out this morning to take a picture to prove that there was actual snow on Christmas Eve in Fort Worth, TX.
Miss Blake and her Cutie Orange, her latest favorite snack.

Daddy and Blake out in the snow

Mommy and the Babes who were far more intrigued by the fish game and not wanting to look at the camera.

She caught a fish!

Cousin Nolan, Cousin AJ and his wife Jennifer, Zach and Debbie, Debbie and Zach used to work together and really miss their long talks.

Playing the fishing game like a true angler.

Grandpa and Uncle Joe (my dad's brother)

Mom and Dad, my mom was hiding everyone's American Express giftcards behind her back.

Cousin Jessica (everyone kept telling us that we look alike, she is 12 and really cute, so I'll take that as a compliment) Cousin Lucy (32 weeks pregnant and supposed to be on strict bed rest) her husband Bobby, and my cousin Emily.

Cal and Grandma

Me and my Hubs.

Jessica and Kylie playing

I better go to sleep so Santa will come....I have been a VERY good girl this year :)

Everyday Stuff

I've got some catching up to do here. I know I'm behind on my blogging when my camera says memory full and I haven't uploaded pictures in weeks. Mostly the reason of the lack o' blogging is that I have just been laying low and nothing funny or too interesting has been happening. My mom and I had a huge baking extravaganza one day. We made like ten different things and Blake actually helped this time. She was able to pour the dry ingredients into the mixing bowl and manage to not antique herself. (Isn't antiquing that practical joke where someone throws flour all over you, if not disregard that reference.) One of my many, many joys of being a mommy of two little girls is dressing them alike. Sometimes I dress them in the exact same thing, but sometimes I dress them in two different oufits from the same collection. It's so fun for me!

One of Blake's favorite past times is sweeping, mopping, dusting, wiping things up, etc. We have asked for a cleaning kit for her for Christmas. She may have just been born to be a stay at home mom. She loves to love on her animals and dolls and she loves to help in the kitchen and clean. She will make a good 1950s style wife someday.

Another thing we have been doing almost every day is going to the park. Blake is getting much more brave and loves doing daring (well daring for her) things on the playground. I consider going down the slide alone daring.

My brother, Cal is in town from California for Christmas. Blake ADORES him, she loves him so much and it is such a relief to see her run off and play with him and ask me to leave. Yes, I like when she asks me to leave because I know she is comfortable and enjoying herself. He makes her laugh with almost everything he says and she just loves being around him. I'm not so sure it would be that way if he didn't move back to Texas for about six months this year. They really bonded and he came over almost every day to play with her.

We went to Piranha the other night in downtown. Cal, Zach and I can put away some serious sushi. We always go on a sushi binge when Cal is in town. The Marry Me Roll is delicious!

Thursday, December 17

Lock up Your Caboodles

I'm about to install a lock system on my makeup drawer. Blake is obsessed with all beauty products. Obsessed. She practically hyperventilates when she gets a glimpse into a makeup drawer. She has been known to weasel eyeliner out and write all over her face with it. She loves to watch me put on makeup, she asks to see mommy put the black on her eyes. The other day my mom gave her a tiny sample eye brush and an old blush that was almost empty and Blake sat there putting the brush in the blush and applying it to her face for about thirty minutes. She was sick this week and I asked her what would help make her feel better, her response: "some glitter and blush on my cheeks." If she gets a hold of lipgloss, it's bad news. She has gotten it all in her hair, from root to tip. Today she was rooting through the trash can and came across a sample of perfume. You can guess what the entire downstairs smells like right now. She has a hard time getting her little fingers to be able to spray the bottle so she had a panic/frustration attack trying to spray it as much as her racing heart desired. If she finds a can of hairspray, duck and cover or you are getting blasted with the aqua net. She knows what it's for and she's not afraid to spray a direct stream at your head. She gets giddy at the sight of lotion and wants to slather it all over her body in a thick visible layer. If she can't see it on her skin, she's ticked. She's either going to be a makeup artist to the stars or one of those obnoxious junior high kids who puts on entirely too much makeup and people around her will wonder why her mother let her out of the house like that. Sneaky Blake will leave the house makeup-free and will have stashed a makeup kit in her backpack and apply it in the bathroom. I will seriously not be a smidgen surprised if this happens one day. I guess wanting to be beautiful in just in our DNA ladies.

