Wednesday, September 30

Some more Flippage

It's coming along. I need to have him take a picture of the front of the house. I have heard that it looks really good now. I'm a little irritated at the fact that this tiny flip house has crown molding and our house does not. It looks great though. Cabinets are going in very soon, the wood floors are being refinished and the other flooring is being put in this weekend and then I think there is a little bit of electrical stuff to do. The end is in sight!

Country Club Cuties

Andrea and I took Jackson and Blake to lunch at Colonial after music. I think the staff and other guests were not pleased that we brought in our rugrats. Almost everyone eating in there was an old lady and not the nice kind of old lady that oohs and aahs over little kids, the mean, rich kind of old ladies that don't like disruptions. Our first clue was when our waiter brought out a huge tarp to put under Jackson's high chair. Heaven forbid we get a crumb on Colonial Country Club carpet! Blake had two small fits, one when the waiter took away the sugar cup with all the little packets in it and another when I wouldn't let her run wild through the dining room. Luckily I was able to calm her down quickly with my HTOTB techniques and then she got distracted by looking out the window and commenting on the course. I felt like everyone was staring at me when Blake started to scream, they probably were. It was still fun and we had a nice lunch and it was really nice to put it on my parent's account, thanks mom and dad!

Blake sat in the chair like a big girl, no booster or anything. All she wanted to eat was crackers.

Jackson is the ultimate ham. I pulled out my camera and he did this face for both pictures I took. He is hilarious!

Just like Mommy

Blake loves to raid my closet. She likes to look at all my clothes and shoes, she likes to look at Daddy's belts, she loves my jewelry and she even likes to look at my bras which she calls boobs. She always wants to wear these gold wedges, I think she likes them for the same reason I do, they are easy to walk in. She is a fashionista in the making.

Sunday, September 27

Justin's 30th

It was not easy keeping this party a surprise, but Justin had no idea and was very surprised when he walked into his 30th birthday party. We hung out with Justin and Allison the weekend before his party and I kept almost slipping, secrets are hard for me. It was so fun to get out and spend some time with adults and celebrate Justin entering old manhood. Justin is such a great guy and he and Allison have always been there for us no matter what we are going through. It's so incredible to have best friends like that.

Justin got a really long roll of money from Allison's parents. It made a nice scarf.

I have the best time with these girls no matter what we are doing.

Justin and Zach

Cute, cute Caroline.
She has the best personality and just goes with the flow. I can't even imagine.

A love triangle.

Saturday, September 26

The Latest

Here are some of the latest activities at the Walker residence.

Kylie after her bath. She likes to suck on her washcloth now just like Blake used to do when she was a baby.
Kylie is trying hard to roll her plumpy self over. No success yet, but she gets an A for effort!

Instead of carving a pumpkin, we got a witch pumpkin kit where you can turn a pumpkin into a witch Mr. Potato head style. Blake likes standing them next to each other and declaring that they are a family.

We made some yummy Halloween cupcakes yesterday. Doesn't the cooler fall weather put you in such a baking mood? Me too! Next thing on the baking list, pumpkin bread with cream cheese filling, Zach dies for those pumpkin cream cheese muffins at Starbucks and I hope it will be kind of like that, it's a new recipe.

orange icing face

We have enjoyed having Cal living right down the street so much. He has been here to help with bedtime some when Zach is out of town, he has become one of Blake's few favorite people and we are going to be so sad to see him go back to California in a couple of weeks. He has been a very dedicated uncle and his reward is Blake's total trust, she adores him. Kylie thinks he's pretty rad too, but she's not as difficult to win over.
Well, it's another rowdy Tech gameday and the girls are dressed accordingly. This isn't a huge game today, we are playing Houston, who is that you ask, I was wondering the same thing a couple of weeks ago when they beat up on Oklahoma State, so we can't count them out. Let's hope after today people are thinking -Whoston?

Dayme, remember this tiny tech skirt?! It has been handed down to the baby Walker.

