Saturday, May 30


This past Friday I tried to get back to my normal life as much as possible. I woke up early and got the girls ready to go to Southlake. Blake has Gymboree class on Friday mornings and I was taking Kylie to my mom's. I got everyone in the car and took off. It wasn't but a few seconds later that Kylie started screaming...could this really be happening? Blake hated being in the car for most of her babyhood, she would scream and cry so loudly and for such long amounts of time that I too would sometimes cry along with her. And of course you know what happens when Kylie cries, Blake cries too. There was a very loud chorus of wails coming from the back seat and then to make matters worse as soon as I got through the high school traffic I got stuck at the damn train. I never want to live by a train again. So far every time Kylie has been in the car, with the exception of the ride home from the hospital, she has cried and cried. It looks like Zach and I have bad car passenger genes and we will be victims of yet another car screamer. Luckily it only went on for about 10 minutes until Kylie wore herself out and Blake started singing along to the Sesame Street CD. We got to my mom's, got Kylie settled, got Blake back in the car and went to Gymboree. She had a blast there as usual and has really started getting excited about and interacting with the other kids. Just as she is starting to like the kids, two specifically, we will be moving her up the next level class which starts at 22 months. After the class we went back to my mom's and I was really looking forward to putting Blake to sleep and heading over to the square to shop...ALONE! It wasn't optimum timing for trying on clothes at only two weeks post partum, but I found a cute shirt and went to Gymboree and bought an outfit for Blake and Kylie because Kylie peed on her other shirt and I forgot a spare and I just can't resist a cute outfit for Blake. When I got back my mom informed me that Blake did not take a nap. She heard Blake screaming in pain on the baby monitor and then she started screaming for Ommy, my mom went up there and she got her arm stuck between the crib and the wall. My mom got her unstuck and decided to forgo the nap because Blake was traumatized. Next thing on the list was to show off my precious babies to Alka, a good family friend. She hadn't seen Blake since she was three months old and this was her first time meeting Kylie. She brought Kylie the softest blanket known to man that has Kylie's name embroidered on it in purple. We love Alka, she is so cool and so sweet!

Alka holding the content little bundle
I sped home from my mom's just in time to get in the shower to get ready to be reunited with some old Kappa Delta friends. Getting ready took a little longer than usual due to Blake hating having her hair washed lately. What is up with that? Does anyone have any suggestions? She screams the minute I pick up the cup to pour the water on her hair, she can't stand having her face wet and she has a cow. She screams and can barely breathe because she is so upset. But it has to be done, so we need to figure something out soon. Between that ordeal, pumping, and figuring out the navigation in the new car, I was running very late. I am Mrs. On Time, so I was irritated, but it was the best I could do. Julie Wendell who used to be the president of my sorority put together a little reunion dinner in Dallas. It was so fun to catch up with the girls and it had been so long since I had seen some of them, but it really didn't seem like it once we all started talking. I miss seeing them and I hope we can do this more often. It was a great idea!
Julie, Allison, Karley, Jeni, me, Stephanie
Shannon, Julie, Jessica, Melissa

Thursday, May 28

Crazy 8s

I've been tagged by Jeni so here goes...

8 things I'm looking forward to
1.Watching Kylie and Blake's relationship develop
2. Going to the beach at the end of the summer and seeing the girls at the ocean for the first time
3. Shopping for non maternity clothes
4. Eating a piece of coconut cheesecake from the cheesecake factory, whenever that may be
5. The day Zach finds a job or starts a business of his own and feels like he is back on the right track
6. Spending time with friends this summer
7. Being allowed to enjoy a tasty margarita (or two)
8. Looking good in a bikini again, once again, whenever that may be

8 things I did yesterday
1. Took Blake and Kylie shopping for the first time, with my Mom's help of course
2. Fed a baby a lot
3. Took a nap
4. Played with Blake
5. Drove my new car for the first time
6. Took Kylie to the pediatrician
7. Ordered my blog book from Blurb from last year
8. Watched So You Think You Can Dance Dance Dance Dance?

