Monday, August 31


Does this happen to anyone else? I put Blake in bed for her nap around 12:30 or 1, even if she doesn't fall asleep I leave her in there for two hours. She is always happy to be in her crib, she talks to herself, sings and just has a nice rest time. When she does fall asleep (about half the time), she sleeps for about two hours, but sometimes it takes her like an hour or more to fall asleep and then she ends up being in her crib for three hours or longer. It makes me feel kind of bad that she is spending so much time in there. Today she was pretending like she was going to sleep in the playroom and so I took her in her room and started her pre nap routine which consists of books and songs. She rolled around in her bed talking to herself for almost two hours and then when I was about to go get her up I noticed she fell asleep. This means she may be in her crib for 4 hours! I guess it's not that big of a deal, but it just feels weird with her being in her room for so long.

Sunday, August 30

Terrific 2s!

Ummm, not really, but things have gotten tons and tons better. We haven't had a full out tantrum in a couple of weeks. Instead of terrible 2s, perhaps we have moved into a more pleasant phase that I will call the tolerable 2s. Could it be that she is getting used to Kylie? Could it be that her little brain is developing more and can handle more? Could it be that all of these parenting methods and all of this consistency has paid off? I haven't a clue, but I can get used to a happier and only sometimes agitated, not to mention agitating Blake. She is still whining and crying a lot, but not as much and let's be realistic, two year olds whine and cry sometimes. She has been doing a great job at asking me for help when she is frustrated, but sometimes the words won't come out right and she starts crying. The latest thing that frustrates her to no end is when her little figurines that she plays with won't stand up. She will run to me saying "want the princess to stand!" and it is really hard to explain to a two year old that not every stuffed animal, action figure and doll you own will stand up on two feet. Sometimes I have to tell her that they only lay down and she gets so piping mad. Her play has gotten very imaginative and she likes to make her toys do things as she narrates, like making her hippo go over a bridge, making the princess sit and eat a cupcake, changing the frogs diaper, putting toys in pairs and calling them friends, etc. It is very entertaining to watch, but toys that used to not frustrate her now do since she is doing more complicated things with them, and old toys that used to frustrate her don't anymore because she has mastered them. So out with the old frustrations and in with the new ones, but as long as she isn't throwing herself in a heap and waling all day then I am happy. We have a long way to go, but if we have to take baby steps for miles and miles then I don't care, as long as we're making progress.

Saturday, August 29

Gran and Pappy

We had a really, really good visit with Zach's parents today. Blake wasn't very nervous and actually showed some of her adorable personality. It probably went about as good as it could have considering last time they were here she cried the whole time. It's really hit or miss with her and today everything worked out just right. They were smart and came bearing gifts. What girl doesn't love a present, especially a tiny stuffed penguin and a Masked Rider book? Gran and Kylie.
When Gran says Kylie, it comes out like "Kah-lee", she has one of those charming west Texas accents, very cute!

Blake and Gran had fun playing with some stickers.

Hanging with Pappy

Gran and her Gran-daughters.

My mother-in-law is Sonic's best customer. I have never seen her without a huge Route 44 Diet Coke in tow. She has a personal relationship with her car hop at the Sonic she goes to at least once a day by her work. Blake helped herself to some of Gran's diet coke. I can't believe she liked it, but she did.

This is just a picture of Zach flying Kylie around after they left. We taught Kylie how to do guns up, yes she is a genius baby :)
We had fun y'all! Come back soon!!

