Saturday, January 31

New bows

Allison made Blake two bows and they look so good! Blake is modeling the black bow with white dots. Thanks Alli!

Friday, January 30

Another night out

There has been no shortage of girls nights lately and tonight I met some of my best friends at PF Changs, kind of for my birthday and kind of just because. We had a great big round booth that was perfect for talking and as usual, we were there for like three hours. Thanks for paying for my shrimp, I love y'all! I came home to horrendous paint fumes because Zach started painting the nursery tonight. The color is perfect! I am so pleased. The girls made me feel so good about myself, they told me I was cute and skinny and Al even said I was like a lizard who ate a bowling ball, at least I think that was the simile that she used. I feel so much better this pregnancy with only gaining a little bit of weight and I hope I can keep it that way until the end.

Thursday, January 29

Happy Birthday to Me!

I had a really, really fun 27th birthday today. My mom and I went shopping this morning and I got some great new sunglasses, shoes and some clothes. Blake kept herself very entertained in the dressing rooms. She liked watching herself dance in the mirror and waving and talking to herself. We were home just in time for Blake's nap, but she must have still been really excited from the shopping trip because it took her an hour and a half to fall asleep, and then she only slept about 30 minutes. She woke up really grumpy and I was afraid she would be too grumpy to go out to eat, but she eventually snapped out of it. We went to eat at Shogun in Southlake because I knew Blake would have fun watching the hibachi man cook. Also some of her favorite foods are rice and edamame so I was hoping it would be a successful dinner. It was so good and they sang me happy birthday while banging on a gong and gave me some fried ice cream. Delicious!

Right before we left I wanted to take a picture with Blake. My mom made a squeaky sound to get her to look at the camera and she hated that sound, can you tell?

Zach, who Blake has been calling "Daddy Do" lately and Blake eating some edamame.

Our chef guy, he had just made the onion volcano.

My mom and me, I asked my dad not to come because he is sick with a stomach bug and I didn't want to even risk Blake or I getting sick. I'm sure I will see him this weekend though.

Beautiful birthday roses from my soul mate man!

I got so many calls, messages, emails, texts etc today. Thanks for making my birthday so special!

Birthday Girls

Dayme's birthday is on the 27th and mine is on the 29th, so we got together for dinner with some of our friends last night at Taco Diner in West Village. I must say it was challenging for me to make it to West Village. Once I found the actual Village thing I had a hard time finding the restaurant, but the girls said next time we meet they will come a little closer our way. Allison called me on the way there and was having the same troubles. I am just not good at getting around Dallas. We had a nice time and they even got us a cookie cake! I overate and I feel like I have cheese squeezing out my pores today. Thanks for a fun night ladies!

Me and Dayme

Jenny, Allison, Me, Dayme, Shannon

Tuesday, January 27

Almost Ready

We are almost ready to start the nursery. In fact, I think we will begin this weekend. Our new desk is going to be delivered on Friday and that will pretty much complete our new living room/office. Zach has been running internet wires through the attic and down into the new office so we can get the computer all set up on the new desk. The old desk will probably make an appearance on Craig's list in the next couple of days. We are storing the guest bed in my parent's storage unit and Zach may actually use it for staging his flip houses. The flipping houses thing will require it's own post at a later date, but Zach has a partner and is becoming very real estate savvy and has begun work on his first flip house. The purplish paint has been purchased and we (and by we, I mean Zach) will start painting the nursery on Saturday. I am so excited to see it come together. Kylie is real and she will be here before we know it. It shouldn't seem so weird the second time around, but it kind of does. I can't wait to meet her and introduce her to her cool family.

Sunday, January 25

Mixon's Baby Shower

Christy Mixon had her baby shower today at La Madeleine in Fort Worth. It was so good to see friends from Milam and catch up. Christy is scheduled for a C section on February 9. This is her second baby and she will be named Olivia Arden, how cute!

Me, Melissa, Amanda, Christy and Khiandra. I really miss seeing these ladies every day!

The old first grade crew. Imagine if we still taught together, 4 pregnant teachers and 4 maternity leaves to deal with...doesn't sound easy. We lined up by due date even though it looks like we lined up by height. I am due May 14, Khiandra is due May 10, Melissa is due May 1 and Christy with the big old belly is having her baby in two short weeks.

