Saturday, October 31

A Buzz and A Boo

We had so, so, so much fun trick or treating with Blake this year! What a difference a year makes. She understood the concept, loved every minute of it and had one of the best nights of her life. Zach and I were having a blast and cracking up at her taking charge and trick or treating like it was something she had done a hundred times. We had to coach her through the first couple of houses since this was her first time, but she caught on right away. Our first stop was Bruce and Tanya's house across the street. We love them, they are hilarious and so nice. Blake walked up, knocked on the door and said trick or treat, got her candy and wanted to eat it immediately. We thought that might be the only house we went to because she wanted to rock in their rocking chair and swing on their porch swing for a good while. They brought her out some kool aid and they brought Zach and I some mummy hot dogs and chips and dip. We had our own little party going on for a bit. We finally convinced her to keep trick or treating and we went all around the neighborhood. She loved seeing other kids in costumes and all the Halloween decorations on the houses. Sometimes she would get confused and try to go in the person's house, she only got really nervous a couple of times, once because someone had their dog on the porch (she is terrified of dogs) and the other time there were just too many kids around pushing their way past us. I will never forget her first trick or treating experience, what a great night!

Little Ky was a ghost, she fell asleep before 7 so she didn't come trick or treating with us.

Blake, Ommy and Kylie

We were afraid the night would be rotten when it started out like this, but she got it together.

I was probably trying to convince her to do something.

Not the cutest place to take a picture all up in the ac units, but it was the only place she would sit still for a minute.

This family picture is the scariest thing I saw all night. Yikes. We all look rough.

Blake and her nemesis.

Doing a bzzzy dance.

On the way to the first house.

Swinging at Bruce and Tanya's

After tons of walking she asked to go up with mommy.

Shoving twizzlers in her mouth. I had Zach on Heimlich watch.

Crazy candy smile

Before we got ready for bed she wanted to put on one last costume. She dressed up as Ommy.

Double the Fun!

2 girls are better than 1!

Friday, October 30

Somebody call the cops!

'cause we got a streaker on our hands!

Halloween Treats

Yesterday my mom came over and we made lots of yummy treats. We have come to the conclusion that Blake doesn't really like to help make the food yet, but she will gladly be the taste tester. First we made some caramel apples. Blake was so excited. She even sang a song about them..."candy candy apples, candy candy apples, candy candy apples, are so yummmmmy!", this song was choreographed and consisted of spinning and arm rolls.

As you can see, she ate all the caramel and left almost the entire apple. Not surprising.

The second project was some Halloween cookies. I used the sugar cookie recipe from our best bites and it didn't disappoint. I told Blake she could have some dessert if she ate a good dinner. I made stuffed shells last night and she ate so much and so fast and then asked for her dessert. When I showed her the plate of cookies and told her she could pick she was so overwhelmed with joy that she was stuttering and couldn't get her sentence out. She was pointing to her placemat and saying something along the lines of "I wa, I wa, I wa wa w w w, I want..." She wanted me to put the entire plate on her placemat, I told her she could only pick one and the stuttering continued until she finally got it out- I want the mim & ms. I had decorated one of the cookies with tons of m&ms and that is the one she had her eye on. She pulled off each "mim&m" and then took a couple of bites of the cookie. She had black icing all over her.

She had remnants of dinner all over her face.

The aftermath

My dad is totally guilty of buying Blake and Kylie cheesy t shirts every time he goes to Walgreens to pick up prescriptions. This has become a bad habit and we have about ten t shirts now. The girls don't really wear t shirts because I dress them in a cute outfit everyday. We have all the classics- does this diaper make my butt look big?, I go from 0 to cranky in .5 seconds, Who needs pants with a shirt this cool?, My Grandpa is a Hunk and the latest- Hand over the candy and no one gets hurt. Blake actually wanted to wear this one this morning. Oh Dad, what are we going to do with you and your silly ways? He also brought her a life size stuffed tiger from, you guessed it, Walgreens. Now if I could only get him to shift his enthusiastic purchasing from Walgreens to baby Gap, Gymboree or perhaps Neiman's I would be loving it!

Wednesday, October 28


This sums up our first taste of peas.

Naptime Battles

Kylie's new found skill of rolling over has made naptime a little more difficult. If I hear squeals of delight on the monitor after a few minutes I can pretty much guarantee she is in there on her back looking around and pleased with herself.

Here is how she starts- on her tummy under a blanket.
Yes I know I am breaking all the SIDS rules, but I feel fine about it.

Here is how I find her, blanket thrown off, on her back, squealing and kicking and looking around.
Yes I know she is huge and fat and has about five to six rolls per leg going all the way down to her cankle. She likes it that way. Believe it or not there is actually a large roll hidden at the top of her leg under her diaper.

