Monday, November 30


I found this cool thing you can add to your blog. It's called Lijit and it has so many fun features. You can type in anything and it will search your blog for posts that include that word. You can also go to the website and sign in and it will show you how many hits you have per day, how many total hits, where they are coming from, any google searches that landed people on your blog. Pretty neat. Add it to your blog.

Sunday, November 29

We Barely Wrecked 'em.

I find it hard to believe that for two years in a row now we have barely squeaked out the victory against those Baylor Bears. I can't quite decide, do we just play terrible against them because we think it will be easy, or are they actually gaining momentum and becoming a decent football program? Not sure, probably a little of both. We had a blast at the game with Clay and Michelle Graham. Our seats were so good, we were at the Tech end zone about twenty rows up. This was a very different experience than being up in the suite. I like being in the suite for Cowboy games, but I was glad to be down close to the field, next to the band, cheering my Red Raiders on. We love going to Tech football games and there is nothing quite like a home game in Lubbock, but since we didn't get to do that this year, the Baylor game was a good substitute. Win or lose, I am always proud to be a Red Raider, but it is so cool to see tens of thousands of people cheering on the red and black all decked out in their Tech gear. There was like 72000 people there, the stadium was filled to the top and the majority were Tech fans. It's a good feeling to be surrounded by fellow Red Raiders. Zach cheers really loud and it comes out of nowhere. He has a deep voice and he likes to yell out in a baratone way, among his favorites are "go tech", "come on D", "cheaters!" and whatever else comes to him. I love my Zach!

Long live the matador!

Potts, Nick, whatever you want to call him on the small big screen.

The pom squad

A beautiful sight, a sea of red and black and just a mere spattering of green and gold.


West Texas Visitors

Zach's mom, stepdad, grandmother and uncle came in from West Texas and came to see us a couple of days after Thanksgiving. This was Nana's first time to meet Kylie and we sure are glad she came to see us because there is no telling when we will get out to Lubbock again. The visit didn't really go that well. Blake wasn't her usual happy, cheerful, singing, dancing, smiling, funny, talkative self. Kylie just started the phase where she notices unfamiliar faces and doesn't like being held by people she doesn't recognize, so she cried a lot of the visit which is VERY uncharacteristic of her. We always want them to be so cute and loving when people come to see them, but that's just not going to happen every time, hell it may not happen until Blake is out of her nervous phase which by all the books I have read and talking to my pediatrician and other moms with kids who have the exact same temperament that Blake does, it may be another year or year and a half. It's all about the patience around here, I thank God everyday for giving Blake to me because I am so patient with her and know her personality inside and out, and I'm not so sure other mom's would be so patient and not shove their kid into day care, pre school, forced play dates etc. just trying to make it work. I read her cues and let her lead the way and if she's not comfortable then so what? Patience is a virtue, right? That's a lesson a lot of us can work on and Blake helps me so much in that department. We are a great match and Zach and I are really protective of her. You never know what you are going to get with Blake, she will either shy away and not warm up to people or she may walk up and say "hi!, you're cute!", take you by the hand and ask you to go watch nemo or get her a cookie. This happens more times than not, but if she's not feeling like being around you for whatever reason, there is nothing that can be done but give her time. She's two, for the love, you can only expect so much! Ok, enough about Blake's complicated personality. The gist is she didn't really warm up to anyone of Zach's family members and she was slowly getting more and more comfortable and by the time she was starting to come around it was nap time and time for them to go get ready for the Tech game. Maybe next time. Maybe not. We tried.

Nana and Kylie

Tom, Milynda, Zach, me, Nana, Kylie, Mike

Kylie and Milynda

4 generations

Gran, Pappy and big baby Ky!