8 Things I wish I could do
1. Have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want
2. Eat everything I want to and not gain an ounce
3. Move into a mansion
4. Take more vacations
5. Be a better house cleaner
6. Go tanning without the threat of skin cancer
7. Work out with a trainer
8. Cook dinner almost every night and have it ready when Zach comes home

8 shows I watch
1. The Bachelorette/Bachelor
2. The Hills
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. So You Think You Can Dance?
5. Private Practice
6. Desperate Housewives
7. Tori and Dean
8. 20/20 (Zach thinks this is a show only for the elderly, but I whole heartedly disagree, I have liked it since I was in elementary school)

I'm not going to tag any people, because they never do it poopers!

Kylie Bryn-2 Week Check Up

Here we go again with having to be at the Pediatrician's office for all those many many well checks. Kylie had her two week check up yesterday and she is looking mighty fine. She weighs 8 lbs 10 oz which puts her in the 77th percentile and she has gained about a pound since birth. She is 20.3 inches tall (68th percentile), and her head is 14 inches (58%). I scheduled her newborn pictures for Tuesday because she is growing so fast. I really want that nasty belly button to fall off before then, but if not I'm ok with that. I kept calling and moving Blake's newborn pictures because her belly button took forever to fall off. Kylie's is barely hanging on but I really don't want that to be a focal point in the picture. The blood test had me nervous, I didn't want Kylie to have a complete and total fit, but she made a tiny peep when they poked her heel and then she just kind of sat there and waited for the nurse to finish squeezing her foot. It wasn't even sad.

Cozy with Daddy

Warming up her foot for the blood test


Monday, May 25

Memorial Day

Our backyard needed some sprucing up, so Zach bought a few new plants and we spent the morning working in the yard. Our fences are low and our neighbors have this beautiful yard and had a bunch of people over and I was out there all raggedy looking in my night shirt. That was a little embarrassing.

Hey cool guy, is it bright?

Blake likes to check out her sister now. She always comments on what she is wearing. She told me this outfit was pajamas and that it had buttons and bubbles on it.

Kylie and Grandpa spent the day like this.
Kylie got to meet all of my mom's side of the family today. We had our first outing with all 4 of us and it went pretty well.

Some Pictures

These are just a few pictures I have from the past couple of weeks.

Jeni came and brought Blake, Zach and I Chick fil a. We had lots of time to talk and it was a great day. Blake only eats one or two chicken nuggets so I saved the rest, when I asked her that night what she wanted for dinner she told me "chicken foolay", luckily I had some left.

Cookie bouquet that Ommy, Grandpa, Cal and Alicia sent us. It lasted about 36 hours before we had devoured every last delicious cookie.

This is my neighbor Amber, she is so cool! She has been bringing us tons of food and she has become one of my very close friends.

What is that? Keep it away from me!

Gran and Pappy came in on Sunday to hang out with Blake and Kylie.

The Walker girls!

Friday, May 22

Back to full time Mommy

Zach went back to work today and I got to experience my first day as a stay at home mommy of two. Not too bad. Kylie has to be held all the time right now. She still isn't okay with being put down for long periods of time. Blake was like that for about a month and then she started liking her swing and bouncy seat more. I read that new babies are so used to being squished up and warm from being in the womb that they don't like the spaciousness of a crib yet. I am guessing that is why she likes being held most of the time. With Blake we kept trying and trying to make her sleep in the pack and play when we first brought her home and as soon as we would get her happy and asleep we would stick her in there and she would wake up and cry. We haven't even tried putting Kylie to sleep in the pack and play because it is so much easier to just lay her down next to me after she eats and then we both get to sleep for much longer periods of time. I am so much less exhausted this time around, I don't even feel like I have to have a nap. I am convinced that co sleeping really is the way to go, at least for a month or so. The longest she sleeps at once is three to four hours and that is usually from about 2:00-5:00 am. Blake woke up from her nap pretty grumpy today and a few minutes later it turned into a serious 30 minute screaming tantrum. I don't know what started it, but I know it is because I got her up from her nap too soon. She likes to stay in bed for a little while after she wakes up. It was perfect timing though because Kylie was happy in the bouncy seat for most of the tantrum so I was able to try and calm Blake down. Those tantrums really suck, especially since Blake can't fully tell me what is wrong yet. Starting tomorrow I am going to have to majorly focus on slimming down fast. I have Leah's wedding in about 3 weeks and my dress isn't even close to fitting right now. I just tried it on with spanx and there is a good inch or more that I have to get rid of before the big day. True, it has only been about a week since I had the baby and I still have a bump so I can only hope that once that goes down I will be able to zip it up with ease. Otherwise my plans of having the dress taken in to fit me will be changed to getting the dress made larger and I won't be thrilled about that.

