Saturday, February 28

Working on the nursery

The changing table and book shelf came in yesterday, so Zach and Blake put everything together this morning. I still need a rocker, but other than that the furniture is all done. The room is very big and there is a lot of space left over so I'm not quite sure what to do about that yet. I hope it looks a lot more filled up with a big rocker and ottoman in it.

A kiss for Daddy Do! I'm not sure what the open mouth thing is all about.

Friday, February 27

First peek at Kylie

I had a 4D sonogram done today at Stork Vision in Keller. Kylie had her hands in front of her face or in her mouth most of the time so it was pretty hard to get some good pictures of her whole face. Her eyes were open for the majority of the 30 minutes we were there and she kept yawning and sticking her tongue out. It was really cool to get to see what she looks like and when I came home I compared her pictures to Blake's 4D pictures and they look pretty similar. I found out the little spot that is really tight and sometimes hurts up by my ribs is her little baby butt. Here are the pictures.

Kick mommy!

Hand in front of the face in kind of a gansta fashion.

Wednesday, February 25

Another doctor visit

Today is my last day of week 28 and I had to go for a quick and easy doctor appointment. I only gained one pound since last time which makes for a 14 pound gain so far. This time last pregnancy I was exactly 20 pounds heavier. Lordy. I talked to the Dr. about my contractions and he told me what I already knew, braxton hicks are stronger and more painful with subsequent pregnancies. He also said if they are happening right after I worked out then that is my body telling me to slow down. He requested that I don't do any heavy leg workouts, lower back, or abs. I am allowed to keep working out arms and walking. I also made my final payment, hallelujah! Now that doesn't include the hospital bills, just the ob/gyn fees. The hospital thing is still kind of an unknown, we know we can pay a set amount up front in one big payment, but we have yet to figure out exactly how much. This no maternity insurance thing really bites. I'm sure it will be worth it though, it is just so stressful for young people trying to get ahead to have to keep paying thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars just because our insurance blows. So that's the latest with my pregnancy, not too interesting.

Monday, February 23

Some more pics from Austin

Sunday, February 22

Sarah's Bachelorette Party

Sarah soon-to-be-Spence had her bachelorette party in Austin this weekend. Jeni and I loaded up her Range Rover and headed south on 35 for a fun little road trip. It was kind of slow getting out of Ft. Worth, but once we made it through we didn't hit anymore traffic until about a mile from the hotel. It was a blast getting to talk for hours with Jeni, completely uninterrupted by babies. We got to the Four Seasons and were told to go straight to room 314 where we found our roommates for the night, Heather and Kim. It was kind of a funny match up of roommates because Jeni and I are married with kids and rarely go out for drinks anymore and Heather and Kim are regulars on the Dallas night life scene. They were really fun to stay with though and it was nice getting to catch up and see what they have been doing. Almost as soon as we got there it was time to go out to dinner. We had to take a cab to Stubb's barbecue and our cab was the most foul smelling taxi in Austin. It smelled so bad we were giggling. We got to Stubb's and had a yummy dinner and got to spend some time talking with everyone. We were telling funny stories and laughing and having a lot of fun.

All of us before we left for Stubb's

Fellow Kappa Delta pledge sisters Amber and Lexi.

Smiley Jeni and I

Sarah taking a shot.
After she was done taking it she was trying to figure out who ordered it for her and no one was claiming it. It turns out Heather ordered a drink and the waitress misunderstood what she said and brought some shots out.

After the shot. Gaggy face. She took it like a champ though.
When dinner was over we got back in an extremely scary and dangerous cab and went to a big bar called The Ranch. The cab ride was so nerve wracking that I seriously had to say a prayer and take a bunch of deep breaths to make it through the 2 minutes it took to get there. The bar was fun but a little loud and since I can't drink and couldn't talk over the music, Jeni and I thought it was a good time to go back to the hotel and get cozy.
Sarah, Kim, Heather, Amy, me, Jeni and Lea at the Ranch.
When we got back to the hotel we asked the front desk guy if we could have a cot because we didn't want to share a tiny bed. He kept telling us he just couldn't do it because of fire code so we asked for floor sleeping materials and headed for the elevator. Jeni slept on the floor and her hips were hurting the next day and even though I got the bed I woke up so often because the stupid ipod speaker thing was getting feedback from a cell phone and making noises that reminded me of a squealing alien. We woke up around 7, which is exactly when we thought we would and talked for a while before deciding to go down to breakfast. It was so nice to sit and eat a nice breakfast without worrying about smashed banana and thrown cheerios. The next thing on the agenda was Sarah's lingerie shower and Lea, the maid of honor, had it set up so nicely. Sarah got some really cute stuff, a good mix of practical and very sexy. When she was done opening up all her gifts, she was informed that there was one more gift from her fiancee Justin.
As soon as she started opening it she knew what it was and screamed and laughed and her face was showing all the signs of embarrassment.

Oh no! He bought a funny sex pillow as a joke that they had seen in a store window and made fun of. She couldn't believe he actually went back and bought it.

One of the most hilarious parts was the instruction guide!

Lea did such a great job planning the weekend and making sure everyone was taken care of.

Sarah modeling some of her new lingerie. This is the apron she is planning on cooking in as a new wife.

After the shower we had one more stop before it was time to come home. We went to go get our nails done at the cutest place. It was a nail salon, but half of it was a little boutique. There was a bar where you got your manicure and big comfy chairs they did the pedicures in. It was decorated all in pink with chandeliers and there were mimosas and chocolates and stuff. It was much, much nicer than most nail places.
Amber and Lisa getting their toes done.

