Tuesday, November 25


Blake has been sick for a few days now so I called the doctor today to see what medicine I should be giving her. The nurse told me she could have half a teaspoon of benadryl or triaminic. I had some benadryl that I considered using to make her drowsy for her first flight, I ended up not using it. So I give her the benadryl and I am thinking today will be an easy day because she will probably be really sleepy. I put her in bed for her nap at 12 like I always do, but this time she is running, jumping, rolling and springing around her crib like a maniac, I was actually worried for her safety. She did this for over an hour until she finally got tired and fell asleep. Obviously benadryl does not have the drowsy effect on her and I will be trying some triaminic tonight.

The Snoogle is back!

I read in one of my pregnancy books the other day that it is time to stop sleeping on my tummy and back. This is difficult for me and I don't like having to worry about it. I loved using the snoogle with my first pregnancy and I was excited to start using it again. It really helps me to stay on my left side and it is very comfortable. It is so big though, it is like having another person in the bed, but that person wont be going back into the closet for about 25 more weeks so sorry Zach.

Sunday, November 23


My brother and his girlfriend were in town the past week and a half from California. While they were here we had fun going to many restaurants, bowling and hanging out talking. Today I thought it would be fun to take Alicia to the Gaylord so she could see it decorated for Christmas and see some Texas type stuff. We walked around and looked at all the trains, reindeer, lights, gingerbread houses and then we ate dinner at Ama Lur. I was also on a mission to get a cute Christmas card picture, but I don't think we succeeded. I would like to try again. It is so difficult to get a good picture of a 16 month old who is not feeling good and only wants to be let down. Plus, Zach and I are so critical of ourselves in pictures it is not easy to find one that we want to send out to everyone.

In a sled

Cal and Alicia by the gingerbread house

Me and my gingerbread man.

Mom, Cal and me....I spy a baby belly.

A sad day in Raiderland

Well, I knew it was a long shot beating three top ten teams in a row, but I still had serious faith that my red raiders would pull it off. What I did not expect was the brutal beating we received last night. OU wanted their revenge from last year and payback is exactly what we got. We came out overly excited and completely out of sync, OU came out making simple plays and before I knew it they were up by three touchdowns and it just snowballed from there. It is so hard to beat a big 12 team at home and Norman is one of the hardest places to play. So much was riding on this game and we went from having a Heisman level quarterback and a shot at the national championship to possibly the stupid Cotton or Holiday bowl. I don't find it fair that we can be a one loss team who played great all season and not end up in a BCS bowl, but everyone knows the system is wack. Last night was depressing to say the least, Justin and Zach were taking jager bombs like they were college students and Allison and I were pouting and trying to keep in mind that it is just a game and that our lives could be so much worse. At least we got to watch the game with fellow Texas Tech graduates who love the school and the team and we didn't have to watch it with a bunch of OU "fans" who have never been to the campus and just picked up a shirt at Target so they could talk shmack. You can't fully understand the love for college football unless you went to the school and have that pride. I will always be annoyed with college fans that have no connection to the school and just pick whatever team is good that year to support. So many people are irked by this crowd of idiots. It is over now and on to the next game-Baylor. They actually aren't that terrible anymore, but surely we can end our season on a positive note. I can't believe we almost had a shot at the national championship....but almost doesn't count.

Blake is laying on the couch practicing her guns up

Me and little Caroline

A sad ending to a big game.

Friday, November 21


I just wanted to make a list of the words Blake has been saying and attempting to say lately so I don't forget.

Mama (lots of times a day)
bobo (it comes out as bobe and bub)
backyardigans (comes out weird, but we know what she is saying)
teletubbies (same)
up above the world so high (sounds like up-a-buh-hi)
row row row your boat
merrily merrily merrily
chips (yes I am guilty of giving her potato chips every now and then)
bye bye
butterfly (sounds more like buh-buh)

That's about all I can remember now, I should probably be writing this stuff down as it happens.
Most of her communicating is still grunts and squeals, but her verbal skills are getting better almost every day. I am so happy she is repeating a lot of what I say and making tons of connections.

Stay at home mom blues

I had a hard time today. Blake is sick and very clingy. I like that she wants to cuddle, but since she doesn't feel good she cries a lot. If anything goes slightly wrong she screams and cries and this happens every few minutes. I called Zach to come home early because I couldn't take it anymore. He probably thought I was crazy because when I called him I was crying and Blake was wailing in the background. There is only so much I can take and I had hit my limit. I didn't get to take a nap today and I didn't think it would be a big deal, but it made a huge difference in how I felt. After her nap I gave her some Tylenol cough and cold, I remember hearing on the news a long time ago that that medicine is potentially harmful. I made sure to give her the proper dose, I actually probably didn't give her enough because I wanted to make sure she wouldn't have a reaction to it. I didn't notice anything, she didn't seem to feel better, but nothing bad happened either. Zach is giving her a vapor bath right now and I just gave her some more Tylenol cold so hopefully she will be able to sleep better tonight. Staying at home is such an important job and I love it, but I can see why people say it is the hardest job in the world. Luckily for me most days are pretty easy and fun, but days like today make you realize how difficult it can be.

