Tuesday, March 31

Cal is 24

My little bro is 24 as of today and we went to Shogun again to celebrate last night. It is no doubt Blake's favorite restaurant, she claps for the chef and would eat anything he made, including onions, veggies, steak, shrimp, eggs, anything! She ate a whole order of edamame to herself. You may be thinking that is no big deal, but if your kid is a picky eater who takes about three or four bites each meal, it is pretty exciting to see them eat for about an hour straight. Zach and I got Cal this old ugly ship painting that we found on Craig's list for their apartment. Even though it is thrift store material, they loved it and it is totally their style. Cal is in a very happy place, living back near his family, he has a fabulous girlfriend and he is working on establishing a career path. Happy 24th and I hope it is one of the best years yet!

Mom, Dad and Blake.

The birthday boy with his cutie.

Monday, March 30

Fake tanning queen

I have gotten some comments on my blog and in real life about my "tan" so here is what I do. I do not go in the sun that much because I know how damaging it is, as much as I love a natural tan I just can't justify looking good when skin cancer and premature aging is a reality. So I have come up with a few handy dandy tanning products that work well and do not make me look like a carrot. I used to use the neutrogena foam self tanner until I ran out, I use it almost every other day, but I recently got Loreal Sublime Bronze, it is kind of like a gel and it works really well too. Of course it is not perfect and you may have a messed up spot or two, but it beats the heck out of snowman skin. I even use it on my face, I am not prone to breakouts and it hasn't given me any pimples or anything so I go ahead with it. Now if I am going to go out and want to even everything out and have really tan legs and take it up a notch I use Bronzy Baby tinted full body glow that I got at Ulta. This stuff is the best! It is bronzer for your whole body and it makes you look great and then it washes off in the shower. So don't wear it in the pool or in the rain or you will be looking like a fool. I always put this on my legs if I'm wearing a dress and it makes such a difference. I am always trying new products so if you have a self tanner you love let me know. I have heard Clarins gel is one of the best, but I still haven't tried it, maybe I will when this Loreal stuff runs out.

Sunday, March 29

Bath time chat with Blake

It's been a long time since I have posted a Blake video. So for those of you who haven't seen her lately, or maybe ever, here she is. Bath time is one of her favorite times, unless we wash her hair. I got her to sing a little bit of I'm a Little Teapot, a current favorite, and count to ten kind of. When I ask her to count to five, she hears the to five part (2,5) and says 1, 2, 5. She does cooperate a little and show some of her counting skills. It's like a two minute video, I hope it is somewhat enjoyable :)


Saturday, March 28

Leah's Shower

My mom and I hosted a bridal shower today for Leah at my parent's house in Southlake. My wardrobe plans completely changed as soon as I knew the weather would be ridiculously windy and cold. A lot of people came and I think Leah had a really fun time. My friends are so important to me and it is really cool to still be so close with someone I became friends with when I was 6. I used to tell my first grade class to be nice to their friends because I met one of my best friends in first grade.

This was the cute cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes in Southlake. Their cakes are so good, this one was marble.

These were my oreo truffles and red velvet cake truffles that I made. I would like to eat one right now, but they are all gone.

The fruit was from Edible Arrangements and it was tasty.

Leah's soon to be MIL, my mom, Leah's mom Lois, Leah and me.
I think the shirt makes me look bigger than I am, but I am pretty close to the end at 33 weeks. Leah is a PA and she felt on my tummy and let me know how Kylie was positioned, she has her head down already.

Leah and her mom

Because I'm the bride that's why!