Thursday, May 21

Baby Steps

Blake is slowly coming around and warming up to Kylie. Last night she was getting really comfortable, perhaps a little too comfortable. She was touching her and pointing out all of her body parts, she told us that Kylie had a rock on her tummy when she saw her belly button. Then she said "hold her", I was excited that she wanted to attempt this yet nervous that something disastrous would happen. We got Blake all set up on the couch and handed over Kylie, Blake grabbed Kylie by the head and neck and was squeezing her face as she was holding her. Kylie's eyes were huge and she looked terrified and about 5 seconds later Blake said "done" and tried to jump up. We were proud of her effort though. She helped me change a diaper yesterday and she was wiping Kylie's leg. She isn't nearly as sensitive to Kylie's squeaks and cries and I am really happy about how fast she is transitioning.

Monday, May 18

1 week appointment

Kylie had an appointment today with Dr. Zwernemann (our pediatrician and our OB are married so that explains the last name) and she is doing great. She is two ounces away from being back up to her birth weight and she weighed 7 lbs 13 ozs today. I'm not sure how tall she is but I can't imagine it is much different from birth. She is eating about every two hours and sleeping a ton. In her crib

not happy about getting weighed

5 days old, first chair picture

Zach has really stepped it up as I'm sure most daddies of two have to. He and Blake are at the zoo right now and it is so nice and quiet in the house. I'm off to catch up on some TV.

Sunday, May 17

4 days later

I can not believe how much easier having a new baby in the house is the second time around. I was just telling Allison that last time on the difficulty scale of 1-10 it was a 10 and this time it is a 2. I feel so relaxed and comfortable when I am taking care of her and since I already nursed Blake for over a year that seems so much easier as well. We have really enjoyed just taking it easy and not having to keep the house clean or worry about what we look like or even what time it is. This is exactly how we wanted it, calm and boring. Kylie is sleeping in our bed and I am loving that. She sleeps so good all snuggled next to me and when she wakes up hungry I am right there to feed her. Last time I was too worried that I would smoosh Blake, but that hasn't even crossed my mind. Blake is doing a little better with adjusting to Kylie. She has touched her a few times and she has stopped crying every time she sees her. She doesn't like when I hold her, but she doesn't care at all when Zach does so he takes her if Blake freaks out. Zach has been very busy with Blake and has been such a HUGE help. He is the best dad and he truly enjoys every part of it. He seems so giddy and excited to have a new little girl around too. It makes me fall in love again and we have been laughing so much and having the best time with him off work. If you happen to be pregnant with your second, or thinking about getting pregnant with your second, be very encouraged that it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier. I love it!

