Friday, July 31

Next Time Won't You Sing With Me?

Blake sang the ABC song all the way through today for the first time. Even the now I know my ABCs ending part. I got it on video and will post later.

Lately she has been wanting me to call her dolphin and she calls herself dolphin. This is because there are dolphins in her favorite movie, Dora Saves the Mermaids. She likes to talk to herself and she will say things like "let's go dolphin", "come this way dolphin", and my favorite two are "you are a pretty good dolphin" (as she pats herself on the head), and the best of all, the other day she looked down at her legs and said "you have skinny legs, dolphin!". Love it.

We were just outside and she was playing in her playhouse and she told me "it's fun to be big."

She was playing in her kitchen and took off the lid to one of her pots and put it over my face and said "you can smell your eyes."

She recently had a really sweet moment when she got up on the couch and sat next to Kylie and simply said "friends", it touched my mommy heart.

I always heard that little kids say the most hysterical things and it is so much fun to be living in that world.

Calling All Longhorns!!

If you know of anyone who is looking for somewhere to live in Austin have them check out, this is a beautiful 21 story student housing building that my dad owns. They are desperately trying to lease these apartments, they are giving away free TVs to the new tenants and offering really great deals. This is a brand new gorgeous place to live, so spread the word. I am too old to know anyone who is a student at UT, but if you do let them know about 21 Rio. Tell them to say they know Roy Petersen and ask for a great deal! It is super luxurious and has fabulous views of Austin.

Love Don't Come Easy

Last night I went out to eat with some college friends in Dallas, after two delicious drinks Allison mentions that Wes Hayden, the infamous jerk from the bachelorette was playing at Glass Cactus. Immediately we knew that we must go and check it out. Allison, Shannon and I headed that way. I realized quickly that we had missed Wes' band play when I saw some lady flipping through the pictures of Wes on stage on her camera. We cruised around the club and saw a big group of girls surrounding Wes. We weaseled our way to the front and got a picture with him. I told him that I listened to his interview on (my favorite reality TV blog) and that he wasn't so bad. He then told me that I was a "bad mother fu*$%#", I guess he appreciated the comment. Then off to the side we saw Jeremy from DeAnna's season jumping around and trying to get attention. Sorry Jeremy your season has been over for a long time and you are old news. After we met Wes we went out on the huge patio and talked for a while. Reality Steve's blog talked about some information that would be coming out soon about Ed from the bachelorette and Allison wanted to go ask Steve more about that. I recognized Reality Steve from an interview he had done on EXTRA so I knew he was there. So Allison goes up to Steve and asks what is going on with Ed, Reality Steve tells us that Ed has one girlfriend that he slept with when he left the show to go back to "work", and that they allegedly slept together again after the Hawaii proposal. There is also potentially another girl that is claiming she and Ed were together and didn't know about him being on the bachelorette, he had told them he was going to Texas for work while he was filming the show. Maybe Ed is the real sleaze in all of this. Steve told us that one of the girls sold her story to Us Weekly and that it is supposed to be the cover story next week. Can't wait till Thursday to get mine in the mail! That Reality Steve sure takes his stuff seriously. He is kind of crass also, he dropped many-a F bomb in our short conversation.

Here we are with Wes, I really do think he got a terrible edit job after listening to his interviews on, he may not be the sweetest guy ever but if you have some free time check out what he says and make your own decision about him. He is actually pretty funny, I laughed a couple of times during the interview and I never laugh at stuff.
This is Reality Steve.
It was weird to meet him after reading his blog for so long. It was fun.

Tuesday, July 28

Happiest Toddler

I have a brief moment of bliss as both of my kids are asleep. Hence the many postings all at once. A long time ago when Blake was about 15 months I read The Happiest Toddler on the Block by Harvey Karp. I thought it was interesting, tried some of the methods explained in the book and then didn't really think much more about it. Since it has been about a year and I have been through far more toddler struggles I have decided to read it again and I am loving it so far. I found this one part so interesting, it discusses the three different types of toddlers and Blake falls in the shy category. Here is what it says about shy toddlers-

"About 15 percent of kids are shy, cautious, and slow to warm up to new experiences. By nine months most easy babies smile at strangers passing by, but shy kids frown and cling to us for safety, frequently waving bye-bye only after a guest leaves. Cautious kids are often extra-sensitive. They don't like their milk too cold or pants that are too scratchy. They're easily frustrated, fearful and clingy, often trailing us from room to room, and unhappy with changes. Cautious kids also tend to be very observant. These are the kids who recognize where they're going and may start to cry a block before you even arrive at the doctor's office! They are often early talkers but late walkers, and their motto is "When in doubt...don't!"
Your shy tot may start the terrible twos early (15-18 months), but if you treat him with patience and respect he will finish the toddler years happy and confident. (Warning: Shy, cautious young children should be shielded from pressure and excessive criticism. That type of rejection can make a shy child fearful and rigid for the rest of his life.)"

