Wednesday, April 29

37 week check up

My trip to the doctor today was uneventful and disappointing. I will be 38 weeks tomorrow and I gained 3 lbs in one week. That put me a pound over my goal weight. What is all this I keep reading about not gaining anymore weight at this point and possibly losing weight? Maybe it was just a weird fluke or fluctuation and next week I will be the same or lighter. Dr. Z checked me to see if I am progressing any and of course I am 0% effaced and 0 cms. Why couldn't it have been the other way around- gained 0 lbs and 3 cms dilated? That would have brought me a smile. I go back in a week and if I have progressed a lot and he thinks labor could start at any time then we will discuss induction. I am partially against being induced because it is an unnatural way of starting labor and we have to pay extra for pitocin. We are self pay since we don't have maternity coverage on our insurance plan and it is so expensive. Between the doctor, the hospital, the anesthesiologist, any medication I receive in the hospital and anything else that pops up we are looking at $10-12,000. I much does that suck? Last pregnancy I was 10% effaced and 0 cms two weeks in a row and Blake was born a couple of days later so I know those checks aren't even that much of a clue of when labor will begin. I can definitely handle being pregnant for two more weeks, however I would prefer a week and a half at the most! I have been having some anxiety which makes me stay up late thinking about things and then wake up early thinking about things. It will be over soon.........

Monday, April 27

Come on Out

"Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch"
- E.B. White, Charlotte's Web

The anticipation of Kylie's birth is making me crazy. I don't think 15 minutes goes by that I don't wish I was in labor, think about what she will be like and look like, and just wish she was out so I can hold her and start this journey. I know I have a little more than two weeks until the official due date, but I am really wanting her to come sooner than that. The last part of this pregnancy is dragging by so slow. I am not feeling very patient. I need to fill up all my remaining days with fun things to do to pass the time, but with Blake not feeling well there is only so much I can do. I have a giddy nervous feeling in my stomach most of the time. Kind of like when you are waiting to find out if you got the job or made the team. Waiting is hard.

Let's Butt!

Zach was showing Blake how to putt and she calls it butt.

Sunday, April 26

Pajama Help Needed

All of Blake's PJs are getting too tight and I need to hurry up and get her a new sleepwear wardrobe sometime this week. She has been wearing the fleecy Carter's Super Comfy ones with the long sleeves and the feet in them for a long time. We really like those, but I wanted some suggestions on other types of PJs that are out there. She sleeps with a blanket in her crib, but I'm not sure if it actually gets used so I think that the pajamas should be warm enough to not need a blanket. I went to spend my Gymbucks the other day at Gymboree and all of their pajamas were little night gowns or t shirts and shorts, although they were adorable I feel like Blake would wake up feeling like an ice baby. If you have an older kid somewhere around 2 years old let me know what the best PJs are!!

Last really busy day....I think.

Yesterday was another very busy day, I had one last shower to host before I have the baby and some friends to visit. I am pretty upset because I think I caught Blake's sickness and I do not want to be sick if I go into labor! Would that not be terrible? So now instead of hoping every day I start having contractions, now I am hoping I can feel great again soon and not have a cold on top of pushing out and caring for a new family member.

This is me at 37 weeks, I don't imagine I will get that much bigger in these last days or weeks, but I will probably still take another picture or two to document the belly.

Leigh, Astyn, Andrea, Me
The hostesses of Andrea's baby shower.
Everything turned out really cute and Andrea got some great stuff for baby Cole.
Now I just wish Andrea would move here!

Monkey blanket for Cole's monkey theme room.

Doug's whole family are Aggies so there will surely be some house divided arguments. I think Cole will look much better in red and black.

This is the blanket that the hostesses got her.

After the shower was over I went to Natalie and Ty's to visit with them and Neal and Melissa and I finally got to hold baby Emery. They had tons of food and we talked all night and after being around a new baby I am so excited to add another one to our crew. Emery is tiny she weighs somewhere in between 5.5 and 6 lbs, I forgot how much exactly. We kept thinking that even though Kylie is still in my tummy she could easily be bigger than Emery is right now.
Here is little Emery, all she does is sleep, she didn't cry once and Melissa only had to feed her once the entire time we were there. I don't recall Blake ever being anything but hungry so maybe Kylie will give me a little break and actually wait a few hours between feedings.

Melissa, me and Natalie holding Emery.