Thursday, November 20

Holiday Pictures

Major Images was doing Christmas pictures with Santa today so of course I took Blake. The set was so cute, it looked like a living room all decorated for Christmas. Santa was really nice, but Blake thought he was terrifying. Bobbie Jo took pictures of Blake sitting on the chair and Santa was behind her, this worked much better than the traditional kid on Santa's lap picture. We picked one where she is looking back at Santa and one where she is looking at the camera smiling really big and Santa is behind her looking at her. I am excited to add her pictures to my Christmas decorations and it will be fun to get it out every year. She really liked exploring around the lobby, she is definitely trouble around a Christmas tree so maybe we will put one up next year.

Blake pointing at a snowman and talking to him.

Blake messing up the tree.

Check out the cute dress!

Watching Blake very closely so she doesn't pull the whole tree down.

Wednesday, November 19

14 Week Appointment

I went to the doctor today and it was the usual boring appointment. I got weighed (back up to 125), they did blood pressure, listened to the heartbeat and then it was time to go. My belly is poking out a little bit more, but still not a lot. Oh and just when I thought the sickness was over I got really sick last night, Dr. Z said it usually hangs around until 16 weeks. Next time is the big sonogram, I love sonograms!

Tuesday, November 18

Lazy Morning

I was picking up the house this morning getting ready for my housekeeper and Blake was being so lazy. Usually she is in to everything and has toys all over the play room but today she was on the floor for the whole Sesame Street.

Monday, November 17

Names and Bedding

Sorry to all you Graham lovers. Zach doesn't like it anymore because it sounds weird with Walker. When you say Graham Walker you get a weird little mwah sound- GrahaMWAHlker, as cute as the name is, I can definitely remove it from the list. Lincoln and Holden are going strong but I think our favorite is still Lincoln. I was talking to Jeni earlier and she likes Lincoln Davis, Davis is my dad's middle name, I think it sounds good too. Now lets just hope that sonogram tech wasn't wrong! I love this bedding from Serena and Lily, they make the cutest stuff! I like the aqua and the orange, different and not an overused color combination. My nursery decorating wheels are turning.

Sunday, November 16

baby fact

I have been feeling the baby move since last Wednesday. It was the day before I turned 14 weeks the first time I felt a kick! I feel him a few times a day, but it is an unmistakable feeling once it happens more than a time or two and you rule out bubbles in your tummy. As for names, our number one right now is Lincoln (the only reason I don't want to use Lincoln is because I used to cheer with a girl named Lincoln, but I guess that really doesn't matter, it has been on our favorite list since before we knew Blake was a girl), we also like Holden, Griffin and Graham. Feel free to tell me your thoughts, but only positive ones, I hate when people say rude things about names you like. You can't please everyone so if you don't like it shhh! We don't know about middle names yet, it is more difficult this time. Blake Elizabeth's name was so easy because it is our middle names put together, so we didn't really have to think about it. Last pregnancy I found it so easy to pick boy names and this time I am not finding near as many that I like. Some of my favorites from last time have been used and I like something original, so the list shrank considerably. I am so glad to know he is a boy and I think I already picked out his nursery stuff, I'm not getting anything until my next sonogram just in case, but I really think a baby boy is living in my tummy right now.

Backyardigans Live

We went to Backyardigans live tonight with the Tatsaks. Blake loves the Backyardigans cartoon and she did pretty good in the theatre. She got bored every now and then so we left after the first half. I think these shows are better for the two and up crowd, but I just couldn't resist trying it out. Kinsley was dancing the whole time and having so much fun! We even made it home by Blake's bed time. Blake and Kinsley are always so cute together. Blake is finally old enough where they can really interact and Kinsley loves giving her hugs, what a nice friend.

Blake and daddy getting cozy before the show.

Me, Blake, Amy and Kinsley.

This is what the backyardigans looked like.

Friday, November 14


Melissa is one of my best friends and her brother in law Mark does sonograms. Today we went up and both got sonograms. I was not very hopeful that he would be able to determine the sex at only 14 weeks. The baby was moving all around and suddenly the legs moved apart and a very obvious penis showed up on the screen! We looked at the footage again and he was able to say with a fair amount of confidence that we are having a boy!

The picture below is the one where you can see the boy part. If you look at the left side of the baby there are two legs and in between those legs.........
This is a cute little shot of the baby sucking his thumb.

Zach watching the baby on the screen.