This describes Blake exactly!! It makes me feel better to know she is who she is, she's not weird, she's not overly sensitive or clingy because of anything I did or didn't do, she is just this type of child. She dislikes new things and unfamiliar faces, she is very sensitive to sounds, she even gets scared or nervous hearing specific words, she doesn't like her pants or shorts too tight and she is very sensitive to hot food, even slightly hot, she is super cautious, always has been, she gets excited when we are a few blocks away from my parent's house and Gymboree, and she used to wave bye bye long after people left, she was a late walker at 16 months and once she started talking at 15 months she became very strong very fast. I am excited about reading this book again and seeing what I get out of it this time, now that I know my child better and I have lived through a year of toddlerhood. That warning at the end of the paragraph makes me a little concerned, it's like- no pressure parents, you could screw your child up for life. I guess I won't pressure her to do anything she truly doesn't want to, which I kind of do anyway and of course I don't criticize her, but I should be extra careful just in case. It is sometimes hard when Blake gets around people she perceives as outsiders because she is not her cute, hilarious little self that I want the world to see. Also I feel like it is hard for some people to understand this type of kid if they haven't experienced it much. It's all a learning experience I guess.

She's One Coo Baby!

This little ray of sunshine makes us so very happy! She loves to have cooing conversations, she and Zach have one every night when he comes home. She smiles and coos and kicks her feet and waves her arms. She loves when he calls her an amazing baby, that usually results in an extra loud and enthusiastic coo. He sits her up high on his knees and she just chats it up. She hasn't laughed yet, but with all this noise she is making I don't think it will be long.

New Things

Blake has been loving her new stuff! I still haven't given her everything, but I have given her at least half. I am saving some things for times when she is in a terrible mood and needs some cheering up or redirecting.

This is one of her favorite new things, her blue octopus party favor from Kate's party.

She enjoys taking her octopus for leisurely strolls in her new stroller. If he is not buckled in and situated to her liking she squeals. Ah the lovely sound of squeals, they come all to frequent around here.

Here she is frolicking in the bubbles, she has a new bubble machine and it sends bubbles shooting out everywhere. This is great for me because I get so tired of blowing bubbles and I get especially irritated when the bubble liquid drips on me.

Sunday, July 26

Cole Ferrata

My teeny tiny friend Andrea Ferrata birthed a 9 lb 9 oz huge baby boy on July 22. His name is Cole and he is so cute! Congratulations Doug and Andrea, we can't wait to meet him!!

Kate's Party

Kate had her birthday party today at their neighborhood pool, it's hard to believe these girls are already blowing out two candles! Natalie's mom makes the most adorable clothes and they gave Blake a dress for her birthday, I wanted her to wear it today so Natalie could see how she looked in it. Their website is and Kate always looks great and stylish in her savvy stork gear. The party was fun and I think Blake enjoyed being there without Kylie, she had Zach and I to herself. Kylie would have just been a sweaty mess anyway. Happy Birthday sweet Kate! Natalie-Here we go into another year, new experiences, new problems, and hopefully the most fun yet, I am sooo glad I have you to know exactly what I'm going through, to bounce ideas off of and to vent to!

Here she is in her dress ready to go to the party.

Mel and Emery.
Mel and I didn't feel like exposing our newly post baby bodies, so we stayed in the shade.

The Birthday Sweetie and her Mommy

Blake feeding mommy some cupcake.

Happy birthday dear Kate...

me and mel, again staying out of the heat

Blake was so pleased with her octopus party favor.

Saturday, July 25

Party 2 Year Old Style

Blake's birthday party was at Gymboree today and my oh my we are exhausted tonight. Blake had such a great time and I think all of her friends did too. Thanks to all the friends and family for coming to celebrate with us! It was so cool to look around the room and see so many of our favorite people in one place. I didn't take one single picture, but luckily we hired a photographer and I will get those pictures in about a week. I didn't feel like I got to socialize at all because I was busy with Blake making sure she didn't kill herself on a balance beam or flop off of a tower, but she had a blast and that's all that matters. What a great day!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Blake!

Our little babes is two! We have made it through the first two years, we've had lots of fun and a few bumps along the way, and a few mountains to climb as well (we'll just call it tantrum mountain). Her birthday was a fun and busy day.

For breakfast she wanted a cherry nutrigrain bar, and she wanted to wear the plastic thing from the diaper genie refill on her head, and why wouldn't she? After breakfast we went to her Gymboree class. Later in the day we went to my parent's house for Blake's party with my mom's side of the family. We had a great time, swimming, talking and eating.