Friday, April 24

Mommy's PJs

Blake is doing better today, but is still snotty. She slept until almost 10:00 which is practically unheard of, she usually wakes up at 7 or 7:30. She is taking a nap right now so I know she is still very tired and not feeling that great. When I was changing this morning she wanted to wear the clothes that I was going to wear today so I let her carry around my sleep shirt hoping that she would be happy with that. She started putting it on and it was a little too long so I had to tie it in the back. She loved wearing it and kept it on for a couple of hours. She very well might be trying to steal my identity- in this picture she is wearing my shirt, going through my purse and breaking into my wallet, all with a bit of a sinister look on her face.

Thursday, April 23

Feeling Sick

I feel bad for the post about her being such a terror because she was sick and I didn't know it. That explains her out of character ridiculously hard day yesterday. This morning she woke up with a drippy nose and a drippy eye and she feels a little hot and she doesn't feel very good. I still took her to the zoo which she really liked. It was one of the worst days ever to go to the zoo because there were about 20 buses there and so many field trip kids. I was late getting home for her nap so I hope she goes right to sleep and stays asleep for a while because I too would like to take a nap. I am 37 weeks today which means I am full term and my little baby Kylie may come out whenever she pleases. I hope she makes her debut in the next week or two. I should probably pack my hospital bag soon just in case. One thing I do like about Blake not feeling well is that she is extra cuddly. Today when I was waiting on the valet after lunch I was holding her and she told me "you're so sweet", "good boy", and "I love you", such nice things to hear, with the exception of good boy, but still she means well.

Wednesday, April 22

Perfect Angel

Doesn't this look like the face of a sweet little angel?

WRONG! This child gave me hell all day long! She started out the day on a frustrated note and it continued on until the afternoon sometime. Some of her toys were frustrating her which started her crying spells, but any tiny little problem the rest of the day would result in yet another crying spell. This happened, hmmm, I don't know, like 80 times. It was truly testing my sanity. And it was that whiny cry that will drive you crazy. She had a full blown tantrum this morning with shaking and screaming, that hasn't happened in a while and it didn't make matters any better that she refused to take off her raincoat. She went to my mom's so I could go to the doctor and my mom gave me a good report, but every time I was around it was just one of those days I guess. I was so worn out from the day and then Zach went to Arlington to work on the house and left me to do Blake's dinner, bath, teeth brushing, PJs, lotion, story time and bed, which by the way requires a lot of bending over and lifting her. Not exactly something I am good at or find easy these big round pregnant days. Now I would love nothing more than a cheeseburger and a coke, but I am on house arrest because Blake is in bed. The remaining dinner choices are canned foods or a thanks! I am hoping for a better attitude from Blake tomorrow, we are attempting a zoo trip so it could really go either way.

Tuesday, April 21


Just a few pictures from our afternoon outside. Cal was done with work and bored so he came over for a while too. Blake likes to say "Uncle Cal is so funny!"

She always wants to swing when Cal comes over and I think I know why.....

He swings her waaaay higher and more wild than I do and she squeals and loves it!

Blake is really into her sunglasses right now.

Sunday, April 19

Leah's Bachelorette Party

Liz and I are co-matrons of honor in Leah's wedding and we have been planning her bachelorette party for a long time. I spent a good portion of Friday baking and decorating sugar cookies for the event. The cookie cutter was supposed to be a bikini, but I figured it was lingerie looking enough for a lingerie shower. I tripled the recipe and felt like I turned my kitchen into a full out bakery for the day. Even Zach was rolling dough, cutting cookies and popping them in the oven for me when I felt like I couldn't take much more. I had fun decorating the cookies, but by about bra and panty cookie #70 I was pretty burned out.

The night started out with dinner and drinks at Ashley's house (another one of Leah's bridesmaids), and then her lingerie shower.

Leah drinking a concoction of jalapeno lemonade (I got the mix at Crate and Barrel) and champagne. The lemonade had a weird kick to it, but it was different and good.

Opening all that lingerie got the hot dogs excited! They are both girls and I don't think they do this often.

This is a funny family heirloom in the Partridge family. Leah's mom got it for a gift at her lingerie shower when she was getting married, her mom gave it to Lindsay, Leah's brother's wife and Lindsay so kindly returned the fringey thing to Leah.

I got her this cute little black nightie.

She got a furry paddle, Bryan better be on his best behavior!

Leah and I

The next thing on the agenda was a surprise for Leah. We hired a personal trainer who teaches stripper lessons to come over and teach us some moves. This was really fun and there were some hilarious moments. I got a great workout too. I don't think Bryan knows what he is in for :)

Pregnant lady and Leah

Leah showing off her skills.

