Tuesday, June 30

A Chapter has Ended

Zach's last day at work is today. He has learned so much from this job, he has built some of the most beautiful homes, became so knowledgeable in land development and construction, made some great relationships and really grew professionally. We are so excited to see what the future holds for him, the sky really is the limit. He has two very serious job possibilities and has a big meeting this week for one of them (the one I am most excited about, the other one requires a lot of travel). I am so proud of him and so eager to support him in his new career, whatever that may be.

Happy Birthday Drea!

It's Andrea's birthday today! The girls went out last night to celebrate and we had so much fun! I hope you have a fun day and that Jackson didn't wake you up too terribly early this morning.

Sunday, June 28

And the winner for Daddy of the year goes to...

Zachary Blake Walker!

LL Cool Z

Oh yeah, these ladies love cool Zach!

Friday, June 26


As of yesterday, Blake will smile for the camera every time. I have to say "say cheeeeeeese" in a goat voice though, so it will be embarrassing in public. Blake is getting the hang of being a big sister and she seems to be enjoying Kylie more and more as the days go by. Kylie loves staring at Blake and it will be so fun when they can really interact.

Blake going in for a peck, it seems that Kylie had other plans with a big open mouth.

Pesky Pounds

I have for sure hit a plateau in my pregnancy weight loss, so I am going to start the old reliable weight loss method that I know so well and have a love/hate relationship with...Weight Watchers!! Back in college Allison started losing weight so fast I couldn't believe my eyes, she taught me all about weight watchers and how it works. I'm not an official member or anything, I just found a pointsfinder on ebay and calculate my daily points using that, however I did it for so many years that I can pretty much just look at a label and know how many points it is. The good part is that I get to add about 10 points for breastfeeding, or I can add 2 points per session, I found this out on the internet. So I feel like if I post about it and anyone can read it then I will be more accountable. I would like to lose about 10-12 pounds to get back into my normal range. I'm not a private person so it doesn't seem like a big deal to me to post my weight, I know some people would rather die than share their weight, but I don't really feel that way.
Starting weight-132.8 I guess I'll post again in like a week and see how it went.

Tuesday, June 23


This morning Blake had another heinous tantrum lasting about an hour and a half. The problem is not her lack of communication, she communicates so well. The problem is when things don't go her way or take longer than she would like she can't handle it and melts down. She wanted me to go to the playroom with her this morning and I was feeding Kylie in the living room and unable to do as she requested, she got a bit agitated. A few minutes later she spilled some water and this made her much more mad, after that I don't even know what went wrong all I know is that she was screaming at full capacity for way too long. Does anyone have any book suggestions for parenting toddlers/dealing with tantrums? I would love a good recommendation. Help me, help me!

Sunday, June 21

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Father's day was nice and low key today. I took the baby all night last night so Zach could get some good sleep. I fell asleep at about 1 and woke up at 3, 5 and 7. It's not that bad every night, but last night was rough. I also woke up feeling like I broke my arm because I fell asleep nursing in an awkward position. Zach wanted a new grill for Father's day, so he went and got himself one this morning. Blake hasn't gotten to spend much time with Zach lately because he has been so busy with work, working on some new job possibilities and flipping the house in Arlington so she wanted to spend all of her time with him today. She loves being outside and even though it was 4000 degrees outside today she wanted to be out there with Daddy in the swing or running around the yard. My parents and my brother came over in the evening and Zach used his new grill to cook some hot dogs. I hope he and my dad both had a great day. Zach is such a great father and husband. Blake and Kylie and our future children are crazy lucky to have him as their Daddy. My dad is about as cool as a dad can be, he is so fun to be around and such a generous and loving father, he also treats Zach like his own son and is a fantastic mentor to him.

My dad showed up in this ridiculous visor wig thing and tried to convince us he got extensions and highlights, my brother nearly fell for it.

Zach and his newest girl.

Grandpa and Blake.

Grandpa finally put in enough time and was patient enough and Blake is no longer scared of him.

Grandpa trying to make Kylie smile.

Grillin on the driveway classy style.

proud of his hot dogs, hot dogs are great and all but I'm ready for some steak next time!

When I get my camera out Blake sometimes gets really super close and says "picture of Blake"

Sitting on Uncle Cal. She walked up to him and said "happy father's day" when he got here. He isn't a father but it sure was cute.