Leah, my mom and me

Thursday, March 26

2 kids and gross weather

What do you do with two kids in the misty cold weather? You take them shopping! Andrea and I met in Southlake this morning for a couple of hours before nap time. Blake ran around in Nine West and rearranged the whole store. Before we left I had to go around putting all the purses and shoes back in what I was hoping was their original spots. She loves to shop, but can't stand being in a stroller anymore, so we must compromise a little. I let her out again at Anthropologie until I glanced over and saw her holding a large breakable decorative bowl. So back in the stroller we go, crying and ready to move on to the next store. She loves jewelry so she was happy in Francesca's because I let her hold some bracelets. Blake and Jackson both wanted this wind up caterpillar, and Blake was yelling "catapidda" so we quickly scurried out of that store as well. A couple of minutes later when we were walking out of the Impeccable Pig, Andrea asked me if Zach was supposed to be meeting us. I was like no...why? I looked up and saw him and Blake said "Daddy." He was out looking for fancy business card paper. That was perfect timing because he came into Baby Bliss with us and played cars with Blake while I tried on a dress and looked around. Jackson's eyes were about half open at this point and we needed to go get some lunch. They were so good at lunch, Blake ate and watched TV and Jackson sat in Andrea's lap and stared lovingly at her most of the time. After lunch Jackson was completely tired, he wanted to take a nap and he started to cry so we knew our time was done. We speed walked back to our cars and went home. If I am out with Blake I feel like I am in a hurry the whole time. She likes to be on the move and if I take my time, I pay for it with cries and screams. Nap time at noon doesn't leave a lot of morning shopping time, I wish stores opened at like 8. That would be excellent.

Cutie pot pies.

Wednesday, March 25

32 week appt.

I will be 33 weeks tomorrow and I hit the 20 pound mark. The nurse told me I might have a urinary tract infection. I don't feel like I do, but they will tell me when the results come in. I've never had one, but she said sometimes during pregnancy your immune system gets weak and you don't have a lot of symptoms. Kylie's heart beat sounded good and strong and my blood pressure was good. Last pregnancy I had high blood pressure but I'm sure it's just because I was fat. I asked the doctor if Blake coming 4 days early means Kylie will come around the same time and he said typically that does happen. If this is the case I am guessing that Kylie's birthday will be May 9 or 10. Hopefully the 10th because then I can still go to Jackson Pogue's first birthday party! I think next time or the time after is the group B strep test (hate that, I'll probably make Zach go with me for support), and then I start going every week and he said he will start checking me around 38 weeks to see if anything is progressing. I am moving right along, ready or not!

Tuesday, March 24

20 months!

Today is Blake's 20 month birthday. I am trying to think what she does differently since the 18 month post. She talks in longer sentences now with 4 words or more. Her speech gets all jumbled up sometimes when she uses a bunch of words and I can only understand one or two of them. She says a mommy after everything, example- milk a mommy, watch Elmo a mommy, bump head a mommy, etc. she is so super attached to me right now more than ever before. She counts to five and ten, sometimes on command, sometimes she only does it when she is in the mood. She used to leave out a number here or there but as of a few days ago she gets them all correct. Colors are still kind of tricky for her. She gets them right a lot of the time, but part of me thinks it is just luck. She runs now and her dancing is more advanced. She used to just squat and go up and down and now if she likes a song she will put down whatever she has and do these moves with her arms where they alternate going up and down. She plays independently for long periods of time which I love. A mess seems to follow her wherever she goes and I am working on teaching her to clean up, but her attention span is so short she will maybe put two things away and then get distracted. She still doesn't eat very healthy but it is getting better. She loves her clothes and bows and shoes and anytime I am dressed up she gets excited. She loves when I wear a dress and jewelry. She loves making her own decisions and hates being told what to do. She isn't aggressive at all toward other kids (thank goodness!), but she gets nervous and upset when they are aggressive toward her. She is very cautious. Sometimes I think one on one play dates work best for us right now. She is tired of having to shop in a stroller so I have to let her out every now and then to walk around, so it is difficult. I won't even attempt shopping anymore unless my mom or someone else is with us. She loves playing with babies and stuffed animals. She makes them walk around and kiss each other and fly. She is fun, but FOR SURE a handful.

Monday, March 23


I know I put where you could find the pictures, but I wanted them posted on here too. I ordered the disk of all the pictures and I can't wait to get them up and around the house.

Zach thinks Blake's arm is hilarious here, she is all posed like a big kid.

I'm not loving this picture of myself but I love how Blake is giving me a smooch!

When Blake hugs or leans on me she says "oh sweet"

Once again not one of my favorites of any of us, but you can see that the mural is started in Kylie's room. It is going to be so cute and of course I will put pictures up when everything looks better in there.