After that was over, it was time to go to downtown Fort Worth and go to the bars. I just dropped a couple of girls off and went home. I didn't get to sleep until after midnight and I was so tired today. I spent almost half the day in bed sleeping and trying to feel better. I overdid it again, but I don't have any more really busy weekends planned for the rest of my pregnancy.

Sip and See

I got to meet Lindsay and Gabe's adorable baby Brody at her sip and see party on Saturday. It won't be long at all until I have a teeny tiny newborn in the house again. Lindsay is a great mom and she went back to teaching after only 3 weeks of maternity leave! I can't even imagine. It was fun to see some old familiar faces from the Kappa Delta days.

Allison, Allison, Brody, Lindsay, Kelly, me

Thursday, April 16

Princess of the Diapers

I disassembled the diaper cake that Regina made for me and Blake thought it was extremely fun. She walked through the diapers, rolled around in the diapers, threw the diapers in the air and laid down for a while in the diapers. This kept her entertained for a really long time.

Earlier in the day Blake found a Snow White dress in the box of hand-me-downs from her cousin Sophia. She wanted the "dress on" so she wore a costume the rest of the day.

She tells herself "you look cute today", I must say that a lot because she says it a lot.

Wednesday, April 15

35 week appointment

I just got back from my appointment a few minutes ago and everything is still going well. I had the group B strep test and it was no big deal, last time my dr. was out of town and my nurse did the test and it hurt so I was nervous. I gained less than half a pound so that is happy news. I am going to Joe T's tonight with the Mulkeys and there will be no holding back since my weight gain was minimal. I have been thinking about those enchiladas ever since we made plans to go. MMMMMMM. Dr. Zwernemann told me he would induce me right at 39 weeks if I want to and if my cervix seems ready. This whole time I have been all about letting labor start on it's own when the baby is ready, but it will be so tempting to get induced. It seems great to know the exact day you will deliver, I could have Blake all ready and the babysitter lined up. But on the other hand I feel pretty strongly about letting my body decide when it is time for Kylie to be born. I am hoping I just go into labor on my own a few days early like I did with Blake.
We will just have to wait and see.....

Tuesday, April 14

Arlington Flip House

Zach and Cal finally started work on the oldy moldy flip house in Arlington. They are doing some of the work by themselves, Zach has been in construction for a few years and Cal is a painter and can do some cabinet work and other things. Some of the work they are going to sub out and at the end they are hoping for a nice profit. This project keeps getting put off and I am glad they have begun.

First they had to clear out all the junk that was left from the previous tenant. Cal found a shirt that he wanted and some records so there were a few hidden treasures amidst the nastiness.


Cal hit the wall with this guitar and it stuck.

The rest are before pictures, it is quite a beauty :)

Monday, April 13

Baby Emery is Here!

Poor Melissa. She had a little bit of a rough time with labor and delivery. She was admitted into the hospital right after her 37 week appointment last week with preeclampsia, the doctor decided to induce on Thursday but her condition was getting worse so they started the induction process last night. She had a bad night with hard contractions and then spent hours pushing. Little Emery finally made it out around 3:00 this afternoon and she weighs 5 lbs 13 ozs. When Natalie and I went back to see Melissa she was absolutely exhausted, I feel bad for her because there is only more exhaustion to come with caring for a newborn. Neal was doing great and they are about to get their crazy initiation into the world of parenthood. I didn't get to see the baby up close or hold her and I can't wait to go visit Melissa when she is out of the hospital and get to officially meet Emery.

Natalie and I waiting.....and waiting.....and waiting....and waiting...Kate snoozed, she did so good and was so patient!

Melissa's mom and dad

Neal coming out to tell us the news, the grandmas are totally tuned in.

Baby Emery! Too bad I didn't get a picture of her cute little face, they had her turned around and this was as good as I could do.
Congratulations Staabs!!!

Sunday, April 12


We went over to my parent's house for Easter and the Easter bunny came and brought Blake some goodies! She loves bunnies and chicks so I knew she would be really into this holiday.

Ooooh, a big egg

Looking at Ommy's new blue fish

Cal and Alicia brought Blake a little Easter basket, how sweet!

The pinwheel was a huge hit. She switches off with calling it a pinwheel and a windmill.

Cute Easter stuff

Blake got a flower slap bracelet in her basket.

My dad and Zach all snuggled up watching the Masters.

A happy moment, Blake watching a new Strawberry Shortcake movie.

A half way attempt at a kiss for mommy.

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