Tuesday, December 15

7 Months

It's going by so much faster this time! She is a dream baby, I would go so far to say that she is in the top 1% of easy, lovable and great babies. She gives me little to no problems. She is a fast nurser, a great napper and sleeper, she is fine to play by herself for however long she has to if I am busy with Blake. If all babies were like Kylie the world would be so overpopulated because people would just keep having them and having them. I am living it up and loving every minute because I may never be blessed with a baby like this again. I can't get enough of this big bundle of joy! She gets so excited when her daddy comes home, she squeals and waves her arms all around, it's like she's saying "daddy! daddy! over here! pick me up!". Zach pretty much gets bombarded when he gets home. I want to talk about his day with him, my dad wants to talk about the latest and greatest business dealings, Blake goes running for him yelling his name and wants to play with him alone. At least he always comes home to a warm welcome. Kylie is really starting to babble, she has said dada a couple of times and today she was saying nana, vava and goo. I obviously don't count dada as her first word, to me a first word is when they connect the word to the meaning and say it in the correct context. Babbling is hardly talking, but it's still fun to see her developing. She still likes to chew on anything that she can get her little fingers on. We are working on waving, and she kind of gets it, but not enough to say she is actually waving by herself yet. She rolls both ways, sits, she scoots backwards on her tummy, I think that's about it for physical stuff. She rocks my world, in a great way! She makes being a mom of two such a joy, I can say that now that we've made it through Blake's rough adjustment period and all the new baby hard stuff. I am just so all about my kids and I feel so blessed to get to stay at home with them and play with them everyday and be the one that gets to do everything with them and for them. What a cool job!!

Monday, December 14

Chinese Torture

For those of you who were interested in Mr. Lee's reflexology here is his information:

His # is 817-223-4743, you have to say you were referred by Roy Petersen or Roy Petersen's daughter, he won't take new clients unless they were referred by someone he knows. Call and get an appointment quick because he is going to Taiwan pretty soon for a couple of months. I'm not sure how hard he is to get into, but I know he has lots of regular clients. In fact, he told me that one of his clients is the guy that sings Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head. Funny little piece of information.

Christmas at the Gaylord

We wanted to go to the Gaylord today to get pictures with Santa. We ran into a few minor hiccups along the way.

Hiccup #1-Santa was off duty today without warning
Hiccup #2-Kylie pooped in the car on the way there and even though I thought I had all the necessary items I somehow did not have a spare diaper. She had poop all over her cute tights and she had to wear one of Blake's size 5 diapers. I grossly put the tights back on her because we had to try and get some cute pictures and the tights really completed the outfit.
Hiccup #3-There was a school field trip there and hundreds of kids were running around making it difficult to get near the cool areas to take pictures. Luckily they cleared out pretty quickly after we got there.

Although the original goal of taking pictures with Santa was not accomplished we did manage to get a few cute shots. It was worth the drive and $20 valet just to see Blake light up, skip around and be so overwhelmed with Christmas joy. She didn't stop talking and making sounds the whole time. If she wasn't commenting on something she was just making sounds out of pure excitement. Kylie cruised in the stroller like the little princess she is and got pouty when we took her out. Blake would grab my hand and tell me to walk faster, faster, faster! They had a blast!

I got the girls cheesy poofy Christmas dresses at Dillards. I usually don't really like the kid clothes at Dillards, but after searching the mall this was by far the best choice of all the picked over stuff. They look so cute in them!!!

Blake didn't really want Kylie as her copilot.

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