Great Moment

This morning Blake walked up to me as I was sitting in a chair and she put her hands on my legs and said "I yuv do." This is the first time she has told me she loved me and hasn't just been repeating it when we say it to her. So cool!

Saturday, January 24

Big Girl

Blake is 18 months old today! 18 months has it's challenges, mostly tantrums, asserting independence and not being able to understand reasoning, but overall we are having a blast with our little lady. Here are some things she does:

*She talks all the time and she puts 2 and 3 words together to make very simple sentences like "want it!", "I got it", "Daddy, come back", "read it!" and stuff like that.

*She hates when we leave her. She runs to the door and says "mommy, mommy, mommy" when the door closes she says "come back". It is kind of sad, but luckily she is very easily distracted.

*She loves to sing, she fills in the blanks when we sing Twinkle, Twinkle, The Wheels on the Bus, and the Teletubbies theme song. For example I say "Twinkle, Twinkle, little" and she says "star". She also can fill in most of the words when we read her favorite books. She is best at filling in the last word in the sentence.

*She can name just about everything in the house and every picture in her books. She knows all the animal sounds, she knows some shapes (heart, star and circle) and we are working on colors.

*She asks about every 30 minutes if she can watch a movie. She will either say "Bee show" or "Tubbies". Bee show means Baby Einstein because one of the DVD covers has a bee on it and Tubbies is Teletubbies.

*She loves Sesame Street and knows all of the characters. She especially loves Elmo and Abby.

*She has gotten better at walking, but is still not even close to running, and she can go up and down tiny steps like the step down from the porch or the garage.

*She has become a very picky eater and the only thing she really asks for is cookies, chips or chocolate. She will eat some fruits and veggies and she still likes milk, but besides that she will only eat cheerios and crackers and stuff.

She is so much fun to be around, and watching her little personality develop every day is such a gift. I would hate if I had to miss any of it. We are so close and even though some days are rough I am having the time of my life with her.

Friday, January 23


This is our Old English Sheepdog, Merlin. We named him Merlin because it is an English name and because he has one blue eye and one brown eye which seemed kind of wizard like. Some people have a hard time with his name. He has been called Marilyn, Marlin, Marlene and Merlene, but now my favorite is what Blake calls him, Mernin.


Blake is all signed up at Gymboree now for classes on Fridays. We went today for the first time and she mostly liked it, but I could tell she was overstimulated a lot of the time. She cried a lot. She is kind of sick too. She wanted to sit in this green inner tube for such a long time and then she wanted to sit up on this wooden platform and observe for a long time. She really liked the bubbles and I'm pretty sure we are going to do her second birthday party there.

Wednesday, January 21

Nice day for some digging

I took advantage of the nice day today and spent a lot of time outside. Blake loves being outside so much that going inside afterwards usually leads to a tantrum. She can be such a girly girl, for example, she loves anything with flowers or bunnies on it, she likes bows in her hair, she likes to say things are "pretty" and feel things and say that they are "soft", but she loves to get dirty and be outside playing with sticks and rocks too.


Picking berries

After some digging
This doesn't even show how filthy she was. She had dirt everywhere and her hands and nails were so gross and dirty.

Monday, January 19

Sneaky Tot

Blake has been a little difficult today. Nothing too terrible, but it wasn't an easy day. After she had a few tantrums this morning she totally calmed down after everyone left. I have been giving her some space and letting her play on her own and I think I need to be watching her a little more carefully. I accidentally left the cheetos out and she came into the computer room where I was with orange hands and an orange face and had been pigging out on cheetos. It wasn't but a few minutes later that I found her in the girl scout cookies. She seemed so annoyed with me when I went to take them away. She screamed "cookie" at me so I just gave her one. Geez. Then she was playing in my bathroom with a basket of lotion bottles, I went in there to check on her and she had two long black things in her hands. I saw her poking at the carbon monoxide detector with one of them and then she saw me and hid behind the door. I realized that she had my mascara when I saw black stripes all over her pants, her hands were completely black and she had mascara all over her face and hair. I took the mascara away and this ignited a huge tantrum. She started crying and the mascara ran all over her face and she smeared it into a big black smudge. I cleaned her off the best I could and now she is watching Baby Einstein with a cup of milk, at least I hope that is what she is doing! I just called Zach and asked him to come home soon and bring me a big coke! I need it!

