Thursday, October 30

How did this happen?

When I went to get Blake this morning, this is what I found. What? I have never seen such a thing. How and why this happened is a mystery to me. She was mad I was taking her picture, all she wants to do in the morning is sit with me and drink her milk and watch Sesame Street and I was jacking with her routine which doesn't make her happy!

Tuesday, October 28

Four Seasons

I went and visited my parents today at their new "home" at the Four Seasons. They have a great setup there. Blake loved being there because their room is so open and there is a big balcony that she could creep around on. My dad took her around to meet all of the employees that he is friends with. They have been members there ever since they moved to Las Colinas a couple of years ago and they are frequently at the Four Seasons so they know a ton of people on the staff. We went to the spa and my dad knows everyone there, and then we went by a golf area and Blake got to meet some of those people. After that we went to dinner at Las Colinas country club. Blake got bored towards the end of the meal and my dad walked her around to look at stuff. When my mom and I were done eating we went and found them and Blake had stolen a wine topper thing from the pro shop, unbeknownst to my dad. Oops. I didn't dare take it away from her because she was having such a great time playing with it. She played with it all the way home which took almost an hour because of hideous traffic. I will not go there ever again in the evening because I was so annoyed on the drive home. They should only be there for about a month anyway. I got home and Zach and I started discussing our upcoming trip to Lubbock for the big Texas game. I am so excited about the game and visiting with family, but I am already nervous about traveling with Blake, getting her out of her element and just dealing with all that comes with being out of town with a busy toddler. I hope Tech wins, it will be so cool to be there and watch it happen in person. I should have lots to write about when I get back on Monday. WRECK 'EM TECH!

Sunday, October 26

Another fire update

My parents are staying in a huge suite at the 4 seasons for as long as they need to so they are finally settled in somewhere. They have been doing some shopping to get some clothes and stuff to last them until the rest of their stuff has been de-smoked and cleaned. When they find a rent house they will move out of the hotel and stay there until they know where they want to live. The current task at hand is trying to remember every single thing that was in their house that didn't make it out, and how much they paid for each thing. This is going to be difficult because it was such a huge home with so much stuff in it and they bought it furnished. So they now have to try and contact the previous owner to see how much they paid for furnishings. My brother had some guitars and drums burn and at first he was really sad, then he found out that you turn it in with insurance and get money to get new ones and he was actually kind of glad it all burned up. The only thing I had over there that was worth anything was my wedding dress and my mom brought it over about a week before the fire to get it out of their construction zone attic. So lucky for me, that didn't burn. Overall, the fire situation is not fun, but in a way it is kind of cool because it is like starting all over. Once the shock dies down and they figure out a plan, I think they will really enjoy deciding on a place to live and getting to buy all new stuff. I still can't believe everything that happened, but it did, and I know that, it is just so hard to wrap your mind around such a tragic event happening in your family. I always thought it was sad when people's homes burned, but now that I have experienced it, I realize how terrible it is, it is up there with death and disasters like that. True, no one died, but seeing my mom completely panicking and hyperventilating was quite intense. Now it is time for them to get their lives back together as much as they can and press on to new beginnings and better times. Mom and Dad- y'all are doing great and you have great things ahead!

Saturday, October 25

The fire aftermath

I went and saw what was left of my parent's gorgeous house today. It was pretty gross. They were still pulling stuff out today, they actually found almost everything my mom was worried about so she was very happy! No more roof.
The pool is filled with nasty stuff. Mel and Nat- our fun laying out days are done.

This is looking through the back window into the living room.

This was a little informal living area and the second story fell in on it.

This was in the big living room, you can see the fire place.

It's weird because it is just open to the sky everywhere.

My parent's bedroom actually looks good!

This is through the back window to the other side of the living room.

Through the back window again, everything was such a mess we couldn't really go in.

This was taken from the entryway under the dome.

Also taken from the entry.

I can't even tell what this is.

That was the dining room, through those two columns.

This is what you see as you are walking in. The chandelier burned up and fell, the dome is open to the sky, it used to have a fake sky painted on it, but now you can just see the real sky.

Friday, October 24

Burned house news

Well, I don't have a lot of news but this is what I know. My mom, dad and Zach were there today and they were able to find a bunch of pictures, cards, jewelry and documents that no one thought would be salvageable. The restoration people were there earlier and they said they can fix most of my mom's clothes, they are really smokey and wet. My mom was able to get all of her dishes out which was exciting to her. They have all of their stuff out in the front yard. I am going tomorrow and I am so curious to see the inside and check everything out. I think their plan is to get an apartment by their burned house because there is a lot of insurance and other stuff that needs to be taken care of. The fire people haven't said for sure, but they think the fire started in the furnace because my mom turned on the heater for the first time yesterday. My mom is scared now to live in another big house, so who knows where they will pick to live after all this mess is over. I seriously can't even believe this happened and I feel so bad for them, but I know it could have been much worse and I am very thankful that they weren't home when the fire started.