Ommy taking care of Kylie

Saturday, June 20


Breakthrough #1-holding baby sister. Blake was pumped this morning when I asked her if she wanted to hold Kylie. She has been very interested in her today so I thought it might be a good day to try holding her. Blake keeps going up to her and saying " hi little Kylie" and "she's so little", when Kylie has been crying, Blake has been telling me to go get her, so I feel like Blake is finally doing really well with the new baby situation.

Breakthrough #2-great communicating which is cutting down on whining. Yesterday on the way home from Gymboree class I asked Blake what she wanted for lunch, fully expecting her to just repeat what I had said or not say anything. I looked at her in the rear view mirror and she smiled and said "chick fil a, Ok". She says Ok after things she wants, like more milk ok, go outside ok, etc. After her nap I asked her if she wanted a snack and she said "I want some breakfast" so I got her out the breakfast bar that she likes to eat. It is so much easier when they tell you what they want instead of leave you guessing. Today she looked at me from across the play room and said "me have a big poops" this was weird because she never says me instead of I, but I checked her diaper and yes she had a big poops. I hope she keeps up the great communicating, it is making life much easier in the Walker house.

This just happened- I thought I was done with this post, but I must add this greatness...
Blake seriously just walked up to me and said "it's time for lunch", I proceeded with "what do you want for lunch?" she then said "I want rice"........this is GREAT!

Friday, June 19


Jenny, Shannon and Allison came by last night to see Kylie. Blake insisted that Shannon take her outside so she got a little irritable. Blake would live outside, she probably should have been born back in the cave people days. We went to dinner at Taco Diner and the 4$ mambo taxis had me feeling fabulous. I really missed having drinks at dinner, it probably wasn't the best night to do that though because I was up with Kylie a lot and we had run out of pumped milk so Zach couldn't feed her. I am glad Jenny and Shannon came out me and Al's way, it was so nice not to drive so far this time.

Wednesday, June 17

Play Dates

Blake had two play dates this week. The first one was at my mom's house with Natalie, Kate, Melissa and Emery. Southlake is a good meeting point for all of us and my mom kindly let us all come over and play. Blake and Kate love to be outside so it didn't take long until they were asking us to take them out.

Natalie and Kate running around in the bubbles.

Melissa and Emery

Ommy making bubbles

Crazy girls running around...this crazy running actually led to a sad tragedy and the play date took a disastrous turn. Kate was running and she fell down and her head banged into the driveway. We all heard it, it sounded like someone knocked on a door. Kate had a huge bump on her forehead. She was so tough, a few seconds later she said bubbles? and she was ready to run through bubbles again. Kids are so resilient.

The bump looked way worse than this in person! She is holding her ice pack.

While the big girls were acting like silly almost 2 year olds, the little girls were fast asleep.

The moms with their girls. So fun!

The next play date on the agenda was a swim play date with Allison, Caroline, Andrea and Jackson over at Garrett's parent's house. Allison had a doctor appointment so she left kind of early and I got there a little late so we didn't get to spend much time together. However, in the few minutes that we were there together Caroline managed to scare Blake to death. Caroline was so cute and started chasing after Blake and Blake was running away and screaming, Blake is one nervous chick. She was also (surprise, surprise) nervous about being in the pool. This was the first time I have taken her in a big pool this summer and she was definitely in cautious mode. She liked hanging out on the first step and that's about it. When I would walk her around the pool she would cling to me and say "ready to get out", I bet she loosens up over the summer but new things are just difficult for her.
She loved running around in the huge vast grassland of a backyard they have.

Heck no I don't look at the camera when you ask me to- I'm a terrible two and I don't like to do anything I'm told to do. Speaking of terrible twos, the tantrum Blake had this morning had me wondering if I needed to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation. She was flopping around on the floor and crying so hard she couldn't breathe. What started it you ask? She couldn't find her crocs, and then every minute issue after that became the worst news she had ever heard and each scream became louder than the previous. Ah, the terrible twos, what a freakin nightmare!

This was a comfortable place for Blake.

Jackson and Andrea-Thanks for having us, we had fun!

Monday, June 15

1 Month

Blake hopped in the chair with Kylie. Blake looked at her and said "she's so cute!" and then touched her feet and said "little feet!" It was great to see Blake semi excited about her sister.