We will be hoping for a more successful visit next time, and in a perfect world Blake will give you a huge hug, read with you, play with you and be the most precious toddler that ever lived, like she so often is. Kylie will giggle, smile, snuggle and not cry. But we won't hold our breath :)

Friday, November 27

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! I have entirely too much to be thankful for. My top five are: My husband-we are perfect for each other, truly, truly perfect. My family-from my adorable daughters to my parents to my extended family. My friends-I have so many close girlfriends and spending time with them is one of my favorite things to do. My job- I treat parenting as a career and I am honored to be so fortunate to do so. My God- He amazes me all the time, believe me when I say when you go from a relationship with Christ to actually walking with him the blessings are countless and everything makes more sense. My quiet time with Him is probable the best time of day.

We had a huge Turkey Day celebration at my parent's house and I got to share the day with 23 other great people. The food was yummy, but after going back for thirds I am ready for some spicy Mexican food. Everyone was laughing and talking and having a great time, my cousin Allison and I got so carried away talking that we stayed up drinking wine and chatted until after midnight. What a great day!

Blake hated everything on her plate, she did eat a few bites of a pickle but that was it.

Blake really loved Allison, this is so rare that Blake will let someone into her inner circle and feel so comfortable with them in such a short time. I know who I will be calling to babysit if Ommy ever can't. Allison is SO good with kids.

Dad, Uncle Chuck and my Grandfather (Papa C)

Allison, Aunt Brenda and Uncle Ron

The Hartley siblings

Kylie is in a stage where she grabs people's faces. She has also just started not liking being held by unfamiliar people.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Walkers!!

3 Queens and 4 Princesses

Queen Allison, Queen Michelle and myself were able to finally get Princess Caroline, Princess Riley, Princess Blake and Princess Kylie all together for a royally fun time. The mommies had so much catching up to do and it was great to get to play with and hold all the girls. Riley and Kylie are about two months apart and Riley is a teeny baby and Kylie is a chubby baby and it was so funny to look at them next to each other. Kylie kept grabbing Riley's tiny feet and hands. Caroline had fun running around the playroom and examining all of the toys, her personality is precious and I have loved watching her in all of the different stages of life. Blake was asleep for most of the play date, she finally started to enjoy the company when it was time for everyone to leave. At least she was able to show some of her cute personality before they left. Allison is a great photographer and she had her big fancy camera and got some great shots.

Kylie showing off her sitting skills.


Caroline the busy bee.

Don't we look so much alike?
Ha! Just kidding on that one, both of my girls look like their cute daddy.

New mommy, Michelle

So much has changed since we first met on the 8th floor of Chitwood.

I mean, does it get any cuter?

A friendly smooch

No. It doesn't get any cuter. It's official.


Ben went to an auction and bid on a kind of strange item and won. What he won was having the Lewisville ISD school board serve dinner to him and some guests. Zach sent me an email asking if I could go. I was thinking it was going to be some stupid casserole type meal and didn't really have any high expectations. Lucky for us one of the school board members is engaged to a fabulous chef and he was the one who came and cooked for us in the kitchen at the Pogue office, which is gorgeous by the way. The food was absolutely gourmet and every course was fantastic. Another bonus of Zach working at Pogue is that I get to see one of my best friends on a regular basis. Jeni and I have been fortunate to get to see each other every couple of weeks. We love it!

Ben and Zach

The main course, so good, and the purple blob at the bottom of the picture is a purple Peruvian potato.


Zach and Ben chatting it up with the Superintendent.

Chef Morris at work!

The dessert was so cool. It was this big chocolate ball and they poured piping hot sauce on it, the ball melted and inside was a tiny piece of cake and berries.

Monday, November 23

Cowboys Game!

Allison, Zach, my dad and I all went to the Cowboys vs. Redskins game yesterday. We sat in my dad's suite and it was really enjoyable. The game wasn't as exciting as one would hope, but the ending had us jumping up and down and screaming, so at least there was some suspense. The only good part about the game being boring was that we could really take in the stadium, enjoy the benefits of the suite (food service, full bar) and have some time to talk without feeling like we had to tune in to every play. It was a really fun experience and I'm glad I got to share it with my best friend Al! Too bad the only other cowboy game I have ever been to was a boring defensive battle as well. I am so used to the high octane offense of the Red Raiders, I am spoiled.