Play date

We had a play date over at our house today and the playroom was filled to capacity with moms and babies. The moms didn't get to talk as much as we wanted because we were so busy with our kids, so we are going to have another mom's night out soon and go get some dinner or something. Blake had a few more tantrums than usual and I think it was the stress of having so many kids over. Andrea and Jackson stayed for a little while after everyone else left and Blake was not jealous or mad at all when I held and played with Jackson. This is the first time this has happened ever since the jealousy started so maybe she has moved out of that stage. Here are some pictures from the fun day.





Blake in Caroline's car seat

Jackson, showing a little chest for the ladies.

Kinsley- "Will someone come in here?!?"

Kelly's yogurt melts were a hit.


Let's do this

Caroline, Jackson behind her, Kelly, Cru, Kinsley and Big huge Blake.
Watching Baby Einstein after everyone left.

Saturday, January 17

I've been tagged!

Here are the rules:
1. Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on the computer
2. Select the 4th picture in the folder
3. Explain the picture
4. Tag 4 people to do the same
5. No cheating (cropping, editing, etc)

There is no way this photo would have made it on the blog normally, ha! This was taken at Melissa Staab's house in January of 08 when Blake was about 6 months old. We were there playing with our friends Natalie and Kate. No, her father is not Asian.

1. Amy
2. Allison
3. Regina
4. Andrea

Friday, January 16

Big haircut

Blake had her third haircut yesterday. I wanted to do away with the long floppy part on the back for good. Now it is all even and it can grow out long. She liked her haircut except for the hair dryer and the glitter hairspray.

This is the side view. I will never style it like this, the thought of using a flat iron around Blake's head is terrifying. They had it all flipped out and sprayed.

This is how I do it....just a little bow. You can see the long part is gone and it made her face look a little bit different.

Here is the back, all even and nice and ready to grow.

Wednesday, January 14

22 week appointment

Nothing really interesting...I gained 4 lbs. since last month for a 7 lb total gain. Every time I go to the doctor he asks me if I did something different with my hair. It is starting to get ridiculous. I guess he just never remembers that he asked me last time and he notices it is short now. I had a long conversation with Kathy the nurse that had nothing to do with pregnancy, she has a special needs grandson and we talked a lot about him. I also had a long talk with Dr. Z and we talked nothing about pregnancy either. Next time is the diabetes test and then I start going every two weeks. That is about it.

Monday, January 12

Let's shop!

Me, Natalie, Blake and Kate had the best time at Grapevine Mills mall today. The girls were so good and we were there for about 4 hours. I was on a mission to buy Blake some new clothes that fit better. She is about to outgrow or already has outgrown all of her 12-18 month clothes and she needed some 18-24 month stuff. Most of her pants that are currently in her closet are extreme high waters or cause an uncomfortable looking muffin top roll. I have not felt this tired since the first trimester, I think I totally overdid it today and I didn't realize I was so pooped until I got home. It was so worth it though, I can't wait to go back with them again!

Here is Blake sitting on Lulu Lamb all ready to go to the mall.

I was in my room finishing up getting ready when I heard "uh oh! water!" I came out and Blake had spilled my huge cup of water all over her outfit right before it was time to go. I had to peel it off of her and throw it in the dryer. I have got to stop leaving those cups unattended, we have a big spill almost daily.

After we shopped for a while, we rode the carousel. The girls loved it and Blake cried so hard when I took her off the horse.

Chillin at Gymboree.
They enjoyed taking a break from the strollers to watch some tv.

Natalie put these hats on them at Gap and they both loved them and were walking around saying "hat" over and over. A few minutes later Blake dumped out all of her goldfish on the floor and they stomped in them which made Blake's shoes slippery with crumbs. Blake kept slipping and falling down and Kate thought that was hilarious!