Thursday, September 24


The bad morning fairy came to pay me a visit again this morning. This time it was worse. I am almost always on time, I hate when people are late, it is so rude because everyone's time is valuable and chronically late people act as if only their time is valuable. Anyway, it's not easy being on time it takes a lot of planning and preparation. Sometimes I am loading the car and packing diaper bags the night before an outing. My mom, dad, brother, his girlfriend and I decided to meet at the zoo at 10:00 so I was packed, ready to go, and the girls were in their car seats at 9:30. I turn the key and the car is dead again! Zach fixed it last night, but some time between last night and this morning it broke again. I am about as frustrated as I could be. I called my mom and told her to come pick us up and I again would have to do the unthinkable with the car seats. But this time it was double trouble since both car seats would have to be taken out and reinstalled. Is this really happening? I had to unload everyone, get Blake settled down from crying with a movie and some milk, get Kylie in the swing, get the seats out and psych myself up to install them. My brother came over to help because he could sense the desperation in my voice. Together as a dynamic sibling team, we tackled the stupid seats. One of the seat belt things was all twisted (surely from my frantic installation the other day) and it took us about fifteen minutes to get it untwisted, we used pliers and some serious man power to get that thing undone. Then we realized the double stroller is in the back of the broken escalade and the battery is so dead that the remote won't even unlock the back door. We try to get it out over the seats and fail so we have to settle for two strollers which was like working a heavy and frustrating jig saw puzzle to get them to fit in the trunk. Once everyone was strapped in and the strollers are squeezed in the trunk we were good to go. The zoo was great, very uncrowded and the weather was lovely. We strolled around, looked at all the animals, had lunch, looked at some more animals and then left. We stayed a little too long because Blake and Kylie cried most of the way home and were in desperate need of a nap. When we made it home Blake got in bed, Kylie got in bed, mommy got in bed and Ommy got on the couch. We all took a little snooze. I couldn't actually fall asleep because my mind was racing about weird things, like what it would be like to have twin boys and baking Halloween cookies. Tonight at dinner Blake said her favorite animals were the elephants and the giraffes. She had a good time.

This was actually her favorite animal. She acted more excited about the elephant statue than any live animal that we saw. She kept pretending to feed it mulch and I really had to coax her into leaving his side.

fun on the carousel. She had fun while it lasted but screamed and cried "I want to ride the huss!" almost all the way back to the exit of the zoo.

Wednesday, September 23


To tether or not to tether?

After some tether research, I have come to these conclusions

The tether is often overlooked as unnecessary (Zach and I drove around for a long time without the tether before we realized the tether would make the car seat way more secure.)

It is recommended for forward facing seats

Children are more likely to sustain injury in a crash without the tether

Using a car seat without the tether still meets minimum safety standards

Almost all newer car seats come with the top tether

Basically, I would rather be safe than sorry but I don't think the tethers are absolutely necessary. We use it, but we didn't until I figured out that the top of the seat seemed wiggly and that I could move it around more than I felt comfortable with. After that day we have been tether people.