Me watching the baby.

Checking everything out

Next it was time for Melissa's sonogram. Her mom, dad, mother in law, brother, husband, Natalie, Kate and I were all in the room anxiously awaiting to hear what the sex of baby Staab is. Her baby was moving around a lot, got the hiccups, sucked it's thumb and seemed very cozy in there. Mark tried and tried to get the baby to move to a position where the gender could be determined, but the baby was not cooperative at all. His/her legs were crossed and completely covering the area. As Melissa said "Nothing is ever easy for us!" and that is so true. They have a really cool story of their journey into parenthood. The good news is that the baby is very healthy and she has an appointment in a couple of weeks to get another sonogram at her doctor's office. Surely they will be able to tell the sex then. Now Zach and I get to start thinking of boy names and boy things and dreaming about what it will be like to be the parents of a little baby boy!
Hopefully next time Mel, and happy birthday! Thanks for letting me tag along and using your family hook up. Love you!

Play Date

Kate and Natalie came over today for a fun play date! The girls liked playing together and the mommies liked talking. We had pizza for lunch, I still cut Blake's up into little bites, but Kate can handle a whole piece! She eats all the toppings and then eats the soggy crust. We spent a lot of time in the play room and they colored, played with toys and played peek a boo with each other.

A couple of seconds after I took the picture Kate grabbed a bite of Blake's pizza.

Blake and Kate coloring. We were trying hard to keep the crayons out of their mouths.

Melting Pot

Zach and I had a nice anniversary dinner at Melting Pot. It took us much longer than anticipated to get out of the house. Blake enjoys climbing on chairs and my mom was in the chair that Blake wanted to climb in so she freaked out and started screaming and crying. We decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and put her in the bath so Zach got the bath ready and my mom tried to take off her shirt but the buttons weren't undone so it got stuck on her head and she screamed even louder. We put her in the bath and she climbed right out, all wet and all over me. I held her in the towel for a while and since she was still screaming we got her some milk. This helped a little bit and I let her down to walk around, she was naked and started to pee on the floor and this scared her and made her scream again so loud. At this point in the fit there was really nothing we could do, so we read her some books and put her to bed. She screamed and stood up in her bed. She finally started to calm down so Zach and I were able to leave. Her terrible attitude and bad crying and screaming has carried on into this morning. Where did my sweet Blake go? Anyway, we had a great time at Melting Pot and it was the perfect place to celebrate.

Happy 4th Anniversary!

At dinner in our tiny little booth.

A chocolate strawberry for me!

Thursday, November 13

Toddling around

I finally got a little video of Blake walking around the house. She even does a little song and dance at the end and then shakes her arms around in excitement. It is so nice to have a walking toddler!


4th Anniversary

Happy anniversary! Zach and I have been married for 4 years! It has been so fun and every year seems to get better!

Our wedding day. We had the most beautiful wedding, it was perfect and everything I always dreamed of. I was so happy to marry Zach!

Our first anniversary was so awesome. Zach had a surprise picnic set up at the church where we got married, then we went to the zoo, then we went out to dinner at Sambuca.

Our second anniversary picture is missing because we didn't really do anything. I was so tired and not feeling well so we just ordered Jason's Deli and ate at the house. I would find out a few days later I was pregnant with Blake!

Our third anniversary. We got a babysitter and went and spent about $500 on dinner at Del Frisco's. We got so much food and a bottle of wine, this year we are on a much tighter budget so I don't think we will be celebrating like that again.
Zach and I are a perfect match and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. God picked me the best husband and he is everything I have prayed for!

Wednesday, November 12

Mall trip

I met my mom at the mall today after nap time and my mom wanted to get Blake some more shoes. Her feet grew and she only has the pink pair of shoes that I bought her the other day. Blake loved looking at all the shoes, she would pick up the shoes that she liked, look at them, throw them and then pick up the next pair that she liked. Every shoe she picked out was pink (except for one multi colored sparkly pair that was almost $80) and that is the only color I didn't want because we already have pink. The sales lady would put the shoes on Blake and then feel where Blake's toe was and then Blake would bend down and feel where her toe was. She was so mad when it was time to leave the shoe department. She really did good at the mall, we were there for about two hours and she only had two meltdowns. I just never know what I'm going to get with shopping trips, a happy baby or a fit thrower.

These are See Kai Run, I have heard good things about the brand and I thought they were really cute.

These are Pedipeds. We have some of Kinsley's hand me down Pedipeds and they are great. I also like how silver goes with almost everything. Thanks G Mom for helping us out and buying Blake some big girl shoes!

Tuesday, November 11

Big Sister Practice

Blake has been playing with her baby dolls so much lately. She is so sweet to them and I know she is going to be the best big sister.

feeding the baby some milk

hugging the baby

kissing the baby, when she kisses she says mmm

putting the baby to bed
She has flushed the toilet about 15 times so I need to go grab her, and she is finally getting to wear her cute dresses because crawling is minimal!

