Wednesday, December 31

A calm new year's eve

The last few new year's eves have been calm for me and this year is no different. The Gilmores came over for a visit and it was fun to watch Blake and Caroline together. Blake liked to touch Caroline and wave to her and Caroline liked to stare at Blake. Caroline has grown so much and she doesn't seem like such a little newborn anymore. She is sitting up, reaching for everything, drinking out of cups, giggling and a total cutie.

Watching Baby Einstein, a favorite of Blake's and Caroline's

Can I please touch you?

We went to Posado's to eat and we ordered this Bunuelo for Two for dessert. This is not my idea of a two person serving. This is how we party now with a big old Bunuelo to celebrate new year's eve. Rock on!

Two dudes and a little lady.

Alli (Blake calls her Ayi), Blake and me
Now it is 10:00 and I am pretty much ready for a long snooze. I talked on the phone with Amy for like two hours and my phone ran out of battery, there is always so much to talk about. I am hoping for a great year in 2009, I know it's going to be a wild one with two kids, but I can't wait!

In a nutshell

Some great moments from 2008...

Eating solid food

loving the bath

playtime with Kate

She sits!

At the lake

The Staabs join us at the lake


Kelly is here! The little man on the left.

Misty Jones got married

Baby Jackson Pogue was born

Celebrating the Gilmore's baby girl

Zach finishes his first beautiful home

Kayleigh Lewis was born, obviously not in this picture, but I wasn't there to see it so this is as good as I can do.

More playtime

Caroline Gilmore arrived!

Cru Tatsak also arrived!

Blake turned 1!

Jackson Mulkey made his debut!

Wonderful family trip to Vail and Bachelor Gulch

Zach's ten year reunion

Trip to the horseshoe bay lakehouse with the Gilmores

Blake's first fever, and yes I changed her out of her hot PJs as soon as I realized she wasn't feeling good.

The most beautiful home burned down, my parents are still dealing with the aftermath and they have just now decided on a short term rental while they build their new home in Fort Worth.

Blake's first haircut

Still Hangin tough!

Blake's first trick or treating

Tech vs. Texas Game

Pregnant for the second time with a boy....oh never mind, a girl!

Cal and Alicia visit Texas

Did I mention the Tech game?

And the year came to an end with a very merry Christmas!
Happy 2009 to everyone!

Tuesday, December 30

Halfway done

Here I am about halfway through the 20th week and also halfway done with this pregnancy! My appetite is back, and I am really trying to control my love of overeating and unhealthy food so that I can stay at a reasonable weight this time. I am still tired and I don't have to take a nap, but I like to. Blake has no idea there is a baby in there, I try to tell her that there is and she just pokes at my belly button. I'm pretty sure the baby's name is Kylie Bryn (thanks Allison for the suggestion) and I am looking forward to getting started on her room. We have the bedding and all we need is to sell our stuff which is currently on craig's list and get all the baby furniture so we can get going. I feel her move a lot, but Zach has a hard time feeling her, he always thinks it is my pulse and he also only gives it about 30 seconds before he says he can't feel anything. I can't wait for her to be here, but since I know exactly what I am in for I will enjoy the wait and rest a lot and continue to spoil my baby Blake while she is my only baby.

Saturday, December 27

The birth of Ommy

My mom's grandma name was G Mom. Blake has always had a hard time with saying G, so she doesn't even try to say G Mom anymore. The other night in the bath she started calling my mom Ommy and she has continued to call her Ommy since then. My mom has given up on G Mom and Ommy is the new grandma name. I think it is pretty cute and really cool that Blake made it up and decided on it. She calls me Mama so if she switches me to Mommy it may get confusing but Ommy has definitely stuck.

Maternity Clothes

My mom took me maternity clothes shopping yesterday for my Christmas present. We went to Pickles and Ice Cream in Fort Worth. It is one of my favorite maternity stores. I didn't have any jeans so that was my first mission, last pregnancy I borrowed Amy's sevens that were pretty much high waters on me, but this time I have just been wearing my bella band and tummy sleeve with all of my regular jeans. I found some Paige jeans and some Citizens and a ton of shirts. All of my clothes from last time are spring and summery so they are tank tops, dresses, short sleeves and capris. Now I have a nice range that covers cold and warm weather and hopefully for my next pregnancy I wont have to buy that much at all. Today Zach and I are going shopping for him, my parents Christmas gift to Zach is new clothes too. He needs them sooooo bad. He goes shopping about once every other year, so I can't wait to help him pick out some stuff.

Thursday, December 25


Santa came! I guess Blake was a good girl. She loved her big pink car, but it also frustrates her. Her feet are too short to make it go yet and she just wants Zach to push her around in it, he was so tired of doing that after a while. We are tempted to hide it in the garage until she is a little older and can easily get in and out of it and make it go on her own. She also woke up mad and stayed mad until after nap. She would cry at the smallest problems and she usually doesn't do that. The morning was pretty relaxing and we just lounged around, but once Blake woke up from her nap we went straight to my aunt's house in Arlington and it was non stop craziness until we got home. Blake loves exploring other people's houses, but they usually aren't baby proof so that means Zach or I have to trail behind her everywhere she goes making sure she doesn't kill herself or break something. It is exhausting.

Watching TV in our Christmas PJs.

Christmas dinner in an antique high chair. She mashed around on the food with a spoon, but did not take even one bite. Her favorite food right now is ice and if that's not on the menu we are lucky if she even takes a bite or two.

She wanted daddy to "rock, rock, rock" her

Milk break!

This is as good as it gets for a family picture. Blake literally walks around at an extremely fast pace about 95% of the time. If you grab her even for a second, she screams the screechiest scream.

She is in love with her new Elmo Live! He is very entertaining, even the adults were mesmerized by all that he can do.

Wednesday, December 24

Christmas Eve

We had a very low key Christmas eve at my house. My mom and dad came over to give Blake her presents. Usually we have a big celebration with my dad's side of the family, but my Grandpa is mentally unstable and in a hospital and my Grandma broke her back and is in another hospital. Blake got so many more toys to add to her collection and she is so fun to watch open her gifts and get so excited about her new toys. My parents had a great time playing with her and showing her how her new toys work.

Oooh, what's in here?

...A new hello kitty and bunny, Blake is kissing them.

She was so happy to see her new kitchen. She kept gasping for air out of excitement, it was the perfect gift and I know she will play with it for years.

She got lots of utensils, cookware and play food to go with her kitchen. She also got a pink shopping cart that she is learning to push around the house, she is having a hard time with steering. Thanks G Mom and Grandpa!

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