One last group pic before it was over.

Jeni and I left even though there was still another night of stuff planned for the other girls. We wanted to get back home and see our babies and our husbands too. The trip was so fun and so completely tiring for me. I think I would have been tired no matter what, but being 7 months pregnant doesn't make it any easier. I made it home just in time for Blake to tell me goodnight and I was really glad I got to see her little face before she went to sleep. Zach did a great job of caring for her (even though he had a meeting and called my mom to babysit for a few hours on Saturday), he still got a small taste of what it is like to be a stay at home mom. He is such a great dad that I barely even thought about them, I just relaxed and had fun. I was never worried and knew everything was under control and that is hard for a control freak to let go and not worry. What a fun weekend! I am still so tired though, I am going to bed really early again tonight and hopefully by tomorrow I will be back to normal.

Saturday, February 21

I'm still here

I am pretty tired right now. Jeni and I made a quick one night trip to Austin for Sarah Gleaves' bachelorette party. I slept terrible last night and I shouldn't even be complaining because sweet Jeni slept on the floor and let me have the bed because it was so small and I needed my pregnant lady space. We didn't think we could both comfortably fit. I will put up lots of pictures from the weekend soon. I had such a great time and when I got home Blake said "missed my mommy", she then proceeded to give me about 4 or 5 kisses in a row, lots of pats and she laid her little head on me. She isn't usually that cuddly so I know she really did miss me. I've also been having a lot of pretty painful braxton hicks contractions. I know they aren't supposed to hurt, but they do for me. Usually laying on my left side and drinking water fixes it, but I am afraid I'm getting a tiny peek at how my labor will be. They seem to get pretty heavy at night and sometimes even wake me up in the middle of the night. But then I will go for a couple of days without having any pains. One more other weird thing...I went to get a massage last week from my favorite therapist and she asked me if anything was hurting or bothering me. I told her about my contractions and that my heels were hurting up on the sides. She told me that she couldn't work on that part and then showed me the reflexology chart. One of the sides that hurt was the ovary side and the other one was the uterus side. It's not like I thought reflexology was a bunch of BS, but it was weird to be experiencing painful contractions and feeling the pain in my feet as well. I guess those ancient Chinese folks know their stuff. OK, I need zzzzzzzzs.

Monday, February 16

Welcome baby Olivia

Olivia Mixon was born on February 9th and I finally got to go meet her today at Christy's house. Melissa had the day off for President's Day so we decided this was a good day to go. Olivia is really tiny and like most newborns, very sleepy. She has some serious dark hair and Christy is handling being a mom of two with no problems. She was very encouraging about the transition and I hope our family goes from 3 to 4 as smoothly as theirs did.

Melissa with Olivia. Is that a look of sheer terror in those eyes? No, she did awesome and seemed very relaxed and natural with the baby.

Blake gave a little grunt of disapproval when I picked up Olivia, but soon after she was really curious and had no problem with her mommy holding a new baby. She would point out Olivia's body parts and then ask if she could "touch it". She did really good and I am very pleased.

This will soon be a very familiar sight.

Proud Mommy!
Blake had so much fun playing with all of Sophie's toys and she kept to herself and played the whole time so I actually got to talk with Christy and Melissa. I had a really nice time!

Gran and Pappy

Blake's Gran and Pappy came over for a few hours yesterday morning. This is the first time she has seen them that she has been able to say their names, so that was cute. They brought her a Valentine gift and they played for a long time. Pappy kept asking if Blake wanted to sit on his lap and she would just say "no." She really enjoyed playing with Gran in the playroom. It was a fun visit.

Blake is putting the block on her head and saying "hat", such interesting imaginations at this age.

Sunday, February 15

Valentine Fun

Valentine's Day is such a fun day to show your love, dress up your kid in a cute valentine's outfit and spend some time together. The day started off with gifts from Zach.

Zach got me all these chap sticks. We only have a few remaining chap sticks that are untouched by Blake in the house. She likes to get them, take off the lid, poke her finger inside and wipe chap stick on her face and shirt. I need to keep these in a safe secretive place.

Blake got a big bear from Daddy. She loved it and kept saying "hi bear!"

Bear snuggle
Zach's Valentine gift from me was to go play golf with Andrew, Garrett and Michael. All the girls plus Justin met up after golf at the Tatsak's house for a cook out. I mostly ran around making sure Blake wasn't getting hurt or destroying anything, which is basically how my everyday life goes. It makes it difficult to talk and really do anything else, but that is what I signed up for with having a kid.
Allison and Caroline

Mulkey crew

Andrew and Cru

Zach , Michael and Justin

My valentine

Blake and Kelly playing with Kinsley's doll stuff. I'm sure Kelly hated playing with the doll bed, Blake was forcing him to do it.

Amy and Cru

Regina and Kelly

Mommy and Blake and Kylie's in there somewhere.

All the cuties minus Blake. As usual when it is time for a group picture Blake is crying about something. This time it happened to be milk, I have given birth to the ultimate drama queen and I am realizing that more and more with each passing dramatic tearful day.

Daddy and Blake. She loved spending time playing outside on Kinsley's playground with him.
Amy thank you for putting this all together and having all the mass chaos at your home. We had fun day and loved spending the day of love with everyone!

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