Monday, November 10


I might be almost back to normal. The first trimester has really been a pain, but tonight I was actually able to cook dinner and clean it all up! Zach ate so much and was eating so fast, I feel bad that I haven't been able to cook like I was before I got pregnant. I plan on cooking at least twice a week, that is a very reasonable goal. The week really is only Monday through Thursday for us because we love to eat out on the weekends. We also almost always have a frozen pizza sometime during the week so that takes another cooking night away. I am hoping I can be a good little home maker again now that I am feeling much better.

Sunday, November 9

Blake's day of fun

I know Blake just had her first haircut a couple of weeks ago, but the back started looking shaggy and I really want to keep her hair looking neat. When baby hair is growing out, it is in so many different lenghts, so today she got her first big haircut. The back is shorter and layered, her bangs were trimmed again, she got the top part put up in a ponytail, her hair was blow dried and curled for the first time and she got glitter hair spray. She refused the cape and wasn't as excited about it as she was the first time, but she still did pretty good for a wiggly little girl. After her haircut, we went to Stride Rite to get her some new walking shoes. Last time they measured her feet she was a size 2.5 so we bought her size 3 shoes, this time she was a size 4 and they recommended a 4.5. I love Stride Rite, but the shoes there are expensive. I hate spending $45 on her shoes, but she was walking really well in them at the store and they weren't on sale. I guess we have been trying to squeeze her feet into her old shoes a little too long and I'm sure she is happy to have shoes that fit.

Blake at Sweet and Sassy getting her hair curled.

the back of her hair all curled and fluffy

Riding on Daddy's shoulders with her new kicks on.

Tech game pictures

These are some more of the pictures that my brother in law Colin took at the Tech vs. Texas game. He is a really good photographer and has a high tech camera so his pictures always turn out so great.

The happy family after the big win!

students storming on and off the field, what a bunch of goof balls.
The Goin' Band.

Get Your Guns Up!

Well I was surprised that we completely destroyed #9 OSU, but I like it! I was really expecting a close game and it ended up to be a boring game where Tech scored and scored and scored, which is just fine with me. Zach and I and Melissa and Neal went over to Natalie and Ty's adorable house in Dallas and had a delicious barbecue. Ty has a smoker and made pulled pork, chicken and stuffed jalapenos. We had so much fun talking and after the first half we really quit paying so much attention to the game. The guys were still completely tuned in, but we had too much to talk about to just stare at the TV. Kate, Natalie and Ty's daughter, was born on the same day as Blake and she had on her OSU cheerleading outfit. She is so darn cute and of course reminded me so much of Blake since they are the exact same age. Tech has a week off and then plays OU in Norman so that is kind of scary. Wreck 'em Tech!!!

Saturday, November 8

Girl's night!

Last night we all got together at Joe T's for some fun girl talk. We talked for many hours. They seriously brought us our food 2 minutes after the waitress took our order so we ate and then stayed at our table talking. Andrea didn't have a babysitter so baby Jackson came along and he was so good and is so cute. This group of friends is always a blast to hang out with because we all have babies and we all stay at home (except for hard working Allison, who teaches school and then goes to college after work to get her masters-Hello, high achiever!) so we have very similar lives. We had such a good time that we are trying to plan a monthly dinner just to get away from our houses and talk with some people who always understand what your going through. Love you girls!

Wednesday, November 5

15 Month Check Up

Today we had our 15 month well check with Dr. Zwernemann. Blake weighs 24 lbs and is 31 inches tall. Both of those fall in the 75th percentile. She is really healthy and today is the first time she has resisted being examined. She liked the eye examining light, but she didn't want the thermometer in her armpit, she didn't want the stethoscope on her chest, she didn't want anything in her ears, she didn't want the popsicle stick in her mouth and she most definitely did not want the shots in her baby legs. She was so glad when it was all over and she got her grape sucker. I am also extremely thrilled because I am pretty sure Blake started walking today, like really walking. She has been walking all over the play room and she walked all over the doctor's office. The only thing that makes me think this isn't for sure is that she still crawls sometimes too. I don't want to get my hopes up, but she is getting really good at walking and this leads me to believe we are almost out of the terrible dirty pants, bloody knees, wanting to crawl in public on dirty floors, blowing out the toes of our shoes, not being able to wear dresses crawling phase. And all of you moms who think I am lucky that Blake isn't walking, you must have not had a late walker because they are still into everything, you still have to chase them all over the place and there are so many irritating things that come with not having a walking child. Melody- I know you feel me on this! It looks like little Blake is about to make her way up the evolution chart to an upright standing, walking monkey!

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