Mama C and Aunt Brenda loving on Kylie.

Aidan and Allison

The Birthday Girl

Grandpa seems to be enjoying himself.

Time for presents! Blake got some great new stuff, movies, books, a slinky dog, a tea party set, how exciting!

Here she is looking at her new tea set, she loves this. She says "it's time for lunchtime" and then pretends she is eating the little cakes.

Uncle Cal and Alicia got her this slinky dog that you pull around on a string.

Mommy and Blake, she is looking at her new books about reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds and fish.

Alicia with the big baby girl.

Me and my cousin Brittany
Brittany, Rob and Aidan are in the process of moving from Tucson to Alabama and they stopped in for a couple of days while they were passing through Texas. Brittany's baby boy Brendan is due in September!

After Blake blew out her candles she gobbled up way too much cake.

Mama C, Ommy and Kylie

Ommy and Grandpa got Blake this picnic play house for the backyard. She loves to bust through the little door and say "hi everybody!", she sure knows how to make a grand entrance.

Daddy and his little two year old Miss (he calls her Miss).

Wednesday, July 22

Birthday Plan

Blake will be two on Friday and I'm sure she will get tons of birthday presents. My plan is to just give them to her one or two at a time so she isn't overwhelmed by all the new stuff. I got her a new coloring book at Target last night and that is all she has wanted to do today, I just took her to the park and she told me "today is so fun", she can't stop talking about her markers and her coloring book. It is one of those magic books that has markers that will only color on the special paper. I totally recommend it, not only does she love it, she walks around with the markers (I normally don't let her have markers so that is exciting for her) and it doesn't matter if it brushes up against the chair or colors on the wall. She was so happy about the markers she was spinning around in circles saying "dancing with blue." We gave her a couple of her bday presents early and so far she has loved them all. This is the Step2 fun flow sink and oh my gosh she loves it! She loves playing in water and this toy is perfect for her. We are keeping it at my parent's house. It has a pump that cycles the water through and there is a button you push to turn it on and off. Too much fun.

This is an old toy, but she still loves it. It hasn't held up very well, two of the doors have broken off and when she is "cooking" with water and spills, it makes big water spots. It is obviously not water resistant, we may get a plastic kitchen next.

This slide is fun and just the right size. We also put this at my parent's house in the backyard.

This table is great, she sits at it a lot during the day and reads books, does puzzles and colors. She looks like a little student. It had to go in our living room because the playroom is so full. I like it there though because it gives her a space somewhere else in the house where she can play.

Good Day

I just want to say that Blake has been absolutely perfect today. Not even any whining! What a difference it makes when she isn't throwing fits. Hooray!

Tuesday, July 21

No posts

I haven't been posting anything lately for several reasons.
A) Our computer must be broken, it is running super slow and it won't let me upload pictures to blogger. We need to have someone take a look at it because Zach and I have already done all we know to do.
B) I have been crying off and on the past two days because Blake's tantrums are frequent and crazy. I have been reading tons of books and stuff on the internet to help me get through it. They are sometimes as close together as 30 minutes. When a tantrum begins I am putting her in her crib until she is completely done, otherwise she is at risk of hurting herself and frankly I just don't want to be around it. This is the most difficult parenting stage I have been through, but we are working through it and I think we are on our way to making it better. There are a few more books I want to get, but explosive tantrums are such a pain. I am being proactive, clear and concise when we discuss that her behavior is not appropriate and I am being very consistent in her time outs and down time in her crib. Tantrums are supposed to taper off around 3, I'm not sure I can take a year of this. She is a strong willed child and I will not let her manipulate me and run our house and when I put up strong boundaries she gets pissed, thus resulting in a tantrum. It's kind of a vicious cycle, but tantrums are a part of growing up. We have only had two this morning and since then she has been really good and has been using her words and asking for help when she is frustrated, she will even tell me "I'm frustrated" these are the things we are working on. Using words instead of screams and flopping on the floor. We will get through this!
C) Zach is still working at the office everyday, so I have no time to myself until he gets home and I have just been spending time with him and watching TV at night.

Friday, July 17


Kylie had her two month check up today, I suspected she was a large Marge and indeed she is. Let's see, she weighs 13 pounds (96%), she is 23 inches (80%) and her head is 15.5 inches (72%). She did not take the shots like a champ, she wailed and then fell asleep from exhaustion. At least that meant she slept all the way home instead of crying all the way home. And since we are on the subject of weight I am at another plateau I weighed 128.6 this morning which means I lost about .2 pounds. I guess I need to eat less calories or start working out if I want to keep losing.