Tuesday, September 22

One of Those Days

Today was one of those lovely days where unfortunate crap just continues to happen. Well, I guess it was just the morning, so at least I wasn't cursed with an entire bad day. It started off this morning when I woke up in a panic at 8:00 to find that Kylie's monitor wasn't on and my first thoughts were- oh no! Kylie has probably been crying for me for like an hour and I had no idea. I'm so mean! I use her monitor as my alarm clock and just get up at around 7 or 7:3o when I hear her starting to wake up. I rush into her room and luckily she is just laying there awake. Not sure if she had been hysterically crying and just given up or what. So I get her up and ready and Blake up and I realize it's going to be a little bit chilly outside today and I need to dress Blake accordingly because we have music class and will actually be leaving the house today. There is nothing like the first cool day in months to make you realize your kid has hardly any appropriate clothes for the season. I settled on some high water sweatpants and this bird shirt from last winter, it's cute, just a little short. I changed her twice before I made my selection. I found myself in a sea of sandals, shorts, tiny dresses and spaghetti straps. I wanted her to wear jeans, but she hates jeans, last time I put her in them it wasn't five minutes before she was telling me "jeans off!", she's a stretchy pants kind of girl, who can blame her? Then there was the shoe dilemma. And again, I put her in last winter's shoes which are at least a size too small because all of her shoes are sandals which did not in any way coordinate with the high water sweatpants. So, I solve the fashion crisis and get my bag ready to go. Kylie is down for a morning nap, my mom is here everything is good, Blake is strapped into the car and low and behold the car won't start. Sweet! Blake was so excited about music class, otherwise I would have just strolled back in, gotten another cup of coffee and sat on the couch. Blake is mad and confused, why would I have the nerve to turn off her dvd and take her out of the car only seconds after getting her in the car? I decide to go for the unthinkable, I am going to try and take out her carseat and move it into my mom's car in record time because we are already running kind of late. Removing the carseat is no problem, I unsnap that thing and head for my mom's car with a fair amount of confidence that I can get it all buckled in and save the day. I'm the type of person that feels frantic when I am pressed for time and gets an anxiety attack when I am running late. The pressure is on. If anyone sucks at putting in a carseat, it's me. I try about five times to get the stupid clip to buckle in to the anchor thing and I am starting to shake and sweat, I could cry. I seriously prayed about it, I was about to drop every cuss word I knew in the loudest voice I could if I didn't calm down , quickly. I was able to calm down and get one thing clipped in, which is not easy when you are mad, shaking and in a hurry. Then I started on the next side, this should be easy since I just did the other side. Nope. Not easy. I try and try and try and finally get the damn thing buckled, but I'm not done yet. I have to get the tether done. You can't forget the tether! I already felt like I was doing a shoddy job and in the back of my mind I am thinking about how this installation will effect my child's safety and I better try my hardest. The tether thing is all twisted, but I don't give a rip anymore, I am just pulling with all my might to get it tight and get the heck on the road. Finally, I wiggle the seat around to make sure it's tight enough, and run to go get Blake since the class starts in twenty minutes. It felt so good to be driving and on the way to class, even though we were running late. I called Zach and Jeni so I could vent, but neither of them answered so I just listened to the radio and slowly calmed down. When we got to TCU, I hurried Blake out of the car and power walked across the campus with heavy Blake in my arms. That was a serious impromptu calorie burning session. We were only a couple of minutes late so it turned out not to be so bad. We sang and danced and played instruments and had a nice time. The rest of the day went really well and Blake was in a great mood today. Yesterday she had one of those crying, whining, toddler fit days, and every time I start to think that is a thing of the past she let's me know that it sure isn't. So on my to do list is get Blake some shoes and clothes for fall, never mess with the carseat again, have Zach fix my car and figure out what is wrong with the baby monitor.

Sunday, September 20


We got the jumperoo down from the attic and cleaned it up so that Kylie can start playing in it. She was probably getting tired of the swing, bouncy seat, floor rotation, so this will mix it up a little. The main problem I have with it is that it takes up approximately 1/8 of our living room and the swing takes up another 1/8, Blake's toy box takes up 1/8 and Blake's play table takes up 1/8, we are pretty much being taken over by baby girls and all their stuff. We even have a play room that is filled up with stuff and it still has overflowed into the living room. Our next house that Zach and I have been dreaming about and slowly planning will hopefully have a much larger playroom and we can keep most of the kid stuff upstairs in a kid zone. Until then our living room decor will be rainforest jumperoos, and butterfly swings, crushed graham crackers, a baby sock here, a croc there and some various and sundry items that make their way in there throughout the day.

Saturday, September 19

Tech Game

That wasn't bad at all. I am pretty proud of my team for playing so well against the #2 team in their house. We are probably flying a little under the radar this year with not being ranked and all, but I kind of like it that way. There were some moments of greatness and I had a really fun time watching this game. Now on to play Houston and we all know what they are capable of.

And the Victory Bells Will Ring Out!

2 of the best teams in Texas go head to head tonight and although Tech is an unranked underdog I have high hopes that we will put up a good fight. Blake is modeling her Tech cheer outfit and she can't keep her hands off her pigtails. They flop around when she walks and she keeps telling us that it is windy. Alright Red Raiders, don't let us down! I already have a nervous tummy for tonight. Allison and I may need to partake in a relaxing glass of wine pregame to calm our nerves.