Putting Course

For our last night in Horseshoe we wanted to go to the putting course at the Marriott. This isn't your typical cheesy putt putt, it is just like a real course. The greens are real and tricky, there are sand traps, it is beautifully landscaped with tropical plants and so much fun. The greens are all par 3, 4 and 5 so it is pretty hard. I always get kind of competitive at these things especially since I am a former Martin High School golfer (ha), I started off terrible, but it wasn't long until I started doing really well. I came in 3rd behind Cal and Zach who tied, but I was still way under par so I was happy.

La KOOK! (inside joke, theme of the weekend). He really is a bit Kookoo though.

Easin the tension...

Zach took it quite seriously trying to get low and read every green.

The belly didn't really mess me up at all.

Sarah's Wedding

Sarah Gleaves got married on Saturday afternoon. The weather was awesome for an outdoor wedding and reception. The ceremony was so great, since the big wedding boom is over I love going to weddings every now and then and it always reminds me of the vows that Zach and I took and listening to the preacher talk about marriage and what it means is so good to hear, especially when you are going through a very hard time like Zach and I are with his unemployment. The bridesmaids, who are all my friends, looked so gorgeous! The dresses were turquoise and looked so pretty on all of them. Zach and I had a great time with our friends and we even made some new ones.

The beautiful bride

Zach and I out on the patio before we left for the wedding which was in Bee Cave, near Austin and also very near Horseshoe Bay. It worked out perfectly!

Lakehouse trip

My mom, Blake and I left for Horseshoe on Thursday and just got back today. Cal, Alicia, my dad and Zach all kind of trickled in on Thursday and Friday. Blake had the best time ever. She loved exploring around and being out on the patio, and her favorite thing was playing in all the fountains. We went to Wal Mart to find her a water table for the patio, but there was no need, she liked the fountain better anyway. We did some shopping, lots of eating good food, Alicia and I got manicures and pedicures at the spa which ended up to be one of the only truly relaxing times of the weekend. Even with all the help there Blake was a tornado to keep up with and I am so worn out today and glad to be home. My number one goal was to not go into labor on this last trip before Kylie is born and I succeeded. I don't think I will get to go back to the lake until later in the summer, if even then.

Blake checking out the awesome view. My dad thinks she is going to trip and shoot through the rail so he wants to replace it with a glass rail.

Playing in the wall fountain.

Blake gets nervous around my dad and sometimes says she is scared, but this weekend she got pretty used to him and she played with him a lot.

Digging in a pot in the courtyard.

If she wasn't outside she was asking to be outside so we spent a ton of time in the courtyard or on one of the patios. I even got sunburned.

This was the favorite fountain, it was just her size. The one in the courtyard is huge and the wall fountain was hard to get to so she hung out here a lot. We went through lots of clothes and she would use her sand tools in the top part and say that she was cooking.

Wednesday, March 18

Family belly pictures

If you want to check out our family photo shoot go to Opaque visuals blog which I have listed under my favorite blogs. Amy used to teach art at Milam where I taught and she took some great pictures of us. I totally recommend her, the prices are reasonable and she is so easy to work with, she came to our house which was so nice. Take a look!

Tuesday, March 17

Spring Break

Michelle and Allison are both on spring break and we all got together earlier today for some food and some shopping. We were on kind of a tight schedule because Blake and Caroline take their naps around noon, but we still had a few hours to hang out. We went to Southlake town square and the weather was so nice. Michelle had a sudden blueberry muffin craving so we went to Corner Bakery and Blake and Caroline were very patient and let us talk.

This is what Blake did when I asked her to smile.

Allison and Michelle

Stroller buddies

Michelle-22 weeks
Me- 31 weeks
babies, babies, babies!

Monday, March 16

Kelly is One!

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Yay Regina! You made it through the first year!

Jalei with Cru (Amy's baby boy) and unknown gender baby in the belly, Amy with Kinsley , Regina with Kelly, Me with Blake and 31 week Kylie, Andrea with Jackson, Allison with Caroline

Kelly's birthday party was at a park in Mansfield. Luckily the weather turned around and it was fairly warm and pretty nice for an outdoor event. Since I am so big and getting to an uncomfortable point, Zach was in charge of Blake and he was worn out by the time we left. We hung out at the Gilmore's for a little while afterward until Blake told me "I sleepy" and then we figured it was time to go home. Regina did a great job and the decorations were very cute. That first year sure goes by fast! Michael and Regina, Kelly is lucky to have such wonderful parents!

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