Thursday, October 23


Yes, my parents house is blazing. It is all over the news and it is so terribly sad. Here are a few pictures I found on news website. My parents were not there and they are ok, but some of the construction workers doing the addition had to jump out of the window. This is the craziest thing I have been a part of in a long time, maybe ever. Please pray for them they are very stressed. I'm sure there will be more to come later.

Pumpkin Patch

Amy, Taylor, Kinsley, Cru, Regina, Kelly, Andrea, Jackson, Blake and I all ventured out to the Flowermound pumpkin patch today. It was a quick trip and I was a little flustered with Blake wanting to crawl all in the mud and not wanting to be held or go in her stroller and I'm sure the pregnancy hormones are making things worse. Blake and I got there a little before everyone else so we just hung out in the pumpkin patch for a while and waited. Blake liked climbing up on the pumpkins and playing them like a drum. Then Amy called and told me where they were and Blake was so mad that we were leaving the pumpkin area. She was screaming which frustrated me even more. But, as soon as she saw all the other kids and wooden cutouts of characters and even more pumpkins she was okay. We tried to take a bunch of cute pictures of all the kids and then we heard a lady scream "open hay ride!!" so we decided to take a ride. When that was over we started walking back to the main play area and Blake was sitting unattended in a wagon when disaster struck. She flopped out of the wagon on to her face, smooshing her face into the ground and then front flipped over to her back. I was so scared but she was fine. She cried for about a minute and then wanted back down to look at a pumpkin. She had so many particles of dead grass in her hair and covering her coat. This is the first time she has ever had a really bad fall, at least when I am in charge. Sometimes other people think she can walk or is sturdy enough and she falls but I am always so careful so I felt really bad. After the fall, things started going down hill quickly, I could tell she was getting sleepy so we had to go home. I didn't have near enough time to hang out and talk with the moms but it was still so good to see them, even for a short time.

Examining the care bear


Kinsley was giving Blake a little pumpkin to hold.

Kinsley and Blake rode in the wagon and I think that was Blake's favorite part, with the exception of the free falling. They ate pretzels, gave each other hugs and Kinsley kept trying to get Blake pumped up for the bouncy house.


This is my terrible attempt at the group picture of the kids. The only one of them kind of cooperating is Jackson and he doesn't even know what it going on yet. Blake started putting long pieces of hay all around his head and I got nervous and had to move her, Kinsley is in the act of storming off and Jackson started screaming and Cru was in danger of falling over and Kelly was trying to eat all the hay so it was too hard to get a cute one.

More of Blake enjoying the pumpkins

Mommy and Blake in front of the pumpkin house.

Wednesday, October 22

Boy or Girl?

I have two clues on whether this baby is a boy or a girl, the heart rate leads me to think girl, but the Chinese gender chart says boy. The gender chart was right for me last time and it has been accurate with my other friends who have used it. I want another girl so Blake will have a sister close to her age and I love having a girl, but I want a boy to experience something new and for Zach to get to be a father of a boy. I can't wait to find out because that is when the real fun starts!

10 week appt

Today was my 10 week appointment with Dr. Z. I was a little nervous because I lost 3 lbs. I started out at 125 and today was 122 so I was wondering if there was even still a baby in there. The heart beat was 164 which was exactly what Blake's was at my early appointment with her. I was hoping for a sonogram, but he was able to hear the heart beat right away. Zach and Blake came with me, but Blake will probably never come again because she is always on the go and Zach won't come again until I am for sure having a sonogram. It is just too much trouble. Anyway, everything looks great and I can relax a little now that I have heard the heart beat.

Tuesday, October 21

Blake's first haircut

I thought it was about time for Blake's first haircut. Her bangs were kind of funny and I just wanted it to look better as it is growing out. I made her an appointment at Sweet and Sassy and it is the cutest place. She was so excited because right when you walk in there is jewelry, glitter, lip gloss, picture frames, shirts and everything is very bright. We went back and sat her in the kid sized hair cut seat. The stylist thought that we should only trim her bangs and leave the rest of the hair alone because it doesn't have that mullet look. If it did I would have just cut it off a long time ago. So the hair cut was very minor only the front and Blake's bangs kind of look like mine now, they are off to the side. They said that it is much easier to grow them out later if they are not cut straight across. She looks so much better and she can still easily wear a bow, but if she doesn't have one in, her bangs aren't in her eyes.

They gave her a sucker to keep her busy
mmmmm I like candy!
Yay! All done! You can't tell in this picture, but I promise it looks really cute!