Friday, May 15


Kylie is here! She was born May 13 weighing in at 7 lbs 15 ozs and she is 19.25 inches long. Labor and delivery was really easy too. We checked in at 6 am and we got into our room, I got changed, answered a bunch of questions and got the baby monitors on my tummy. The monitors were showing I was already having some good contractions and the nurse said she thought I would have been in active labor sometime that day even if I didn't come in for the induction. They checked me and I was at a 2 and 60% effaced before anything got started so I was already making good progress on my own. I got hooked up to the IV and the pitocin was started at a very low level and the contractions picked up fast. So fast that I asked for the anesthesiologist almost immediately because I knew it would take him a while to actually get up there and do the epidural. I am glad I did that because I was in a lot of discomfort by the time he arrived. The epidural hurt this time, I don't remember even barely feeling it with Blake, but this time the pokes and other weird feelings were pretty painful. Soon after I was all nice and numb and relaxed except for my right side which took a while to get numb. I progressed pretty fast and before I knew it it was time to push. I could feel the squeeze of the contractions and I could feel that Kylie was coming down so it was easy to know when to push. I pushed once and the nurse told me I only needed to push another time or two and she was right. Dr. Z came in, I pushed like three more times not even totalling 10 minutes and I felt Kylie squeeze her way into the world. They put her on my tummy and she was screaming loud! I held her for a few minutes and then they measured her and brought her back to me to feed her. She has had no problems with nursing so far and it is much easier the second time around for me. It still is hurting some, but that is to be expected for the first couple of weeks. Everything went so well and I am really happy with how it turned out.
Allison made it just in time, she came in chatted for a few minutes, the nurse told me it was time to push and then she came back in to meet Kylie. Good timing.

Amy got to the hospital first and I am so glad she did!! I forgot my cell phone and had Zach go back to our house to get it, if she wasn't there I would have just been hanging out all alone. Thanks Amy!!!!

The belly with all the monitors.

Mommy and Daddy waiting around during labor

She's here!

She's chubby!

Kylie taking a rest and Dr. Zwernemann

Being weighed

Dawn the nurse with Daddy and Kylie

Us with my dad.

My mom meeting the newest addition.

Zach and his mom

Natalie, Kate, Me, Kylie and Melissa.

Kylie and Melissa's baby Emery were born exactly one month apart.

Regina and Andrea brought us some Jack in the box. Thanks!

Cal and Alicia, this was her first time to hold a new baby.

Getting the hearing test.

Waiting on wheel chair man to come wheel me to the car.

Kylie's first car ride.

the new mom looking rather frumpy with the fun sign my mom put in our yard.

My mom and brother decorated the house for Kylie. They were trying to get Blake excited about the new baby coming home....I'll get to that in a minute.

Blake's Strawberry Shortcake balloon.

Ok, so Blake doesn't like Kylie at all yet. She is totally freaked out by her and any sound she makes Blake runs away in tears. I feel terrible about this and don't really know what to do. Blake is so sensitive and uncomfortable around most people that she doesn't see all the time so it's not a huge surprise. She screams "no" and "i'm sorry" and "hurt" when the baby is crying. It is pretty heartbreaking, but just like with everything else it will take time. Blake doesn't have the kind of personality to jump into new things, if you want to get close to Blake you have to take your time, not force anything and let her warm up to you, so we aren't really forcing anything we will just let Blake take her time getting to know her baby sister. But, no it's not really going well in that department.

Wednesday, May 13

Almost Time

We are about to leave for the hospital and it feels really weird, but I am so ready for this! We are not bringing our computer to the hospital because Zach's laptop is on the fritz so...check Allison Gilmore's blog for updates later today. (Hope that's ok Al) It is on my blog list somewhere. Keep the prayers coming, I'm feeling pretty nervous!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12

Last day of Zach, Paige and Blake

Today really seemed like any other normal day, I haven't felt nervous until the last couple of hours. My mom came over and I was able to take a really long nap which I definitely need and she will be spending the night tonight and staying with Blake most of the day tomorrow except for when she comes up to meet Kylie, then my sister in law Becki will stay with her. I can't believe it's actually all going down tomorrow and I still feel like I'm cheating or something since I will not be rushing to the hospital in pain this time, but I know it will all be fine. We went and had sushi tonight and that was our last outing of this pregnancy. I hope I can sleep tonight but I know I will be excited so it will probably be hard. I am also still wanting to go into labor on my own but time is running out for that. So please be thinking about/praying for us tomorrow!

Blake's last day as an only child.

Giving mommy's legs a hug.

39 weeks plus 5 days

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