Thursday, August 27


Zach and I are huge Tech football fans and the thought of football season being just around the corner gets me all giddy. We fly our Tech flag outside on game day, we wear our tech clothes and if we win we are on a high all weekend, maybe even longer depending on how big the game is, and if we lose we have stomach aches and bad attitudes. I was so excited that Coach Leach was on the cover of Texas Monthly. Love him or hate him, he has made huge improvements to the tech football program and albeit a bit of a madman, many consider him a genius. His air raid offense is more than fun to watch and it leaves you on the edge of your seat, I just can't wait for it all to start up again. Here are some of my favorite excerpts from the article.
"On the field he was widely feared. No coach wanted to play a team that could spontaneously rain down fifty points. And absolutely no one wanted to play Texas Tech in Lubbock....Under Leach, attendance soared to record levels. Fund raising rose 180 percent. Money for other sports, which comes mostly from football revenue, increased dramatically. The stadium was massively renovated in 2003, and another major upgrade will be completed next year. All the suites have already been sold. The sports budget, which was $9.4 million just six years before his arrival, now stands at more than $50 million."
Here is what it said about this season:
"Though the team is losing Harrell, Crabtree, and several outstanding offensive linemen, Leach says that this spring he had his best recruiting class ever, one that included two of the most highly rated defensive tackles in the country. "I am very excited about this fall," he says. "I think we'll be as good as we were last year. We don't have a single receiver who is as good as Crabtree, but as a whole they are better." There is no reason why his quarterback du jour-Taylor Potts-should not, like his predecessors, put up phenomenal passing yardage. Perhaps most interesting of all, three of Leach's recruits this year chose Tech over scholarship offers at Oklahoma, which presents a dazzling prospect for most Red Raider fans. They are all captivated, as anyone even remotely interested in football should be, by the idea of what might happen if the pirate-in-chief ever gets hold of an entire team of top-tier recruits."
I get chills all over myself reading that last part. It is crazy to think how dominating Tech would be if we even got half the talent that Texas, Oklahoma and even A&M got. Keep swinging that crazy sword of yours Mike Leach, I like your style!

Tuesday, August 25

Feeding the Bug

Blake has this little baby butterfly that she has loved since she was a baby, I kept it on her changing table and she would hold it when I changed her diaper. Every now and then she will find it in her pile of stuffed animals and get all nostalgic and carry around her "bug" for a while talking to it and treating it as if it is her own child. So today she was saying things to it like "it's ok little butterfly" and hugging it and stuff and then I heard her say "are you feeding?" to her butterfly. I looked at her and she was holding the butterfly to her chest/stomach area acting like she was nursing it. I asked her to feed her baby again so I could get a picture. I think it's pretty cute and funny, the only thing that concerns me is that she holds it so low down towards her tummy, I mean my boobs aren't as perky as they once were, but come on, is it that bad?

Sunday, August 23

Forget the Zoo

Zach and Blake went to get dog food this weekend and Blake loved seeing all the pets. Petsmart is the poor man's zoo. Zach sent me some pictures as they were out from his new iphone. His iphone puts my sprint palm pilot phone to shame, maybe one day I will be so lucky to own my very own shiny, fantastic piece of high tech pure iphone gold. Zach told me she thought the fish and the turtles were especially exciting to her. She would say "want to go back and see the lots of fish". She has a serious fascination with sea life, her nicknames she uses for loved ones are whale, dolphin and octopus, I guess that is the most wonderful thing she can think of to call us. She will say things like "what's this, octopus?" so it's no surprise that she loved the tank of a million goldfish swimming around. So if you have a 2 year old and want a quick and fun outing, take them to the local pet store. She did get really scared when the dogs came in for obedience class though. They were all barking and she had to keep telling herself "it's ok". She is very scared of dogs, so much so that our dogs can only come inside at night once she is in bed. We used to be such dog people and now most dogs get on our nerves, even our own. She even gets scared if she can see Merlin out the window, she will get brave and walk up to the window and then freak out and run away screaming. She really likes cats, though, but we have already decided we aren't going to get anymore pets, probably for the rest of our lives. So she can just go to the pet store and browse, but we won't be buying anything.

the "lots of fish"

Saturday, August 22

Pink Piggy Toes

Zach took Blake to Target today and she snuck some nail polish in the cart and Daddy was tricked into buying it for her. I figured today was a good day to paint her toenails for the first time. I took her outside, made her sit in a chair and I painted them. She was so still and just stared at me. When I was done I told her that she couldn't touch them and she walked around very carefully while they were drying.

Chubby foot

Pointing to her pink toes.