Monday, October 20

Kickin it old school

I had the best time last night with some of my favorite friends! We took a time warp back to the days of frizzy side ponytails, scrunchies and overall hideous styles at the New Kids on the Block concert. The people watching was hilarious! Everyone was our age and lots of people dressed up in their old New Kids shirts or in funny early 90s clothes. The concert was one of the best I have ever been to and I go to concerts all the time. It was by far the loudest. You know that level of screaming when it is bouncing around in your eardrums and sounds weird? It was like that almost the whole time, we all suffered partial hearing loss I'm sure of it. The concert wasn't cheesy at all like I expected, there was smoke and fireworks and a really cool set and streamers flying from the ceiling. They played a lot of their old videos on the screen as they were singing and it was so funny to see what we used to think were the coolest guys alive. I knew most of the songs and I had forgotten about some that I used to love, the song Tonight is such a fun song and I haven't even thought about it in 15 years. I am so glad I went, even though today I have been so sleepy and have had a headache the whole day. I didn't get home until 1:00 and that is very rare for me these days.

Christy, Melissa, Natalie and me
Natasha Bedingfield opened and she is awesome!
Here they are, they kept a lot of the original choreography
Singing some of the old stuff
This was at the very end after the big Hangin Tough encore.

Saturday, October 18

Another game day

Tech played A&M today and Justin, Allison and Caroline came over for some red raider fun. We always love watching games with them. Caroline was dressed up in a cute tech dress and huge tech bow and Blake had a cheerleading uniform on to start but changed into a onesie for her nap. Blake got very jealous for a minute when I was holding Caroline, this has never happened before but she got over it quickly. They brought a play mat for Caroline to lay on and Blake loved it and then when Justin converted it into a tunnel she was so pumped. She is usually kind of nervous around Justin but today he was her favorite and they played and hung out. We are both on spending freezes so the guys went to Little Caesar's to get us some cheap pizza. Once again, Tech didn't play like a #7 team but I still have faith that we will continue to have a winning season.

Blake in her tech cheer outfit.
The girls after the game

Friday, October 17

I can stand up!

A few days ago, Blake started standing up from a sitting position without holding on to anything. This is a big step for my weebly wobbly girl. She still is not close to walking at all so hopefully this will help her confidence and balance. She can also point to every body part when asked, it is just hard to get her to do it. Lately her favorites to point to are fingers, toes and neck because those are the most recent ones she has learned. Here is a video that shows some of her latest tricks.


Thursday, October 16

Good Day for the Zoo

Since the weather was nice and chilly today we went to the zoo. We headed straight for the penguins, Blake's favorite animal lately, and she was so happy to see them. She was waving to them. After that we went into the place where the snakes, lizards and frogs live. She hated it in there. She was shaking and clinging to me especially when she saw a creepy alligator thing. The Texas section was our last stop and she loved looking at the goat, the otters and the jaguar. One of my favorite parts of the day was when we walked into the gulf aquarium area and she screamed "FISH!" Blake can talk but she hardly ever does so it was fun to hear her say something besides mamamama, that and ya. I guess she has to be super excited to actually speak. We rode the choo choo back to the front and she had so much fun. She was singing and waving her arms the entire train ride. We went to McKinley's for dinner in Ft. Worth and Blake was being so cute, she was cracking my mom and I up. She was trying to copy what we were saying and she was laughing embarrassingly loud at the silliest things. She also likes to wipe her own mouth with a napkin now so she kept doing that when she would get too much fruit dip on her mouth. I know I keep saying this and I'm sure it won't be the last time but she is the most fun she has ever been and I love, love, love this precious stage.

Tuesday, October 14

Maternity Clothes

Today I was at Northeast mall so I ventured into Nordstrom and tried on a bunch of baggy shirts. They looked terrible on me. I think it is because I have a long tummy, and short and frumpy just isn't a good look for shirts on me. I decided it was probably time to go pick out some maternity clothes, or at least pants. I went to Mimi and found some really cute corduroys. I hilariously thought I would wear an extra small, the small fits good now but who knows what I will look like in a few months...PLEASE be nothing like last time! I got a few shirts too. I have more of a bump than I realized when I put on those shirts, I am hoping I kind of look pregnant now instead of a jelly belly. The maternity pants have even improved since last pregnancy. They have a belly band type thing connected to the top, not the huge thick band that were on most of my other pants, it is made out of like stretchy spanx material or something. Now that I have cute maternity pants that are actually in season I will probably wear them every day so don't make fun! Then when I decide to splurge and buy really nice jeans I will also wear those every day too so don't make fun of me then either. When I got home I did prenatal pilates. I did the first trimester workout and I was surprised by how much ab work there was. I guess it is still safe for a few more weeks. It was pretty easy though and only like 30 minutes long and they tell you to use soup cans for weights, I don't think that is going to tone my arms but it will do better than laying on the couch.