Tuesday, October 27

We Don't Eat Makeup

You know you have problems when you find yourself googling "toddler ate makeup" after finding this toddler with a mouth full of bronzer. Obviously it isn't a common problem because my google search left me with no answers. I have this bronzer blush stuff that is little different colored balls and she got one of them out and was playing with it. I didn't really like that she was playing with it, but as moms we have to choose our battles right? She knew it was makeup because she loves to explore my makeup drawer and she was talking about how she had some of mommy's makeup. She is way past the stage of putting weird stuff in her mouth so I'm not sure what prompted such a poor choice of taking a bite of this shiny bronzer ball. I saw her face all contorted and I could tell she had eaten something funky by her expression. I went over to her, pried her mouth open and realized that the shimmery substance she was chewing on was indeed part of my beauty regimen. I took a wash cloth and wiped out what I could and cleaned her golden mouth off, but she still ate most of it. I wasn't really worried, what harm can a little bite of makeup do? I gave her a stern look and said "we do not eat makeup!", she repeated it a few times and I got her some water, which now has a sparkly, bronze spout. At least I won't be puzzled when I change a glitter poo diaper in a day or two.

Monday, October 26

The Case of the Teething 5 Month Old

We've hit that lovely time in a baby's life where the teeth are popping through and Kylie has not been herself. I noticed her tooth was starting to poke through a couple of days ago and I gave her Tylenol and didn't really think much more about it. Today she has been a total mess. She keeps throwing up, I can't decide if she is sticking her hands and other items into her mouth so much that she is gagging which is causing her to puke, or if it is somehow related to teething in another way. We are on our third outfit and it has spit up remains on the shirt and I'm not changing her again. She is only content if I am up walking around with her and she is no tiny girl. I just went and put her in bed to see what would happen and I don't hear any crying so I am guessing she is resting or sleeping. When I would sit down she would look at me with a sad and quivering lower lip so of course I had to get up and keep pacing. Blake told me that Kylie was sad and that she wants some milk from her mommy. I took Blake's advice and tried to feed her and Kylie has never looked so offended and grossed out. She arched her back and threw her head back as far away from my chest as she could get it. I guess she has lost her appetite. I got the infant Tylenol out and started to get the dropper ready and Blake came running with her mouth wide open saying "I want some medicine!" she loves Tylenol, I had to fight her off and try to get Kylie to take all of it. Sometimes I think people blame too many things on teething, just to find an answer for why they aren't sleeping or whatever, but this is definitely teething. Kylie has spit up more today than she has in her entire life put together. Did your kids spit up when they were teething? Blake didn't, so I'm not sure if it's normal or not.

Finding out Ky's Routine

My parent's have Cowboys season tickets in a suite. My dad has invited me to come along this Sunday for the Seattle game. This will be my first time to venture out to the Cowboys Stadium, and you know I don't do a whole lot of venturing out period, so this is really exciting. Zach has to stay behind and keep the girls, my dad already took Zach to a game a while back so I don't feel too guilty about that. Zach is panic stricken and doesn't know how he is possibly going to handle both of them for an entire day alone. He has requested that I start writing down a detailed list of our daily routine so that he has something to go by on Sunday. I am interested to see what exactly her daily routine looks like. Most days are the same, but I kind of just go with the flow. She doesn't have specific feeding times, I still breastfeed her on demand, and her naps can vary from day to day but she almost always takes four naps for about an hour or two each. She isn't too fond of the bottle and I think that is a main concern for him. Blake is easy to take care of, she entertains herself mostly and always goes to lay down from 1-3ish. Blake is easy by herself, Kylie is easy by herself, but together there is nothing easy about it.

Sunday, October 25


This time last year Blake still wasn't walking. Remember her temperament motto- when in doubt, don't!, well that applied to most milestones including walking. My favorite shoes when she first started walking and even before she could walk well were pedipeds. Her feet have gotten too big for regular pedipeds so we have graduated to pedipeds flex. I bought her two pairs the other day, some silver mary janes and some brown boots. She is really excited about the boots because it is her first pair. She can walk really well in them and I am such a pediped fan. It's tough being a fashionable girl, you have to have many different colors and styles of shoes. Zach is in big trouble, between me, Blake and Kylie we can do some serious shopping. I'm getting better at bargain shopping and I don't care as much about designer labels as I used to. I used to feel the need to get a new designer bag at least once a year and I have had my big leather Gucci bag for almost two years and I still love it. I have also recently become a lover of Nordstrom Rack, yes, it's hit or miss, but you can always find something there. My priorities may have changed since becoming a mother, but looking cute and fashionable will always be something that's fairly important to me and I like the girls to look adorable as well. Even if I have to hunt for a bargain and or use coupons.