Kylie is one month old! She is such a joy and I can't say it enough....I am SO happy! Kylie can smile now and she does pretty often. She has started cooing also. It is so nice to hear sounds other than crying, although she doesn't really cry very much. She is sleeping pretty good some nights, for instance last night she slept from 1-4:30 woke up to eat and went right back to sleep and slept from 4:30-7:30, then ate real quick and went back to sleep until 9:45. Too bad I can't sleep until 9:45 with her, I am up at 7 with Blake. She wants to be awake usually from like 10-midnight which is annoying because that is when Zach and I are wanting to get in bed. I know it won't be much longer until the sleeping schedule is more predictable and easier for all of us. She loves sleeping on her tummy and I have been letting her during the day. At night she is on her side or back. As soon as she can roll over I will feel a lot better about letting her sleep on her tummy, but right now I check on her a lot just to make sure she is ok. If I ever thought for a minute that I couldn't love two babies I was a fool. I love Kylie more than I could have imagined and it has probably made me a better mom because I am going out of my way to make sure that I am spending lots of time with Blake. What a fun and challenging journey I have begun!

Houston Trip

I have been so excited about this trip for a long time, but also dreading it for a long time. Excited because I would get to be a matron of honor for the first time, spend some time alone with Kylie, be with Leah on her big day and have fun with the girls. Dreading it because I would be traveling a long way with a new baby, sleeping in the bed with her with no husband to relieve some of the feeding duties, I knew I would be pumping a lot, I hate packing for little babies, I packed for about 6 hours off and on. The trip there was fine, every time Kylie would cry I would give her a bottle and she would fall back to sleep. It went really well. We got all checked in to the hotel and it was time to go to the rehearsal. I was only a few minutes late which is great considering I had to feed her right before we left, get her ready and myself ready. Then it was time for the rehearsal dinner. It was at Treebeard's and it was really nice. There was a slideshow of Leah and Bryan growing up and there were lots of old pictures of Leah and I, we have been close friends since we were 6.

Kylie and I at the rehearsal dinner.

Our beverages.

Leah and I

My mom and Kylie.

The next day we had to get our hair done at 9:00. Most of the girls were hung over, I was hung over but for different reasons. Kylie woke up every hour or two to eat all night.

Here is all of Leah's extra hair, it looked so good when they put it in.

Ashley getting her hair done by Matthew the former army ranger turned hair stylist. Interesting guy.

Leah telling a true story of the ER.

Putting the finishing touches on the beautiful bride. She wore my tiara, it has been borrowed by many brides.

We're goin' to the chapel

Leah's mom Lois helping her in her dress.

I was in charge of Bryan's ring. I wore it on my thumb, either his fingers are small or mine are huge because I could have worn it on my ring finger, but I feared it would get stuck.

Leah and me, what a difference high heels make, I had on flip flops still.

Mommy and Ky, Allison got this dress for Blake before she was born and Kylie looks really cute in it too.

Ashley and me, we really hit it off and she is such a fun girl.

Leah and her daddy moments before walking down the aisle!

The ceremony was beautiful and Leah started laughing in some of her vows, I thought she was going to crack up through the whole thing but she got it together. She lost her voice so she had a raspy smoker voice.

Mr. and Mrs. Bayliss!

The reception was at the Crown Plaza hotel, it was really nice. The decorations were so cute, the food was yummy, she had carrot cake. I had to leave the reception a couple of times to go feed Kylie, but I was still able to do lots of dancing and have lots of fun. I was nervous about my toast but I think it went really well, I actually had a good time while I was up there so it wasn't so terrifying after all.

The cakes

First dance

Dancing with her dad

Leah had more fun at the reception. She was dancing and partying and having the best time. She owned the dance floor and she was so adorable! Bryan was a little more low key and hung out quietly with his friends. Congratulations Leah and Bryan and I am so jealous you are on your honeymoon right now!

We couldn't go to Houston and not visit Michelle and Clay, so we went to their house before leaving on Sunday.

Meeting Kylie

Michelle is having her baby in about three weeks so she had lots of questions.

Clay was ready to jump right in and hold Kylie. He is going to be a very hands on dad and he seems very confident already.

Michelle in Riley's precious room.

After that we were off, back to Keller. The drive home wasn't so great. First of all it seemed so much longer for some reason. Kylie was uncomfortable in her seat and cried more. We made it to Duncanville and Kylie threw up so much. I used every cloth item we had to clean it up. I was so ready to get home at that point and see Zach and Blake and just get back to normal. Blake was hesitant to give me a hug at first. I could tell she was thinking- you look like Mommy, but are you my mommy? She walked up really slow and was looking at me really hard and then she gave me a hug and a kiss. I am so glad to be home today, trips with a baby are so stressful, but I wouldn't have missed Leah's wedding for anything!

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