I didn't get a picture of them at Rainforest Cafe, but they both LOVED it! We had to stop and look at all the fish tanks for a few minutes before we could make it to our table. Kate would look at the fish and say "more!" Blake kept saying "fishy, come back!" They are the cutest age! Once we got seated they were excited to watch the monkeys and elephants move and make sounds. Kate would say "more!" when they were all done, and Blake would drum on the table when they came on.

Sunday, January 11

to clarify

I have no intention on baby wearing all the time. I want to use a sling when I need free hands, like when I am busy with Blake or at Target or something. I may have given the impression that I will be wearing a sling all the time with a little baby head poking out and that is not happening. I used the Bjorn like 5 times and I just want something a little different this time. Of course I will put the baby down, I have just heard great things about using them with your second child since the toddler requires so much attention.


One of my goals with parenting this next baby is to do a lot of baby wearing. I have a Bjorn and it isn't that comfortable and I like it ok, but I want something different. I want some good recommendations on slings. I have heard the Baby K'tan is great. I want to get a few and try them all to see which works best, I want to keep one in my car and at least one at home. This may even push the need for a double stroller back a little bit. I have been doing a lot of reading (I always read parenting books) and baby wearing seems like a great way to keep the baby cozy and happy, and I love that I can have both hands free to do my best with Blake. So please help me out and tell me about the best slings! Thanks!

Saturday, January 10

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Natalie turned 31 on Christmas day, but we celebrated last night at Roy's in Plano. It was really good and fun and I didn't get home until really late. It wouldn't have been that late, but Melissa, Natalie and I got carried away and talked in the car after dinner was done for like an hour.

We are growing! Melissa 24 weeks, me 22 weeks

Natalie can't keep her hands off of our buns!

Me and Natalie.
You have been such a great friend and I am so glad you came into my life!

Natalie uncharacteristically had three drinks and was telling many a story.

Make a wish!

All of Natalie's friends at dinner. She is originally from Oklahoma and she has met a lot of great people in the Dallas area and has some very nice friends.

Wednesday, January 7


Not a lot has been going on with us lately. We sold our dining room furniture on Craig's list and our elliptical and our guest room furniture. Craig's list is pretty rad. We now have an empty dining room that will eventually be a place for the computer and some chairs and probably a couple of baskets of toys, just a nice sitting room/office/room that will actually be used. Formal dining rooms are cute and all, but they rarely get used, I think I used mine 4 times in 4 years.

Blake has been talking so much. I love it! She is getting a lot better at communicating with me. She is a complete sponge and says hundreds of words. Now finally when she wants something, she will actually come ask. She will come up to me and say milk about 10 times in a row until I get up and refill her cup. She also uses the word help a lot, so I hear it and go see what she wants and it is usually a toy that she can't reach or can't quite figure out. Yesterday she kept saying "ummon!" over and over and over. I didn't know what she was trying to say until finally she went to the door and said "outside!" The whole time she was saying come on, I just couldn't understand her. So we went out for a walk and while we were walking around the pond the most windy gust of arctic wind started blasting us. So hard, in fact, that Blake's hair bow flew off her head never to be seen again. We hurried home and our outside time was cut short. Also this morning I was changing her diaper and putting her in her clothes and she kept saying "work, work Daddy." She loves her daddy so much and I guess she has put it together that if he is not at home he is at a lovely place called work. She has been sleeping in so late the past few days because she has a new sound machine and if I don't go in and wake her up at 8 or 8:30 she snoozes until 9, maybe even later and then that messes up her nap.

This pregnancy is moving right along and I am starting to get nervous about bringing a new baby into our easy and predictable routine. I don't want Blake to freak out. I ordered a bunch of books on Amazon for her and me about bringing a new baby into the family. Blake gets very jealous when I hold another baby. She even gets super jealous when Zach holds another baby, so if this isn't just a phase we are in for a rough time after Kylie comes home from the hospital.

Monday, January 5

60 Minutes

Did anyone see Leach on 60 Minutes last night? I loved it! If you didn't get to check it out, well check it out Red Raider fans!

Saturday, January 3

A few more

These are a few more pictures from Christmas with Zach's side of the family. My brother in law, Colin is such a great photographer and I stole the pics off of his site as I usually do.

Blake excited to see Elmo on her present

Loving her new play house

Peek a boo through the play house window!

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