Friday, August 21

Flip House

This project has been dragging on for so long. Zach and Cal are just too busy and they started off doing a lot of the work themselves and don't have time for that anymore so they hired someone to finish up most of the work. Flipping houses seems like such a great idea at first, you're thinking fast money, how fun it will be to see the transformation, blah, blah, blah, then reality sets in. It's not that great of an idea, it takes forever, you have to put a ton of money into it to hopefully get a nice return. It's going a lot faster now that Nacho the contractor is in charge, but still seems to be taking forever. We have seen so many episodes of flip this house and shows like that which glorifies these types of remodeling projects. I can say that this will more than likely be the first and last flip house for the Walkers. I'm just excited to sell the thing, get our money, and never think about it again.

I hope it turns out cute when it's painted,
because this house is T-ragic!

Thursday, August 20

Diet Brain

Maybe I lean a little more toward the crazy side, but when I am on a diet and restricting myself I automatically become obsessed. I had to stop doing weight watchers because the majority of my thoughts revolved around points, calories, how hungry and deprived I felt, when my next meal was and most importantly when I was going to splurge. When I'm not on a diet I feel no need to have splurge days, I just try to keep things in moderation and of course I have the occasional massive meal that is probably best suited for a family of 3, but that's ok. This is why I have stopped posting my weight, last time I checked I was at 127 and that is only two pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight, however, my body still doesn't look anywhere near where it should. I am trying to make healthy choices and not obsess, so we will see how things go. I really miss the gym, but with a child who can't handle outings that involve unfamiliarity and separation from mommy and a new baby who likes to sleep in her own crib all day there isn't a lot of room left for trips to the gym or exercise at all for that matter. I find myself trying to fit in 100 crunches or push ups here and there, but not so sure I'm going to get any results that way, at least it makes me feel a little better. Is there a surgical mommy makeover in my future? I'd like to say I won't need that, but I'm surely not opposed. It took me a year of really no diet and little exercise to lose the disgusting 60 pounds I packed on with Blake, so it shouldn't take near as long to shed these last few, but it's hard to be patient when you get out of the shower, bend over to put a towel on your hair and are completely appalled by the wiggly jiggly mess of what used to be a tight tiny tummy. It could be worse, but it's not ideal. So no more dieting for me, it's the only way I know to cure my case of diet brain.

Wednesday, August 19


Kylie hasn't laughed again since the first time she laughed, until today. I work my butt off every day to try and crack her up and she is such a tough crowd. I sing funny songs, I say a boo and a goo in cheesy voices, I make overly dramatic facial expressions, all the normal stuff. And unfortunately once something is funny once, it is never funny again. I have tried the wiggly towel in her face again and I get nothing. So today I take her little foot with her little pink fuzzy sock and I put it in her mouth and I say "I'm gonna put your foot in your mouth", and she gives me a few little giggles. Baby humor is so funny to me, why do they think those weird things are funny? Who knows, but I eat it up every time I hear her laugh, it makes my day. One of the only times I have cried out of joy as a mom was the first time I heard Blake's laugh. It's like God is giving a great little reward for all the hard work mommies put in. To hear a sound of pure joy coming out of your baby's mouth is too cool, I can't get enough of it. You just can't put a price on that kind of stuff. I will reach deep down into my bag of baby humor tricks and see if I can get this baby laughing more.

Brendan James

My cousin, Brittany had her second baby boy Brendan August 18 and he weighed 8 lbs 13 oz. It seems like someone near and dear to me has either had a baby or announced a pregnancy practically every month for the past 2 years. Aidan, Brittany's first son is loving having a baby brother, I can only imagine how nice that must be ;) I apologize for the miniature picture, but I stole it from an email and this is all I got. Congratulations Culleys!! We love you and can't wait to meet Brendan!