My mom's very good friend Susan came by yesterday to take some pictures of her work in my house for her portfolio. She actually forgot her camera so we had a lovely time talking and I was happy to show off my babies, even though Blake was in a not cute mood. Susan is the one who did the custom painting in both of the girl's rooms and the playroom. She is so talented and I will hire her to do something in every house we ever have.

Friday, September 18

Superstar Sighting

Zach and my dad like to do a lot of male bonding. They talk on the phone often and for long periods of time and they like to go do guy stuff together every now and then. Tonight they went to the Ranger game and sitting a few rows ahead of them were Rudy Giuliani and Nolan Ryan.

Here you can see Rudy and Nolan shaking hands.

See if you can spy the back of their heads, it's not too terribly difficult.

Flip It

These were actually taken a few weeks ago, but here is the progress on the old flipperoo. They are trying hard to get it on the market soon before the first time home buyer incentive expires. Plus things aren't financially awesome for most people right now, us included, but if this thing sells we will be in MUCH better shape.


looking into the kitchen

looking into the living room

Kylie's Well Baby Check

We had Kylie's four month check up today and we were so excited to see Katie, Brooks and Briggs May there. What a fun surprise, we only got to talk for about five minutes, but it's always fun to see friends unexpectedly. Kylie missed her morning nap and she passed out so hard when we got in the car on the way home. She weighed 15.9 lbs and much to my excitement she was not off the charts, she was only in the 92nd percentile. She is 24.5 inches tall (64%) and her little head was 16 inches which puts her in the 44th percentile. So she's pretty average for height and head size, but perhaps a little plus size. Dr. Z told me I can start cereal anytime now, but I'm not sure I want to get into all that yet. When they gave me the go ahead to start cereal with Blake I went to the store that day and bought cereal, but I am enjoying exclusively nursing Kylie so I'm in no rush to start solids. Our Kylie is happy, healthy and terrific. Hooray!

Thursday, September 17

The A says ah!

As a former first grade teacher I took great pride in teaching kids to read fluently, some entered my classroom not even being able to say all of the letter sounds. This was one of the greatest challenges and greatest joys of the first grade curriculum. I truly enjoyed teaching literacy and to be a first grade teacher you must enjoy that because most of the day revolved around reading and writing, well actually most of the day revolved around classroom management but that's a different story. Since I worked at a title 1 campus we had some challenges and many students came to me below level. You can imagine my pure glee and excitement when I started quizzing Blake in the tub and she knows almost all of her letter sounds. I give most of the credit to the leap frog letter sounds video that she loves to watch. We have reinforced it some by talking about the sounds letters make and singing the songs with her, but mostly she just picked it up from watching the movie. I'm just really surprised she retained it all. Just a few weeks ago when I would ask her what the letter B says, she would say bzzzzzz. It is so amazing how much kids this age are learning at such a rapid rate. I have been trying to upload the video all night and it isn't working. Any suggestions? I will have Zach work on it later so you can all see her in the tub saying her letter sounds.


Yesterday I went to get a new bible and some bible study stuff and some books at Lifeway and I was gone about an hour. When I got back Blake ran up to me gave me a huge hug and said "Mommy, I missed you!", she is starting to really be able to have conversations and communicate more and more like a big kid. So cool. Speaking of this bible study stuff, I have recently joined a small group bible study through a friend I met at a wedding. We are reading Esther right now and I went to get the Beth Moore bible study on Esther so I can dig in a little deeper. I haven't started it yet, but I am interested to see what I get out of it. We started going to Gateway church and we really like it. OK, I say we go to this church, but really we watch it live online. We went once and it was a heartbreaking nightmare leaving super sensitive Blake in the nursery. I'm not even going to go into detail about it, but it makes my stomach hurt remembering the look on her face when I went to pick her up. She can not handle that type of thing yet. I really like the small group though, the girls are real and cool and I can see some great friendships with them developing in the near future. Also, Blake played with Kylie willingly for the first time today. So what, it took almost four months for her to get to that point. I think she is over the I'm so terrified of this baby stage. Kylie is so precious and fun, four months old is such a great time. Well Kylie is waking up from her first of four naps so I'm off.