Saturday, October 11

Pregnancy Update

I am 9 weeks and still feeling some major symptoms. I haven't thrown up in about a week, but I am still so super tired. My latest craving has been juice, pretty much any fast food and cherry sours. If I try to cook at home I get grossed out by the smells and can't eat it anyway. I made Zach a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich today and I was going to make myself a grilled cheese after that and I couldn't because I was so sickened by Zach's sandwich. My tummy is getting thick, I'm not really showing but I'm fatter than usual. My pants don't fit anymore and I have been wearing my tummy sleeve to avoid getting into maternity pants just yet. I have been feeling a lot of the ligaments stretching and pulling in the baby area. The fatigue has been the worst though, It wears me out to even think about getting in my car and going somewhere so I really haven't been and I like it that way. The Tech Nebraska game stressed me out so bad earlier I had to stop watching it for a while because I was afraid the stress was bad for the baby. Right when I decided to start watching again we went into overtime which started the stress all over again. Thank goodness we pulled it off, I was yelling so loud that Blake cried. Sometimes I just can't help myself during sporting events. It really is true what people say about your second pregnancy- I'm not really worried about all the little stuff that made me so nervous the first time like eating turkey and taking hot baths and the tummy really starts poking out much earlier.

Friday, October 10

Sleeping Beauty

Blake and I went with our play group to see Sleeping Beauty at Casa Manana today. I was so worried that Blake was too young to try and watch a play but she surprisingly did fine. She enjoyed the music and looking at the characters. I, on the other hand, was bored to death. It was a new twist on Sleeping Beauty and I couldn't even tell you what the story line was because I didn't even listen to anything they were saying. Maybe I was just too concerned with making sure Blake was happy, but it wasn't as good as I expected. We left about half way through because it was getting dangerously close to lunch and nap, which Blake and mommy both needed. We are going to Backyardigans live with the Tatsaks in November and now I am confident that she will be able to sit and watch the show.

Wednesday, October 8

Water Table

Today was such a nice day that my mom and I wanted to take Blake outside to play with her water table. My mom's house flooded due to a busted water heater so they figured it was a good time to start the remodeling of the attic (they are adding bedrooms and a game room) since their house was all torn up anyway. She has been staying with me the past few days and helping me so so much. I am begging her not to go back home. My dad has been in LA and he is super excited because he gets to meet Tiger Woods at a party. One of his real estate friends is partners with Tiger and my dad is the biggest golf fanatic, he loves to watch it and play it and always has. Blake gets really attached to my mom so I know she won't want her to leave either. It seems silly because she lives in Las Colinas just about 30 minutes away but the help she is giving me is priceless.

Blake loving her two pots.
I love my water table!

State Fair

Zach and I always go to the state fair, it is such a fun date. We usually eat everything and ride lots of rides and spend way too much money but due to my constant state of blah we only spent like $30. The first thing we did was go to the pig races. The farmer that was the announcer guy was so annoying! We almost got up and left, we could barely hear what he was saying and he was using the most obnoxious fake southern accent. Before the races started they brought out this enormous hog who was carrying a little baby pig in the bucket.

What a BIG pig!
There were three races but, we only watched two. All the pigs had silly names like Lindsay Loham and Sylvester Stalloin, pretty cheesy. The pigs run around the little track and back into their pen where they get treats. After the pig races, we walked around and contemplated what food we would eat. I had to keep it pretty mild so no chicken fried bacon for me. We shared a cheeseburger and then later I was still hungry and got a piece of cheese pizza, two of the most boring things at the fair. We looked at all the cars and trucks and just kind of moseyed around. As we were walking through the midway on our way back to the car we had some tickets left and we weren't sure what to do with them. I wanted to go down a really big slide but Zach didn't think that was a good idea for a first trimester pregnant person. He used the final tickets to get a funnel cake and then we went home. Hopefully next year we can eat lots of food and ride lots of rides.
Zach took a picture of me with Big Tex.

Monday, October 6

Evening Sickness

All that fair food made my stomach very sick. I took my medicine to try to stop it but I guess it was too late. Poor Zach was so ready to go to bed but instead he had to clean up after me. I am pretty ready for this queasy, exhausting trimester to come to an end. I am very much looking forward to the second trimester where you look cute, you feel great and your energy is back!

Sunday, October 5

Southlake Oktoberfest

This weekend was the Southlake Oktoberfest so we decided to go today. Neal and Melissa met us there. They had lots of fair food which was the highlight. We walked around for a couple of hours and it was pretty fun.

Blake got a balloon and held on to it until it suddenly flew off into the sky. She loves balloons.
Mel and I enjoying some extra long corny dogs. They were so good!!
Blake is trying to sabotage our lemonade.

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