Tuesday, August 18

Micro Beats and Jumping

Today we started the TCU Music Together class with Andrea and Jackson. We went to this same class last summer so I knew it was going to be fun. Blake liked it as a baby, but now that she is 2 she really enjoyed herself. Not so much at the beginning of the class though. She was scared of the elevator and started freaking out and then once we got up to the hallway she was scared and crying, then when we got inside the classroom she was really nervous and upset. She wanted me to hold her and she was having a really hard time calming down. I think once she figured out I wasn't leaving her there and the teacher started playing the guitar and singing, she realized it was a happy place. It didn't take long until she was tapping the beats on her legs, bouncing up and down and swaying to the music. And Jackson really impressed me, he is so young and he was really participating and doing a great job shaking his little arms and playing the instruments. It is going to be a fun semester, especially once Blake chills out. Another cool thing that happened today is that Blake jumped with both feet off the ground for the first time. She has been trying so hard to do this for months and months. She would bend down, put so much power into it and only one foot would come up off the ground. I could tell she was so proud of her accomplishment and she was saying "it's fun to jump" and "it's fun to be fun!", so now when she says her funny phrase "jump to your fish" (no idea where that came from??) she can actually get both feet up and get like 2 millimeters of air.

Monday, August 17

Terrible 2 Update

There have been more good days than bad lately. It seems to be about two really hard days in row where she is in a bad mood and will cry and whine from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed, and then there will be two or three great days where we have little to no drama. Ok, so maybe that's not more good days than bad, but it's a step in the right direction. I think I am starting to see the light, not that it's going to get easy, but that it's going to calm down a bit. I can't say with complete confidence that it's all about to take a turn for the better, but as long as there is a glimmer of hope of happier days to come, than I can work with that.

Singing Sweetie

As we all know, Blake is slow to warm up to anything and everything, especially this little baby that showed up at our house one day. She is very, very slowly getting better and more interested in Kylie as the months roll by. Blake likes to sing to Kylie when she is in the swing. She sways back and forth and sings this song, "I'm flying like a butterfly, I'm flying like a butterfly, hi ho the derry o, I'm flying like a butterfly", I love when they interact!!

80s Toys

Does anyone remember colorforms? I didn't really remember these things, but my mom was telling me that I loved to play with colorforms when I was about Blake's age. We got on the internet and found some and they have been a big hit at our house. Basically it is a cardboard background with all of these little vinyl stickers that you can use over and over again creating different pictures. Blake's favorite one is called "Miss Weather", it is this little girl standing in front of a window and you can put different clothes on her and make the weather different outside the window. She has played with this every day for quite a long time.

Concentrating hard on her sticker.

She put the swimsuit on Miss Weather, and a snowflake out the window and on the cat's head. It is a really fun little activity and I think she will play with it for years to come.

Fun...the Wright way!

I had way too much fun at Josh Wright's wedding! There were so many good friends there and I was in need of a really fun night out. The wedding was at University Christian over by TCU and the reception was at the Modern Art Museum and it was so nice. I loved the museum, there was a big room with typical wedding style tables and the food, then there was another room that was like a loungey bar with a band and then out on the large patio there was a man rolling up cigars for people. I haven't had this much fun in a long time. There were some people there I haven't seen in forever, David Brock, Daniel Heffelfinger, Denise Heffelfinger, Eric Ambroso, Josh Wright, Lindsay Wright, Tad Grubb, and probably some more that I'm forgetting. It was cool to catch up with them.

Jenny V, Al, Me, Amy


Josh and Lindsay

Zach and Justin

Amy and Andrew

Zach and I

Vahrenkamps, Tatsaks, Gilmores, Walkers

What is so stinky?

I have been gone from the blog world the past few days. I have missed sitting down to type out my thoughts on a daily basis, but here I am back again and ready to roll. I kept walking into our computer room and smelling this sick smell, for some reason I just thought it was the newspaper that was on the floor. I'm not sure why my first thought would be newspaper seeing as newspapers are not a typically smelly item, but it seemed like a reasonable explanation. I would get on the computer and it kept shutting off after only about five minutes, barely long enough for me to check my email and poke around at some websites. I told this to Zach and he figured out that the fan on our computer was broken and it was overheating. Oooooooooooh, Ok that's what that burning machinery odor was. Duh. My mom (always saving my butt) has given us one of their laptops and I am so happy that I can get on the computer again. We totally need a new computer, but that isn't exactly in the budget currently, we should probably focus on paying our house payment before we go out and get a shnazzy computer. I have a lot to catch up on so a-blogging I will go.