Tuesday, September 15


This Elmo video was cracking up BOTH Blake and Kylie today. Kylie laughed so hard through the whole thing. Show it to your kids and see what they think. A word of warning-it is so catchy and the tune gets stuck in your head for hours.


Toddlers like to say no. I can't put my thoughts in the form of a question because I typically get a big fat no. Hey Blake, are you ready to go inside? No! Do you want spaghetti os or rice? No! I have to say, it's time to go inside or it's time to eat dinner. I can't leave it up to her because she loves to exercise her wannabe authority and tell me exactly how she feels. Lately she has been putting her own spin on the word no and telling me nofe. Are you ready for a new diaper? Nofe! She usually drags out the o in a squeaky manner like-nOOOOOOOOOfe! Where in the world did that random f sound come from? I don't knowfe.

Monday, September 14

Looting for Baby Clothes

My cousin Lucy and her very soon to be husband Bobby came over today to sift through pounds of baby clothes to get some cute hand me downs. We looked through clothes for about two hours. They found out today that they are having a girl and they are naming her Kazleigh, I was pleased they chose a K name because that meant that some of Kylie's personalized items she has outgrown won't go to waste. When Blake was outgrowing her clothes I saved every last piece of clothing, stained onesies, the not so cute stuff that I ended up with one way or another, even stuff that fit weird or seemed misshapen. Why did I do that? I imagined having another girl someday and not having to buy hardly anything, everything would be still be in style and I would still like it all. Kylie and Blake were born in different seasons so Blake's old 3-6 month stuff is like fleece and long sleeves and Kylie is already in 6-12 month stuff which is the size of most of Blake's spring and summer stuff. So basically I did a lot of saving for no reason. Sure, Kylie has been able to wear some of Blake's things, but at the rate she is growing I will be raiding my closet soon to find a suitable outfit for her. Let's just say if Blake is on track to be 6'2'', Kylie will probably be projected to be 7'2'' or something ridiculous. I was more than happy to clear out the closets and I think Bobby and Lucy were happy to get a ton of cute little baby clothes. One thing I know for certain is that their kid is going to have the curliest crazy do.

Lucy at about 18 weeks pregnant

Bobby. Doesn't he look like he's straight out of a boy band?


I put this big box of juice by the door to take out to the refrigerator in the garage. I went in the kitchen for a minute, came back and this is what I found. Can you tell she's in a line-everything-up stage? Some of her favorite things to play with aren't even toys. She could rummage through my bathroom drawers for a whole day.

Sunday, September 13

For Your Viewing Enjoyment

Blake loves to sing and I was able to capture a few of her favorites on video.


Sugar Pie Honey Bunch, I especially like the boo boo doo doot at the end.


Tiny Tim

I had a little turtle

his name was Tiny Tim

I put him in the bathtub to see if he could swim

He drank up all the water

And ate up all the soap

And now he's (hiccup) in bed

With a bubble in his throat


The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Blake at 4 Months

Here is Blake at around 4 months. Does she look like Kylie? I have a hard time deciding because they are such individuals to me and although I can see some similarities I don't really think they look that much alike.

4 Months Old

Sweet Kylie, the months have flown by with you in our lives. You bring a whole new dynamic to our family that I never knew could be so fun. You are a dream come true and every parent should be so lucky to get to experience such an easy going, full of joy personality like yours. Sometimes when Blake is acting up you and I share a glance and a smile and I feel like you know that you are my little comic relief. The light inside you shines so bright that it radiates through your smile and your eyes, and sometimes even your wiggly arms and legs. It is hard to remember life before you and it is really hard to believe you have only been with us for four short months. God knew exactly what we needed when he sent you to us and I feel blessed beyond measure that I was chosen to be your mommy. Sometimes I want time to slow down so I can enjoy this precious stage forever, but on the other hand I can hardly wait to see who you become. You are absolutely a perfect match for this family and I love you more than words can say and hugs and kisses can show.

I'm not totally convinced that she is a bow girl. I actually think she looks better with her cute, little, round, fuzzy head showing. What a big, big happy girl!

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