Wednesday, July 15

Hard-workin Mom due to a hard-workin man

Zach started his new job this week and has been leaving the house way before I get up and getting home way after the bedtime routine is complete. I kept Blake up late tonight because Zach hadn't seen her since Sunday and was in mourning over the lost time. With his zest and excitement for his new job comes long hard days for me. I didn't realize how much help it was to have Zach here to help with putting Blake to bed. With me doing it alone it goes a little like this-Put Kylie in a bouncy seat near the tub, strip Blake down and get her in the tub, hope Kylie doesn't start crying, Kylie starts crying, feed Kylie while washing Blake with the other hand, put Kylie back in the seat, get Blake out of the tub, dry her off and ask her to go to her bedroom, pick up bouncy seat with Kylie and move it to Blake's room, meanwhile Blake is naked and runs around the house really hyper like when you get a dog out of the bath, wrangle Blake and get her on her changing table, buckle her in and hope she doesn't try to jump off while I get her toothbrush ready and grab her pjs, brush her teeth, put on lotion, diaper, pjs, hope Kylie doesn't start crying, Kylie starts crying, put Blake down and ask her to pick out some books, feed Kylie, put Kylie back in bouncy seat, start reading to Blake, hope Kylie doesn't start crying, Kylie starts crying, toss Blake into bed, pick up Kylie and go mess with her. This is my least favorite time of the day by FAR. I have been known to put Blake down at like 6:30 just to be done with the day. I took the girls to my mom's house today so we could swim and hang out, my mom got a good dose of the absolute hell that I go through in the car with them. The car ride was going fine until we got almost home and ran into some traffic. Kylie starts screaming and my mom was trying her hardest to stretch her arm across the back seat to feed Kylie her bottle, this makes Blake mad and Blake starts shoving my mom's arm out of the way because it is blocking her view of her movie. Blake sees Kylie's milk and wants her own milk and starts screaming "want some milk, want some milk", well crap we don't have any milk so we will just give her juice, oh wait she drank all the juice and all we have is an empty cup, NOOOOOO! So Blake keeps screaming for milk and my mom is screaming for whiskey. Neither one of us knew whether to laugh or cry, I am way more used to it so I try to zone it out and imagine I am by myself. It is such a great feeling to pull into the garage, but then there is the unloading. Oh lord, the unloading. If you have two or more kids you know what I'm talking about. It is such a beating to get everyone in and out of the car. I better get used to doing all this by myself for a while because Zach will be at the office in McKinney everyday for his first month at work. After that he will not have to go to the office quite so much and can maybe be home by bathtime. I can only hope.

Tuesday, July 14

2 Months!

For a few more weeks we can say we have a two year old and a two month old, but soon we will be leaving the two under two club. Kylie is the best. Easy baby, good sleeper, rarely cries, no complaints. She smiles and coos, her coos aren't the normal baby coos they are really loud and kind of screamy sometimes. She caught a cold from Blake a couple of weeks ago and is still having trouble breathing. She is starting to like the swing and bouncy seat a little more, but still prefers to be held up high so she can look around or be in her bed sleeping. She is hardly ever awake for more than an hour at a time. She started sleeping through the night a few days ago, this was perfect timing because Zach started his new job and we can't be up late messing with her because he needs good sleep. She sleeps from 11-7, wakes up to eat and then sleeps many more hours. I take her to the doctor on Friday for her well check, but I think she is big. She has already outgrown many of her 0-3 month clothes. She has a clogged tear duct in the same eye that Blake did. She is 100% love and happiness and joy and all things wonderful. Zach and I are loving having a family of four, of course there are stressful times and taking both the kids out pretty much blows for every single one of us, but at home in our comfort zone we are relaxed and happy and everything fits together perfectly and feels so right. What a blessing!

Friday, July 10

2 year old Paige

This picture I found today is my cousin Brittany, Aunt Brenda and I at the beach when I was two years old. I am the one in the purple bathing suit and it looks a whole lot like Blake does!


It's Friday again and time for me to post my weight. I am not too happy about this week, I am at 128.8, still a loss but barely. I wasn't as strict this week as I was last week, at least it is still going down but I should probably try harder this next week.

Wednesday, July 8

Around Here

Here's what's been goin' on at our house lately...

This is one of Kylie's favorite places to be.

Uncle Cal brought over him and his girlfriend's cat Snicker Doodle for Blake to play with. Blake loves cats and calls the cat Snicky Doo.

Blake loves checking on Kylie while she is sleeping. She always says "she's fast asleep", she likes when I put her in the pack n play because Blake can peep right in.

This is Blake's first ponytail. That baby hair is getting so long!

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