Walking in to the stadium.

My dad and Zach having some snacks.

The cheerleaders. Allison and I both agreed that their choreography was super boring, easy and appears that it hasn't changed since the 80s. They at least need a new choreographer for their half time performances. They seem to do the same moves over and over. Not too impressive.

Intruder Alert!

When the cowboys came out there was fire shooting out

Run it!

It was hard to decide what to look at. Do you look at the huge screen so you can see what's going on better, or do you look at the actual players on the field? I did both. I seemed to lose track of the ball when I was watching the field, not sure if that is a common thing or a blonde moment.

We had to stop by Zach's flip which was only like a mile from the stadium, it is looking so cute, almost done, bring on the money!

Thursday, November 19

New Living Arrangements

We are in a major transition phase. We packed up most of our necessities and moved over to my parent's house last weekend. There is still so much to be done at our house before we can put it on the market, so Zach and I (or sometimes just Zach) is over there every night cleaning, throwing stuff away, touching up paint or cracks, organizing, just trying to tie up all the loose ends. It feels like loose ends are blowing all over the place and slapping us in the face repeatedly, but that's basically what we signed up for. We didn't and really still don't have a thought out plan, when we moved over here, we just kind of said today seems like a good day. We weren't getting much done while we were still living in our house full time, so we had to start staying over here. It's especially hard to pack and move when you have a two year old following behind you whining and a baby occupying one arm. Another big step in our move was getting our dogs over here. The yard is huge and the dogs are loving it, in the first few minutes Cricket, the chocolate lab, fell in the pool, started violently splashing around and Zach had to pull her out to safety. That was the first and last incident with the pool and we hope to keep it that way. Last time we were between houses and lived with my parents, my poor dad had to dive in fully clothed to rescue Merlin the sheepdog who can't swim. He was peering up at a large bird and walked right in to the pool. The first night we were here Cricket got sprayed in the face by a skunk and stank up the whole yard. Welcome to the woods. Surprisingly, Blake and Kylie have adjusted to life here and don't even seem to notice or care that they aren't at "home". I guess home really is where your family is. Blake has gotten even more attached to my mom and screams "Ooooommmy!" when she can't find her. Her little voice echoes through this vast 7,411 square foot house. I will take pictures of our set up later when it looks more organized, there is obviously plenty of space for us. Zach's commute is worse, it is taking about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to work. Unfortunate. It bothers me so much that he spends hours every day driving. We have decided he would have to take one for the team while we are living here free of charge, because we will be moving to Coppell as soon as we can swing it. His drive sucked anyway, so it's not that much worse, but still. We also still haven't gotten to enjoy the perks of living here yet, we still have all our bills, we haven't really gone out to eat or taken any walks alone or gone shopping or done anything but go back and forth from Keller and moved more stuff. By the time Zach gets here at night we are both so exhausted from the day, we have a quick talk, do our Bible study (Beth Moore's The Patriarchs) together and then pass out. I am far more tired being a stay at home mom in this huge house than I was in our tiny house. If Blake wants to go up to the playroom I have to make sure I have everything I need, grab Kylie and head up the stairs, if Blake wanders off I have to follow her because this house isn't totally toddler proof. I am going up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs, there is a lot of house to watch over. This has been and is going to continue to be a great experience for so many reasons. We truly are the boomerang generation, this is the third time I have temporarily moved back in with my parents since college and two of my best friends have recently moved their families in with their parents while they are in between houses. I'm thinking this is the last time this boomerang is going to fly back to Mom and Dad's house, we are really hoping to stay put in this next house.


The sweet big baby is sitting up! I wouldn't leave her unattended on a wood floor or anything, but she's at the beginning stages of sitting independently. She will sit for a minute or two and then plop, she's down.

And she's pretty happy about it!

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