Friday, October 23

My Daughters

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward.
Psalm 127:3

Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky to be rewarded with these angels that are my daughters. My heart is filled with joy, I feel so blessed that my girls will grow up to be my best friends. Thank you Lord for sending them to me and trusting me to raise them, through all the struggles, mountains and valleys I take comfort in knowing that You are with me every step of the way, guiding me in the right direction.


I was about to go lay down for a while, my back has been hurting so bad lately and both of the girls are in bed. I heard Kylie really loud talking and squealing on the monitor. I pushed the button for the video camera to come on and there she was lying on her back. I put her to sleep on her tummy and have since we left the hospital, so this can only mean one thing- she rolled for the first time! She was looking up at me and chewing on her blanket, I rolled her back over and I hope she dozes off now so I can get some rest. I am so happy that she finally rolled, but disappointed I didn't get to witness it. I also think her first tooth popped through today. What a monumental day in the life of sweet baby Ky!

Wednesday, October 21


Shrieks, screams, howls, shrill, yelps, yowls, screeches, that is what I'm dealing with around here on a minutely basis. Kylie, once thought of as "the perfect baby", has started something that isn't so perfect. She screams at the top of her lungs about every two minutes. I don't know how to describe these screams, they are ear drum injuring, they give you shivers, it doesn't even seem possible that a baby can make these sounds. Sometimes I am on the phone with Zach when she is awake and he can hear her screaming from across the house to the point where we can't even carry on a conversation. These are not screams of pain or discomfort, I think she truly just likes to hear herself scream. They get louder and more frequent when she is tired or hungry, they are not accompanied by tears. Sometimes I get really close to her face and say "ssssssssshhhhhhhh!", but she obviously doesn't understand what shhh means. I am always afraid she will wake Blake up from her nap. If I want her to stop screaming I have several options.
1. Hold her and walk around or talk to her
2. Nurse her
3. Put her in bed and endure extra loud screams until she falls asleep

She won't just lay on the floor anymore chewing on a teething toy, she screams and screams until she gets someone's undivided attention. She is screaming right now in her bed, I turned the monitor off so my ears could recover. All I hear is AAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAH! EEEEEEE! She has pretty muched replaced all of her cute cooing with obnoxious high pitched squeals.

Monday, October 19

Reliving the Baby Days

Blake was in a mood and I was playing around and told her I was going to put her in the jumperoo thinking she would say no. She was like "ok!", I stuck her in and then she wouldn't get out. She just sat in there bouncing and watching TV. I was concerned the little underwear type seat wouldn't hold her and the sides would collapse. It turned out ok, there may have been some minor stretching but nothing too bad.

Sunday, October 18


The kitchen cabinets are in and Zach found some great granite tiles on Craig's list for the countertops. This is not a neighborhood that would typically have granite countertops or crown molding so we are hoping for a quick sale. Zach got the crown from one of the houses he built, it was left over. I feel like I say this all the time, but surely in a few weeks it can be on the market.

The kitchen before
The kitchen with cabinets, you can also see that they took down a wall and made it into a bar

Menopause the Musical

Amy put together a little girl's night out on Friday, we went to Gloria's and then to see Menopause the Musical. It was a silly play about these four women who are going through menopause and all the lovely side effects such as frequent urination, bitchiness, sweating, hot flashes, night sweats, body changes, so much to look forward to. Actually I could relate to a lot of it because weird things start to happen to you when you become pregnant. It was nice to have some margaritas, some laughs and a night with the ladies.

Andrea, Kristen, Regina, Becky, Amy, Allison, Me
No menopause for us yet, we are just getting started!

My mom, Amy's mom, Andrew Tatsak's mom and grandma, Allison's mom
Judging by the roaring laughter erupting from the row behind us, we have reason to believe that these ladies REALLY could relate to the menopause jokes.

Fun friends of all ages!

Watercolor Books

Blake loves a good art project. I read somewhere recently that kids need these three activities everyday- outdoor play, an art project even as simple as just coloring, and reading time. It's pretty easy to fit these in most days, but the one I struggle with is finding different easy arts or crafts that Blake can do. The other day I let her use a glue stick and she snuck away with it and smashed glue all over the refrigerator door that I still haven't cleaned off. When I was little I remember doing paint with water books and loving it. I asked my mom to be on the lookout for some for Blake. She found some at Michael's and Blake has been painting watercolor pictures everyday since. It's a very easy activity and I don't have to be hovering over her making sure she isn't making a huge mess.

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