Thursday, August 13


Kylie just laughed for the first time! How perfect, her first laugh on her three month birthday! She had milk all over her face and I wiped it off in kind of a jiggly fashion and made a funny little sound effect while I did it and she cracked up. It isn't funny anymore because I did it too many times to keep hearing the laughter, I called Zach and she laughed on speaker phone. Baby laughs are one of the cutest sounds.

3 Months

Our easy-going munchkin has made it through the first three months. She likes to sleep, she likes to eat, she likes to look at people, she likes the bouncy seat, she likes to be carried around so she can look out at what is going on, she is a happy little thing. She still isn't awake for more than about an hour at a time, if Blake had it her way Kylie would spend all day every day in her crib. Blake frequently tells me to "put Kylie in bed", luckily Kylie does sleep a lot so Blake can have some undivided attention. Kylie sleeps from about 8 or 9 at night until about 7 or 7:30 in the morning. We like that. We like to call her Kissy Kylie because she is so plump and squeezy that someone is always kissing her kissable face. Blake is still taking Kylie's arrival pretty hard, some days are better than others, but I am looking forward to the day that she likes to play with Kylie and they have fun together. Here are some pictures of our colossal cutie!

Wednesday, August 12

Baby Elephant

Blake took a break from lining up all her little people zoo animals to play with Kylie. She kept walking over to Kylie and saying "hi baby elephant!", she did this about five times and then decided to share some animals. Sometimes she likes Kylie, sometimes she doesn't.
Kylie, thrilled about the animals.

I got her to do a half smile.

Tuesday, August 11

Definition of Tweedle

There was an inquiry regarding tweedling so I will explain a bit further. When Blake was a little baby and I would nurse her she would pinch my boob the whole time she was nursing. It wasn't painful, it was just something she did. We never did the pacifier thing and she really didn't even have a lovie that she attached to so tweedling became her way of coping with this scary and sometimes upsetting world. When I stopped nursing around her first birthday she could no longer tweedle me so at some point along the way she started tweedling her neck for some instant comfort. This is still a popular form of dealing with new or nerve wracking things for her. Sometimes she is so nervous that I look at her and she has tweedled her neck so many times that it looks like she came down with chicken pox. Some kids still have a paci, some kids suck their thumb, some kids carry around a lovie, Blake tweedles.

Monday, August 10

Blake's Gymboree Party

Here are most of my favorite pictures from Blake's party.

My mom with Kylie and my dad


This is one of her favorite things to do when she is in class

Welcome, welcome everyone, now we're here let's have some fun...

James started out the party with a big drum and talking about jungle animals.

Blake has this coping mechanism that we call tweedling. She pinches her neck when she is nervous or upset, she does this very often.


Jackson again


Cru and Andrea


Jackson P.

Sharing or stealing? We will go ahead and say sharing.

Come on everybody let's sit on the chute, sit on the chute, sit on the chute...
I think I had that song stuck in my head for like 72 hours.

Singing the Gymbo song

Singing happy birthday

Kylie and Becki


We had all of Blake's favorite things there, cheese pizza, chick fil a (chicken foo yay), chocolate milk, cake, yum.

Ommy is always there to help. We couldn't have made it through these two years without you! You have no idea how much you help us and we are so thankful! Blake adores you and you are the only one she squeals and does a happy dance for when you come over to our house.

Kate with the swim suit model pose.

I'm 2 y'all!

Daddy and Ky

Jackson P. again

nope that's not a typo that's how Blake says Caroline.


Caroline again


Amy and Cru

Allison and Jeni


Kate's first chocolate milk...mmmmmmmm I like it mommy!

Kelly and Kinsley

Our happy fam

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